3 Simple Tips to Invite Enlightenment

3 Practical Tips for Enlightenment Experiences Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment The vast majority of humans go through life without ever experiencing Reality beyond what the ordinary dualistic mind projects.  Bound tightly by the ego-centric mind, they live their entire life stuck in mediocrity, mostly struggling for this or that, while experiencing a few fleeting joys. 

Rapid Weight Loss Yoga Exercise Video

Free Healthy Weight Loss Yoga Program Quick Weight Loss Yoga Exercise Video Kundalini Yoga is probably one of the very best sciences if you are interested in quick and healthy weight loss.  This is because kundalini yoga programs incorporate exercises which utilize a great deal of powerful dynamic movement, which is ideal for burning fat,

Understanding Non-Duality, Hinduism, Buddhism, Enlightenment & Life!

Non-duality, Hinduism, Buddhism & Enlightenment Advaita Vedanta & Zen Buddhism  I did a google search for the term “non-dual” on this very site and got 742 hits!  So I thought it was high time I wrote something on this topic :-D. Actually, a reader asked if I could help him understand what all this business

Kundalini Yoga Bow Pose for Eternal Youth

Kundalini Yoga Bow Pose for Long Life Hatha Yoga Dhanur Asana for Total Healing Bow pose or Dhanur Asana is perhaps the face of yoga.  It is another one of those yoga poses that is worth incorporating into your daily practice.  It is not as difficult as Wheel Pose, which is detailed in the article,

Heart Chakra Balancing Yoga Video for Love & Forgiveness

Free Heart Chakra Balancing Yoga Video Chakra Balancing Yoga Exercise Video Continuing with the popular Free Online Yoga Video series is this next chakra yoga exercises video.  It is a powerful and effective set of kundalini yoga exercises to open, heal and balance the all important heart chakra (anahat chakra). The set demonstrated in this

Dangers of Kundalini Yoga

Is Kundalini Yoga Dangerous? Dangers of Kundalini Awakening Is Kundalini Yoga dangerous?  Ah yes, the question I get asked more and more as people learn about Kundalini Yoga is general or discover this website.  Kundalini Yoga is certainly a powerful science and if not approached with intelligence and respect it can produce some challenges and

Most Popular Beginner Kundalini Yoga Set Video

Free Beginner Yoga Exercises Video Beginner Kundalini Yoga Video This beginner kundalini yoga set, called the Morning Wake-up Yoga Exercises, is quite possibly the favorite set for beginning yoga practitioners.  Don’t interpret that to mean that this set is light on benefits, because on the contrary, this is the yoga set for which I also

Excellent Yoga Exercise Video for Ripped Abs

Free Yoga Ab Workout Video Best Yoga Exercises for Six Pack Abs In this article, I am happy to present a video demonstration of the Core Abdominal Power Yoga Set, from the Online Kundalini Yoga Workouts E-Book. This will be the second video of our Free Online Yoga Video series. This yoga set is excellent

Best Yoga Asana for Meditation

Kundalini Yoga Asana for Meditation Hatha Yoga Asana for Everyday Practice Yoga Butterfly Asana (pose), just like Hatha Yoga Back Stretching Pose, is recommended by kundalini yoga as an exercise that should be an integral part of your daily yoga practice.  As this pose is part of both hatha yoga and kundalini yoga, it is

Role of Money, Pleasure & Career in Spirituality

Money & Materialism on the Spiritual Path Financial Security on the Spiritual Path It is easy to get entangled in the endless pleasures of materialism.  The propaganda machine of commercialism is a finely tuned, highly developed and very effective system for getting you to believe that to be happy you must buy, buy, buy and