Zen Teaching of Emptiness & My Encounter With It

Zen Teaching of Emptiness (Shunya) Zen Teaching of Nothingness  There are no rules when it comes to Enlightenment, but what I have noticed is that awareness shifts out of Duality and into infinite Reality more so during quiet moments when the mind is not heavily occupied with daily activity.  It was just such a scenario

Enlightenment via Letting Go Meditation

How to Let Go Enlightenment Experiences via Insight Meditation I was originally going to provide a very nice and simple yoga set to help with eye problems, but then my morning meditation session propelled an enlightenment state, sharing which I felt would be of great benefit to all of you.  So the Yoga for Eyes

Learn How to Meditate | Beginner’s Meditation Class

Meditation for Beginners Learn How to Meditate Free Online Beginner Meditation Class – Course #100  Interested in Meditation?  Want to learn how to meditate?  Don’t know where to begin?  Then this class is for you… Lately I have been getting many requests from those who are new to meditation, on how to learn this wonderful

Kundalini Yoga Exercise for Overcoming Deep Seated Fears

Kundalini Yoga for Overcoming Fears No Fear of Death & Fearlessness A great thing about Kundalini Yoga exercises, is that sometimes the same exercise has some nice variations which can help one accomplish a wide range of goals.  Some of these variations come in the form of simply a different breathing pattern, which allows for

How to Raise Enlightened Children

The Key to Raising Enlightened Children The Right Way to Raise Children  Children’s Yoga, meditation and spiritual growth is certainly a topic I am eager to explore more here on Mastery of Meditation, and I think there is no better way to kick off this important subject, than by discussing what is the absolute key