What is Meditation by J. Krishnamurti

What is Meditation J. Krishnamurti Quotes It has been some time since we discussed the thoughts of the great master meditator and teacher, J. Krishnamurti.  Below is a quote from him, which I think gives one a great deal of insight into what meditation is and how to practice it.  This type of meditation, the

Survey: Are You Living Your True Passion in Life?

Often I have spoken about integrating what you love to do into your life. There is nothing more important perhaps than first, discovering your passion and then, finding a way to live it.  It is of course ideal if your career and life are devoted to this passion, but other ways of living it are

20 Interesting Ways to Test Your Spiritual Development

Test Your Spiritual Development Test Your Spiritual Practice How do you know you are developing spiritually?  What are the ways to tell if your spiritual practice is in full flow, strong and growing?  How can you test your spiritual growth?  Unlike other types of personal development, such as fitness, weight loss, financial growth, skill development,

Advanced Kundalini Yoga Technique to Awaken Kundalini

Advanced Kundalini Yoga Technique Kundalini Awakening Technique An important aspect of dealing with Kundalini Shakti (energy) is to concentrate your efforts on the purification and strengthening of your systems and nadis (energy channels), and not prematurely use direct methods to awaken Kundalini.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kundalini Shakti and Kundalini Yoga,

Best Spiritual Candidate Obama or McCain? Election Results

Obama or McCain Better for Spirituality Last week we ran the fun survey, which candidate would be most qualified to uplift the world spiritually, Barack Obama or John McCain.  Well, the votes have been counted and pretty much, like the general election, this was not very close either.  Barack Obama won comfortably and here are

Top 5 Yoga & Meditation Techniques

Best Yoga & Meditation Techniques Most Popular Meditation & Yoga Techniques Mastery of Meditation & Yoga now offers hundreds of time tested yoga and meditation techniques to help you achieve your highest potential.  The techniques range for helping you develop your charisma (Eagle Pose) all the way to helping you bring about the cessation of

The Good & Bad of Free Yoga & Meditation

The Problem of Free Yoga & Meditation (Please note: This article is being quite misunderstood by many, so I am adding this note up here to prevent more confusion.  I am not asking for anything in return for the free yoga, and I not complaining about anything.  This article is about whether the psychology of

Poll: Which Presidential Candidate is Better for Spiritually Uplifting the World?

In case you are not aware, it is election season here in America and today is election day. Today Americans are going to choose their next president and it’s a heated battle between 2 senators, John McCain and Barack Obama. This particular election has gotten a great deal of media attention worldwide, and has broken

Chakra Healing | How to Analyze & Balance Your Chakra Centers

How to Heal & Balance Your Chakra Centers Chakra Analysis The Kundalini Yoga Seven Chakra model is a great way to approach your personal development and spiritual growth.  I have given an overview of this model in the article Kundalini Yoga Seven Chakra System, and in this article I would like to give you some