Effective Visualization Technique to Manifest Your Desires and Dreams

Visualization Technique How to Manifest Your Dreams & Desires As we are about to ring in the new year, for many it is time to evaluate their life and make resolutions to help bring about positive change.  This is a very healthy process and, if done correctly, can be instrumental in helping you uplift your

Study Finds Amazing Benefits of Meditation for Young People & Students

Benefits of Meditation for Young People Benefits of Meditation for Students Have kids in school?  Specially kids in high school?  Are you a student in school, high school or college and wondering if meditation will benefit you?  Well wonder no longer, meditation is absolutely fantastic for young people and in this article I want to

Understanding Zen Meditation – Effortless Effort in Zen Teachings

Effort in Zen Meditation Practice Zen Teachings of Effortless Effort Zen Meditation is without a doubt one of the greatest tools for enlightenment and Self-realization.  This meditation technique is simple in it’s design, watch your breath being it’s core requirement, but fully appreciating Zen Meditation and Zen teachings requires a vast and open mind. One

Excellent Kundalini Yoga Exercise to Improve Flexibility, Reproduction & Digestion

Kundalini Yoga Exercise for Flexibility Yoga Pose to Help Reproduction & Digestion Kundalini Yoga’s Modified Wheel Pose is certainly an exercise worth including as part of your daily yoga routine.  It is an integral part of mine.  This exercise is called Kandhar Asana in Hatha Yoga and also goes by a few other names in

The Secrets of the Universe – A Zen Story

Spiritual Short Story Zen Story Is reincarnation true?  How about an afterlife?  Karmic Laws?  Now, that absolutely must exist.  Heated debates and discussions swirl around these and other such fascinating questions, but what are the answers?  Well let’s head over to Nowind Monastery and see if Master Blumise can help shed some light on these

Effective Ayurveda & Yogic Tips for Fighting Colds & Flu

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cold & Flu Yoga Tips for Cold & Flu The free November Mastery of Meditation newsletter included these useful Ayurvedic and Yogic tips for battling the common cold and flu, which I think is worth sharing with all of you given many of us are smack in the middle of a rough

Beauty & the Art of Meditation – A Zen Short Story

Art of Meditation Zen Short Story So what is the art of meditation?  Can it be understood in simple terms?  Let’s find out.  It’s been some time since we visited our favorite Zen monastery and I think checking in with Master Blumise and company will help unveil the simple secret behind the profound science of