Best Alternative Medicine & Holistic Healing Treatments

Best Alternative Medicine Practices Best Holistic Healing Treatments Here are the results of the recent survey, Which Type of Alternate Medicine is the Best?  I would interpret these results in a different way than what might first come to mind.  I would, of course, look positively towards the alternative therapies which received the highest responses,

25 Inspiring Spiritual Growth Articles to Uplift You

Inspiring Spiritual Growth Blog Articles Meditation, Yoga & Spiritual Growth Carnival Welcome to the 26th edition of the Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Growth carnival. Below you will find a nice collection of articles from around the blogsphere.  There are also 4 articles that stood out and you will find them in the Featured Articles section

Zen Teachings on God & How to Get His Help

Zen Buddhism Teachings of God Giving Shunryu Suzuki Teachings of Non-attachment I wanted to share with you some very profound wisdom from Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki about God, giving, non-attachment and living in the now. Book:            Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind Author:        Shunryu Suzuki Chapter 65: God Giving This is a preview of Zen Teachings

Yoga for Kids | 12 Excellent Children’s Yoga Exercises – Part 2

Yoga for Kids Children’s Yoga Exercises In Yoga for Kids Part 1, I went over important information on how to teach kids yoga.  In that article, we discussed the guidelines and benefits of doing kids yoga, and also talked about several useful techniques for getting children to learn and practice yoga.  Finally, I detailed some

Yoga for Kids | Kids Yoga Poses – Part 1

Yoga for Kids – Part 1 Standing Kids Yoga Poses In the articles Kids Meditation Techniques with Videos and How to Raise Enlightened Children, I provided some nice easy meditation techniques for children and also, we discussed how to approach raising exceptional children.  Now I would like to give you another awesome tool for helping

Survey: Which Type of Alternative Medicine is the Best?

Alternative Medicine Comparison Types of Alternative Medicine (Results have been posted for this survey here: Best Alternative Medicine Practices).   Undoubtedly the recent explosion of alternative medicine practices and natural healing systems has been a great blessing for all those seeking holistic health care alternatives to traditional western medicine. I am sure alternative medicine has

Anxiety & Depression Help | 4 Effective Treatments

Treatments to Help with Depression & Anxiety Depression & Anxiety Cures Unfortunately, if we have not already, then at some point in our lives we have to deal with the beasts of anxiety and depression.  These two conditions tend to go hand in hand, and very often have similar triggers and causes.  In this article,

Survey Results: God Wins! Health, Money & Family Do Well

God Wins! Top New Year’s Resolutions Last week we ran an interesting survey to learn about what is important to us as we head into 2009.  The approach we used was to a find out what everyone’s new year’s resolutions were, as that would tell us what the human mind is focused on accomplishing in

Awesome Power of Prayer for Kundalini Awakening & More

Power of Prayer Prayer, Kundalini Awakening & Spiritual Growth Bhakti Yoga & Jyana Yoga (Love vs. Intelligence): In Kundalini Yoga and Tantra, in general, there are two recognized paths that lead to enlightenment.  There is the path of love and there is the path of intelligence.  In yogic terms these would be Bhakti Yoga and

Top Meditation, Yoga & Self-Help Blog Articles

Meditation, Yoga & Self-Help Blog Articles Meditation, Yoga & Personal Development Carnival Welcome to the 25th edition of the Meditation, Yoga and Personal Development carnival.  I am happy to announce that this carnival was selected for it’s excellence and featured on the home page on the Blogcarnival website. This is really a very good edition.