Online Psychic Research | 94% Believe Real Psychic Powers Exist

Online Psychic Research Real Psychic Powers Recently we took a voyage into the world of psychic phenomenon and psychic powers.  We explored, in the series Online Guide to Psychic Development, how to attain real psychic powers of clairvoyance and how to enhance your psychic abilities if you are a psychic reader or other such practitioner. 

Powerful Meditation for Making Money & Success

Meditation for Manifesting Money Creating Wealth & Success Recently, perhaps due to the recent economic downturn, I have received several requests from spiritual practitioners and businessmen on help on how to make money and achieve success during these difficult times.  For those interested, my general views on money and it’s role in spirituality can be

Psychic & Clairvoyant Powers & Abilities | Free Comprehensive Development Guide

Developing Psychic Powers & Abilities Free Guide for Psychic Readers & Clairvoyants Welcome to the free comprehensive guide for psychic readers and clairvoyants to develop their psychic powers and abilities.  This guide is the combined document from the 2 part series on Developing Psychic Powers and has been created for ease of bookmarking and linking. 

Big Support for Reincarnation & Comprehensive Hindu Model of Reincarnation

Hindu Reincarnation & Past Life Model Reincarnation Survey Results “Do you believe in Reincarnation?” was the last very interesting survey we ran here on Mastery of Meditation, Yoga & Zen, and those results are now in.  The results were a little surprising, as I did not anticipate sure strong support for the existence of Reincarnation

6 Safe & Natural Weight Loss Solutions

Safe & Natural Weight Loss Weight Loss Solutions Yoga for natural weight loss is certainly a proven method now, and is being used extensively in both the East, as well as catching on in the West as well.  The weight loss solutions that come from this profound science are both safe and healthy, and you

Free Online Tantra Yoga Sex Chakra Program

Free Online Tantra Yoga Learn Tantric Techniques for Sex Chakra Healing (Course #201) Tantra Yoga is the mother of yogic sciences.  In fact, the Kundalini Yoga teachings on this website are also sometimes referred to as White Tantra Yoga.  One particular school of Tantra Yoga that is devoted to the understanding and use of Sexual

Is Mindfulness Meditation Right for You? | An Excellent Test to Find Out

Mindfulness Meditation Test for Mindfulness Meditation The highest form of mindfulness meditation is the awareness of each thought that arises and falls in the mind.  This technique has been the method of many enlightened masters in the past and continues to be the technique of choice for those who are inclined towards Insight Meditation, Mind