Research on the Many Health Benefits of Meditation

Research on Meditation and Health Healing Meditations The scientific support for the health benefits of meditation is growing on a daily basis, as more and more research is starting to validate what has already been known by the spiritual community for centuries now.  Today we will explore this topic further.  As we know there are

Helpful Approach for Hard Times in Life

Life Help Hard Times Help If you have lived, unfortunately you have also suffered.  We all come up against hard times in life, which can at times push us to our very limits.  Sometimes we wonder when the storm will end and the skies will clear.  Well there is a another approach to these storms,

Yogic Technique to Power and Cleanse Your Aura

Aura Cleansing Technique Yoga for Powerful Aura Clearing and developing the power of one’s aura and magnetic field is an important aspect of yoga in general and is especially true in Kundalini Yoga.  There are many wonderful exercises to accomplish this, such as Eagle Pose for Powerful Aura, which I have published previously, and the

Corporate Ethics and Values – A Vedic View

Ethical Behavior in Corporations Corporate Morality and Values My late uncle Virender Kapoor, who I called Vinu Mamu, was a pillar of strength and inspiration when it came to living life ethically, with the highest principles and values.  He was a student and teacher of the Vedic way of life (Vedas are the holy Hindu

Free Online Kundalini Yoga Meditations

Summary:  The Free Online Kundalini Yoga Meditations Online book is to organize and help you easily locate the kundalini yoga meditation that you want to include in your daily practice.  This index page lists all the Kundalini Yoga Meditations on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, and is updated as new meditations are added to the site,

Yoga Works | Your Wonderful Yoga Success Stories

Yoga Works True Stories and Testimonials It’s time to share with you all some of the great stories and feedback I get that clearly shows that yoga works!  In this inspiring edition of the yoga success stories series you will find evidence that yoga works on all dimensions of your being.  You will find testimonials

Kundalini Yoga’s Highest Mantra Meditation

Kundalini Yoga Mantra Meditation Kirtan Kriya Kundalini Yoga’s Best Mantra Meditation Video – Kirtan Kriya DIRECT YOUTUBE LINK –> BEST KUNALINI YOGA MEDITATION TECHNIQUE On the website, you find many powerful Kundalini Yoga Meditations, which combine the use of mantras, mudras and pranayama (breathing), to bestow profound material and spiritual benefits to those who practice