Top YouTube Yoga Video Channel – The Story Behind AnmolMehtaCom

YouTube Yoga Channel My Best YouTube Yoga Videos Let me tell you the story about how AnmolMehtaCom, my YouTube Yoga and Meditation channel, has unintentionally become one of the top channels on YouTube for yoga videos.  But, before I jump into this interesting tale, let me give you the more important reason for sharing this

True Definition of Meditation – Take the Test

Defining Meditation What is Meditation There are many ways to understand and define what meditation is, and today I want to present to you the highest and purest way of looking at this most important of human phenomenon.  Understanding meditation via many different angles and approaches deepens your understanding about this sublime activity, and given

Survey Results: What Do Relationships Need Most?

Relationship Research A few weeks ago we ran the interesting survey “What is the Most Important Trait You Look for in a Partner?”  Today I want to share these results with you and here they are…   Survey Results Value Count Percent % Kind/Loving 24 68.57% Sense of Humor 6 17.14% Intelligent 4 11.43% Good

Beautiful Light Meditation for Developing Intuition, Joy and Creativity

Light Meditation Technique Visualization Meditation Technique Today we will explore the Light Meditation Technique which is part of the 10 Bodies of Light Yoga model.  The 10 Bodies of Light is the basis of Yoga Numerology and a great way to understand what your strengths, weaknesses and challenges are in this life, thus helping you

Important Hatha Yoga Posture for October Practice

Hatha Yoga Posture Improving Your Yoga Practice The way to improving your yoga practice, regardless of whether it is Hatha Yoga postures or Kundalini Yoga exercises is practice, practice, practice.  In August we started the Learn Yoga | Yoga Asana Challenge of the Month inspired by my friend Ashish, and began the series with the