Lord Ganesh Mantra for Success | Perfect Mantra for the New Year

Lord Ganesh Mantra Ganesha Mantra MP3   Lord Ganesh Picture HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY.  HERE IS WISHING ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE . Amongst Hindu and Vedic prayers, one of the most important is the Lord Ganesh Mantra.  This is because Lord Ganesh(a) is considered the remover of obstacles, and prayers to this aspect of

White Tantra Yoga Position for Sexual Potency

White Tantra Yoga for Sexual Potency Position to Open Sex Chakra The last yoga pose we added to our free Online Hatha Yoga Poses book, Crane Pose, required considerable balance and strength to do, and today’s addition is similar in that it requires a great deal of balance as well, but unlike Crane pose, this

Meditation Technique Guranteed to Cure Insomnia

Meditation for Insomnia Natural Insomnia Cure In the article the Health Benefits of Meditation, we learned that recent scientific research had shown that meditation was 75% effective in naturally helping cure those suffering from insomnia.  The meditation techniques used in these studies were Mantra Meditation, such as So Hum Mantra Meditation or Breath Awareness Meditation,

Amazing Yoga Testimonials – Spiritual Yoga Experiences – Your True Stories

Amazing Yoga Stories Spiritual Yoga Experiences I remember clearly the unusual energetic experience I had the first time I took a Hatha Yoga class.  The class was held at my High School in Old Bridge, New Jersey during the summer community programs that the township would hold.  The teacher was very good and as I

Meditation Teacher’s Training and Certification Program Now Open

Meditation Teacher’s Training Program Online Meditation Certification Program PLEASE VISIT THE NEW MASTERY OF MEDITATION TEACHERS TRAINING PAGE BY CLICKING HERE   UPDATED MEDITATION TEACHERS TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION PROGRAM HERE   (Update: New website for Meditation Teacher Training and Certification Program can be found here). For those of you who read my blog via RSS

Online Hatha Yoga Book Gets New Challenging Pose

Online Hatha Yoga Book Pose 23 Hatha Yoga Crane Pose Greetings from sunny Florida, yes I am here on vacation for the month of December, thus you see fewer posts on the blog these days .  With almost 500 articles and techniques now on the website though, you should have plenty of material to fuel

Simple Everyday Yoga Exercise for December Practice

Yoga Exercise for Everyday Practice Simple Yoga Last month we practiced the unique Kundalini Yoga exercise, Eagle Pose, to help us work on our Aura and Magnetic Field.  Eagle pose is part of the Morning Wake-up Series, which is a good set for everyday practice.  There is another excellent simple yoga exercise which is recommended