Best Yoga, Meditation and Personal Development Techniques of 2009

Best Yoga and Meditation Techniques Top Yoga and Meditation Articles In the last few newsletters I presented the very best yoga, meditation and personal development articles and techniques from 2009, and for those of you who read the website via RSS or directly, I wanted to provide you all this valuable summary as well.  In

Easy Meditation Technique for Total Stress Relief | Shabd Kriya

Simple Meditation Technique Shabd Kriya – Kundalini Yoga Meditation It has been some time since we added a core Kundalini Yoga Meditation to our collection and to end that drought, today I will detail for you Shabd Kriya, which is a nice easy meditation technique for helping you relieve stress and relax.  This meditation will

More Unusual Tips for Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening Advise and Help In part 1 of this series, Unusual Ways for Spiritual Development, I started sharing with you some ideas of how technology can help you on this journey to spiritual awakening, and in this part I will give some more ideas of how to use these advancements to evolve spiritually. Here

Yoga Pranayama for Everyday Practice | Kapalbhati Pranayama Video

Daily Pranayama Pranayama for Health and Weight Loss Now that we have our Yoga Exercise for Everyday Practice and our Daily Meditation for February, it is time to add the pranayama piece for February as planned.  So for our techniques of the month series, where we all practice the given techniques and report any feedback

Top 5 Signs You Are Living Your Passion

Living a Passionate Life Doing What You Love to Do One of the most important things in life is to live your passion, and if you are a parent, one of your primary responsibilities is to help your children discover their passions and help them live it too.  I have written about this topic in

Daily Meditation Practice For February | Find Joy, Peace and Happiness

Daily Meditation Practice Meditations for Spiritual Practice As part of the expansion to the “Yoga Asana for the Month Series”, I mentioned we are now also going to include a Daily Meditation for the Month and a Yoga Breathing Exercise for the month.  In the article, Daily Yoga Exercise for February, I suggested we all

Daily Yoga Exercise for February | Heal that Back

Daily Yoga Exercises Everyday Yoga Practice It’s time to present the daily yoga exercises for February and this month I am going to expand this “Yoga Asana for the Month” concept, and include a Meditation for the month, as well as a Yoga Pranayama (Breathing Exercise) for the month.  We started this new idea in

What Is Karma and How to Be Free of the Karmic Cycle

What Karma Means Buddhist Definition of Karma What exactly is Karma?  What does it mean to be free of the Karmic cycle?  These are excellent questions and today I will try and shed some light on this important topic.  This topic is important really because understanding it deeply, will help you a great deal in