Dynamic Yoga Situps for a Fast Ab Workout

Exercise for Fast Abs Yoga Sit Ups for Building Abs One of the important factors to optimize fitness gains is to introduce variety in the exercises you use to target various muscle groups, and in that way abs and stomach muscles are no different.  Not only does variety help keep your fitness and yoga routines

Welcome To Mind | Understanding the Positive, Negative and Neutral Mind

(Anmol: I am very happy to present this great guest article from Kundalini Yoga teacher and extraordinary spiritual blogger and guide Sharlene Starr.  Be sure to check out her terrific Kundalini Yoga website and blog here:  http://www.SharleneStarr.com) If you would like to be a guest author on Master of Meditation and Yoga, please email me

NEW Learn How to Meditate Course with Anmol – Special Offer Included

Learn Meditation Program How to Meditate Course As many of you know I run a Meditation Certification Program which has been very successful so far, but the feedback I received was that many of you were interested in a Beginner’s Meditation Course, so you could first learn how to meditate and then progress from there. 

Simple Senior Yoga Exercises – 91 Year Old Yoga Teacher Video

Yoga Exercises for the Elderly Simple Yoga Exercises If you are looking to stay healthy and fit into the later years of your life then follow the example of this amazing Yoga Teacher, who is yes 91 years old.  She is not the only example of the wonderful benefits of yoga, if you are looking

Why It Takes Just 11 Minutes a Day to Master Life

(Anmol: I am very happy to present to all of you the very first Guest Post on this blog by the wonderful spiritual blogger and yoga teacher Kara-Leah Grant.  Her perspective and insight is refreshing, inspiring, honest and full of wisdom and humor.  I am sure you will all greatly enjoy and benefit from her

Allergy Relief with Jai Neti Yogic Technique – Saline Nasal Irrigation

Jal Neti Yogic Technique Nasal Irrigation to Fight Allergies A few months ago I detailed this wonderful Yogic technique for fighting allergies and improving your awareness in the the Monthly newsletter and today I would like to share it with all the readers of the blog, as I feel this is a great technique to

Brain Fitness Exercises for May

Brain Exercises Holistic Techniques for Healthy Brain Function Continuing with our Yoga exercises for the month series, I would like us to do some brain fitness and brain development exercises for the month of May together.  Needless to say the brain is one of the most important organs we have and really it is the