7 Quick Meditation Tips to Combat Sleepiness

Tips for Meditation Overcoming Obstacles of Meditation In the article, Meditation Help and 5 New Tips for Beginners,  I gave an important list of meditation tips to help you to establish a strong, daily meditation practice.  Today, there are few more meditation tips I would like to pass along to you and these are specifically

Free Exercise and Fitness Tips from Yoga

Free Exercise Tips Fitness and Exercise Tips Although yoga exercises can help form a great fitness routine, there are other forms of exercise as well which you might be interested in incorporating into you regiment, and to enhance such fitness programs there are many great tips you can get from yoga.  In this article I

Free Online Advanced Meditation Class

Free Meditation Online Meditation Classes Free Online Advanced Meditation Class – Course #402 Recently there has been a big jump in participation in the free online meditation and yoga classes that are offered here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.  This is of course wonderful, as the primary mission of this website is to help

More Free Yoga Postures | Yoga Bridge Pose for Strengthening Back

Yoga Strength Exercises Free Lower Back Yoga Poses Of all the different types of fitness exercises, yoga postures and poses are perhaps the best for helping to strengthen the back and help cure back problems and back pain.  In a future article, I am going to summarize for you, all the great yoga exercises for

Do Yoga for Happiness | Brain Yoga Research Confirms

Do Yoga for a Happy Life Yoga and Brain Studies Scientists today are saying what yogis have been proclaiming for many thousands of years, if you want to be happy, then do yoga.  The confirmation of this wonderful benefit of doing yoga comes from recent research being done at the School of Medicine at Boston

Famous Yoga Workout for a Great Yoga Body – Free Online Course #108

Famous Yoga Workouts Body by Yoga Yoga Set for Everyday Practice – Online Course #108 Welcome to the Free Online Yoga and Meditation Programs here at Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.  All the material needed for this Daily Yoga Workout for Yogic Body Program is available via the links on this post and you can

Anmol’s Experience of Higher Consciousness and Divine Bliss

Altered State of Consciousness Finding Bliss In the article Interpreting Spiritual Dreams I discussed how nighttime is a rich opportunity to experience states of higher consciousness and the accompanying bliss these state invariably induce.  Below I share with you my recent experience with supreme consciousness and sheer bliss.  Higher Consciousness and Divine Bliss – Anmol’s

Bhagavad Gita Teachings – Sri Krishna on Enlightement and Illumination

Bhagavat Gita Translation and Summaries Sri Krishna Teachings The Bhagavad Gita are the essential teachings of Sri Krishna.  These teachings were imparted by Krishna to the warrior prince Arjuna on the battlefield, when Arjuna’s resolve was shaken upon seeing his teachers, relatives, friends and other loved ones in the opposing army.  This entire epic story

September Yoga Exercises for Nerves of Steel

Fitness and Yoga Exercises for Nerve Strength Real fitness, as per Yoga, is not just physical strength and endurance, but is actually nerve strength and pranic (life-force/chi) capacity.  In other words, how strong your nervous system is, how much current (Kundalini) can it handle and how well it holds up under stress, is how yoga

Best Morning Yoga Stretching Poses – Surya Namaskar

Morning Yoga Stretches Surya Namaskar Yoga Illustrations Morning is undoubtedly one the best times to practice yoga and the perfect morning yoga set is Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation, as it incorporates some excellent poses to help stretch the entire body.  Surya Namaskar should probably have been the very first article on this blog, instead