4 Key Parenting Skills for Raising Extraordinary Children

Good Parenting Raising Children Tips          Happy Little Taran Mehta Parenting is certainly one of the most rewarding aspects of life, but it is also one that requires great skill and finesse to do successfully.  With children lies the future of humanity and therefore, if we are able to raise great children, we are going

5 Most Powerful Hindu Mantras

Hindu Mantra Downloads Hindu Mantra MP3s In order to organize all the content (550+ article and techniques) on Mastery of Meditation, it is divided into various broad sections, and of these various sections the one on Mantras MP3 Downloads is one of the most popular.  This section, like others can be accessed from the section

Yoga Successful for Treating Pain and Fatigue Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Yoga for Pain Management Yoga for Fibromyalgia For those of you suffering from Fibromyalgia and trying to cope with the pain, fatigue and the other symptoms, there is good news coming from a recent study of how Yoga can help.  The study was conduction by James Carlson of the Oregon Health & Science University and

50 Excellent Mindfulness Meditation Tips and Techniques – Part 2

Mindfulness Meditation – Part 2 Meditation Tips and Techniques (Anmol: Here is part 2 of the excellent series on the Mindfulness Meditation Technique by Axel Gjertsen.  You will find part 1 of this series here: Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness Meditation.  This meditation is the heart of Buddhist and Zen practice, and is one of the

Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners – Part 1

Mindfulness Meditation – Part 1 What is Mindfulness Meditation (Anmol: I would like to present the following guest post from Axel Gjertsen.  This is part 1 of a 2 part series on the profound art of Mindfulness Meditation.  This meditation comes from the great school of Buddhism and is my personal choice for practicing moment

Meditation Versus Time | Mortal Enemies Forever

Timelessness and Meditation Meditation to Transcend Time Thinking involves time and that prevents meditation, and meditation involves being and that destroys time.  This is the fundamental battle raging in our lives.  Either we absorb ourselves in time and thought, or we give ourselves to the eternal now and transcend it.  The direction to take is

5 Excellent Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

Yoga for Stress Management Yoga Postures for Stress and Anxiety Yoga is quickly becoming the default prescription for those suffering from stress, tension, high blood pressure and anxiety.  Even if you were to visit your medical doctor and he diagnosed you with stress, there is a high probability that he is going to suggest you

Online Meditation School Training Meditation Teachers Worldwide

Mastery of Meditation Online Center Online Meditation Certification Course Student Testimonial for Online Meditation School and Certification Program: Dave Writes: The course was everything I hoped it would be and more. Your depth of knowledge and teaching skills are excellent and all instruction was presented in a easy to understand way. I regret I have