Kundalini Shakti Help and Advise

Kundalini Awakening Help What is Kundalini? One of the most popular articles on this blog is the Kundalini Awakening Symptoms article, where you will find hundreds of amazing stories from others who are experiencing some form of Kundalini Shakti (Energy).  These stories are really mind blowing and many of them give glimpses and deep insights

3 Best Yoga Techniques of 2010

Top Yoga Exercises Best Yoga Movements In 2010 we added a large number of yoga poses and positions to our free online yoga galleries, and as we come to the end of the year, it is time once again to highlight the best yoga exercises for this year.  Of all the yoga techniques we added

Yoga Exercises for Back YouTube Video Finally Online

YouTube Video of Yoga Back Exercises Best Yoga Exercises for Back Pain Thankfully YouTube has extended the length of the videos one can upload to 15 minutes, so I have now been able to upload the famous Yoga Exercises for Lower and Upper Back to my YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/AnmolMehtaCom).  This set is also called the

Hot Yoga Exercises for December Practice

Hot Yoga Techniques Yoga to Raise Inner Body Heat   With most of the US in a deep freeze and cold weather gripping us here in the Northeast as well, I thought we ought to do some hot yoga exercises to get warm in December.  As the regular readers know, every month I present some

Silent Meditation Retreats | Must Read Tips

Overcoming Obstacles To Meditation Meditation Retreat Tips (Anmol:  In part 2 of this series on Free Guide to Meditation Retreats, guest author Axel goes deeper into the challenges and obstacles of a silent meditation retreat.  The tips and insights he offers are invaluable not only if you are planning a meditation retreat, but also invaluable

True Inspirational Stories of God Realization

Real Inspiring Stories Experiences of God Realization Previously I provided real life testimonials from readers who were practicing the techniques on the website and making progress towards health, happiness and God Realization, but in this series I will provide some truly inspirational stories of some mind blowing experience readers have written to me about. One

Free Guide to Meditation Retreats

Buddhist Meditation Retreats Free Spiritual Retreats Information (Anmol:  If you have never been to a meditation retreat, I strongly suggest you go to one, and before you go you must read this wonderful guide from Axel Gjertsen.  In this guide, Axel gives some great insights and information about what to expect from a meditation retreat. 

Deep Relaxation with Yoga Breathing Exercise | Bhramari Pranayama

Deep Relaxation Exercise Yoga to Relax The wonderful science of Yoga Breathing Exercises or Pranayamas is really worth learning as it has a wide range of applications, with deep relaxation being just one of these great benefits.  You will find many pranayamas in the Free Online Yoga Breathing Exercises E-book, and in today’s article I

Awakening of Kundalini | 4 Powerful Meditations

Kundalini Awakening Techniques to Raise Kundalini In the article Kundalini Meditation | The Power of the Energy, I discussed how the awakening of Kundalini takes place in advanced meditation, as the demand for energy in order to watch reality in motion taps into this latent potential.   Kundalini awakening and subsequent enlightenment experiences also take place