Excellent Balance Yoga Pose Video for Seniors

Yoga Balance Pose Senior Yoga for Balance Today I am happy to announce the launch of the new free yoga exercises and yoga poses videos  for 2011.  As you might have noticed I have been adding lots of new free video content to the website, specifically the new meditation video series, and in the background,

How to Make Spiritual Friends and Inspirational Spiritual Quotes

Inspirational Quotes Spiritual Quotes (Anmol:  Here is a guest post from my friend and great spiritual blogger Nigel Coates.  He is the author of Explore Meditation, which is simply a great site for meditation information, meditation techniques and spiritual wisdom. If you would like to be a guest author on Master of Meditation and Yoga,

Complete Free Yoga DVD Now Online

Yoga DVD Best Beginner Kundalini Yoga DVD Here it is… the final part of the Free Yoga DVD that I was converting to online videos and uploading for you all to enjoy and learn from.  As you will recall this is a DVD of a live Kundalini Yoga class taught by me and was filled

Amazing Meditation Certification Program Reviews and Testimonials

Meditation Certification Program Reviews Best Online Meditation Certification Program The Meditation Teacher Training and Certification Program has now been online for a little over a year and over this time I have received a ton of incredible feedback regarding the course from the graduating students.  This feedback and the reviews have been one of the

Happy Buddha Meditation Video

Laughing Buddha Meditation Buddha Meditation Video One of the meditations that readers have really enjoyed is Kundalini Yoga’s Smiling Buddha Meditation for Happiness and Joy.  In this article I will provide an overview of this technique, but more importantly I will present a video demonstration of how to do this wonderful meditation.  This is one

3 Tips for Inducing Altered States of Consciousness

Inducing Altered States Naturally Higher Consciousness From time to time I share my experiences of altered states of consciousness and encounters with higher consciousness, as I hope these are a source of inspiration and insight for you.  More often than not, such shifts in consciousness occur late at night and my experiences from yesterday, which

Yoga Not Best for Improving Memory?

Improving Memory with Yoga Yoga for Memory Just last week I had published recent research which showed that Meditation was excellent for improving those areas of the brain associated with Memory and Learning.  You can read that article here – How to Improve Your Memory and Mind.  And then, just this week I have come

Yoga Pranayama Breathing for Energy Video | Surya Bedhi Pranayama

Yoga Pranayama Free Video Surya Bedhi Yoga Pranayama Pranayama is a yoga breathing exercise and there are many different pranayamas for a variety of different purposes.  There are pranayamas to help calm the mind and prepare it for meditation, there are paranayamas for increasing lung capacity, there are pranayamas to promote weight loss, to name

How to Improve Your Memory and Mind

Improve Memory with Meditation Meditation Good for Mind and Brain Interested in improving your memory?  Want to have a more robust mind and sharper thinking process.  Forget the mind for a moment, want to be more compassionate and have greater empathy?  Want to have all of the improvements above and more?  If so, the answer

Powerful Gayatri Mantra Meditation Video to Open Third Eye

Free Gayatri Mantra Video Gayatri Meditation to Open Third Eye There are many uses of the all powerful Gayatri Mantra, so you should certainly not be surprised that there is also a Gayatri Mantra Meditation, for helping to open the all important Third Eye Chakra.  That is the technique which is detailed in this article