7 Tips on Becoming a Vegetarian

How to Be Vegetarian Becoming a Vegetarian Eating fruits and vegetables are good for you, there is no denying that and regardless of whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian the more fruits and vegetables you can include in your diet the healthier you will be and the longer you will live.  There is also of

Best Selling Yoga Product on Clickbank – Yoga Affiliate Program

Best Clickbank Yoga Product Best Yoga Affiliate Program I am happy to report that the Yoga Teacher’s Training and Certification Program is now the best selling yoga product on Clickbank.  For those who may not be familiar, Clickbank is the largest affiliate sales website for digital products and it is where many internet marketers, bloggers

3 Powerful Yogic Breathing Exercises for Energy

Yogic Breathing Powerful Breathing Exercises To boost your energy levels, both short term and long term, there is almost no better method than the regular practice of yogic breathing exercises (pranayamas).  These exercises have been developed and honed over thousands of years to bestow their powerful benefits, so if you are looking for more vitality

Karma Yoga Teachings from the Masters

What is Karma Yoga Karma Yoga Quotes Here are two inspirational quotes from the Tao Te Ching on Karma Yoga (the Yoga of Action), about how one ought to approach one’s life and work.  They are consistent with Lord Krishna’s teachings of Karma Yoga from the Bhagawat Gita.  The essence of these teachings is to

The Great Value of Pain and Suffering

Suffering in Life Freedom from Suffering Life on earth is the perfect University for Enlightenment (read The Magical Gate to the Best School for Enlightenment), and to help us realize the perfection of the moment and our perfect, divine nature, life often has to use pain and suffering as a tool.  This is simply because

What is Zen?

Understanding Zen Practice Understanding Zen Teachings Over the next several weeks I would like to explore deeper and further into Zen and Zen Meditation (Zazen), as I feel the teachings from this school can profoundly impact ones life and greatly help one in their spiritual evolution.  Fortunately Zen teachings have been spread far and wide

Best Core Yoga Pose Video

Core Yoga Exercise Yoga for Core Power A Kundalini Yoga class with my teacher, Ravi Singh, was almost never complete unless we had done our core power yoga exercises.  Over the course of my training I realized the many benefits of developing this center and later, once I began teaching yoga myself, I too ensured

Meditation Technique for Pain Management

Pain Relief Meditation Pain Management Technique What was most amazing about the recent research which showed meditation reduced the intensity of pain by 40% and reduced the unpleasantness associated with pain by almost 60%, was that these benefits were attained with just 4 meditation sessions of 20 minutes each!  That’s really incredible.  Normally much more

Free Yoga Music Downloads | Inspiration MP3

Yoga Music Free Yoga MP3 Downloads Looking for some great, soothing, free yoga music?  Well look no further as the following MP3 contributed by my friend Nuno, is a perfect track for doing yoga.  This MP3, called Inspiration, is wonderful for creating a peaceful atmosphere for the practice of Hatha yoga, Flow yoga or any

The Key to Happiness in Life

Secret to Happiness in Life Finding Happiness in Life Many masters have pointed the way for achieving true happiness in life and regardless of the differing cultures and backgrounds they come from, the teaching has been the same.  Realize that everything is just the way it is supposed to be, realize the perfection of "what