Vipassana Meditation Technique and Benefits

Vipassana Meditation Practice Benefits of Vipassana (Anmol: It is always great to learn from someone who has real and deep experience of a subject and this is all the more important when it comes to meditation and spirituality.  So below I would like to present the following guest post on the profound Vipassana Meditation Technique

3 Beautiful Words that Can Change Your Life

Most Beautiful English Words Transform Your Life No, I am not referring to the phrase “I Love You”, although that is perhaps the most beautiful phrase in the English language, I am referring to 3 distinct words, which if you can plan your life around, will turn your life around.  Yes, these 3 words are

Zen Mind – The Secret to Living in the Now

Zenmind How to Live in the Present In the article, What is Zen, we went into understanding the source of Zen Buddhism and understanding what Zen is not.  We also discussed that the objective of Zen was to see the false sense of dualistic reality and that Zazen and mindful living were the means to