More Easy Yoga Exercises – Simple Yoga Twists

Easy Yoga Poses Simple Yoga Twists I love the great variety of exercises and poses that yoga has to offer.  There are complex ones, most of which have reasonable modifications, and there are also simple, easy exercises which are great for beginners, seniors, kids and those looking for more moderate workouts. These easy yoga poses

Naturally Curing Severe Anxiety and Depression with Yoga – A True Story

Natural Cure for Anxiety Anxiety and Depression Cured with Yoga and Meditation A few months ago, I shared with you the remarkable story of Ray, who using natural treatments and yoga was able to recover from a very dire prognosis of Brain Cancer.  You can read that article here, Yoga and Cancer, A True Cancer

What is Diwali Really – True Meaning of the Festival of Lights

True Meaning of Diwali What Dewali Is Today is Diwali and along with wishing each and every one of you a very Happy and Healthy Diwali, I also want to share some of my thoughts on what is the esoteric meaning behind this glorious occasion. For those who don’t know what Diwali is, it is

Best Yoga and Meditation Newsletters Collection Part 1

Best Yoga Newsletters Best Meditation Newsletters Mastery of Meditation and Yoga is soon going to be 5 years old and over this time I have shared a lot of yoga and meditation information, not just on the website, but also via my Mastery of Meditation and Yoga Newsletter. The number of subscribers to the newsletter

How to Be a Vegetarian

Being Vegetarian Becoming Vegetarian Earlier this year I wrote a popular article on How to Become a Vegetarian, which were tips form my own journey on converting from non-veg to vegetarianism.  I am now a happy vegetarian, so those guidelines worked well for me, but the article sparked contributions from others from their own journey’s,

What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness Meditation Understanding Mindfulness Mindfulness can simply be defined as the observation of “what is”. The awareness of what is taking place in the outer environment and the inner environment.  Thus, being aware of the trees, the breeze and the sounds of the birds is mindfulness and so is being aware of your

Excellent Thigh Workout from Yoga

Workout for Thighs Yoga Exercises for Thighs A wonderful thing about yoga workouts and poses is that they work on you at many different levels at once. Not only are they great for your physical dimension, but are also often designed to work on your emotional or mental dimensions as well. This is a preview

5 Emotional Benefits of Meditation

Meditation Benefits Benefits of Meditation You were born to meditate.  I cannot impress enough upon you how important meditation is if you wish to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.  By meditation here I don’t mean just the formal time you spend devoted to this practice, but I mean the constant vigilance and witnessing of