5 Best Yoga Techniques and 5 Top Spiritual Articles of 2012

For those who are not signed up to receive my monthly newsletter, here is the January 2013 edition.  It was quite popular as it featured the best yoga techniques of 2012 and the top 5 articles from last year as well.  So in case you missed any of the top content here is your chance

Yoga Exercise to Test Longevity

Exercise for Longevity Kundalini Yoga does offer some very unique and even peculiar exercises and that variety is actually something which many find quite attractive about this type of yoga.  The one thing that you cannot say about Kundailni Yoga is that it is boring :-).  There are exercises where you are are sticking your

Visualization Yoga Technique for Aura Healing

Healing Your Aura It has been some time since I published a technique to do aura healing.  Previously I wrote about 2 useful techniques for working on your aura and they are Eagle Pose for Powerful Aura and Yoga Criss-Cross for Aura Cleansing.  Today’s technique though is quite different from these 2 techniques as it

How To Do Yoga Rock Pose Correctly

Learn To Do Yoga Series – Vajrasana Today I am happy to introduce a new guest author of Mastery of Meditation of Yoga – Christian Leeby.  Christian is a fellow blogger and adept yogi.  His expertise lies in the area of how to do yoga poses correctly with special emphasis on alignment and form.  Please

Yoga Routine for Lower Body Flexibility

Wishing all of you a very happy, healthy, successful and awakened 2013.  I would like to thank everyone for all their love and support in 2012 which has helped Mastery of Meditation and Yoga become one of the biggest yoga websites on the internet.  I have a some great plans for 2013, which include more