3 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Simplify Your Life – Part 1 An uncluttered, simple life and an unburdened, clear mind are both very key for spiritual practice and the practice of meditation.  Such a life tends to allow one the leisure needed for inner exploration and promotes a mind which has the essential inner space needed for such an exploration

What is Meditation Really?

Here is another great article on meditation by guest author Tom Von Deck.  Previously Tom wrote about Managing Stress in the Workplace with Meditation, and today’s article is a deep dive into what is meditation fundamentally and what are the various types of meditation you can practice.    Tom is a widely respected meditation teacher

How to Master Desire and Master Life

Desire is not to be killed, suppressed or destroyed, nor is it meant to be indulged in senselessly.  Desire is the heartbeat of life and the key to mastering life is the understanding of desire.  This understanding, which is born out of relentless observation of it’s structure and movement, is the road to freedom and