Free Your Pelvis and the Spine will Follow: Four Explorations to Relieve Back Pain

Our popular contributor Kara-Leah writes about all kinds of things, from home practice and parenting to the etiquettes of yoga class and the ethics of yoga. In this article she details ways to explore your body through your yoga practice that help to free the pelvis, and therefore the spine. by Kara-Leah Grant  Years of

How to Transcend Loneliness

Welcome to a new article by our regular contributor, Dr. Bina Nangia. Dr. Nangia is a long-time spiritual seeker who works with children.   When was the last time you were “alone”? Do you always feel the need to be surrounded by people and events? What does “to be alone” mean? We as people, always

Review of ‘Yoga – The Poetry of the Body by Rodney Yee with Nina Zolotow’

Our popular contributor Kara-Leah shares one of her favourite and most useful home yoga practice books. by Kara-Leah Grant Author of Forty Days of Yoga – Breaking down the barriers to a home yoga practice. Searching for the perfect book to accompany your home yoga practice? Yoga – The Poetry of the Body by Rodney Yee with