Awaken Your Soul MP3 | Free Meditation Music MP3 Download

Download Meditation Music MP3 The Free Meditation Music MP3s is a on-going project and today I am delighted to add six new tracks to our collection, Awaken The Soul Sessions Six MP3s.  This is excellent music for relaxation and inspiration, and I would like to thank Vladimir Sabev for providing these MP3 to add to

The Importance of Yoga

3 Main Goals of Yoga Yoga and health are integrally related. It is universally acknowledged that yoga helps in boosting your overall health and physique.  Yoga strengthens your inner core and mind as well. In essence, yoga has three main goals. These are wellness of being, the ability to sit undisturbed in meditaiton and the

Archer Pose for Self-Esteem and Confidence | Yoga Video

Introduction to the Archer Pose In Kundalini Yoga, the powerful Archer Pose is especially beneficial for instilling self-esteem. It will help build your confidence and character. Archer Pose will also free up your energy by straightening your torso and stretching your arms and legs. If you face persistent difficulties in making decisions or easily feel

3 Tips to Control and Calm the Monkey Mind

“Monkey Mind” is a Buddhist term that stems from the observations that, when kept untamed, our mind’s natural state often tends to become indecisive, restless and unsettled.  Thoughts of course are subtle and swift so trying to slow them down and increase the space within us is paramount if we are to be successful of

Simple Yoga for Digestion, Gas and IBS

Introduction to Simple Yoga for Digestion Digestive issues, bloating, indigestion, gas or how about lower back issues, or tight hips… all those issues, including IBS, benefit from doing this one simple yoga exercise.  If you are putting together a yoga sequence for yourself, then Yoga Stomach Grind should not only be included, it should be

The 4 Secrets to Manifest Your Desires | Law of Attraction

Manifesting Desires and The Law of Attraction If you have attempted to manifest your desires or practiced other principles of the Law of Attraction and are wondering why they are not working, then this video is a must watch for you. The video will reveal the 4 Secrets of Manifesting Desires, also know as the

1 Minute Stress Buster | So Hum Mantra Meditation Video

If you are looking for a potent stress buster, then you must try this timeless meditation technique.  It is called So Hum Mantra Meditation and just 1 minute of doing this wonderful exercise is enough to rapidly reduce stress and bestow deep mental and emotional peace. As this meditation can be done anywhere and anytime,