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Finally, everything comes down to energy, and you will find it necessary to increase the level of your body energy not just for living well, but also for success in real meditation.  The question which then follows, is what can you do in order to increase your energy levels and build them up to your maximum human capacity?  That will be the topic for this article.  Here I will discuss 5 non conventional ways to help your body have more energy, so that you can live and meditate at a higher and deeper level.

The conventional and effective methods for increasing energy are of course proper diet and exercise.  There is already a great deal of information about these 2 topics on the website.  You can read articles such as Healthy Eating Guide, Detox Diet Mistakes and Ayurvedic Diet to Lose Weight for nutritional tips, while the free online e-books on Hatha Yoga Poses and Kundalini Yoga Exercises will give you plenty of exercise and fitness tips.  But, beyond diet and exercise, there are many other ways to conserve and increase body energy and below I am going to discuss 5 of the more unusual ways to do this.

 More Energy

5 Ways to Get More Body Energy

1. Silence to Conserve Energy:

Quiet down .  Ours is a business of inner silence, but let’s at least learn to be outwardly quiet at times.  Talking endlessly, whether that be gossiping, complaining, babbling, discussing, arguing or endlessly talking about ourselves is a waste of precious energy.  So at least try taking a break from talking and spend a day being quiet to see what affects this has on you.  You will learn a great deal about yourself by undertaking such an experiment, not to mention the great amount of energy you will be able to save.

Silence is a well known technique used by masters throughout history to advance spiritually and energetically.  Some masters decided on life long silence, and although that is not required, life long yakking is not helpful either.  So, set aside some time to test this out for yourself and abstain observe complete silence.  It will give you a chance to hear your constant inner dialogue, which is the beginning of spiritual living.

2. Sexual Abstinence to Build Energy:

It is the wise man who preserves his sexual charge.  Treat life as a great big experiment, a laboratory for the study of the Self (read The Magical Gate to the Best School for Enlightenment) and don’t be afraid to try different things, even if they are unconventional.  This experiment of conserving your sexual charge and sexual energy is one you will find very interesting.  Sexual energy is not just the most condensed form of body energy, it is also the form of energy which can be used for both, spiritual growth as well as physical evolution.  So conserve this energy for a period of time and see it go to work for you.

If you are undergoing massive kundalini awakening, then you know to be careful of this approach, as it can push you too far, but otherwise it is a must try energy experiment for others.  In addition to the energy boost you will get, also keep an eye on your creativity levels during this time, you may notice some very surprising results there as well.

For those looking to build their sexual energy, you can check out the Free Online Tantra Yoga Program as well.

3. Stop Worrying:

This should have been number 1, now that I think about it, but here is the greatest cause for energy loss on the planet today – WORRYING.  Not only is it burning up precious energy, it is also creating mental stress, emotional stress, physical stress and wearing out the brain.  So what is the answer to breaking this deep rooted habit?  Learning to live moment to moment.  Forget about the future, just put yourself as best as you can in the hands of infinity and learn to go with the flow.  Let life take you where she wills.  Trying for endless security and worrying constantly about the past and future, disconnects you with the present, which is where life is, and which is where all the magic happens.  So for the sake of your happiness and for an end to energy wastage, it is time to give up worrying completely, right now.

4. Passionate Living to Summon Energy:

If you want to live an inspired and energetic life, do what you are passionate about.  I have written about this key topic in the ever popular article, The Secret of How to Become an Early Riser, but will summarize the essence of it for you here.  Energy is provided where it is needed or demanded by life.  When you are really interested in doing something, you will notice that the energy will show up, in this way, when you are doing things you are passionate about, you will find yourself having abundant energy and motivation.  A sure fire way to feel lethargic and depressed is to undertake jobs and careers you have no love or passion for.  If you really want to be full of energy and zeal, do that which love to do.

5. Pranayama for Incredible Body Energy:

Finally, there is yoga breathing exercises, the King Kong of all body energy increasing methods.  This is perhaps not that unusual any more, as it is getting more and more mainstream attention, but it is still not as widely accepted or known as simple hatha yoga (physical yoga).  Pranayama is one of the best ways to open up energetic pathways, clear your system of emotional and physical debris, rejuvenate your organs, raise your level of consciousness, find peace and tap into the infinite reservoir of life energy or prana which is available to you for free.  For those who are new to pranayama here is a free online ebook with all the details you need in order to get started with this life transforming practice – Yoga Breathing Exercise – Pranayama.

Summary of How to Get More Body Energy:

The five methods above to conserve and increase your energy, in conjunction with a healthy diet and fitness routine, will give you the opportunity to live a magnificent and fruitful life.  One final note about energy tip #4, is that it is this very passion for advanced meditation (watching your thoughts), which leads the mind to slow down and allow for moment to moment comprehension of thinking mind.  So, as I mentioned in the beginning, everything is a game of energy, living life and transcending it as well.

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