9,627,744 Thank Yous and Important Website Updates

Tips to Navigate the Website

Website Updates

Mastery of Meditation and Yoga has passed 9 million page views, 9,627,744 to be exact, and, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank each and every one of you for stopping by the website and contributing to it’s success.  So please accept my 9,627,744 heartfelt THANK YOUS !! 

I know many of you read the website via the RSS feed and others are subscribed to the e-mail article feed, and I am very grateful to all of you as well, for being readers of the blog.

One more milestone that was recently achieved, was that my Mastery of Meditation Newsletter crossed 100,000 subscribers.  For bloggers and webmasters, this is a number indicating a strong and popular blog, so I am very happy to have crossed that level.  And I hope all of you who are subscribed to the newsletter are enjoying and benefiting from it.  A hundred thousand THANK YOUS to all of the subscribers as well :-).

Below I want to update you on some important changes to the website and also, for those you are new to the blog, I also have some tips on how to get the most out of Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.

October Traffic Up 150% – Major Upgrade Coming:

I am very happy to report that the traffic to Mastery of Meditation and Yoga jumped 150% in October and continues to climb rapidly even now :-).  As great as this news is, and believe me I am not complaining, this enormous traffic increase has caused the website to run into capacity limits. 

If you have been getting timeouts connecting to the website, or experienced any slowness, I apologize for these inconveniences.  Rest assured I am working very hard to resolve these issues and over the next few days I am performing a very large hardware upgrade to accommodate this increase.  After the upgrade the website should be much faster and 100% stable.

I will inform everyone once the upgrade is completed, and if after that you experience any issues, I would really appreciate you letting me know, so I can look into it and work to resolve it.

Tips to Navigate the Website:

For those of you who are new to the website, I realize the size can be a little intimidating and sometimes if can be confusing to navigate the site.  After all over the past 5 years, the website has grown enormously in terms of content and now there are over 700 free articles, videos and MP3s on the blog.  So to help you get the most out of the website, here are some tips for you…

Free Yoga and Meditation Resources:

You will find all the Free Online Yoga and Meditation Classes on the following page:  Free Online Yoga Classes

You will find a list of all the free resources here: Free Yoga and Meditation Videos, Programs, MP3s and Collections

Here is an individualized list of all the other Free Collections on the site.  This list is always available to you on the Right Sidebar of every page for quick access.

Google Search Box:

The best way to find what you are looking for is by using the search box at the top of the Right Sidebar.  Without a doubt this is the best way to find the information you are looking for.  Even I use this search box to find things on my own website.

All Articles:

All the articles, organized by month and year are available for you on the following page:  All Yoga and Meditation Articles

Newsletters, Article Subscription and RSS Feed:

Since I am constantly adding more articles, techniques, classes and resources to the website, below are the best ways to stay updated with the new content. Please note the important difference between the Monthly Newsletter and the Get Posts by E-mail broadcasts, as this tends to cause reader’s some confusion. You can, of course, sign up for all three of the delivery systems below. At minimum, I do suggest signing up for the Monthly Meditation Newsletter, as then you will always be updated with the best yoga and meditation information available.

  1. Mastery of Meditation Monthly Newsletter:

    This is the very popular free monthly newsletter that I send. It is sent 1 time per month, sometimes 2 times a month. As I mentioned there are currently over 100,000+ subscribers, and about 4,000 more join every month. This is a great way to keep up with the website and get free yoga and meditation information and gifts. Here is the sign-up box for you, just enter your email address, hit subscribe and you are done. If the form below does not work for any reason, this sign-up is on the TOP LEFT SIDEBAR of every page on the website as well.

    Free Mastery of Meditation Newsletter



    Please Enter Email:  
  2. Get Every Posts by E-mail (Full Post Not Just Summary):

    This sign-up in on the TOP RIGHT SIDEBAR of every page, and is great for anyone who wants to keep up with all the new content I add to the website and blog. I don’t just send a summary of the article, but I send the full article to you via email as soon as it is written. You get embedded videos and illustrations as well. Here is the sign-up form for that, if it does not work please use the form in the top right sidebar.

    Get Posts Via Email:




  3. FULL RSS Feed, Not Just Summary:

    Feed readers are a great way to keep up with a blog, and Mastery of Meditation Yoga currently has 18,000+ feed readers. That is the counter you see on the right sidebar, that keeps growing daily :-). Like the posts via email, I offer a full feed, meaning the full article is published via the RSS feed, not just a summary. Many bloggers don’t provide full articles via email or RSS, as they want you to visit their website, to generate traffic statistics and Ad revenues, but I would rather MAXIMIZE spreading the wisdom of yoga and meditation, than maximize revenues :-). To sign-up for the RSS feed simple click the RSS feed button, or select your favorite feed reader, on the RIGHT SIDEBAR, or here is a RSS link for you, which you can also use…


When I reflect on my life, I am deeply satisfied with having been able to express my love and passion for meditation, yoga and spirituality, and all of that has been made possible by the Mastery of Meditation and Yoga website.  And the life source of this website is all of you.  So once again, wishing you all a Very Happy Thanksgiving and the deepest gratitude for all your love and support through the years.  I am really excited at what the blog has achieved so far and look forward to serving all of you for many more years to come.


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  1. 9,627,744 Thank Yous and Important Website Updates

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  1. James
    James says:

    Your dedication is more than apparent. You have put together a fantastic site rich with helpful information to help navigate life with yoga. And for that we thank you. 9 million times!


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