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After many months of hard work, AnmolMehta.Com has been upgraded with new technologies.  The new software that is now running the website and blog, makes it much more secure, stable, user friendly and fast.  There are still some additional upgrades left to be completed, but the core aspects of AnmolMehta.Com have now been successfully upgraded.  The new behind the scene sortware was rolled out last Thursday, which is why I was busy all week and you saw no articles or posting from me.

I would also like to take a moment to apologize to the Meditation Certification Program and Yoga Teachers Training and Certification Program students who are waiting for their exams to be graded.  Due to the upgrade work, your exam gradings were pushed back, but rest assured I will be catching up with all the exams and emails related to the certification programs this week.  So you will have your results and replies soon.

I would like to thank all of you who have been readers of Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, some of you have been with me from the very beginning, which is now more than 4 years ago :-).  I appreciate your love and support, and I will continue to work hard to help everyone develop their highest human potential and help everyone on their journey back to the Source.

As a result of this upgrade there have been many changes to the backend technologies and more such positive changes will be coming in the near future.  Especially, you should notice a dramatic increase in the speed of the website and its responsiveness, as well as the website becoming more user friendly.

Here is where I need your help.  In particular please help me with the following 2 aspects.

Please Help By:

1. Social Bookmarking:

These days search engines and other web technologies place a great deal of emphasis on social bookmarking in determining the importance of a website and particular web pages.  Many website and blogs use third party companies to do fake social bookmarking in order to climb the rankings.  I don’t want to do that.  I feel that if the content and website is worthy then it will be shared naturally by the readers, and it is my request that if indeed you find any content worthy, please share it using facebook, twitter, email, stumble or other social bookmarking site you prefer (if you mouse over the “share” option you will get more options for Social Bookmarking sites).

To make this easy for you, I have added a special bookmarking widget that floats along the left side of the article.  So if you like a page, you can easily just share it on facebook or tweet it, email to your friends, etc.  It would be truly wonderful if you took a moment to do this for articles you enjoy.

I know many of you, almost 20,000, read the blog daily through your RSS feeds and email.  I will be adding social bookmarking to the RSS feed as well, but until I do, if you can visit the website to share the articles you enjoy that would be great.  In doing so you will certainly be helping me, but you will also be helping humanity by spreading the word regarding meditation, yoga and higher consciousness.

2. Report Issues Back:

With all the changes, you may encounter some small issues with the blog.  If you do, please do report them back to me, so I can work on getting them fixed.  Your feedback on anything else is also most welcome.  In particular, feel free to join the discussions on the blog and leave comments to express yourself whenever you like.  I will be adding a forum in the future as well, so the discussions and sharing of ideas can be better organized.

Thank you once again for being a reader and supporter.  Stay tuned for more great free techniques, tips, gifts and information on Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality, Health and Personal Development.  God Bless You All.

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11 replies
  1. charu
    charu says:

    anmol, you are doing great work thanks a lot. i do meditation everyday following your problem is sometimes i get slight headache that lasts for 1to2 hours. ifeel to sleepy too through the day .i wish to feel more energetic. even though i do shambhavi kriya, it does not help.please help thanks and blessings

  2. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    This is a great site for all things related to Kundalini Yoga. Thank you so much. It is obvious how much of your time you have put gathering and writing all the articles. I just finished Chakra Healing and it was perfect for what I need.

  3. Rahi
    Rahi says:

    Dear Anmol…

    As a long time practitioner and teacher of yoga i find your sharing of yoga knowledge and experience very refreshing and empowering. Keep up the good work.


  4. Adrian Carr
    Adrian Carr says:

    Namaste! Many thanks for all the work you’ve done on the website and your generous sharing of yoga videos and pointers for meditation. We are indeed blest. Many happy returns to you.

  5. Solomon
    Solomon says:


    Most of God’s Creativity that we manifest is never directly experienced. I can assure you, Anmol, that your creativity reaches such boundaries. The impact you’ve started is complex.

  6. Dalsukh
    Dalsukh says:

    Jalandhar band is suggested for the treatment of high B.P. For this two conditions must be met. One: chin must touch the notch below the throat and Two:Muscles of the neck should be contacted(tightened). Kindly give guidance on the above as I am in the initial phase of the treatment. I am 80.

  7. Dalsukh
    Dalsukh says:

    since the last two years, I recommend your web site in medhelp community,specially for kundalini yoga.I always read some section of the website. It is quite apparent that your are taking lot of pains to make the website more useful to more people.Thanks

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    We send a lot of love,best of luck and prayerful blessings to you.Thanks for doing, all that you do for us.


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