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It’s been quite a start to 2010 so far for the Mastery of Meditation Website and Blog.  Many important thresholds and goals have been reached and many more are now in sight.  I wanted to give all of you a quick update on these and share a few other thoughts with you.

AnmolMehta.Com Grows 700% During Recession:

I am happy to say that the recession did not dampen the world wide enthusiasm for yoga, meditation and spiritual growth.  On the contrary, in these difficult time more than 1.5 Million seekers viewed almost 4 Million pages on, and many of them found the solutions and inspiration there were looking for to solve their problems and uplift their lives. 

The growth for this website during the "Great Recession" was over 700% and for this I wanted to thank you all, for without your love, presence and support this would not have been possible. 


Apologies and New Staff for AnmolMehta.Com:

All this traffic is great, but is also means a lot more work to keep up with.  So I have recruited 2 very smart women to help me with these tasks – My Mom (Shobha) and My Wife (Trupti) .  Both are extremely well qualified in the spiritual sciences.  My Mom being one of the most respected spiritual leaders in the community, who has a deep and wide grasp of Vedic teachings, mantras and ceremonies.  In fact, she conducts full Vedic marriages here in the Tri-state area.  And Trupti, who comes from a deeply spiritual family herself, and is a fully qualified Pre and Pose Natal Yoga Teacher.

Before I go on, I would like to offer my apologies here to those who have reached out to me via email or comments, but have not received a timely reply.  This is simply due to the overwhelming volume of such requests and it is here that both Shobha and Trupti are going to be invaluable.  You may have already noticed, that Trupti is now helping respond to comments, and Shobha is helping with Customer Relations and the emails I receive.

So keep those comments and emails coming.  We do appreciate your participation and we will do all we can to respond and help in a timely manner .  Later this year I am planning to create a full forum on the website, which will provide an excellent area to discuss yoga, meditation and other spiritual and personal development topics.  Stay tuned…    

Changes to Website and Blog:

I know that many of you read and keep up with the blog through the Newsletter (top left corner), Email broadcasts (top right corner) and RSS feeds (right sidebar), and it is really great to have you all as subscribers.  All sets of subscribers has been growing daily and there are now 20,000+ newsletter subscriber, 1,500+ e-mail subscribers (who get every post via email) and 7,700+ RSS Feed Subscribers.  These subscribers may not have noticed, but those of you who visit the blog may have noticed the design changes taking place.

I am currently in the process of making these changes to the design, layout and software that is running the blog.  There are several reasons for this.  The first is that I am trying to improve the performance to keep up with all the new traffic that the website is getting.  The other changes are to just make the blog better in every way.  So please bear with me if you see such changes coming in and out, as I am experimenting with different ideas to improve the blog .

Meditation Teacher’s Training Program Update:

The mission of Mastery of Meditation and Yoga is to help all of you achieve your maximum human potential and to do this meditation is a must.  Furthermore, (in case you have not noticed ), I am very passionate and keen to spread the wisdom of meditation to every corner of the world.  To help accomplish these goals I created the Mastery of Meditation Teacher’s Training Program.

This program will not just help you uncover your infinite and divine nature, but it will also help to spread the light by creating master meditators and teachers.  I am really happy with how the program is progressing and anticipate training about 1,000 meditation teachers this year, hopefully even more. I welcome you to join us on this mission to uplift human consciousness and lead us forward to a new brighter age.

If you would like to join the program (which allows you to decide how much to pay ), please follow the link below…

Click Here For The Meditation Teacher’s Training Program

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5 replies
    PRAKASH says:

    Dear Anmol Metha.

    I am interested in your yoga teacher training courses, however i would like to know more on yourr qualifications and how does your teacher training course rate against other similar courses at other institutes.

    I guess what i want to know what is the reconition level and how did we arrive at this

    Looking foward to hear from you


  2. sreeshan
    sreeshan says:

    Hi Anmol,
    The service you are rendering to humanity is stupendous. Your humility, humbleness makes us all to emulate you and make a model in our lives. You are the true guru and my guru.


  3. Benjamin
    Benjamin says:

    Congrats, Anmol!

    As I’ve said before, you have an awesome site with incredible free content. If this isn’t already the number 1 meditation/yoga site on the web… I suspect it will be soon!

    I’m looking forward to checking out the new meditation program.

    keep smiling,



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