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Yoga, Meditation & Spiritual Growth Blog Carnival #22

Welcome to the 22th edition of the Meditation, Yoga and Personal Development carnival.  In it you will find below the best stuff from top bloggers in the areas of Yoga, New-Age, Self-Help and Spiritual Growth.  Topics range from Yoga, Meditation, After Life, Law of Attraction, Psychic Powers, Self-Help and more.

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This is a really terrific collection of articles and I had time selecting just 5 to feature, nonetheless here are those 5 that especially caught my attention:

Featured Articles

Kara-Leah Grant presents Ten Free On-Line Guided Meditations posted at Prana Flow NZ, saying, "A great selection of free on-line guided meditations reviewed by Prana Flow author Kara-Leah. A must read for those who love guided meditations, and the perfect way to begin meditating for those just starting out."

Chris Edgar presents The Essential Breath posted at Purpose Power Coaching, saying, "When we breathe shallowly, as many of us do, and our bodies are hungry for oxygen, it’s no wonder we suffer from a nagging sense of incompleteness, a constant feeling that we need something more to make us whole. But when we completely allow our natural breathing process to operate, a feeling of peace and wholeness comes over us, and the sense that something is missing disappears."

Satheesh presents How Do The Prayer Block Pain Signals Reaching The Brain? – [ Psypo – The Human Mind – Version 2 ] posted at Psypo, saying, "This article is about the scientific principles behind the disease healing effects of meditation and prayers" 

Daylle Deanna Schwartz presents Interview withMahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda–Swamiji posted at Lessons from a Recovering DoorMat, saying, "His Holiness, Swamiji, is on his 35th world tour to spread world peace through the practice of his Yoga in Daily Life system—body, mind and spirit."

Erin Pavlina presents What Happens When You Die? posted at Erin Pavlina’s Blog, saying, "I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking me variations on this question so I thought I’d do an entire blog entry on this subject to help everyone understand what I believe happens."

Health and Wellbeing

Aparna presents Bad breath posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, "The repercussions of bad breath are many. You lose out on relationships, friends and almost face social ostracization. And the sad part for you is that it’s tough to tell if you have vampire breath, because your sense of smell adapts to your own odours. But here are some ways to test your breath and determine how bad it is before everyone else does."


Charles Chua C K presents Tai Chi Quan (太极拳) for Happiness and More posted at All About Living with Life, saying, "Tai Chi is a form of meditation in motion"

BoH presents To fear or not to fear. posted at buddha of hollywood.

Stephen presents A Guided Metta Meditation posted at Balanced Existence, saying, "Metta Bhavana is a Buddhist meditation practice known as the development of universal loving-kindness. It belongs to a set of meditations called brahma-viharas, which roughly means ‘abode of the gods’. As such metta meditation is considered to help us experience positive and enjoyable mental states similar to the mental states of the beings in the Buddhist god-realm."

Sarah Scrafford presents Top 100 Yoga and Meditation Blogs – X-Ray Technician Schools posted at Comments on: Top 100 Diet and Fitness Blogs.

New Age

korprit zombie presents How You Can Get Free Phone Psychic Readings posted at Free Phone Psychic Readings.

Sundar Ganapathy aka "Ubermensch" presents Entity Contact posted at Hardcore Dynamic, saying, "This is an article that attempts to explain the experience of talking to entities/ demons/ angels/ ufos. My hypothesis is that it relates to a complex relationship between kundalini energy and DMT – ultimately allowing us to perceive other dimensions." 

Personal Development

Frederic Premji presents The Power Of Asking posted at

Carole Gold presents Trade Unions posted at McKay Today, saying, "How trading our divinity for false promises sets the groundwork for failed relationships."

Nicholas Powiull presents The Secret (Full Movie) AKA: Law of Attraction posted at Conscious Flex.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Brainy Haikus for brain training posted at SharpBrains, saying, "Enjoy this collection of fantastic haikus on brain and mind topics, and contribute yours!

Albert Foong presents The Importance of Setting Personal Boundaries » Personal Development – UrbanMonk.Net posted at Urban Monk.

Spiritual Growth

Akemi Gaines presents True Life Purpose Goes Beyond The Illusion Of Self posted at Yes to Me.

Chris presents Return of the Jedi: Five Questions with a Neigong Expert posted at Martial Development, saying, "Read this interview with a member of "Mo-Pai", a mysterious Eastern spiritual order."

Applying the Law of Attraction presents Why Doesn’t The Law Of Attraction Work? posted at Applying the Law of Attraction Membership Library, saying, "If you have tried to manifest using the Law of Attraction and failed, you are not alone. Thousands will give up quickly after making an effort that seems to produce…"


Shaula presents Easy morning yoga for staying fit on the road posted at Your Mileage May Vary, saying, "This easy yoga stretch is a great way to start the day, even on the road!"

P.L. Frederick presents 13 No-Nos During Yoga Class posted at Small and Big, saying, "Some of our worst nightmares."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of meditation, yoga and spiritual growth carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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