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Welcome to the 20th edition of the Meditation, Yoga and Personal Development carnival.  In it you will find below the best stuff from top bloggers in the areas of Self-Help, Personal Development and Spiritual Growth.  Topics range from Yoga, Meditation, Health, Fitness, Brain Development, Philosophy, Passion, Creativity, Nutrition, Vegetarianism and more.

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Health and Wellbeing

Alvaro Fernandez presents Top 10 Brain Training Future Trends posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution, saying, "In an emerging, dynamic, high growth market, like brain training, it is difficult to make precise projections. But, we can observe a number of trends the bloggers should watch closely in the coming years, as brain fitness and training becomes mainstream, new tools appear, and an ecosystem grows around it."

Health Blogger presents Healing My Chronic Shoulder and Neck Pain Through Diet and Exercise posted at Health and Fitness Blog.

Decision Care presents Personalized medicine, Horoscope and Astrology posted at DecisionCare, saying, "An article about obtaining a more complete version of personalized healthcare."


Frederic Premji presents 100 Benefits of Meditation posted at

Metaliphe presents A Quiet Mind posted at Chandra Unplugged – No nonsense, Straight-up blogging from a Life Coach, saying, "Meditation quiets the mind and opens the heart."

axel presents Understanding Meditation posted at axel g.

Chris Edgar presents Transcending Your Boundaries posted at Purpose Power Coaching, saying, "I believe many of our fears stem from a mis-perception of ourselves as small and weak. We see ourselves as too fragile to deal with possible setbacks in our jobs, confrontations in our relationships, and so on. In my experience, one way to overcome this sense of frailty is to feel, on a physical level, the fact that you are much greater and stronger than you may think you are. In fact, as the visualization I’ll describe helps you see, in your essence you have no boundaries, and no problem arising in your life can truly harm you."

Lisa Spinelli presents Snap Sunday Sermon: Twenty-Four Brand-New Hours posted at Greener Pastures: Personal Finance.

Personal Development

Scott.Goolsby presents Consumerism and (un)Happiness posted at Unapologetic Genius, saying, "Conscious consumerism."

Dereck presents A guide for increasing your creativity posted at I Will Not Die.

Semi-Charmed Wife presents Find Your Passion (or at least A passion) posted at Semi-Charmed Wife.

Jerome Ryan presents How to Start an Exercise Program posted at Dating Tips, Fitness Tips, Daily Blog of the

ITAKEOFFTHEMASK presents A Song and a Prayer posted at

Spiritual Growth

GrrlScientist presents Living the Thinking Life (The Evolution of an Atheist) posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, "I was regularly lied to from the day I was born, although it took me awhile to realize it. What was this lie? I was told there was a god who both cared about me and wanted me to fear him, or else he would strike me dead with a Lightning Bolt from the Heavens. Because I was a small child who was inexperienced in the ways of the world, I believed this lie. At first."

Rigdha presents 5 Things You Can Do Today To Get More out of Your life posted at Get Your Success Now.

Kathleen Gage presents God’s Delays are Not God’s Denials posted at Daily Awareness, saying, "Often we say we want something, but then quickly change our mind or are so ambiguous about what we really want we wouldn’t even know if we got it. I believe God (Higher Power, Universe, Supreme Being) wants us to have the best of what we can have and yet, if we are unclear how can God possibly give us what we what. The amazing part of all of this though is often what we think we want may not be in our highest good. There may be times when what we desire does not fit into the master plan for us. Or, it may be that God’s delays are not God’s denials. Discover one woman’s experience about knowing what she wanted and being willing to wait for her time to arrive."


Kristen McCarthy presents Opening the Sacrum posted at, saying, "Open the power of the sacrum through Hatha yoga."


Dereck presents 10 reasons to hate evangelical atheists posted at I Will Not Die.

Lane Wright presents Vegetarians Live Longer posted at Vegan Bits.

Sagar Satapathy presents 100 Ways to Become More Spiritually Connected to Your Partner posted at Christians Do It Better.

Arin Vahanian presents Why It Is Necessary To Live NOW posted at Super State.

Joel Gray presents The Importance Of Good Nutrition While Dieting posted at Health Tips 101

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Growth Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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