Meditation, Yoga & Spiritual Growth Carnival #17

Meditation, Yoga & Self Improvement Carnival- Edition #17

Best Personal Development and Spiritual Growth Blogs

Welcome to the May 5, 2008 edition of the Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Growth Carnival.

This is simply a great collection of the very best articles and blogs in the areas of spirituality, personal development, religion and the related spiritual sciences. 
You will find below tips and guidance on how to meditate, information on yoga, the law of attraction, great articles on spirituality & God and lots of great advise for personal development and self improvement as well.

This carnival is perhaps a little too large so I will increase the frequency of it’s publication going forward so that each article and blog can get better focus.

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Featured Articles:

Incredible blog on spirituality and non-duality.  Everyone should head over to Tom’s blog, bookmark it and subscribe to his feed.  Enough said. 

1. Tom Stine presents 11 Things I’ve Learned About Spirituality posted at Tom Stine | Practical Spirituality.

More featured articles from great spiritual and personal development blogs and expert authors…

2. Tarakananda presents The Key to Finding God posted at The Atma Jyoti Blog, saying, "Methods, such as yoga (meditation), worship, and good deeds are necessary to successfully prosecute our quest for God. Their function is twofold: they prepare us–make us capable–for the attainment of self-knowledge, and they are manifestations–evidence, actually–of the genuineness of our aspiration. By engaging in them we live out our intention."

3. Desikachari Nadadur presents Why Understanding Religious Symbology is the Key to Your Spiritual ProgressDesika Nadadur’s Self-Mastery Blog | I am My Own Master, saying, "Have you ever contemplated the deeper meaning of rituals and ritual offerings in your religious and spiritual traditions? Do you understand how the symbols in your external rituals relate to the inner depths of your spirit? If not, it is time for you to do so. This article, though centered around some of the Hindu Symbology, may provide you the needed impetus to delve into deeper meaning of the external rituals you perform in your own religious and spiritual traditions."

4. Allie presents Allie’s Answers » Blog Archive » The Story of the World’s First Yoga Practitioner, As Told By Neil posted at Allie’s Answers, saying, "My friend Neil is contributing Yoga posts to my site as part of his effort to raise 20K for The Cambodian Children’s Fund by December 2008. This is his first post."  – Great story about Yoga… 

5. Alex Blackwell presents Seven Practical Personal Development Strategies posted at The Next 45 Years.

6. Lorraine Cohen presents Powerfull Living » Going With The Flow and Getting Real posted at Powerfull Living, saying, "Pay attention to what is calling to you that might be different from what you think you need to do. When you partner with the Universe, real magic happens"

7. CG Walters presents In Gratitude, You Accept Yourself and Are Doubly Blessed posted at Into the Mist, saying, "Gratitude is an act of internal focus, not external. In order to complete the spiritual process of a blessing experienced, it is not someone outside of myself that I need to offer acknowledgment to, but to my own spirit."

Health and Wellbeing

Piotr Stepien presents You can be a Tai Chi Master! posted at we overstep, saying, "Introduction to Tai-Chi."


Metaliphe presents Quieting the Mind posted at Chandra Unplugged – No nonsense, Straight-up blogging from a Life Coach, saying, "The relationship we have with our Self – that ultimately is the relationship we have with our mind. And if we have a quiet mind, we are at peace with the Self."

New Age

Covert Hypnotist presents Core Skills You Need For Conversational Hypnosis posted at Conversational & Covert Hypnosis Blog, saying, "The skills most required of you as the hypnotist are to master a signal recognition system, develop a relationship with your subject beyond rapport…"


Anna Bright presents A comfort blanket knitted mindfully posted at PrincessPea.

Joel Chue presents Healing Power of the Mind – Sacred Bone Story posted at Mind Power: Unlock The Subconscious Mind Power Secrets.

James presents Are Drugs Killing You? posted at FOODMATTERS.

David Dave presents How to Become an Alpha Male- Body Language posted at Become The Alpha Male Now.

Phil B. presents Health > Wealth posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, "Health is more important than wealth."

Life. Money. Development. presents The 7 Attributes of Leadership posted at Life. Money. Development., saying, "An excellent presentation of the attributes every leader should have."

Dereck presents A Diary Of A Seven Day Fast – Day 1 posted at I Will Not Die.

Arin Vahanian presents How to Get Rid of Excuses NOW and Start Living the Kind of Life You’ve Always Wanted posted at Super State.

Personal Development

Jeanie Marshall presents Keep it Supremely Simple (KISS) in Significant Relationships posted at JMviews Meditation and Empowerment, saying, "I have long felt that the common advice to "Keep it Simple, Stupid" is a conflicting and demeaning statement. To keep it simple is smart and wise. The stupid reference has not ever appealed to me, whether it relates to keeping it simple or making it complicated. So I have re-constructed the KISS acronym to be "Keep it Supremely Simple.""

Elizabeth presents Small steps that ignite the flame of passion! posted at The best is yet to come!, saying, "This blog discusses how to have success and passion when reaching for your dreams!"

Rob Moshe presents What Are Your Dreams? posted at Rob Moshe.

Avani presents How do your words make you feel? posted at Food For Mind.

ITAKEOFFTHEMASK presents The Law of Attraction and the Key of Transmutation posted at, saying, "The law of attraction states that objects of similar vibration attract one another (like attracts like). But the problem is this-HOW can you ever CHANGE your vibration in order to attract that which you desire? The answer is in the key of TRANSMUTATION, that ancient process from alchemy that dares to change ordinary metal into gold, that dares to seek the elixir of life to cure all diseases and to restore even the aged back unto eternal youth."

Ezra presents Self-Worth – Ezra’s Writings – ||- -|| Self-help on money, weight loss, wealth, spirituality, health and more. posted at Ezra’s Writings.

Silveral presents Celebrities as Role Models | Celebrity News, and Gossip posted at Celebrity News, and Gossip.

Frederic Premji presents 7 Questions To Finding Your True Passion posted at, saying, "Insightful article about how to figure out what you are passionate about"

andrew784 presents 7 Roadblocks to Success posted at Personal Hack, saying, "Each time I meet a person who’s very successful in one area of his (or her) life, I keep noticing a reoccurring pattern. Usually he is successful in several other areas of his life. Similarly, each time I meet a person who’s a failure in one area of his life, generally that failure seems to be a pattern throughout other areas of his life. In this article I discuss the 7 most common roadblocks to success."

Phil B. presents Humanity’s Responsibilities « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, "It does not matter if God created man or if man created God."

Sam Zoranovich presents Unapologetic Genius – Modeling Reality posted at Unapologetic Genius, saying, "Exploring how we construct mental models of reality, and how doing so consciously will lead to personal development and growth."

Gary Evans presents Law of Attraction 101 posted at Good To Feel Good.

Frederic Premji presents 9 Effective Ways To Get Out Of A Rut posted at, saying, "Great article about simple methods to get back on track :)"

Charles H. Green presents What’s Your Trust Quotient? posted at Trusted Advisor Associates, saying, "Do others trust you? Should they? Take the trust test, find out, and learn how to become even more trustworthy."

Spiritual Growth

Astrid Lee presents 10 Steps to Gain Inner Peace – Wayne Dyer videos posted at World Healing, saying, "I came across two very interesting videos that I enjoyed listening to. They feature Wayne Dyer’s talk at a conference at Tyson, Arizona, on the 10 Symptoms of Inner Peace, that were handed down to him. This is a genuine food-for-the-soul article. Grow and enjoy!"

Vera Nadine presents God In All Things posted at Vera Nadine.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Peace Among Primates- by Robert Sapolsky posted at SharpBrains, saying, "Anyone who says peace is not part of human nature knows too little about primates, including ourselves- by neuroscientist Robert M. Sapolsky"

Chris Edgar presents You Are Not Your Memories posted at Purpose Power Coaching, saying, "Many of us have felt the sensation, when we wake up in the morning, of briefly having no memory of who we are. Usually, we react to this feeling by grasping for memories, even if they are painful ones, to help us define ourselves. However, I suggest in this article, simply allowing that memoryless state to be for a little while can help us realize that, in our essence, we are separate from our memories and the labels we put on ourselves based on them."

Astrid Lee presents Compassion ~ video Karen Armstrong posted at World Healing, saying, "“Let’s move from toleration towards appreciation.” said the world-famous author and scholar Karen Armstrong, in her speech last month at TED – an annual symposium of some of the smartest & influential thinkers and leaders of our time. Enjoy this refreshing, interesting, and at times even funny video."

Semi-Charmed Wife presents How to Develop Your Intuition posted at Semi-Charmed Wife.

James DeLelys presents WORDS » Articles posted at WORDS, saying, "Who is Love?"

Gary Evans presents Trusting Your Inner Guidance posted at Good To Feel Good.


Scott.Goolsby presents Yoga: Beauty, Power, and Life posted at Unapologetic Genius, saying, "History of yoga, various schools, and some benefits."

Shaheen Lakhan presents How Yoga Improves Balance in the Elderly posted at GNIF Brain Blogger, saying, "Yoga helps with both balance and stability, and effectively reduces the chance of major falls in the elderly."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of meditation, yoga and spiritual growth carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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  1. Bill Perry
    Bill Perry says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for posting this list!
    These blogs and sites seem pretty awesome. It’ll take a bit of time to add them all to my Bloglines feeds!

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    Herrera says:

    Thanks for including my article about the 7 Attributes of Leadership in your carnival. I’ve shared the link with my friends (Twitter).


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    Desika Nadadur | I Am My Own Master says:

    Hey Anmol,

    Thanks a lot for including my article among these great ones.

    Your blog is growing exponentially in content, keep it up, buddy! You are doing a great service by helping us move into light.

    Love and Light,

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    ReddyK - The Atma Jyoti Blog says:

    Thanks, Anmol, for including our article from the Atma Jyoti Blog. I have, of course, stumbled it. It is a good thing that you have taken the trouble to assemble such a great group of spiritual blog posts in one place.

    Best of Luck.

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    Thanks so much for mentioning my article. You have collected a very good selection of articles, congratulations. I have linked to this carnival on my blog.

    Peace and Blessings


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