Website and Blog Upgrade In Progress

Dear friends, as you might have noticed the website and blog are going through a major upgrade. This upgrade was much overdue and will help set the platform for bringing you a lot of new yoga and meditation wisdom and knowledge. First I would like to apologize for the 3 new article broadcasts that went

The Brilliance of God and the Mystery of Death

Anmol’s Journal – 1-8-2016 A poem describing a recent experience of God, Death, Purpose and the Beyond. Beyond Life and Death It came upon sweetly, an oh so familiar sight. Patterns of brilliant shapes, all made of splendid light. The symmetry was bewildering, the mathematics of God. Moving in every direction, leaving one dazed and

Surya Namaskar Variation and Video

Most of us are familiar with a Standard Sun Salutation A or B. However, there are many more creative variations of sun salutations that work the body and nervous system in a holistic manner.   This is a preview of Surya Namaskar Variation and Video. Read the full post (1177 words, 9 images, estimated 4:42 mins reading time)