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There is a fascinating story in the spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda, where by using the power of his mind Yogananda’s teacher, Sri Yukteswar, cured his ailment overnight and gained 50 pounds.  This story is worth relating as it will give you insight into the immense capabilities of the human mind you possess.  It will help you see the power of thought to create any reality you intend and the power you have to manifest your desires if required.  I would suggest reading this article The 4 Key Universal Laws For Manifesting Desire If You Absolutely Must to understand when it is worth using this power of intention manifestation and the Law of Attraction to make desires reality.

Autobiography of A Yogi
Paramahansa Yogananda
Chapter 12: Pages 133-134
Self-Realization Fellowship 

This story is related by Sri Yukteswar (Yogananda’s Guru) to Yogananda about how when he was younger he learned about the power of the mind and the power of thoughts to manifest reality from his Guru Lahiri Mahasaya.

Beginning of Exerpt: 

“‘Sir’,” I said, ‘I have been very sick and have lost many pounds.’

“‘I see Yukteswar, you made yourself unwell and now you think you are thin.’

“This reply was far from the one I had expected; my guru however, added encouragingly:

“‘Let me see; I am sure you ought to feel better tomorrow.’

“My receptive mind accepted his words as a hint that he was secretly me.  The next morning I sought him out and exclaimed exultingly, ‘Sir, I feel much better today.’

“‘Indeed! Today you invigorate yourself.’

“‘No, Master,’ I protested.  ‘It is you who have helped me; this is the first time in weeks I have had any energy.’

“‘Oh, yes! Your malady has been quite serious.  Your body is frail yet; who can say how it will be tomorrow?’

“The thought of a possible return of my weakness brought me a shudder of cold fear.  The following morning I could hardly drag myself to Lahiri Mahasaya’s home.

“‘Sir, I am ailing again.’

“My guru’s glance was quizzical.  ‘So! Once more you indispose yourself.’

“My patience was exhausted.  ‘Gurudeva,’ I said, ‘I realize now that day by day you have been ridiculing me.  I don’t understand why you disbelieve my truthful reports.’

‘Really, it has been your thoughts that have made you feel alternately weak and strong.’  My guru looked at me affectionately.  ‘You have seen how your health has exactly followed your subconscious expectations.  Thought is a force, even as electricity or gravitation.  The human mind is a spark of the almighty consciousness of God.  I could show you that whatever your powerful mind believes very intensely would instantly come to pass.

“Knowing that Lahiri Mahasaya never spoke idly, I addressed him with great awe and gratitude.: ‘Master, if I think that I am well and that I have regained my former weight, shall those things come to pass?’

“‘It is so, even at this moment.’  My guru spoke gravely, his gaze concentrated on my eyes.

“I instantly felt an increase not only of strength but of weight.  Lahiri Mahasaya retreated into silence.  After a few hours at his feet, I returned to my mother’s house, where I stayed during my visits to Banaras.

“My son! What is the matter?  Are you swelling with dropsy?”  Mother could hardly believe her eyes.  My body was now as full and robust as it had been before my illness.

“I weighed myself and found that in one day I had gained fifty pounds; they have remained permanently.”

“My guru, awake in God, knew this world to be nothing but an objectivized dream of the Creator.  Because he was completely aware of his unity with the Divine Dreamer, Lahiri Mahasaya could materialize or dematerialize or make any other change he wished in the dream atoms of the phenomenal world.

“All creation is governed by law,” Sri Yukteswar concluded.  “The principles that operate in the outer universe, discoverable by scientists, are called natural laws.  But there are subtler laws that rule the hidden spiritual planes and the inner realm of consciousness;  these principles are knowable through the science of yoga.  It is not the physicist but the Self-realized master who comprehends the true nature of matter.  By such knowledge Christ was able to restore the servant’s ear after it had been severed by one of the disciples [Luke 22:50-51]“

End of Exerpt: 


Sometimes there are things you read or come across that stick deeply in your mind and this story above is one that has done so in me.  I wanted to share it with you for many good reasons and below I will enumerate some of them.

1. Inspire & Empower You:

The primary reason for my presenting this particular story is to inspire and empower you.  The knowledge of the power of the mind, the power of intentions and the power of thoughts is becoming more widespread and this is a great blessing for everyone.  Of course this knowledge will see its share of abuse and immature application, but, it is a valuable tool for the serious spiritual aspirant to wield, specifically, when he is so guided by the demands of his spiritual practice.

2. Heal Yourself & Shape Your Body:

The power of the mind to help with healing the body is well documented in the spiritual sciences and, moreover, it is gaining more acceptance within the mainstream medical field as well.  Although I doubt very much that most of you would like to utilize this power of intention to gain 50 pounds, I am sure using it to lose a few pounds may have crossed your mind ;-).  Good health is undoubtedly an asset for the practice of meditation and yoga and if you are ailing, then certainly wield the power of your thoughts and mind to assist in the healing process.

3. You Are Divine:

The manifested world is, as indicated in the story above, your dream.  You are not only an actor in your dream, but, you are also the dreamer.  Awakening from this dream and realizing that you are the Divine Dreamer is the sole objective of life.


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    Weight Loss Via Yoga at Home Program: Pranayama « Learning Every Time Says:

    [...] been well documented, you are read about some of  it’s incredible capability in this article Mind Power to Manifest Intentions & Desires Instantly, so use your mind to help you accomplish that which you have intended and unleash the full [...]

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    Mindpower + meditation = perfect life

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    [...] In the article Mind Power to Manifest Intentions & Desires Instantly the power of the mind to reshape the body overnight was discussed. The most important point to take away from that article is that the Power of Thought to help manifest desires to bring about changes in the body should not be underestimated. In this article I will provide a visualization meditation technique that exploits this immense power of thought and intention to help you with achieving weight loss and fat reduction. The real key to this technique lies in the special breathing that will be used while performing the visualization meditation. This breath control technique is called 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing (3srb) and it creates the optimum state for communication to occur between all levels of your being. In fact, whenever you are practicing affirmations or visualizations to help bring about changes in yourself and your life, I strongly suggest you first engage 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing, as that will greatly enhance the power and penetration of your thoughts to manifest your intentions. [...]

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