Free Online Kundalini Yoga Kriyas E-Book

Summary:  The Free Online Kundalini Yoga Sets E-Book is a collection of the Kundalini Yoga Kriyas that are available on the Mastery of Meditation website.  As more Kriyas get added they are linked to from this page, thus making them easier to find and incorporate into your daily yoga practice.

Free Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises & Sets

Kundalini Yoga Kriyas

Welcome to the Free Online Book of Kundalini Yoga Exercises & Kundalini Yoga Kriyas (sets).  Kriyas are a set of Kundalini Yoga exercises which are done in a particular sequence and work on a specific theme (such as the immune system, willpower, particular chakra, abdominals, etc).  In some cases a kriya can be just a single, powerful Kundalini Yoga exercise, such as Sodarshan Chakra Kriya.  This book in an ongoing collection of these Kundalini Yoga sets and this article will contain an updated index to help you easily select the kriyas you wish to incorporate into your yoga practice.

I suggest you read the following 2 articles as they will give a good overview of Kundalini Yoga and also instructions for how to practice Yoga exercises and Kundalini Yoga Kriyas: Introduction to Kundalini Yoga and 10 Important Guidelines for Kundalini Yoga Practice.  For a general overview of Yoga, please read Introduction To the Universal Principles of Yoga.  

This book will explain and detail a wide range of Kundalini Yoga exercises and kriyas applicable to a wide range of purposes.  The exercises and sets from this book will be a part of the Online Meditation and Kundalini Yoga Classes, that are hosted here on the Mastery of Meditation website, but these sets can, of course, also be used by you in your own daily yoga practice. 

The layout of the book is simple:

Each chapter will provide one important Kundalini Yoga Kriya and will be written such that to practice that particular set you only need to read that chapter.  Any new set added to the website will be linked from this page.

For each Kundalini Yoga set or Kundalini Yoga exercise the following is provided:

  • Purpose of the overall Kundalini Yoga set.
  • Detailed instructions of how to practice each Kundalini Yoga exercise. 
  • Benefits of each Kundalini Yoga exercise.
  • Practice tips to help you master that particular Kundalini Yoga exercise.
  • Internet resources to give you more information about the topic that is focus of that particular set.


Kundalini Yoga Kriya #1

Spinal Warm-up Kundalini Yoga Set

Kundalini Yoga Kriya #2

Excellent Beginner’s Kundalini Yoga Set

Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises Set #3

Core Abdominal Power Yoga Exercises

Free Kundalini Yoga Kriya #4

Heart Chakra Balancing Set

Free Kundalini Yoga Set #5

Kundalini Awakening Raja Yoga Set

Kundalini Yoga Exercises Set #6

Online Yoga Exercises for Healthy Weight Loss

Free Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises Set #7

Fountain of Youth Yoga Exercises

Free Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises Set #8

Yoga Exercises for Eye Care and Vision Problmes

Free Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises Set #9

Tantric Yoga for Raising Sexual Energy – Sat Kriya

Free Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises Set #10

Yoga Ab Exercises & Workout for Toned Stomach

Free Online Kundalini Yoga Kriya #11

Yoga Positions for Beginner’s

Free Online Kundalini Yoga Set #12

Seven Chakra Healing Yoga Set

Free Online Kundalini Yoga Set #13

Yoga Set for Male Sexual Health

Free Online Kundalini Yoga Kriya #14

Smiling Buddha Kundalini Yoga Kriya for Happiness


Free Online Kundalini Yoga Kriya #15

  Yoga for Natural Liver Detox & Digestive Power


Free Online Kundalini Yoga Set #16

Simple Yoga Exercises for Upper Body Training


  Online Kundalini Yoga Set #17

Yoga for Full Body Fitness

  Online Kundalini Yoga Set #18

Maha Shakti Kriya to Get Firm Toned Abs

Online Kundalini Yoga Kriya #19

Kundalini Yoga Highest Mantra Meditation – Kirtan Kriya

Online Kundalini Yoga Kriya #20

Light Meditation for the 10th Body of Light

Online Yoga Set #21

Best Yoga Exercises and Poses for Weight Loss


Online Yoga Set #22

Best Morning Yoga Stretching Poses – Surya Namaskar


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    Hello, i havea very important question. Now i dont have anyone close and i dont know anybody who practice kundalini yoga, so i cannot really know it’s effects on the human body and mind. I was jut wondering how could yogi bhajan, a master of kundalini yoga, die on 75 years of heart faileure? i mean a yogi who practiced kundalni yoga and claimed its miraculous healing powers, died of heart failure? i heard that he had a kidney transplant too. For real now, how could something like this be possible? pls i need ur perspective on this.

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