Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening 

Real Life Experiences & Descriptions of Kundalini Rising

Are you going through a kundalini awakening episode or experience?  Let’s find out… 

Kundalini awakening symptoms are truly a very intriguing subject.  Really there is no correct answer to the question, "What are the symptoms of Kundalini Rising?", as thankfully, each of us is absolutely unique and thus, on a unique trajectory on the path to Kundalini Awakening.  That said, there are some common kundalini experiences that are often reported, which I would like to share with you in this article.

Although we can draw up endless lists of symptoms from third party accounts, I would like to instead make this series about kundalini symptoms that you or I have actually experienced.  In this article, I will give a recent account from one of my students about what she experienced shortly after class, and then I will add my own kundalini experiences and observations as well. 

In the comments section, I encourage you to add any kundalini awakening experiences or symptoms you have felt, so others can better understand what they might be going through.  Here is the recent email I received from my student, Aida:

Aida’s Experience of Kundalini Awakening:

I am a student of the "Gentle Kundalini Class". I just finished taking a series of exercise specifically for the spine.
As I left the class I felt energized as I usually feel after each class, but this time it was a little different, I was feeling extra aware of my surrounding. Like a light turned on. My back was so straight. It lasted all day.
If I could go to class every morning I would go. It makes my day start right in every way. And there are times when I am not feeling like going to class and I push myself to go and do not regret it.
Thank you for being my teacher.
Aida D. 

For those interested, here is a link to the Spinal Warmup Kundalini Yoga Kriya we did in class that day.  Thank you Aida, for sharing your personal experiences with us.

This particular experience of kundalini is very interesting and significant.  This is because it is the common experience of advanced meditation and of kundalini yoga.  In the article, Powerful Kundalini Yoga Battles Profound Zen Meditation, I described my own such experience with kundalini awakening, but not from doing kundalini yoga, but instead from doing Silent Mind Meditation!

Aida’s experience points at the two things that all yoga and meditation boils down to.  Energy and Awareness. 

My favorite description of Kundalini Yoga is, "The Yoga of Awareness," and as you see from her account, she felt more aware, as the energy of kundalini had risen up her spine.  In meditation, it is the same.  The demand for intense awareness, in order to comprehend the thought process via direct perception, leads to energy (kundalini) rising up and elongating the spine.  Awareness then follows.

Jiddu Krishnamurti describes this experience of kundlaini energy flowing up the spine as "The rush of water filling up and thus causing a pipe to stand erect."

When we insist that the spine be straight during meditation, it is simply to facilitate this awakening and thus, to assist in being more aware.  I have experienced kundalini rising and puling up with such force, during meditation, that it sometimes make me feel as if I am going to be launched right off the ground or as if it’s going to pull my head off and up into the sky.

Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening:

I am going to describe some of the physical symptoms my students or I have felt due to kundalini awakening.  I know there are many emotional and mental symptoms as well, and you are welcome to share those with us in the comments section below.  I am grouping the experiences into 3 categories, common, uncommon and rare, according to what I have observed.

Common Kundalini Awakening Symptoms:

  • Tingling in the body and brain region.  Also sometimes described as ants walking, tickling energy or flushes of energy.  The brain being flushed with energy is quite pleasant :-).
  • Heat or cold in the system, or running along various channels and chakra centers.
  • Fluttering or twitching of muscles.
  • Pinching or burning in various regions of the body or brain.

Uncommon Kundalini Awakening Symptoms:

  • Pressure in the Third Eye Region (Ajna Chakra).  This is pressure, tingling or other sensation in the center of the forehead.  Can go on for years (14 years and counting so far for me).  Caution: If the pressure, due to certain practices, intensifies to uncomfortable levels you feel are "immense", you should cease that practice and consult a competent kundalini yoga teacher.
  • Sudden bursts of energy anywhere in the body.  These are almost always short lived, from a few seconds to a few minutes.
  • Spontaneous yoga asans or kundalini yoga movements.  They may come on spontaneously, or they may take over, as if on auto-pilot when one is practicing  Kundalini Yoga Kriyas or Exercises (For an example see article: Explosive Kundalini Rising in Class Today).
  • Kundalini Shakti rising up and elongating the spine.
  • Incredible feeling of love and desire for your partner (not ordinary lust, alcohol induced or otherwise :-).  Usually comes upon you spontaneously, deep in the night.  Sex feels like it’s the first such experience and the intense feelings of attraction emanate from somewhere beyond yourself.
  • Unfortunately, pain in the lower back, back of the neck and headaches.

Rare Kundalini Awakening Symptoms:

  • Experience of divine light within.  Very intense light, usually pure white and incredibly beautiful.  I call it the Radiation of the Lord.
  • Tremendous vibratory energy (sometimes feels like it’s coming from the inner ears).  Very blissful, but can intensify to the point where it would completely overwhelm your consciousness if you let it.
  • Spontaneous bliss, intensely pleasurable.
  • This one is a bit scary.  Complete paralysis of the body.  Complete immobility and rigidity takes place.  As with the all consuming vibratory energy, it requires some courage to allow.
  • This one is exceedingly rare.  I have experienced it only once in my life, and have only ever read about it being experienced by one other – the master of awareness, G. I. Gurdjieff.  The arms and legs churn like that of a baby.  It happens naturally and cannot be simulated.  It is also intensely pleasurable and quite a remarkable experience.

There are of course a wide range of transcendental experiences, some of which you will find described in the category Spiritual Enlightenment Experiences.  Above, I have provide those that are more commonly associated with kundalini awakening, although many would argue, including Swami Vivekananda, that all enlightenment experiences have to do with kundalini entering the brain region in some capacity.

So if you have experienced some kundalini symptoms as well, please do share them with us below.  I think it will benefit others identify if what they are going through is actually symptoms of the ever mysterious kundalini awakening.


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  1. 403
    Kevin Says:

    I always had very poor posture from computer use beginning in my pre-teen years. I was ‘exiled’ so to speak from the social crowd and after about 10 years of self reflection I noticed there seemed to be something I was searching for. During a spontaneous LSD trip (which I never done before and had no expectations) I suddenly found that which I had been searching for. My mind was ‘centered’ and I can only describe it as waking up. I had achieved peace of mind, and it was accompanied by great heat throughout my core up to my heart, something akin to heartburn but not painful. Over the last year now since it happened, I have been evolving spiritually in ways I cannot even comprehend, to the point where I have gone from being aware of my unconscious to now being MORE aware through my right brain than left. This heat in my chest has almost forced me to stand up straight for the first time in my life and now that my back muscles are developed enough to do so, it is beginning to move its way up my spine, following the progress of my back muscles and it is now in my throat and neck; a great tingling heat that causes me to go on ‘auto-pilot’ as you said and breathe very deeply and slowly and now crane my neck backwards and yawn for very long periods of time. This seems to be a spontaneous form of meditation, and I am feeling the heat in my throat begin to rise even further towards the top of my spine at the base of my skull and behind my nose and eyes. It is a wonderful experience, yet very tiring on my weak back muscles. My meditation has evolved it seems, as the faint green light I always end up seeing has intensified to a very highly detailed bright green, usually taking the form of vibratory geometrical patterns with great definition in the lines, as though I am looking at the surface of rippling water. Why it is green, I do not know, but it first began with the heat in my chest and now that it is moved up into my throat and towards my third eye it has intensified. I now understand why a lot of people think they are Jesus when they go through this and lose touch with reality. I feel that is their ego realizing that this is the same thing that happened to Jesus and trying to use it to their own advantage. I understand that I am inheriting the Christ Consciousness and I plan on spending my life as a vagrant and healing others.

  2. 402
    Marge Says:

    I have been doing meditation for some time because I was having stress problems due to my work. I also went to Yoga classes and became very interested in Kundalini . A few weeks ago during my sleep ( I was not dreaming, it felt so real )I experienced a ”lightning” energy which travelled my whole body , I had the feeling I was here and there at the same time , saw my neighbours and got the sensation I was ”one” with each of them. I felt peace but also lots of fears. Then I felt someone was holding my hands tightly in a pretective way and could feel lots of comfort but at the same time I wanted to free my self…. I also heard ringing bells very loud in my ears.. To tell you honestly am now quiet afraid as am not prepared for all this. Instead I would like to do some Mantras , is this fine ?
    Since some time now even before this experience I have tingling and pain in my neck m shoulders and back – I wonder if it is related – I have seen 2 chiropractors without success.

    Also some 6 years ago , during meditation I saw my third eye and I was out of my body, flying over my bed. Then I saw a fierce white light and Jesus walking towards me.. Again I was afraid and not prepared so I stopped my meditation. It all begun from there since then I have the feeling am looking for the truth. From my very young age I know deep in my heart that God is within.

  3. 401
    John Says:

    Thanks Anmol for this wonderful blog, I have learnt much here. May I also recommend to readers one other support site which sets out some precautions, adoption of which will make for a smooth assimilation of Kundalini energy, once an awakening occurs It is: http://www.kundaliniawakeningsystems1.com/the-safeties.html . (It may be necessary to copy and paste the site name into your browser).

  4. 400
    Hubert Says:

    Hi all,
    I have just started meditating yesterday and knew all this stuff, but before I had the knowledge, I had experienced most of the symptoms! And I have the ability to call up the ‘inner ear vibrations’ at will? I’m only 13 and confused :P

  5. 399
    sushil Says:

    hello everybody,

    please visit http://www.sidhshakti.tv

    i can tell you that your life will change once you start doing kundalini meditation under a spiritual guru.

    you can do this meditation along with other meditations online from any place anywhere in world.

    hope you are there



  6. 398
    abhiman Says:

    hello sir …..i need to know that ….when i start meditating …should i say omkar continously…..i have awaken my kundalini….please give some tips through e-mail

  7. 397
    Sundar Says:

    Hi Anmol

    I used to meditate few years back but afterwards i couldnt continue it. when i was doing my meditation i felt a violet color auora in my forehead and it sometimes lasts for minutes sometime it goes with in a second, i couldnt understand that what is happening. for the past 10 days i have started meditating and after these many years also i can able see the same auora in my forehead. i need to know what it is, is that my mind simulates such kind of things since i am reading about of meditation chakras & auora? or it is the begining of my meditative state. it will be helpful to me if you could explain me and tell how to proceed.

    Another problem is if i concentrate on things like listening on lectures or meetings or if i need to give some speech are anything which need more concentration, at that period i started getting headache(after sometime only) i am thinking that i am so weak so that i cant concentrate on suchthings is that true? or because of i already practised meditation(even i did kundalini yoga for sometime in the past)i am getting those headache?.even i can feel the pain in my leg also(it pains like i was standing in one leg for sometime). I cant relate any of the things but if you guide me it will be more helpful. And also tell me how i should proceed now so that the violet chakra which i feel can be used to go into deep meditation(past i can sit only upto 10 – 15mins but now i can able to sit 1hr or 40 mins easily) even i enjoy by sitting such long time.

  8. 396
    Chris Says:

    My kundalini related story is here:
    It’s free to read it…

  9. 395
    Suraj Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    I want to share some of my experiences with you.
    I haven’t practised any kundalini awakening methods but ya i used to practice yoga occasionally since childhood. I usually feel a sense of some thing flowing up the spine to the upper part of my skull. This is accompanied by goosebumps, and a pleasurable experience. I can voluntarily control it and can experience it whenever i wish. I just have to close my eyes and wish for it. Is it a symptom of kundalini awakening? If not then can you help me understand these??

  10. 394
    Sara Says:

    I have been experiencing intense tingling and pain in the back of my neck and lower back, quite unlike any back pain I’ve had before. I’ve done yoga for many years, but only started kundalini a few weeks ago. Could it be realted? It doesn’t feel like usual ‘problems’ I have with my back, it is very different!

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