Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening 

Real Life Experiences & Descriptions of Kundalini Rising

Are you going through a kundalini awakening episode or experience?  Let’s find out… 

Kundalini awakening symptoms are truly a very intriguing subject.  Really there is no correct answer to the question, "What are the symptoms of Kundalini Rising?", as thankfully, each of us is absolutely unique and thus, on a unique trajectory on the path to Kundalini Awakening.  That said, there are some common kundalini experiences that are often reported, which I would like to share with you in this article.

Although we can draw up endless lists of symptoms from third party accounts, I would like to instead make this series about kundalini symptoms that you or I have actually experienced.  In this article, I will give a recent account from one of my students about what she experienced shortly after class, and then I will add my own kundalini experiences and observations as well. 

In the comments section, I encourage you to add any kundalini awakening experiences or symptoms you have felt, so others can better understand what they might be going through.  Here is the recent email I received from my student, Aida:

Aida’s Experience of Kundalini Awakening:

I am a student of the "Gentle Kundalini Class". I just finished taking a series of exercise specifically for the spine.
As I left the class I felt energized as I usually feel after each class, but this time it was a little different, I was feeling extra aware of my surrounding. Like a light turned on. My back was so straight. It lasted all day.
If I could go to class every morning I would go. It makes my day start right in every way. And there are times when I am not feeling like going to class and I push myself to go and do not regret it.
Thank you for being my teacher.
Aida D. 

For those interested, here is a link to the Spinal Warmup Kundalini Yoga Kriya we did in class that day.  Thank you Aida, for sharing your personal experiences with us.

This particular experience of kundalini is very interesting and significant.  This is because it is the common experience of advanced meditation and of kundalini yoga.  In the article, Powerful Kundalini Yoga Battles Profound Zen Meditation, I described my own such experience with kundalini awakening, but not from doing kundalini yoga, but instead from doing Silent Mind Meditation!

Aida’s experience points at the two things that all yoga and meditation boils down to.  Energy and Awareness. 

My favorite description of Kundalini Yoga is, "The Yoga of Awareness," and as you see from her account, she felt more aware, as the energy of kundalini had risen up her spine.  In meditation, it is the same.  The demand for intense awareness, in order to comprehend the thought process via direct perception, leads to energy (kundalini) rising up and elongating the spine.  Awareness then follows.

Jiddu Krishnamurti describes this experience of kundlaini energy flowing up the spine as "The rush of water filling up and thus causing a pipe to stand erect."

When we insist that the spine be straight during meditation, it is simply to facilitate this awakening and thus, to assist in being more aware.  I have experienced kundalini rising and puling up with such force, during meditation, that it sometimes make me feel as if I am going to be launched right off the ground or as if it’s going to pull my head off and up into the sky.

Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening:

I am going to describe some of the physical symptoms my students or I have felt due to kundalini awakening.  I know there are many emotional and mental symptoms as well, and you are welcome to share those with us in the comments section below.  I am grouping the experiences into 3 categories, common, uncommon and rare, according to what I have observed.

Common Kundalini Awakening Symptoms:

  • Tingling in the body and brain region.  Also sometimes described as ants walking, tickling energy or flushes of energy.  The brain being flushed with energy is quite pleasant :-).
  • Heat or cold in the system, or running along various channels and chakra centers.
  • Fluttering or twitching of muscles.
  • Pinching or burning in various regions of the body or brain.

Uncommon Kundalini Awakening Symptoms:

  • Pressure in the Third Eye Region (Ajna Chakra).  This is pressure, tingling or other sensation in the center of the forehead.  Can go on for years (14 years and counting so far for me).  Caution: If the pressure, due to certain practices, intensifies to uncomfortable levels you feel are "immense", you should cease that practice and consult a competent kundalini yoga teacher.
  • Sudden bursts of energy anywhere in the body.  These are almost always short lived, from a few seconds to a few minutes.
  • Spontaneous yoga asans or kundalini yoga movements.  They may come on spontaneously, or they may take over, as if on auto-pilot when one is practicing  Kundalini Yoga Kriyas or Exercises (For an example see article: Explosive Kundalini Rising in Class Today).
  • Kundalini Shakti rising up and elongating the spine.
  • Incredible feeling of love and desire for your partner (not ordinary lust, alcohol induced or otherwise :-).  Usually comes upon you spontaneously, deep in the night.  Sex feels like it’s the first such experience and the intense feelings of attraction emanate from somewhere beyond yourself.
  • Unfortunately, pain in the lower back, back of the neck and headaches.

Rare Kundalini Awakening Symptoms:

  • Experience of divine light within.  Very intense light, usually pure white and incredibly beautiful.  I call it the Radiation of the Lord.
  • Tremendous vibratory energy (sometimes feels like it’s coming from the inner ears).  Very blissful, but can intensify to the point where it would completely overwhelm your consciousness if you let it.
  • Spontaneous bliss, intensely pleasurable.
  • This one is a bit scary.  Complete paralysis of the body.  Complete immobility and rigidity takes place.  As with the all consuming vibratory energy, it requires some courage to allow.
  • This one is exceedingly rare.  I have experienced it only once in my life, and have only ever read about it being experienced by one other – the master of awareness, G. I. Gurdjieff.  The arms and legs churn like that of a baby.  It happens naturally and cannot be simulated.  It is also intensely pleasurable and quite a remarkable experience.

There are of course a wide range of transcendental experiences, some of which you will find described in the category Spiritual Enlightenment Experiences.  Above, I have provide those that are more commonly associated with kundalini awakening, although many would argue, including Swami Vivekananda, that all enlightenment experiences have to do with kundalini entering the brain region in some capacity.

So if you have experienced some kundalini symptoms as well, please do share them with us below.  I think it will benefit others identify if what they are going through is actually symptoms of the ever mysterious kundalini awakening.


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  1. 496
    Aviela Says:

    just to clarify….I don’t necessarily believe in aliens but I came across this article that may explain things.
    Something to think about –
    intermediate zone
    Also see rest of site for other information and possible explanations for physical/psychological dangers.

  2. 495
    Aviela Says:

    I think I am having a Kundalini experience. I’ve always been sensitive and somewhat intuitive, have sensed energy, have had premonitions, clairvoyant dreams, on occassion have felt tingles on the left side of my body and in my palms, and hear ringing/tones in my ear (mostly the left one) etc. but recently something out of the ordinary occurred.
    I had an emotional breakup of a relationship and months later I sensed a presence in my room, like a person was standing behind me, I was awake at the time and I saw a man standing in the room (it was a somewhat fuzzy image) and it was comforting, not frightening. I was also noticing that I was experiencing more tingling in my hands, face, and legs.. and I had a strange dream experience that I (my energy field) was being shaken somehow. I was then awakend from sleep one night while I was completely dreaming about something else…because it felt like someone was having sex with me, I felt it in my energy field, it wasn’t a “sex dream”…and i continued to feel it when I woke up.
    With in a few days of these experiences, I received a phone call from the person I had broken up with. The phone call was somewhat emotional and intense but okay. A short while after the phone call I felt intense energy in the room, like I was standing in it, it wasn’t coming from inside of me and it seemed to fill the room. The energy seemed to be directed towards my private parts and it was hard to fall asleep, but it was not painful, just intense. I thought it was my ex at the time and when I thought about the next day it bothered me. Then a few nights afterward I was completely asleep and I felt the intense energy/pressure in my head as if my skull was being squeezed together, my ears were ringing loudly and I began to wake up because of the intensity and I was telling it to “stop” it was so painful….I noticed that the thoughts in my head became garbled, like when a tape from a tape recorders is damaged….or like when you see a comic/cartoon of someone who is knocked out temporarily and they see stars and start mumbling, only that I was able to observe this happening in my head. I thought maybe my ex was doing something….like concentrating on me or something and trying to get info from me or something…..I don’t know. I felt this before when I was awake a few times and in relation to him, but I was completely asleep this time. He is literally telepathic/clairaudient and has natural abilites to hear peoples thoughts and even to listen to conversations of others at will.
    Now I am feeling the tingling in my back and in the back and top of my head…and also sense my third eye a little more prominently than before, but it’s quite mild so it doesn’t disturb me.
    I don’t meditate and went to the internet after these recent experiences and discovered Kundalini.
    It seems odd that I would have this awakening coincide with this relationship….
    I read that Kundalini has to do with Karma….is it possible that it was trying to clear some Karma that arose because of the relationship?? It doesn’t seem to be problematic anymore…maybe because I told it to stop??? I did pray for an angel to come and help me get over the relationship…but I wasn’t expecting that…and I don’t feel anymore or less spiritual than before….is this simply another way our unconscious mind can manifest itself??? What is the alien connection to kundalini???? lots of people seem to feel that aliens are part of it.
    This is a great site….Nice to read and learn from others experiences.

  3. 494
    shanti Says:

    I’m researching this due to some sort of energy experience and i’m wondering if this might be it. I’m a natural energy sensitive, but these experiences do not involve regular practice of yoga. I am usually physically and energitically aware of my surroundings. This has happened 3 times in the past year and they take hours to calm down-vs your post that mentions’minutes’. There is a built up and then it feels like energy is shooting out of my and feet. I also feel a spiralflow of energy wrapping my body. The last one took 2 days to calm down and left me too open to feel comfortable around anyone. Any thoughts on what this can be?

  4. 493
    Tore Sydseter Says:

    I got a sudden kundalini wakening. My boddy make me do yogaposture. Inner massage of heart,belly and prostata and, rapid dogbreath that also gives orgasme..All my senses is working together and make pressure in my boddy.Healed my depression and need 4 missing love. When I breath I feel the breath inside. Also rising spine. Symtoms: Headpressure, ear noise,restless legs and feeling of been possess.Movement under skin forhead.This movement I also use in my meditation with my senses. My meditation is breathing, relaxing and trust that my subconscious know.

  5. 492
    fefe Says:

    i was trying to find an ans to my questions as to why things are happening to me the way they are since childhood i have been scared of snakes petrified i have a phobia one can say.
    i never really thought much of these things before in my teens i was introduced to a sage ( holy man of sorts ) and i told him my dreams of snakes 3 very distinct dreams over and over reoccurring ….. to which he told me that i had a latent energy that has been trying to come out and that i should tap it … i did nothing about it for another few years … meanwhile my life took a down turn and things were very still i found some strength to hold myself up…and while i was at a sleepover one night i had woken up in the middle of the night to find that i just could not move … this has not only happened at my friends but also in my own bed ….. i could not explain it ..,it was as if some heavy object was kept on my chest and i was completely paralyzed from the waist down .. im often riddled by anxiety attacks and now im sure its kundalini that is jumping out coz when i chant a particular affirmation to raise the energy shortly after that i get giddy spells few months ago when i was regularly doing energy raising i had to stop coz i was riddled by giddy spells for a month … hahha i thouhg tit was vertigo but now im beginning to see that it was not that and in fact it is my kundalini which is playing a prank on me …. dont get me wrong i can control it … after reading the uncommon symptoms .. which i have all of now i know for sure that it is kundalini and that im not going mad .. not sometimes all through out the day its like there are voices in my head and talking all the time … im angry now more than often fierce almost like a wild animal …. sometimes i have to calm myself down its like a volcano just wanting to burst all the time …. i rarely get tired …. when i get migraine like headaches i usually resort to my white milky quartz crystal to absorb my excess energy … i dont like riding the energy pain coz the headache can last till the next day … i cannot bear pain .. i dont like to ….. when i can raise my body temp a little and heal another which i have recently started and been successful i feel a great wow and that to for a person who is a non believer my boyfriend … he does not rely much on all this but i try and explain in a scientific way as far as possible . i just need to tweak a few ends and practice more .. the feeling of heightened self awareness and auroric light display when ur eyes are shut is just out of this world …. its a great feeling to have my kundalini going

  6. 491
    Kim Crandall Says:

    hi ted I also get twitching. mostly while meditating. I noticed it in my wrist where i have arthritis. also where i fell and hurt my are months ago. i have kinda passed it off as repair work in process. Have you ever had any problems with your vision or eyes?

  7. 490
    ted Says:

    after my meditation i have been experiencing intense muscle twitching even behind the eyes. i have been having tremors and energy rushes where my body seems to tense up utill they arae gone. the funny thing is i have been able to control if you will in the sense i can make it move to different parts of my body and i can make it come on almost at will. i have been a bit scared when it comes on but now i have gotten use to it for it has been going on for about 2 weeks only happens after my meditation when i try to go to sleep after meditating. if any one can give me answers that would be great how long will it last, will it get worse will it progress to someting better or worse because it has only been getting stronger

  8. 489
    Kim Crandall Says:

    I had a experience I call kundalini rising. I had been reading alot of edgar cayce back in the days befor computers was facinated by his abilities so I read and meditated and read and meditated for hours a day I did have all the experiences you listed plus one overwhelming energy surge. I was sitting in a chair in yoga position and was meditating on Joy finding it in my self and trying to make it bigger and bigger. then it happened. i got a warm sensation in my groin area it came up my legs and up my insides nothing on the outside at all only inside it came all the way up to the top of my head very warm and wonderful feeling but then it got even better the only way to describe it would be to pretend you have a 55 gallon drum of warm water and sombody just pours it out ontop of your head and it flows down over the surface of your body. Outside. It only last maybe a minute but I can remember it like it was yesterday it was 22 years ago. Never did any yoga meditating on Joy. who knew.

  9. 488
    what is reiki Says:

    You actually make it appear so easy with your presentation but I to find this topic to be actually something which I feel I’d by no means understand. It seems too complex and extremely extensive for me. I’m looking ahead to your subsequent submit, I will try to get the hold of it!

  10. 487
    Crystal Says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for this info. It gives me so much insight on what I have been experiencing lately. Shortly before my grandfather passed a few months ago I was wracked with grief knowing his time was running out. As I cried and prayed, I suddenly felt a tingling and coldness in my scar from a large birthmark on my leg which I feel is a deep wound I brought with me from a previous life. I have felt a vibration there off and on ever since.

    Another symptom that you mentioned above that I have felt particularly in the last four weeks is a strange vibration in my ear canal. My hearing is fine, but when I am absorbing certain types of auditory information, it begins to beat. One morning, I awoke & inside my ear hurt intensely for a few days & kept ringing loudly. I was fearful something was wrong with me, but after reading this I think it is just my body’s way of telling me I am awakening & am on the right track in my quest for knowledge and truth :)

    I have never been big on meditating, but last night I had an urge to try it after reading some similar info about Kundalini Awakening. What happened was amazing! First, I saw flashes of hundreds of symbols that look similar to egyptian hieroglyphics embedded on the back of my eyelids. My eyelids and facial muscles began twitching and I felt energy building up inside my mind. Instead of pushing it into my throat and breathing it out – an exercise I usually do to ready my mind before sleep – I let it build up and then felt it flow upward out the top of my head. Suddenly, I “saw” the energy uncurling in the shape of a cobra and when it had straightened completely, the form turned into a woman’s body with arms extended upward toward heaven. Then it transformed into a rainbow. Lightning shot up and down the length of the rainbow and turned it into stairs that resembled a Mayan or Incan temple. On each step was a cluster of fruit. This felt like a truly phenomenal experience to me, a true “vision” and not a forced thought that I conjured. I feel so much love flowing out of me now, just like the rainbow I saw!

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