Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening 

Real Life Experiences & Descriptions of Kundalini Rising

Are you going through a kundalini awakening episode or experience?  Let’s find out… 

Kundalini awakening symptoms are truly a very intriguing subject.  Really there is no correct answer to the question, "What are the symptoms of Kundalini Rising?", as thankfully, each of us is absolutely unique and thus, on a unique trajectory on the path to Kundalini Awakening.  That said, there are some common kundalini experiences that are often reported, which I would like to share with you in this article.

Although we can draw up endless lists of symptoms from third party accounts, I would like to instead make this series about kundalini symptoms that you or I have actually experienced.  In this article, I will give a recent account from one of my students about what she experienced shortly after class, and then I will add my own kundalini experiences and observations as well. 

In the comments section, I encourage you to add any kundalini awakening experiences or symptoms you have felt, so others can better understand what they might be going through.  Here is the recent email I received from my student, Aida:

Aida’s Experience of Kundalini Awakening:

I am a student of the "Gentle Kundalini Class". I just finished taking a series of exercise specifically for the spine.
As I left the class I felt energized as I usually feel after each class, but this time it was a little different, I was feeling extra aware of my surrounding. Like a light turned on. My back was so straight. It lasted all day.
If I could go to class every morning I would go. It makes my day start right in every way. And there are times when I am not feeling like going to class and I push myself to go and do not regret it.
Thank you for being my teacher.
Aida D. 

For those interested, here is a link to the Spinal Warmup Kundalini Yoga Kriya we did in class that day.  Thank you Aida, for sharing your personal experiences with us.

This particular experience of kundalini is very interesting and significant.  This is because it is the common experience of advanced meditation and of kundalini yoga.  In the article, Powerful Kundalini Yoga Battles Profound Zen Meditation, I described my own such experience with kundalini awakening, but not from doing kundalini yoga, but instead from doing Silent Mind Meditation!

Aida’s experience points at the two things that all yoga and meditation boils down to.  Energy and Awareness. 

My favorite description of Kundalini Yoga is, "The Yoga of Awareness," and as you see from her account, she felt more aware, as the energy of kundalini had risen up her spine.  In meditation, it is the same.  The demand for intense awareness, in order to comprehend the thought process via direct perception, leads to energy (kundalini) rising up and elongating the spine.  Awareness then follows.

Jiddu Krishnamurti describes this experience of kundlaini energy flowing up the spine as "The rush of water filling up and thus causing a pipe to stand erect."

When we insist that the spine be straight during meditation, it is simply to facilitate this awakening and thus, to assist in being more aware.  I have experienced kundalini rising and puling up with such force, during meditation, that it sometimes make me feel as if I am going to be launched right off the ground or as if it’s going to pull my head off and up into the sky.

Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening:

I am going to describe some of the physical symptoms my students or I have felt due to kundalini awakening.  I know there are many emotional and mental symptoms as well, and you are welcome to share those with us in the comments section below.  I am grouping the experiences into 3 categories, common, uncommon and rare, according to what I have observed.

Common Kundalini Awakening Symptoms:

  • Tingling in the body and brain region.  Also sometimes described as ants walking, tickling energy or flushes of energy.  The brain being flushed with energy is quite pleasant :-).
  • Heat or cold in the system, or running along various channels and chakra centers.
  • Fluttering or twitching of muscles.
  • Pinching or burning in various regions of the body or brain.

Uncommon Kundalini Awakening Symptoms:

  • Pressure in the Third Eye Region (Ajna Chakra).  This is pressure, tingling or other sensation in the center of the forehead.  Can go on for years (14 years and counting so far for me).  Caution: If the pressure, due to certain practices, intensifies to uncomfortable levels you feel are "immense", you should cease that practice and consult a competent kundalini yoga teacher.
  • Sudden bursts of energy anywhere in the body.  These are almost always short lived, from a few seconds to a few minutes.
  • Spontaneous yoga asans or kundalini yoga movements.  They may come on spontaneously, or they may take over, as if on auto-pilot when one is practicing  Kundalini Yoga Kriyas or Exercises (For an example see article: Explosive Kundalini Rising in Class Today).
  • Kundalini Shakti rising up and elongating the spine.
  • Incredible feeling of love and desire for your partner (not ordinary lust, alcohol induced or otherwise :-).  Usually comes upon you spontaneously, deep in the night.  Sex feels like it’s the first such experience and the intense feelings of attraction emanate from somewhere beyond yourself.
  • Unfortunately, pain in the lower back, back of the neck and headaches.

Rare Kundalini Awakening Symptoms:

  • Experience of divine light within.  Very intense light, usually pure white and incredibly beautiful.  I call it the Radiation of the Lord.
  • Tremendous vibratory energy (sometimes feels like it’s coming from the inner ears).  Very blissful, but can intensify to the point where it would completely overwhelm your consciousness if you let it.
  • Spontaneous bliss, intensely pleasurable.
  • This one is a bit scary.  Complete paralysis of the body.  Complete immobility and rigidity takes place.  As with the all consuming vibratory energy, it requires some courage to allow.
  • This one is exceedingly rare.  I have experienced it only once in my life, and have only ever read about it being experienced by one other – the master of awareness, G. I. Gurdjieff.  The arms and legs churn like that of a baby.  It happens naturally and cannot be simulated.  It is also intensely pleasurable and quite a remarkable experience.

There are of course a wide range of transcendental experiences, some of which you will find described in the category Spiritual Enlightenment Experiences.  Above, I have provide those that are more commonly associated with kundalini awakening, although many would argue, including Swami Vivekananda, that all enlightenment experiences have to do with kundalini entering the brain region in some capacity.

So if you have experienced some kundalini symptoms as well, please do share them with us below.  I think it will benefit others identify if what they are going through is actually symptoms of the ever mysterious kundalini awakening.


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653 Responses to “Kundalini Awakening Symptoms”

  1. 1
    jen_chan, writer SureFireWealth.com Says:

    There’s always something interesting and perspective changing to find here. I really liked reading about Aida’s personal experience. It sounds simple but reading it tells me there’s more to it than just a good back and a good day. I’m looking forward to reading more about personal experiences. In a way, they reflect and confirm my own.

  2. 2
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Jen_chan,

    Thank you for your comments and participation.

    Kundalini awakening can cause a lot of confusion for people who are not familiar with this phenomenon and I think finding others to share their experiences with can be very helpful.

    Glad you are enjoying the website.


  3. 3
    Falguni Says:

    hi Anmol,

    Most of the time when I do my yoga in the evening I experience a very strong vibration through my ears; something very similiar to what you described in the above rare symptoms. I always wonder what it is, but then I tell myself it is me just paying attention to my breath an awareness.

    Thank You so much for sharing this on your site.


  4. 4
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Falguni,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Yes, this sounds a lot like the kundalini experience I was describing. Glad you are enjoying the webiste :-).


  5. 5
    A. Decker Says:

    Good article. Very interesting. Well done. I liked the Krishnamurti piece at the end, too.

    I may have a question for you about kundalini, but later, as I’m out of time right now.

    Thanks. :-)

  6. 6
    Best Chakra Balancing Visualization Meditation Technique Says:

    [...] Anmol Mehta is a Yoga Teacher & Zen Expert. His extensive site, Free Kundalini Yoga Exercises & Videos, offers the popular Free Online Guided Meditation Techniques E-Book. Also learn about kundalini awakening by reading, Kundalini Awakening Symptoms. [...]

  7. 7
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hey Albert,

    Thanks for stopping by and for your feedback. Glad you enjoyed the article.


  8. 8
    Ricardo Says:

    Hi Anmol! Thanks for posting this! It is very interesting.

    Some of the symptoms I have had in my experience are hot “electric” tickles which are born in the base of my spine and make their way through my spine while touching my organs, and finally they reach my face and brain. Also, I sometimes feel short or little spasms in the muscles near the base of my spine. While sleeping I have felt the same tickles. This sensation of “hot tickles” may vary from pleasurable to overwhelming. They become overwhelming when I am under Sun exposure or very angry and irritated, so I guess this might be an imbalance.

    I also want to share a more special experience, which can actually may sound a little strange. The first day I felt the hot tickles I kind of saw the face of Jesus Christ. The image was not very clear but I knew deep in my heart it was him. The image was not as a painting with colors, shades, and forms, but only as a sketch, and I could see it everywhere: in the ground, in the trees, in the water, and even when I closed my eyes as an after image. This was very special and blissful, but I never talk about that because people might think I’m insane. In fact I was never scared of that, not even worried.

    Finally I have a doubt Anmol. I have read in several places that kundalini awakenings may produce depression and schizophrenia, and I’m sometimes worried about this. I would like to know how to prevent this. I know that practicing kundalini yoga is a way to keep balanced, but is it the only way?
    And for example what steps should anyone take if he or she thinks his/her kundalini caused depression?

  9. 9
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hey Ricardo,

    First off thanks for sharing your personal experiences and kundalini symptoms with us. Does sound like you had a very remarkable encounter there. I will add visions to the list above, as I had heard of this before but not met anyone who had such an experience… until now of course :-).

    With regard to your concerns..

    It is not at all uncommon that regardless of which spiritual practice one takes up, that one goes through a period of cleansing. This is due to the suffering in us from that past that the practice is purging. In general, depending on the level of difficulty one had in childhood, the intensity of this “cleansing” varies. These periods can be prolonged or they can come and go, until the process has run it’s course.

    What is worth avoiding, is to have all the junk come up too fast (or not being able to handle the release) and that is a danger with a powerful science like Kundalini Yoga. So the best protection against that are the following 2…

    1. The practice should concentrate more on preparing the body, than actually awakening the chakras. So that as and when the cleansing and energy being to move, the body is capable of handing that.

    2. Not to over do it. Pranayama, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation should all be practiced without excessive strain. Also, before doing advanced practices to start slowly and build up the body, mind and emotions first.

    If in the event imbalances come in, it is important to address them first, even if it means to stop the practice for some time. Diet, rest and other means can help with this.

    Hope this helps. It is a very good question you have asked, and I think I will put together an article regarding it, as I am sure this is on many practitioner’s minds.

    All Good Wishes,

  10. 10
    Keith Says:

    Kundalini awakening is a delicate matter…because this awakening practices requires spiritual and emotional maturity, or else the practitioner can suffer negative side effects. Mantra meditation is much safer in today’s current age, for achieving self-realization. This is the collective conclusion of many realized masters from the Himalayas and Far East. Namaste.

  11. 11
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Namaste Keith,

    Welcome back, nice to have you stop by. Thank you for sharing with us the views of the Himalayan masters. Mantra meditation is certainly a very potent technique for activating the chakras and awakening kundalini.

    The following meditation uses the AUM mantra for such purposes for those interested.

    AUM Mantra Meditation for Third Eye Activation

    I do agree it should be used intelligently, as with any techniques dealing with kundalini.

    All Good Wishes,

  12. 12
    Arun Momia Says:

    Thank you sir for such useful information.
    I am pursuing a management course at IIT Roorkee right now. I am facing a big trouble because of some changes in my body since last two years.
    This all happened while i planned to prepare for my mba entrance in a big way, i stayed at our farmhouse in the shivalic region at morni hills for my preparation, hardly ever i have involved in any other activity than studying or meditating, as i m very fond of nature and questions regarding death and birth has always excited me, it was complete solitaire there i hardly care for hunger and took food only once a day, then one night something mysterious happened at the inner part of space between buttocks and testies, it was like some bubbles bursting there continuously for 10-15 minutes at an hours interval. initially i thought some serious disease caught me because of my miserable lifestyle but soon i started seeing flashes of light as in summers i slept under the sky in the night time a star kind of sharp light i used to see in the sky and it at once disappears like a flash.i was very afraid as i have already heard a lot of ghosty stories in the hills, but after sometimes i got admission to iit roorkee, and here i got a chance to go to Baba Ramdev Kanakhal Asharam in connection with my cuisines Lungs T.B illness, from there i bought a book on yoga and i read abt, chakras and kundalin for the first time, and i could guess that my yogi kind of lifestyle lead to my kundalini awakening. but slowly situation has become more complicated as i started feeling intense pressure in the center of my forehead most of the time in the day, mostly at the times when i try to concentrate in the class to hear lectures, i score miserably in the class as i can not listen anything attentively. even i see those light stars flashing on my laptop screen many times.also some of my body muscles start vibrating very fast in thighs,legs shoulders,and there are vibrations at places that i first time feel that here too is a muscle like near your nipples.

    this pressure in forehead and these flashing lights and vibrating muscles are sometimes very irritating and depressing, sometime pressure in forehead center is so much that as if some nerves are going to burst and blood will come out.
    i just want to ask how long it will continue , till date i see it just as a disease nothing else, sometimes i feel like consulting a psychiatrist but i read at many places that doctors neither can understand it nor cure it.
    i am sure that all this will end only with my body frm here.
    it is long time now ever since i felt myself as such as i used to be three years back – COMPLETE NORMALCY.

  13. 13
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Arun,

    I am sorry to hear of the challenging time you are facing. Your symptoms certainly do indicate a kundalini awakening. I suggest that you visit a good Ayurvedic doctor or a competent Kundalini Teacher if possible, as some long term care may be needed to settle the system down.

    A Vata pacifying lifestyle and diet (including more grounding) could help in this matter, but due to the severity of your case it would be prudent to get a thorough analysis done.

    The following suggestion may seem unusual, but it might help. In addition to your studies, if there is another passion that you enjoy very much I suggest embracing it for some time. This will help you take your mind off the symptoms you are undergoing, allowing you to better cope with them as they recede more into the background.

    I, of course, do not feel you should engage in more meditation or kundalini exercises till the situation is more under control, unless a competent teacher suggests techniques to counter and settle the current situation.

    If possible, ignore the pressure in the forehead as much as possible and see if this helps it subside. This area is activated and “feeds” on attention, so starving it of attention should help the pressure there dimish.

    Keep me informed of you situation and progress and I will try to help further.

    All Good Wishes,

  14. 14
    Arun Momia Says:

    Thank you so much Anmol for your attention.

    It seems you have good experience to reduce this pressure.You are 100% right in saying that attention feeds this pressure as while i play or chat with friends it doesn’t disturb me but as soon as i pay serious attention to something or try to concentrate in the class, my head immediately get filled with something (like air), it becomes so heavy and pressure starts building inside.
    and then it settles at point in the third eye region.
    Anmol, have you too faced all this, wat is the end of it. I can say for the sure from the suggestions you gave me that you have faced this before.Sometimes i feel it is all psychological, nothing to take with spirituality, is it so?
    i am trying to avoid it since last six months but it doesnt go.shud i really go to some psychologist or it will be ok.I will try to consult Baba Ramdev at his kankhal asharam , it is very close to my place.
    did you find some other such case before, somewhere.if yes how is it now?

    In the process of writing this message i have seen three times bright star like flashes of lights with intense pressure in forehead center, all this is really disturbing, if it happens to a normal man he is sure to feel frightened.

  15. 15
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Arun,

    Yes I have experienced such events, especially the pressure in the Third Eye region and forehead. It is with me almost always, but I can modulate it’s intensity based on where my attention is placed.

    This pressure can grow to immense proportions (feels like a balloon being expanded with air to the point of explosion). In the process of the expansion it displaces the mind. This manifestation of the pressure can be brought about though meditation, but I do not feel it is particularly beneficial or healthy, and I don’t recommend it.

    In any event, I do think you should visit Baba Ramdev. There is no harm in that, worst case he will convince you to do pranayama :-D.

    The physical body has difficulty handling “cosmic energies”. It is simply so. The process can tax the body in a very real way and it is not always fanciful or romantic. See if you can detach yourself from the process and not allow it to bother you as much. I know it is hard, but it could help you cope better.

    It might help to reflect on the fact that some (not all I know) of these symptoms are more troubling to the mind than they are to your life. So see if you can not let them play on your mind so much.

    You may wish to read the following book. The only reason I hesitate is that such books from enlightened masters carry great vibrations and when I read them, it increases my “spiritual symptoms”. That being said, the book will give you a glimpse into the process and it’s possible affect on the body.

    Krishnamurti’s Notebook (by J. Krishnamurti).

    The following article also mentions the problems “enlightenment” can cause to the body…

    J Krishnamurti Ponder His Enlightenment

    Let me know your progress and if there is anything more I can help with.

    All Good Wishes,

  16. 16
    garry Says:

    Hey Arun,

    I completely sympathize, as I am close to going crazy myself–its not because of all the weird manifestations, but as Ramakrishna puts it, alternatively feeling like “an ant, a fish, a monkey, a bird, or a serpant” every day something odd, its more because of the lack of understanding and clear information and nobody to complain to who wont think I am insane. Your experience indicates the kundalini energy (jing being full and transforming to chi) that is cleaning your nadi. Theres many thousand nadi, so lots of cleaning. If you dont meditate much, the process will be slower, and yet the energy will be there– because it is awakened kundalini energy after all, not just a sugar high. So in my humble opinion, you should do more meditation, because the energy is relentless. (i differ from Arun’s opinion in this point, with all respect. i am not a teacher or guru, so its just my opinion) Some of the posters here so-called kundilini reports above are just wind energy experiences, not yet kundalini. What you are experiencing, the pressure and light, is due to “friction”, unblocked channels. Sometimes the friction can be in the form of pressure, pain, light, bliss, etc. I read it takes maybe 10 months to clean your body into a rajastic one. Its worth it!!! Look younger, feel lighter, little chance of getting a major illness like cancer after this–plus have a body where you can now START real spiritual progress.

    My own experience is more like alien abduction and being worked on by dentists and surgeons. Sometimes I get mouthfuls of slime, all sorts of feelings of tubes and wires, panels being installed; at the moment of typing there are pin pricks and knives around the crown of my head and some kind of chi-liquid flowing from near my gums to a hole at the bottom of my mouth, my 3rd eye has lots of pressure and ears move when i think of it, and my skull seems to move in sections while my brain boils. I had to come home and sit alone instead of doing normal activities. My rationale is that I want it to finish as fast as possible, so I want to give it the time it needs to complete the process.

    You are correct that this has little to do with spirituality, its all about physiology, the nervous system changing, the body evolving. It is every human’s birthright, but so few people know about it.

    I used to shake alot too, like I had been plugged into a wall socket of energy. This went away after some main nadi, or chi-channels opened, and the energy had somewhere to circlulate.

    5 minutes in my body, a normal man would be screaming down the street!!

    good luck to you and happy cultivating.

    (the Zen people say to just ignore it all, this is the best advice I have gotten so far)

  17. 17
    Arun Momia Says:

    Thank you Anmol and my friend Garry for your invaluable suggestions.

    Garry you may be absolutely right in your saying that it is a process of nadi clearing, but for how long, it is two years now.I am doing every possible thing now so that i dont feed attention to this third eye, as i know well if i kept paying attention to it a big trouble is waiting for me. i will be compeletely lost and will go far away from this present world.Even my one hour attention to it destroy my full day and then it becomes difficult for me to stay away from it for the full day.

    I am really confused now, as i can remember that i have
    put a lot of hard work doing meditation for all the day (in the initial days of awakening) and now i have to run away frm this.this is not the outcome i ever desired rather i always wanted to get an answer to questions of death and birth, i wanted to experience all the answers rather than listening frm someone. can this path (kundalini or whatever i am going thru) will lead me to answers.It many times heart me when i delibrately run away frm so called meditation and i adopt the ways to kill solitair and serenity of my mind.

    My only question right now is ” what is the next stage after this third eye pressure” and how long it will continue?

    Anmol has referred me a good book i will definitely read it and try to look for answers. I have just read Autobiography of a Yogi by Shri Yogananda. It is really an amazing book and best book i ever read.

  18. 18
    garry Says:

    Hi Arun,

    Upon further reflection, I think the particular symptom of your third eye chakra area acting up all the time is due to trapped chi. When you concentrate as in school, the chi or pranic energy of your body tends to rise to your head, and therefore comes the feeling of pressure as it goes around this area. I had a similar problem around my ear. (but man, thats a long time for you!) The chakra is not fully open, and also many lesser nadi have not yet cleared, and therefore the trapped chi has nowhere to go. So I think the best option is to continue clearing your lesser nadi through pranayama, single mindedness meditation, emptyness meditation, etc. (not forcing energy kind of meditations) Eventually the nadi or chi channel will clear and the feeling of pressure will go away, but it will take some time since the third eye chakra is relatively a later stage place the kundalini energy. reaches. I hope the people who wish for early third eye chakra partial opening to be warned by your example, doesnt sound like fun, and its completely useless until you have purified all your nadi! My teacher says absolutely one must not have sex and ejaculate, nor masturbation (if you do a Tantra or Taoist practice, do not ejaculate), because this will have the effect of reducing the chi energy so the kundalini process will not be able to complete because the jing or bindu needs a certain time to mature.

    Lately my kundalini experience has been very electric! It feels like the energy is trying to push my face off, like one of those gravity rides at an amusement park. My face feels empty and often its like my nose is getting bitten off. Must be good for the skin! Also this morning my mouth was forced to make a circle shape like someone put in a large ring, and i meditated like that for an hour. Very strange feelings, not regular feelings, difficult to describe using regular words. Im going to holiday for a month and sit in a room meditating, hopefully things get less weird.

    Good luck,


  19. 19
    Arun Momia Says:

    Thanx once again Garry for you attention.

    Thats very nice that you have been doing all your meditation under the guidance of a spiritual master but i never consulted any guru. yes i used to ejaculate during this period becaus e i never knew that it can create problem. but are you sure that this all has happened because of immature opening of third eye.
    Can you pls. consult your guru for me and ask him how long it will take to clear these blockages. Also along with the pressure in my third eye region, other muscles in my body (mostly one at a time )start doing unusual moments like vibrations, anywhere in legs,shoulders or neck, cheeks and at many places. I guess that also is the Chi effect as you mentioned earlier.
    I can understand your situation too wat you feel in your body (in years and head). but wat is the outcome of all that. did you ask it from your teacher. how will all this effect your life.
    Garry tell me more abt. you, do you have a yahoo, gmail or orkut id so that i can have an online chat with you.Pls. reply me as there are very few people who can understand us :-( rest all are ready to laugh on our situation or grade us with a psycho degree.are you in touch with some more such persons if yes tell me abt. them, i am happy to find someone who could understand my situation, thanx once again Garry for your attention.

  20. 20
    Malini Says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    I want to share something, which now I believe may be some kind of Kundalini awakening? I had a paranormal experience 5 yrs ago. It was very scary. I thought I had schizophrenia. I have experienced other people answering to what I was thinking. Even I saw personalized messages in newspapers and radio!! No normal person would believe what I have experienced. Even I, myself would like to believe that it was a mental illness; it is much easier to believe that way, especially because I’m a doctor.

    Since then I have changed a lot and the changing is still continuing.

    My question is: “is it possible to have the awakening without any effort?” Because I never tried or wanted that. I even never heard of Kundalini. Only thing which I think might have contributed to was resigning from my job (from World Health Organization) and sitting at home and reading Bhagawat Gita. Though I don’t know whether I did that consciously. It was very unlike me.

    The issue which is troubling me now is that I’m getting temped to join some ashram, which I don’t want to do. But at the same time, doing the routine job looks very unproductive to me. I want to involve myself more in some spiritual activities. Can you please suggest some solution?. Thank you,

  21. 21
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Malini,

    Yes it’s absolutely possible to have such kundalini awakening w/o any conscious effort. There are many reported “non-spiritual” scenarios where spontaneous kundalini awakening has occurred.

    There tend to occur during intense times and activities (emotional, mental or physical), but not always.

    Certainly, leisure time as you had after quitting is another phase when such spiritual awakenings occur for sure, especially if you are in nature or are reading enlightened material (Bhagawat Gita would qualify :-).

    The temptation to join an Ashram, to me is an invitation from within to move deeper on your spiritual journey. I do not feel it’s necessary though to take such step (leave everyday life and join an Ashram that is).

    I do strongly suggest starting a regular spiritual practice, which includes meditation and perhaps yoga as well. A good article outlines what your day should incorporate for spiritual growth can be found here…

    10 Things To Do Everyday

    For starting a meditation and yoga program I suggest taking the following course. It has been beneficial to many.

    Introduction to Meditation & Yoga Course

    If you are highly motivated and interested in an intense spiritual effort, you may wish to try the following 9 day challenge.

    Comprehensive 9 Day Spiritual Test

    The above are good starting points. Please let me know your progress and any other issues you might run into.

    All Good Wishes,

  22. 22
    HIMA Says:

    Last week, I was very weak and ill, and called this Indian man who claimed he could unblock chakras. Over the phone for one hour, he recited various mantras non-stop, during which time I was in a deep, relaxed meditation state. At one time, it took all I had to control this urge to burst out laughing because of the tickling in my lower back was soooo intense. I tried so hard not to laugh. I didn’t want to insult the man who was so diligently chanting by causing him to think I was laughing at him, but this tickle was too intense to bottle up. Also, ringing in my ears, which has continued (it’s been 5 days). The last symptom was a pressure in the very top center of my forehead, right up against my hairline (he called it the 5th eye, but didn’t explain what that was about). I would like to understand better what is going on, and if I should try to develop this further, how to do that, and whether I should wait until I find a good teacher? Thanks for your help.

  23. 23
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Hima,

    Yes this is consistent with Mantra therapy and energy healing. The sounds create certain energy centers from activating and opening up. The pressure in the forehead relates to the Third Eye region (Ajna Chakra). Tingling in the lower back is the activation of Kundalini Energy.

    To begin, please first concentrate on getting healthy and then work on getting very fit, before opening the chakras using Mantra Yoga (Naad Yoga or Bij Mantras).

    This is to prevent issues with the greater flow of energy that takes place when chakras open up and the body is not ready.

    You may like to start with the free online kundalini yoga and meditation classes we offer here on Mastery of Meditation. If so, please start with Course #101. Links are below…

    Free Online Meditation & Kundalini Yoga Classes

    Introduction to Meditation & Kundalini Yoga

    Please let me know if you have any questions, or run into any issues.

    All Good Wishes,

  24. 24
    Arun Momia Says:

    Malini i would like to say something in your case.
    you are absolutely right while saying that Kundalini awakening is a spontaneous phenomenon. In my case too it started itself and when it starts abruptly it brings lots of confusion and frustration, I am still searching for the answer whether i should help raising my Kundalini energy or should try to pacify it. Mind deviates a lot and it becomes very difficult to concentrate.

    If you find a good suggestion from a spiritual master pls. pass it on to this site so that we can get help from that

  25. 25
    garry Says:

    Hey Arun: Not even buddha can feel what is going on in your body, only you know. The time depends upon your karma, how many chi-channels you have already unblocked, how diligently you meditate, and having sex will completely delay your efforts. What I do know is that the Taoists say it takes 3 months of sustained effort to get to a level where your body will transform (your skin will get soft, face take on a glow, increase longevity) and you will know this stage has completed because you will experience a state of internal breathing where your outside breath will nearly stop. This is not the full process of kundalini awakening yet, but its perhaps good enough for a goal. Heres my email: gglight@gmail.com. We can make a kundalini support group because some of this phenomena gets really freaky sometimes.

    Malini: Kundalini is not a fancy word for any kind of mystical or psychic experience, it is specifically a physiological process of energy that is released and cleans your body, ending with the entry into the Shushumna channel, the main channel along your spine. Your’s is a kind of sponatenous awakening, which is now past. You have the predisposition for this, even though you squandered your experience, you can gain quick progress just by following Anmol’s great advice and just practice! meditate!

    Hima: if it were possible to make spiritual progress laying in bed listening to someone on the phone, I would have been enlightened long ago. Chakras dont open that easily, so him promising this means he is not being honest. You did have some kind of “pranic energy” experience however (the ringing in your ears is caused by lots of pranic energy rising to your head). Meditations suggested on this site are worth much more and less confusing than relying on some phone-guru.

  26. 26
    Malini Says:

    Thanks Arun and Garry.
    It is a great relief to know that my experience was not a mental illness. Though I still need to convince myself. For past 5 years I have had been searching for an answer. I think more publicity is required regarding the possible experiences of kundalini awakening, so that people (like me) don’t suffer thinking all nonsense.

    Anmol very rightly says that the true Guru is within us and the guidance comes from within. Many simple thing I have done/ doing during the past 5 years which have helped me to a great extent in overcoming the stress. It may help people therefore I’m writing some of those.
    1. Firstly I started singing!! It was amazingly stress relieving.
    2. I started doing more manual work (household). Now I do all household work myself
    3. Aerobics, yoga and exercises gives a feeling of wellbeing and calmness.
    4. Diet consisting of plenty of fruits and vegetables has very good effect on mental health too. I have experimented on it.
    5. Consciously practicing feeling of love and good wishes towards others (even if when I have arguements/ disagree with them)helps me a lot. Though it is quite difficult at times.
    6.I have realised living alone builds up stress. We are social animals after all.
    7. Reducing job related stress: Now I think it is essential that we take up work only as much as we can do. We have to learn to say “NO”
    8. Developing interests and hobbies is really great. After all we should live a complete life!!
    I have really benefited by practicing these.
    One thing I really don’t know how to do is Meditation. Hope I’ll start doing soon.
    Thank you all again and Best wishes

  27. 27
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Malini,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights. Do start your meditation, there is no substitute for it :-).


  28. 28
    Arun Momia Says:

    Hi Malini
    you have actually adopted a very effective way to reduce tension.Somebody rightly said that empty mind is devils workshop. best thing is to keep yourself busy.keep your mind busy.Human being is provided with Intellect and ability to think beyond the sense gratification.Just use your mind to search for answers to most crucial questions in life, Who I Am, where shall i go from here. what is beyond what we see here. just get close to nature as much as possible.I assure you that you will get lot of realization after closely monitoring the natural phenomenon
    around.Just see that no one in the world except human being can grow a single grain, still even a single insect is fed by Almighty somehow, Dogs and Ants doesnt grow anything still they get belly full of food. All these birds get there share from somewhere.
    This whole system is continuously monitored by someone. One is sure to get his Humble pie.Just try to see the world from this angle.This is Meditation. Once you will start observing things this way, you will become very Calm and quite and will forget abt. all stress.

    I am not claiming to be a saint but this is hoe i look at the things and really helps me to be more calm and quite.
    I have taken garry’s gmail id and added him, i wud like to have your gmail id so that we can chat on matters of kundalini, as it can be shared with very few persons who understands it.
    hope to get your reply

  29. 29
    Malini Says:

    Hi Arun,

    I think it’s a good idea to share about kundalini awakening. My email id is karmalini@rediffmail.com
    However, I don’t chat …no time for chating too. But we can exchange views thru emails.

    Hi Garry,
    How are you planning to have this kundalini support group? If you have one, please add my email id.

  30. 30
    Confused Says:

    I am not sure what’s happening to me. I think I began to awaken my kundalini last year when I made a big break with my toxic past (I left addictions, emotional abusers, etc. behind me). Since then, I began doing some yoga exercises, praying, meditating, etc. But my lower back is causing me problems, sometimes I can’t walk or get up. Also, sometimes, I begin to feel as if I can see through the veils of time and space, into a reality that is usually hidden from me. And as soon as this starts to happen, and I begin to have visions of people and moments in some other life, everything turns white and I feel completely sick to my stomach, as if I will faint. Instead of ‘blacking out’, I ‘white out’, and I have to lay down and spend about 30 minutes recovering. After that, I feel simply strange -as if my life is new and fresh and different than it was before. It almost feels like I’m ‘re-setting’ my hard drive, if you know what I mean. But the feeling of freshness and lightness goes away after a while, and I return to my normal state. The normal state is much improved since I turned my back on my old unhealthy life, and started doing all I can to make things right for myself, but I have to wonder if I’m not cracking up somehow…. The experience has been a strange one. These ‘white-out’ episodes come without any warning, and they leave me completely confused about things.
    Thank you for any help you can offer.

  31. 31
    Martin Says:

    “Unfortunately, pain in the lower back, back of the neck and headaches.”

    I’ve had pain in the neck since I started practicing the 101 class.

    I wonder if it’s related. I have no idea how to tell if it’s because of some kind of imbalance or cos of progress…

  32. 32
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hey Martin,

    The pain in the neck usually is of the following nature…

    1. It is towards the back of the neck.
    2. Can be a pinching or burning sensation.
    3. There can be swelling in the back on the neck (like a lump).
    4. The back of the neck can become sensitive, almost painful to the touch.

    If it’s along those lines in some way, it could imply kundalini doing her thing.

    If the discomfort is caused by a particular exercise, then though we need to move forward carefully.


  33. 33
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Confused,

    Your experiences are certainly unusual. If I had to guess, I would say that the past is being purged, thus the cleansing you feel afterwards. Unfortunately, in us there is much that requires purging :-). Such purging is a part of the process and it is accompanied by the sickness or nausea in the stomach directly afterwards.

    Issues related to the lower back are very consistent with kundalini.

    I am happy to hear though that your normal state is much improved as a result of the changes you have made.

    I suggest that if your lifestyle allows it (or on weekends), try to remain a little alert during the night as you sleep. Such purging generally happens then, but is below our threshold of awareness. Being aware during this time can give you greater clarity and insight into the process you are undergoing.

    Let me know how it goes.


  34. 34
    Confused Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    Thank you. It’s a relief to be able to talk about this with someone – I usually keep it t myself, because the few people I told about it want to help, but don’t know how.

    I had the suspicion that with each of these episodes that I was gaining insight somehow into another dimension, another life or something like that, but these visions I have are never particularly happy ones, and they never make much sense, and they’re never even about people I know –although I do recognize myself in some of them and feel the settings are familiar, but in these visions I’m not like who I am in this life. It’s really very strange and this idea that I’m purging things makes a kind of sense.
    I’d never thought of it like that before, and now that I think about it, it does feel like an analogy for vomiting up something that makes sick and then feeling much relieved aftewards. And just as I read what you wrote, I had another one of these episodes. They don’t happen too often, maybe only once a month or once every few weeks, but they are fairly distressing.

    Anyway, thank you for trying to help. If you happen to come across something I could read about this, or anyone else who’s gone through it, could you please let me know?

    Thank you again,

  35. 35
    Arun Momia Says:

    Hi Confused

    it sounds very interesting that you are able to dig in to some previous life or to distant future. its a rare case. did u experience some other symptoms of kundalini as well. how did it started, it must not have started all of a sudden. can u pls. tell a score of events that have lead to this situation.

  36. 36
    PSM Says:

    Just a couple tips for those experiencing the more severe symptoms. I personally have had my whole body shake for a half hour a couple of times, fantastically erotic energy rising up in bubbles, several occassions of full streams of energy up the spine, loads and loads of fears coming up and being released, lots of pressure and bliss that is fairly distracing to me at work, terrible panic and fear of death, and some digestive troubles, just to name a few symptoms. A couple things that have helped immensely have been the Sedona method, Emotional Freedom Vial, tapping, and spinal breathing. The Sedona Method and the Emotional Freedom Vial both help release fears that the Goddess is loosening within. They have made many of my symptoms relax. And using a few Mantras like the Adi Shakti Mantra have helped me experience Kundalini energy on up my spine and filling my head that feels inteligent and warm and very peaceful that seems to take away all of the symptoms for a few days including the pressure in the forehead. For the digestive troubles ground Chia Seeds have helped a lot. They assist the body in removing toxins so the liver stresses less.
    Let the process happen and don’t fear it or pray for it to stop. The times it has been on full force in a peaceful way are worth it. We are being reshaped by the Divine maybe? Hope those couple tips help.

  37. 37
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hey PSM,

    Great contribution, thanks so much for sharing your insight and personal kundalini awakening experience. Am sure many will find your guidance helpful and reassuring.


  38. 38
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Confused,

    With kundalini awakening, my first advice is to get healthy and fit. This allows the body to be able to deal with any increase in energy flow that takes place, or handle better any biochemical changes occurring at a cellular level as well.

    I recommend starting a yoga practice, which does not directly look to open the chakra centers further, but instead helps to build your systems to achieve the results I indicated above. You may like to use some of the yoga sets on the website and you can find more details on that here…

    Free Online Kundalini Yoga Kiryas (Don’t do the Kundalini Awakening Set though, till you feel more balanced).

    For more devoted practice, you may wish to try the online courses, but don’t overdo them initially.

    Free Online Yoga & Meditation Classes.

    Let me know your progress.


  39. 39
    Confused Says:

    Hi Arun,
    Thanks for asking, becuase I do want to talk about these things with people who might be able to understand. I’m not sure if my experiences are all from kundalini rising, or if the kundanlini rising is just part of a larger spiritual experience.
    Here’s the basic sequence:
    1. I had a childhood without real parents – they were never really there for me when I needed them, and they didn’t care enough about me in general. It was uncomfortable at best.
    2. I grew up, and of course decided to go my own way and became fairly isolated from family and a normal life.
    3. I went and followed my dreams, got the Ph.D and saw the world. Things were going okay, but I was lonely and I had faith in nothing and no one.
    4. I had some difficult times hit me after that, and got addicted to Xanax, a toxic love affair, and realllllly lost my way for while.
    5.At that point I went ‘home’, and instead of reconnecting with my family (they’re still emotionally unavailable) I ended up getting a gift from a stranger (a man who owned hotel where I stayed). He gave me a book about the Mother Goddess. He was from India, and tried to tell me about her and I really didn’t get it, but I kept the book, and read bits and pieces of it.
    6. Around this time I started to search for an understanding of the world interms of buddhism and quantum physics. This is when I started having the white outs. I’d feel that I was getting insight into a parallel life of mine, or memories, or something, and just beginning to see how things in the universe work, and then I’d get sick to my stomach and white out.
    7. I kept reading about the Mother and decided that she was my hope in this life for comfort and safety, and I began to have some faith again.
    8. I decided to push out all of the toxic things that had built up in my life. One day I just decided enough was enough. I left my lover (who was abusive), I stopped taking the Xanax, and I decided to only do what was right for me from now on. That included yoga.
    9. The day after I made this choice, a feeling of complete peace came to me. I felt the world was exactly as it should be, I saw how all the good things I ever did in this life had brought good things to me. I saw how all of the pain I had felt in my life had brought me to this new clean, healthy place. I was able to forgive everyone who had ever been bad to me, and to forigive myself. I had real peace for that day.
    10. Then I was doing yoga one morning, and afterwards I sat down and called my father (who I hadn’t spoken to in over 10 years). After we talked and tried to set some things right between us, and I got off the phone, I couldn’t get up. I had a terrible pain in my lower back for the first time in my life. So I just sat there and meditated, did some breathing and eventually I was able to stand.
    11. At that very point (and I’m sorry if this sounds disgusting), I felt what I think is the kundalini move in my lower back, it felt like it was coming from some ancient place inside of me, some place I never knew was there (but it was right at the tip of my lower spine). And it felt like a kind of spiraling outward and I had to use the restroom. I can tell you that everything in my intestinal system was completely cleared out almost immediately (again, I’m sorry if this sounds gross). But it was a real purging. In the next few days I kept reading the internet to see if I could learn something about this strange experience, and that’s when I found out about kundalini rising (this was never mentioned in the book I read on the mother goddess).
    12. After that, my life has been changing in such strange ways. The lights of my former life have gone out (my best friend died, I don’t speak with the love of my life anymore, I dropped many old limiting beliefs), but I am finding new lights and new faith all the time. Things I need seem to come to me without me having to look for them. And I feel a protection that I never felt before.
    13. Finally, the white outs keep coming, the pain in my lower back is there off and on and I had a dream that meant something to me. I was swimming in a dark lake in the mountains, and a young woman swam up next to me. We began to chat as we swam, and I looked over at her to see that she was a lovely young woman with fair skin, dark hair, but she had the deepest sadness in her face and her eyes. At that point I realized that she was me. Then I noticed we were near a dangerous waterfall, and I warned her to be careful. She looked at me with a look of infinite sadness and she let her self go over the edge. She was naked, and as she fell, she tucked her knees and head into her chest, and disappeared into the mist below. In that dream, I feel like I saw my sad self die, and that I will never be as sad as I was during these last years ever again.
    And that’s my story. And I don’t know if it’s all about kundalini or if just part of it is. I am still left confused by the white outs, but I do feel better most of the time, much stronger, much happier, much more protected and loved than I ever used to. I think it’s the mother goddess who came to me, at last. I hope she’ll never leave me, I can live with the back pain as long as so many good things keep developing in my life, it’s worth it.
    Sorry for the long answer, I just felt like getting my story ‘out there’. And thank you again for asking.

  40. 40
    Confused Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    Thank you for that advice. I feel attracted to Hatha yoga these days (that’s not the same as kundalini is it?). It’s funny because yesterday I decided that the main thing I need to do is keep resting well and exercising well to improve my energy balance and strength. So your advice is quite timely.
    I’ll avoid that kundalini awakening yoga for a while, because I think you’re probably right about finding more strength and stability first, and I’ll give the kiryas you recommended a trial as well.
    I actually feel excited about the new possibilities that your website is opening up for me. Thank you.

  41. 41
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Confused,

    Hatha yoga postures make up some of kundalini yoga as well. You will find purely hatha yoga postures illustrated here:

    Free Online Hatha Yoga Poses Galleries

    I think you are on the right track. Glad you are finding the website useful.


  42. 42
    Arun Momia Says:

    Hi Confused,
    Thanx for sharing your experiences with us.I can assure you that there are many common threads among the lives of both of us. I too faced the similar kind of circumstances as u mentioned.
    After i lost all the confidence in relatives n friends because of some bitter experiences, i was provided a very spiritual book from one of my acquaintance this helped me to clear my concepts abt. life and death and from then onward i started looking at world frm a different perspective. and as happened to you i too felt something happening in my lower back. since then i keep on feeling different kind of changes in my body, only a person like u can understand me as i can gauge the real situation u must be in now.

    hey its nice to share some thoughts with you. my gmail id is arunmomia@gmail.com. if possible pls. provide me your gmail id as well so that we can share some more experiences thru live chat.

    Thanx a lot once again for your cordial reply

  43. 43
    PSM Says:

    Arun Momia,

    Please tell–what book was that ?


  44. 44
    Arun Momia Says:

    Hi PSM

    Person from whom i got that book is an ISKCON(International Society for Krishna Consciousness) member. He provided me a book written by Founder Sh A.C.Prabhupada Swamiji. Name of the book is ‘The Science of Self-Realization’. Its a good book that gives deep insides in to the facts abt. life and death and purpose of coming here as human beings. one thing i would like to tell u is that Everybody is not fortunate enough to read such books, as once a person get in touch with these books he starts his last journey to endless cycle of births and deaths and sure to get salvation in this birth or next.

    Prabhupadas teachings has been accepted by milloin of people all over the world and i am sure you will find answers to your all quarries in this book.

    Arun Momia

  45. 45
    PSM Says:

    Thank you Arun Momia for sharing that title. I just ordered it and am looking forward to reading it.


  46. 46
    Arun Momia Says:

    Hi PSM

    I appreciate your curiosity for spiritual matters.I hope you will be blessed by Sh. Prabhupada swamiji’s teachings.Read this book with full belief in Swamiji’s teachings, you will surely get the desired outcome.

    Pls. let me know how do you feel after reading that book.you can contact me at arunmomia@gmail.com


  47. 47
    Carnival of Truth #7 | Empowered Soul Blog Says:

    [...] Anmol Mehta presents Kundalini Awakening Symptoms posted at Mastery of Meditation, Enlightenment & Kundalini Yoga. [...]

  48. 48
    susan Says:

    wow…different things work for different people

    I found that Tibetan singing bowls help calm the fireworks down. It doesn’t stop it, but it definitely stabilizes it.

    Yesterday, I bought one, and couldn’t stop playing it. I even put water in it, played it, saw different crystalline formations on the water surface, then drank it. It actually tasted different. Somehow I’ve also had symptoms like the craving of red wine, grape juice, and unleavened bread…but, I have got to warn you…alcohol, like drugs, holds very strong psychic powers, so everything that you have in your heart gets transferred and multiplied in the drink…then when you drink it, it’s like you are perpetuating your issues ten times over….now I understand the original intent of the christian sacraments.

    Different things work with different people. I still do kundalini yoga every morning and half to one hour meditation. It’s automatic… I don’t think I can function without it.

    I know people want easy answers, but there are none…the most consistent answer would be yoga and meditation, like Anmol mentioned…there is no way around it….we just have so much stuff to work out..

    rushing it is not a good idea…remember…it is the gaining of consciousness that is to be increased, not the rate of cleansing…

    Cleaning out stuff without really gaining consciousness is seriously harmful—please have patience everybody.


  49. 49
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thanks for your wonderful input. Yes, very careful with the use of alcohol or drugs. Don’t recommend that to anyone unless you are an expert Naga Yogi or Aghori. If you don’t know either of those 2 terms, that is probably an indication you are not ready to mess with chemicals. Even so, I don’t suggest their use.

    I have been meaning to get that singing bowl forever (and a gong). You have inspired me to get that done today.

    Yoga and meditation everyone, is the best and safest prescription.


  50. 50
    Confused Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been trying the morning exercises that you recommend, and I have to say that they’re helping a lot.
    Unlike the other yoga I’ve done, the strengthening/toning exercises don’t make my lower back go crazy, and I feel a lot better over all.
    I don’t want to fool around with the kundalini energy, now that it’s woken up, but I do want to focus on my third chakra. I can tell that it’s force is ridiculously weak, I have almost no willpower sometimes. Are there more yoga exercises that help develop it without risking a problem with kundalini going wild.
    Bye for now,
    Confused (my name is Marie, so I’ll use that from now on)

  51. 51
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Marie,

    Great to hear the yoga exercises are helping. Yes there is a yoga set online precisely for building the Third Chakra and thus promoting willpower and strength of character. Here is the link to that set…

    Online Core Abdominal Kundalini Yoga Set

    Let me know how it goes.


  52. 52
    susan Says:

    Dear Anmol:

    Yes…kundalini yoga has helped clear the channels linking one to the “other side”…the nadis…but remember there are 88,000 of those???

    not just the sodarshan chakra kriya…but kundalini tapes. I’ve done Ravi and Ana kundalini tapes everyday for a while. It’s become an automatic thing…on autopilot… when my family started hearing me chanting…they were all concerned I had gone bonkers… but slowly they’ve adapted.

    the thing with the breathing part is that one does not completely gauge the full extent of the “connection” until quite a bit of practice… must be because at that critical moment when the nadis for that particular asana is cleared…then one knows intuitively that the connection to the other side is there. When that happens…one is so grateful for the discipline and the “sticking to it” that one has done over the years. When that breath comes alive….there will not be a chance to give an excuse for not doing the sadhana, cause at that point, you will want to do it…and even feel like you don’t have enough time. Before, meditation seems like such an empty, waste of time, but now…it seems like half an hour is not enough…and breezes through and one grudgingly gives it up so that one can go to work.

    A word of warning for all…keep all your normal day to day activities….one needs to do outward exercises…even if people annoy you and you prefer your own company…keep reaching out to them…for every hour of meditation, it’s best to go walk/run a mile.

  53. 53
    Malini Says:

    Hi Can anyone help me getting any statistics on number of people going through kundalini awakening? It seems to be in epidemic proportion and I feel it needs investgation. If any person or any organization doing such work please let me know. I would like to get involved in it. I myself have gone/ going through this terrible experience alone and I feel it would be nice to have may be a sort of get-together..or any better ideas???


  54. 54
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Susan,

    It’s a privilege to get the views of a seasoned and devoted yogi. Your experiences from walking the path are invaluable.

    The chanting is always the “unusual and unfamiliar” part of Kundalini Yoga, and it takes some getting used to. This is something I see students warm-up to gently. I too, for various reasons, took some time to open up to it.

    Pranayama works at different rates for different practitioners, and along with the most important aspect of sticking to it over a long period of time (as you have pointed out), is making sure to progress gently and systematically with this potent science.

    72,000…. that’s how many wives Krishna has… so for those who know about Krishna Lila, this should give you an indication of what the true meaning of Krisha Lila is. In fact Susan’s comments above regarding breath, are nothing but the start of Krishna Lila.


  55. 55
    Marie Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    Just wanted to give a quick update. The exercises you recommended for the third chakra have really really helped. I’ve been doing them every morning and can feel the stirrings of a stronger 3rd chakra in me. A few days ago I had to give a lengthy presentation to a rather large audience of academics and I’ve never been more together for such a presentation than I was for that one. At some point in the middle of it I became a bit nervous, and then focused on standing straight and making sure the muscles around my third chakra were holding me up, (keeping me from slumping as if I wanted to melt away under the podium). What an instant difference it made. I carried through with the lecture and with real confidence and focus to do a good job.
    I got lots of praise afterwards, which was great, but there was one professor who asked a hostile question…I was inspired with an answer that allowed me to put him in his place while keeping everything pleasant, professional and sincere. People keep telling me how great my reply to him was (no one cared much for his attitude).
    ANYWAY, sorry to ramble, but I could feel my third chakra at work through this experience, and it not only got me through the rough spots, but I walked away with a real sense of accomplishment (something I’d been lacking for much too long). I had the willpower to prepare and present my lecture well, and I had the character to defeat hostility with grace, truth, and razor sharp effectiveness. It was fantastic!
    In other words, thanks for recommending the exercises for the third chakra, they’re really helping.

  56. 56
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hey Marie,

    Thanks so much for your feedback and sharing your first hand experiences with what a strong and balanced Third Chakra can do. Great job and glad the exercises are helping.

    I am sure your comments will inspire many with their personal yoga practice too.

    All Good Wishes,

  57. 57
    Arun Momia Says:

    Hi Malini,

    this has reference to your question for no. of people who are undergoing kundalini experience. It might look as an epidemic to you but i can tell u from my experience with this matter that there are very few people who are in knowledge of this thing. i keep floating some polls on ORKUT/medtation community and i hardly get sufficient no. of respondents from my indian counterparts. people are not much aware of all this, i cudn’t even find a single person with whom i can share abt. such matters in actual. it is only thru these blogs dat i get in touch with some people who understand all this.

    it is so hard to awake one’s kundalini u can get to know it from some enlightened person but as you got it spontaneously so you are seeing it as an epidemic. my case too is of spontaneity but i dont find many people with whom i can discuss all this.

    your idea of meeting n get together is gr8 but that requires time, money n other resources. i got some mail ids frm the bloggers here n i feel good whn i get their mails n share my experiences with them,you too can do the same, sometime i find people online on gtalk etc. n i can chat online it helps in such matters.


  58. 58
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Arun,

    In the future I plan to launch a forum on Mastery of Meditation, where I will be sure to include a thread for Kundalini Awakening Symptoms. I think it will be a valuable resource to all interested parties.


  59. 59
    Anonymous Says:

    Dear Anmol,

    I am having a low moment and am wondering if you might be able to help. My question is how we can know that we’re going through a kundalini awakening, and not just going crazy. My kundalini experiences started after a very serious period of extreme stress and pressure in my life. Basically my life disintegrated and turned chaotic. I’m getting better, but am wondering if maybe I’m not just suffering from some kind of back injury and some kind of post traumatic stress disorder. I really went through a lot before I started having the ‘white out’ episodes that I’ve described, and the back pain.
    Are there non-physical ways of knowing whether or not something spiritual is happening related to kundalini? Is there telling indications that clearly separate the experience of someone with a stress disorder from the experience of a person going through a kundalini awakening?
    Why would my kundalini awaken in the first place? I didn’t even know this was a possibility until after it seems to have happened.
    I just don’t get it today. Sometimes I do feel that I get it, and everything is quite clear. But maybe I am crazy on those days:)….
    Thanks for your help,

  60. 60
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Marie,

    Yours is a question all of us with physical symptoms struggle with from time to time. Here are some of my thoughts…

    1. Kundalini awakening during periods of stress or sorrow is not as uncommon as one would think. This is mostly because the “pain” during that time prevents one from being able to escape reality into a comfortable “mental reality”. This forced awareness into the here and now, as we know, is the key ingredient for spiritual awakening.

    2. Some experiences are easily attributed to Kundalini. Such as anything to do with energy sensations moving up and down the spine and anything that creates “transcendental experiences”. Other physical symptoms are difficult to attribute to kundalini with full confidence. For this reason, it is always worth getting such symptoms checked out by the medical system as well.

    Generally speaking, if living and practicing a more “spiritually oriented” life (yoga, meditation, solitude, mindfulness, light diet, like-minded company, quietude, nature etc.), increases the symptoms, then that is an indication that it is probably due to kundalini at work.

    Hope this helps. Hang in there and feel free to discuss openly.


  61. 61
    Anonymous Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    Thanks. It’s a relief to read what you’ve written. I often get lost in my questions about this experience. It sometimes feels a bit like a never-ending trip down Alice’s famous rabbit hole.

    I’ve read elsewhere that the beginning of a new life (in spiritual terms) can be marked by the death of a loved one, and the destruction of everything that a person had counted on in life (major attachments, basically). This is certainly the case for me. Is this sometimes related to kundalini specifically? I’ve only seen it referred to in Celtic traditions.

    Secondly, I read your message about the day you felt that you encountered God. I have to say that it seems remarkably similar to a day I experienced last year, right when I was stumbling accidentally into the world of my kundalini experience. This must be the kind of transcendental experience you’re thinking of, as a symptom of kundalini rising? It was as if I knew that everything was perfect, exactly as it was, no matter what. I had a feeling of complete peace and a feeling that I was in the Now, like never before. As I walked around town with this feeling, my senses were completely alive, I was purely happy, and I passed by two homeless men sitting on a bench. I said hello to one that smiled at me. That’s all I said. And as I was walking away, I heard the one say to the other, ‘That was pure loving-kindness, that’s what I’m talking about. That was it!’ He seemed to be describing what he felt when I said hello.

    So I thought I was on a pretty good track. But lately I’m often back in negativity, and people I’m around can really disgust me, to the point where I just want to shut them out completely. I experience this off and on. I don’t want it, but sometimes it’s just there.

    Do you think that once kundalini starts to rise, it’s possible for her to go away and not come back? I guess this is what I’m really concerned about. I liked the experience, it was the best day of my life, and I seriously do not want to jeapordize it, or keep imagining that it was something less than I thought it was. So I’m just trying to keep it alive, and understand it better.

    Thanks for letting me ramble!!

  62. 62
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Marie,

    My thoughts on your situation, good and a only little bit bad :-)…

    1. Yes things do tend to fall apart initially for those who are exposed to spirituality. This is not uncommon at all. It usually sets one on the spiritual path, or is the result of just having embarked on it. Very common experience.

    2. Here is the slightly bad news about your profound experience. It is the common experience of most of us spiritually inclined people, that early in our journey we usually have some mind blowing spiritual experiences, which yes then tend to disappear for many years as we are left to work through our ego issues and evolve spiritually.

    Initially, as energy pathways open and kundalini is first tasted, these experiences can be very “advanced” and incredible. It should be taken as a good sign though… as an indication to begin the work necessary to complete the journey. Your experience will give you conviction and faith that there is far more to Reality than what meets the ordinary mind.

    I suspect your case is consistent with this. Time to buckle down and get busy with your spiritual practice :-).


  63. 63
    Nandini Says:

    First of all, thank you so much for this site. I am sure that a great deal of time, energy and love goes into it and i would like you to know that it is very much appreciated. I have found answers here that i have been searching for for a long time.

    I have just started kundalini yoga and i am going very slowly because of many of the things i have read about it. I have been meditating (not consistently) for a very long time – my mother was very deeply involved in yoga and taught me the basics of light meditation when i was child.

    I don’t think what i am experiencing now is a symptom of awakening but i would just like to know if it is normal for someone who has just started. The area around my spine running up to the back of my neck feels heavy and is hot (not a burning hot though). Oddly enough, even though it is hot, it also feels cool – like someone took one of those refreshing towels and rubbed my spine with it. My limbs – arms and legs – are trembling, like i did 60 squats and pushups yesterday. Not violently like many people here describe but i am aware of it. Now and then the section of my spine midway down my back would tingle/vibrate briefly then stop (this is the setion that feels the heaviest). It is usually normal for my third eye to vibrate/throb painfully: during and after meditation, when i am doing puja, when i am stressed and other times for no reason at all, but for the past six weeks or so that has relatively stopped and even during kundalini it only happens briefly (i started kundalini yoga in the past week – very recently). Is it because i don’t focus on that region anymore but rather on my spine? Unlike the others here, i kinda miss the throbbing thid eye.

    I am doing this on my own (with only my inner guide) and i am wondering if i am doing something wrong. Please let me know if this is normal for a beginner.


  64. 64
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Nandini,

    Am very glad you are finding valuable guidance on the website.

    Your symptoms are certainly consistent with kundalini, and yes as I mentioned in my comment above to Marie (item #2), it is not uncommon for early experiences to be quite significant. They do tend to settle down though as your practice matures.

    Yes, the Third Eye feeds on attention, and since your attention is drawn elsewhere, the sensations there are diminished. I too don’t mind the pressure in that region :-). Re-attend to it, and the sensations should return.

    You are doing fine, just ensure you build up your physical health using the yoga practices, so that you will be better able to deal with the increased flow of Kundalini.

    If it gets too much, back off for some time till things settle down a bit, but continue to endeavor to stay as healthy as possible.

    Let me know how it goes.


  65. 65
    Nandini Says:

    Hi Anmol,

    Thanks for the advice. I definitely want to keep at it! Your emphasis on keeping healthy and only going as far as your body is ready is what attracted me to this site in the first place. It addressed my fears and how to overcome those fears to achieve what i wanted.

    I will let you know how it all goes. At the moment i’m trying to convince my mom, who’s perspective i value immensely and who is not comfortable with kundalini yoga, that this is a good idea. Her experiences with it were not very positive and she is fearful of the possible repercussions, which are legitimate concerns.

  66. 66
    m Says:

    hi anmol, me again with a negative question. does everyone embarking on a spiritual journey have to have suffering. if losing a loved one is price of spirituality then i don’t think i’m ready for this. and why does god make people suffer. why couldn’t there be a better system? and is suffering inevitable no matter if you’re spiritual or not? is suffering just a part of being born on earth?

  67. 67
    Marie Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    Thanks for your message, and for taking care with my feelings when you constructed it. The slightly bad news isn’t so bad, I suppose:) At least it won’t be in the long-view.

    Here’s the thing; – my lower three chakras are a mess, given my fairly problematic childhood/family realtions. My top three chakras have always had to work overtime to compensate, or at least this is how it seems to me. My heart chakra seems to have opened up last year, and I sense that my primary spiritual task is really to integrate my already spiritual self into regular human life (work, home, relationships, enjoyment of the here and now, service to myself and others, this kind of stuff). So I want to work on those lower three chakras and build a nice foundation for my more human side, and be able to integrate my stronger spiritual side with it.
    I feel like kundalini waking up last year was the beginning of this, and without rambling too much more, I want to ask you if you think a particular concpetion I have is sound:

    Basically I have the sense that we’re here in time and space to integrate the divine with our own human and material existence. I also have the sense that this ultimately requires the balancing of all chakras, and free flowing of kundalini energy between them all. My sense is that the clearing of karmic debts facilitates this. And then, once the balance is complete, the energy flows freely integrating our human and divine aspects. And once we’ve made our contributions to this material world, we’re free to let it go and move on into enlightenment. Checking out any sooner, or at least attempting to, would only bring us right back where we were when we tried to escape (I say this b/c I’m often tempted to climb a mountain and hang out up there for the rest of my life, but that seems like it wouldn’t really help me accomplish what I suspect should be accomplished, as I described it above). It’s kind of a rough description, but there you have it.

    Does this resonate well with any thoughts you have about kunalini rising ? Does it seem off-base?

    In any case, anything you can recommend about purifying and strengtheing the lower three chakras will be most welcome. (That is, anything other than what you have already generously made available on this site already – I think I’ve read it all).

    Thanks again,

  68. 68
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hey Marie,

    Although I agree with most of what you are saying, I would like to make one clarification.

    Enlightenment does not need to be seen in opposition to, or an escape from everyday life. In fact, I think the more energy you have, the more balance you have and the more Divinity you have shinning through, the more effectively you will be able to carry out your real work here in life. Perhaps in some ways we are saying the the same thing, just using the term enlightenment differently.

    So from a kundalini perspective, it means one is living with a great deal of energy and awareness, and that one is free from lower emotions and attachments. This of course translates into having the chakras opened and balanced.

    Which brings us to your request for working on the lower chakras. I am planning to add more sets to do so, currently the set for the navel chakra is online, and for others who may not have read it all yet :-), here is the link to that…

    Core Navel Power Yoga Set & Video

    Stay tuned for the other Chakra sets…


  69. 69
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hey M,

    No are no rules for enlightenment, the dark night before the awakening is not something everyone has to go through. There are plenty of examples of people finding their Way w/o such intense suffering.

    Suffering though is very much a part of human existence today and the best reason I believe for that, is due to us having cut ourselves off from the Totality and trying to live ego-centric, hollow lives. This inevitably brings suffering.

    Meditation or spirituality can simply be thought of as the process for ending future suffering. Once you re-connect to the Witnessing Consciousness (Whole) and live in alignment with it (discover your true purpose), suffering may still take place to the body and ego which persist and act, but you identify with that less and less (or not at all).

    Hope this helps.


  70. 70
    Kundalini Yoga for Self-Confidence & Willpower - Your Testimonials Says:

    [...] Kundalini Awakening Symptoms [...]

  71. 71
    Nick Says:

    Hi. I have had most of the common and uncommon symtpoms, and all of the rare symptoms except for the last one (churning arms and legs). I would like to add one symptom to it, but it may be unrelated. Sometimes when I touch things I can feel electricity in objects. Mostly around the stove (even plastic switches, light switches) and taps that are running or not. I think my sense of touch has become more sensitive, and that is why I feel the electricity.

  72. 72
    Medium Dreams Carnival of the Odd Says:

    [...] Anmol Mehta presents Kundalini Awakening Symptoms posted at Mastery of Meditation, Enlightenment & Kundalini Yoga, saying, “Read about what others have experienced with regard to the awakening of Kundalini Energy. Find out if what you are experiencing is actually a symptom of Kundalini rising.” [...]

  73. 73
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hey Nick,

    This is certainly a new symptom that I have heard of. Interesting as usual :-D.

    Thanks for sharing.


  74. 74
    Doer Says:

    Hi Confused,

    I would request you to read the book “Many masters, many lives” by Dr. Brian Weiss. Your experiences are very similar to the subject matter of it.May be it ‘ll give you a better understanding of what you are going through and hence will make it easier. Moreover, whenever you have visions of your past, this life or the previous, sit down in a calm and stable manner and let it all come & watch it as a witness as a third person. Write it on a paper in as much detail as you can & then the burn the paper. Watch it burn away. What is happening to you is a part of the evolution and these visions come because of the “unresolved karma” of the past.(most of them will be cos of unhappy situations of the past) Many scholars say it is like your subconscious (the great store-house of all karma) is getting cleansed. Writing the episode gives you an understanding of it (once you understand it it doesn’t bind you anymore) and hence resolves it and burning it away will convince you that it is getting cleaned up from the store house. Not all the experiences need to come up like this and get resolved. As you evolve many ‘ll get dissolved away, without coming to your conscious plane.


  75. 75
    Doer Says:

    Hi Marie,
    As you might have figured out by now that i posted the above comment without going through the whole thread, and without knowing your real name Marie (which you mentioned in later posts).Addressing someone as ‘confused’ who have had wise insights about life sounds pretty funny and foolish. I posted it after reading the post in which you first mention the ‘white-outs’ . Hope all that has cured itself and you are well on your way.
    Love and regards,

  76. 76
    Marie Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for your comments Doer. A long time ago I glanced over that book, but don’t remember it’s contents well. What I did remember was that the story about the woman who went back to her life in ancient Greece, but the details of the story seemed antithetical to certain key aspects of ancient Greek life (e.g. she describes the temples as white, but they were painted in bright colors in antiquity). But maybe I’m remember the story the wrong way, my apologies if this is a favorite book of yours.
    I did want to write because I had quite a strange experience last week. About 7 years ago I had a vision that felt very much like a past life memory. It felt like a memory of mine, of something I took part in. It was the first time I had a vision, and didn’t have one again for years. But the memory of it has stuck with me vividly all of this time. The memory is basically about me being a part of a group that harmed someone. I didn’t harm the person myself, but I also did not stop what happened. I only fought it on the inside, and I did nothing in reality to prevent it. It was awful.
    Last week I had a reason to travel overseas, to a place I had never visited before. I couldn’t find a place to stay (it was a last minute trip, not enough planning…), and as it was getting late in the afternoon, and I still had no place to stay that seemed good, I told myself I’d stay at the first place I saw at 5pm, no more wandering around aimlessley. And exactly at 5pm I drove up to a cabin and was able to stay there for three days.
    During my time there, I took a walk around the property, and I found myself in the exact setting of that vision I had had 7 years ago. Everything about it was the same (except obviously the people I remembered were not there).
    The whole time I was there I felt like apologizing for what had happened there. I don’t know if I was able to set things right just by knowing that if was in the same situation again, I’d fight it – or if I’ll need to do more. I don’t know how to tell. But I feel like this is what the experience is about – a chance to set things right and clear the past.
    Or I’m just crazy. Maybe both….
    Thanks very much for your thoughts and ideas above.
    All the best,

  77. 77
    Marie Says:

    Hi again Doer, I forgot to mention one thing that’s changed. Today I had another one of those episodes that I call ‘white outs’, but this time, no memories came up. I just felt that physical sickness that I get with the episodes, and I felt the usual detachment from my environment (the best way I can think to describe it is that I turn into the ‘Observer’ with a much greater intensity than is normal – I don’t relate in a familiar way to surroundings that I normally live in when I’m in this state, they look suddenly foreign, even though it often happens in my own home – basically I see the physical parts of my life (body, living space, etc.) as someone who isn’t attached to them, it’s weird).
    Anyway, this was the first time that I had an episode that wasn’t accompanied by the feeling of my brain clearing out thoughts by whiting them out.
    I hope this means I’ve got where I needed to go with these white-outs, and that I can move on now. It’s hard to tell, I guess I’ll know in time by whether or not the white outs come again.
    And thanks for the tip about the burning of the memory on a paper. I just tried that with the memory of that awful incident I described above. I hope it will help.
    All best,

  78. 78
    Marie Says:

    One last thing, and this is for Anmol – I just wanted to thank you for the previous post you made concerning the nature of enlightement. It’s still a subject that I don’t understand well and your comments were helpful. I think I have been looking to enlightenment too much as an escape, and the closer I move towards it, the more it just seems like an alignment that will set all things right, and can only be attained by setting right all those things in our own spheres of influence.
    Anyway, thanks for pointing out what you did, it gave needed perspective.
    All the best,

  79. 79
    doer Says:

    Hi Marie,

    I am afraid you are not recalling the contents of the book very correctly. She goes to many of her previous lives in her many sessions with Dr Brian & the book comes out of the recording of those sessions. The contents seemed pretty objective to me, so thought might benefit you too. Though it is one of the books I like, but am not that attached to anything so as to get hurt by its criticism ;-)
    Regarding your visions, As you say ,are a chance to set things right; but the same people are not there( at least in the same physical bodies). I again feel it is all a process of clearing up your storehouse of memories (the subconscious) like the basement of your house, one thing (memory) at a time. a chance to understand and resolve. Just like if you understand gravity and aerodynamics, u can build a plane to defy gravity; you are no more bound by it; you are free; same with experiences(memories). I myself have used the paper technique (some scholars call it ‘sanskar dah tantra’ (a hindi/sanskrit phrase)). It is pretty powerful, though for some experiences I had to do it twice.
    So, even if you want to ask for forgiveness, for the said incident, do it in writing or even otherwise too. The supreme intelligence, as Anmol mentioned is unconditionally forgiving.
    We can talk about the other aspects of your whiteouts too.But since, this thread is about kundalini awakening symptoms, let ‘s do it on mail.I would love to hear from you. My mail id is theswayingfire@gmail.com. Mention yours or just drop a mail.

    love & best wishes,

  80. 80
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Marie,

    Glad the article on enlightenment was helpful and also, that the whiteouts are more manageable. Seeing things in a detached way is consistent with some of my experiences as well, and your description of just being an observer is spot on.

    Hope everything continues to fall into place.


  81. 81
    Marie Says:

    Hi Anmol,

    Thanks. It’s comforting to know that you experienced this kind of detachment, because you seem like a verifiably sane person. :) I’m often wondering about my own sanity these days.

    The thing is that I didn’t feel happy when I experienced this, I experienced it as a state of purely detached observation. Did you feel anything when you experienced it? I thought being detached from the world was supposed to bring happiness….

    All the best,

  82. 82
    Anmol Mehta Says:


    It’s very hard to compare such experiences.

    Usually detached observation bring a sense of freedom and joy. This tends to happen when one breaks free from the thinking apparatus and is able to reside simply as a witnessing consciousness, just watching and understanding that which is transpiring. Mostly this state is encountered during meditation or quiet moments.

    Can I ask, what is the mind doing in terms of thinking during this time? Is it possible for you to turn your attention to it and notice what thoughts are taking place?

    Only try it if you feel comfortable. I don’t want to promote the state, if it does not feel right to you.


  83. 83
    Marie Says:

    Dear Anmol,

    Thanks.There were a couple of times when I experienced this detached state, and it came with the kind of sense you describe, very positive, liberating and I felt full of light, love, forgiveness and true understanding. These episodes came without any problems at all, only the opposite.

    But much more often I slip into this observer’s state during one of the white-outs, when those unclear memories come bubbling up and I get really sick to my stomach. During one of these episodes, I’m aware of my surroundings, taking note of them as someone who is seeing them purely as an observer, but at the same time, my mind is full of fear and anxiety because I feel the sickness coming on, and I’m praying that it won’t, or that it will pass quickly. Mostly my mind just keeps saying ‘oh please no no no no no no.’ And of course I can’t help myself trying to stop the experience, or at least calm it down as quickly as possible. When everything turns white after the memory flashes, and the nausea and panic pass, I mostly just feel extremely relieved, refreshed and disoriented, as if a clearning has taken place – but I do not feel all of those good things that I mentioned above.

    Those more positive episodes always come to me when I’ve done something BIG to clear out a problem in my life, letting go of a major attachment that was harming me. There’s an exceedingly clear element of ego-sacrifice that immeditely precedes the positive episodes. I say they ‘always’ come, as if it happens a lot, but this feeling has only come to me a few times in life.

    I suppose, after writing this, that the difference seems to be between the clearning that I bring about by deliberately removing a gigantic ‘toxin’ or a block in my life, and the kind that seems to be taking place more on its own, moving the blocks and toxins out by its own force. I wonder if that’s kundalni at work, working by her own force now that I’ve ‘unleashed’ her, so to speak?

    Hmmm. I hadn’t thought of that before, maybe that’s it….
    Thank you for giving me a place to talk about this. It would definitely sound like crazy-talk outside of this context.

    All the best,

  84. 84
    romi Says:

    The word kundalini is very highly used nowadays. However, this is just the beggining, and can be quite unfullfilling if one gets stuck in these kundalini ‘sensations’ as one may say. Out of all the syptoms, i have actually experienced them all. Another one which is not listed is nosebleeds. Thats another one i experience due to this so called ‘kundalini’ awakening. However, kundalini is still a game which must be conquered. The true lord is pervading in the timeless stream within the dasam duaar ( 10th spiritual plane ) and if one through the love of god , obtains to that state, then that being has attained true enlightenment. The problem with kundalini sensations , is that they give us a feeling as though we have some sort of power, a sensation to feel. By abandoning these sensations, whilst they are happening is important. To abandon them and to ask for gods love is the last true test. Only then can one reach the 5th plane of spirituallity .

  85. 85
    romi Says:

    To actually understand what kundalini means is important. Everyone knows about the serpent snake and how it is unleashed in the body. However, it is not your ally. These sensations are not the kundalini giving you them. The mind realises that the kundalini has been activated , and will do anything to return to its old ways. This is why things like headaches, sensations such as things crawling on the body, and many more sensations take place . The mind is so deceptive that it likes to scare off the soul to reach its destination, and that untimate destination is god. True enlightenment envokes giving up fear aswell. trully frightening experiences happen as one gets deeper into their unconcious mind. However, only those that overcome the fear through the love of god, taste gods sweet nectar.

  86. 86
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Romi,

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and insights with us. You seem to have experienced much and certainly love of Divinity and the Truth is the guiding light for all spiritual awakening.

    All Good Wishes,

  87. 87
    Janina Says:

    Dear Anmol,

    Could you please describe in more detail the arms and legs churning like a baby’s? This is of particular interest to me.

    Thank you,

  88. 88
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Janina,

    Yes this was quite an experience. It was a long time ago but I remember the sensations quite clearly. It was very very pleasurable. The pleasure is certainly very physical in nature (not like spiritual bliss). The arms and legs moved on their own like that of a baby (cycling motion).

    It absolutely cannot be stimulated and I don’t recall anything special bringing it about. It just happened.

    Hope those details help.


  89. 89
    Yakari Says:

    Hi, everyone
    Dont even know were to start, it all started on 8 years ago, when i got back home from an celtic festival, i sat on the bed and started to get realy unconfortable, geting my heart beat real fast, and lots of muscular spasms, since i got at the time 20 years old i thought, this cant be an heart atack, to young for that (i think), anyway, got to the hospital and the doctors sayed that was all ok, done lots of exames, but didnt acused nothing, so i got back home, but since then, i got frequent muscular spasms, including on the head, one thing that i noticed to is that i got more activitie at night, started to stay awake to late hours at the point that in the present day i sleep during the day and make my life during night, sometimes i get emotion explosions , cry when i see something or some act of goodness or compassion, usualy i like to draw, but lately this obby is getting from obby to obssesion, i draw till i cant move my finger, i finish one draw and start another one, i have never got so much creativity, if i got 8 hours of free time, i pass those 8 hours drawing.
    A few days ago a particular situation ocurred, a friend of mine that i didnt saw for a few years due to work on other country contacted me, and told me like this “hey how’r u doin” that kind of stuff when u dont see someone from sometime, and we meet to drink a coffee, he started to talk to me about the awakening, of our inner self, about many many things of that matter, i was so involved in he’s talking that it seam that we were on the right frequencie and from a moment i saw my self and him just sat on the place, and it wasnt us , our phisycal body that were talking, it seam that was something else, almost like we were on the space ,between the starts or whatever , cant explain what i felt, jut we wasnt talking in that place ,it was unreal, and the best spiritual experience and unique that i have so far. after that i got even worst, dont even know if its good or bad, my emotions is getting worst everyday, getting to much sentimental, i was before a bit spiritual, but now i’m feeling diferent, dont know in what , but i know that im diferent , i act diferent i think diferent, im sorry my spelling , i know that my post might got confused due to all the subjects , but i’m not much concentrated at the moment, i saw this website, and i didnt thought twice to tell my experience, hopping that i got the answer to my “problem” here.

    thank you all that read this

    Blessed be

  90. 90
    Yakari Says:

    Hi everyone again
    one last post that i wold like to and i forgot to mention, i can identify almost all the symptoms , the most unconfortable of all is the shaking, i look at my hands or anyother part of my body and i dont see it shaking, but i can feel my body shaking like it was coming from inside, and a particular one is that i got is that i usualy give to anyone or my self small electrical charges, or if i touch something i get an electrical charge.

    thank’s all for the patience and time.

    Blessed be

  91. 91
    brandon Says:

    My very 1st time practicing meditation, was last Thursday.

    Very weird experience. I saw a orange-esh color ring like object in front of my sight, so I concentrated on it. After concentrating on this ring, I began to feel a surge of energy/sensations, starting from my 4 head to the rest of my head down to my chest. These energy/sensations became strong burning sensations. I began to feel a decent amount of pressure on my brain, to the point it felt like my brain (lol) was on vibrate. I could almost hear the sound of these symptoms. (i’m not even goin to try and describe the sound. VERY hard to describe in words) I became very short of breath, to where I became aware of this and fell out of my meditation.

    Woke up the next morning didn’t remember a thing for most of the day until around 6pm. Out of nowhere I remembered what happened to me, along with that memory came a headache.

  92. 92
    Hari Gopal Kaur Says:

    I’ve been practicing Kundalini yoga on and off for 9 years now. Reading these writings brings back a memory from when I first began my practice–I was 20 years old at the time.

    I remember getting up for Sadhana with my teacher, Saram Singh, who I met at 4:30 am from time to time to participate in this practice. Upon returning home, I had such an intense feeling of joy and happiness, and I was sitting in bed talking to my boyfriend with the straightest and most easeful posture I have ever felt before. My posture was so straight up and down that it felt really remarkable, it was more than just a straight back, it was as if my entire being had aligned and all of the pieces had just shifted into their exactly perfect home.

    I imagine that babies have this feeling when they first learn to sit, until it becomes a habit and the muscles begin forming other less useful patterns. The only other time that I have ever had this experience was after doing Contact Improvisation, a dance form that I love because it also takes me to a transcendent place.

    Of course during yoga practice there are the usual symptoms of lightheadedness, energy rushing upwards, and for me sometimes nausea. I’m curious as to whether or not you would call these experiences (and the one I described earlier) “wind” experiences, or actual kundalini rising experiences.

    I also often feel a very sweet and manageable feeling of joy when practicing. It often just arises as I am doing an exercise, perhaps from really feeling the mantra, or appreciating my physical form. It always causes an uncontrollable and welcome smile to live on my face. I also often think of Yogi Bhajan when this happens, at least I have recently.

    Finally, it’s wonderful to get to that place in an exercise when it takes over, and it feels as if it is happening on its own. I’m not sure if this is kundalini rising, but I do think that it is the mind shutting off and allowing the body to take over. It is a wonderful feeling when the mind gets out of the way and plays witness to the rest, as it is in control and the other parts are playing witness to it so often!!!

    Thank you for hosting such a meaningful conversation, amongst a whole host of other wonderful resources on your website.

    I have a separate question: could you point me to some kundalini yoga sets that include dancing?

    Thank you so much and Sat Nam!!! :) :) :) -Hari Gopal

  93. 93
    deo Says:

    I have been practicing meditation for 6 months and have been experience telepathy like you talk on phone, strong intution, when i close my eyes i see some internal tube light has lite and i see bright white light..i also see that i am disolving in nature..pls let me know wht are these symptoms pointing to

  94. 94
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Yakari,

    Thank you very much for sharing your amazing experiences with us. Hope everything is manageable and not too overwhelming. Glad to have you stop by Mastery of Meditation.

    All Good Wishes,

  95. 95
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Hari Gopal,

    Thanks you so much from sharing your wonderful experiences with Kundalini Yoga with us.

    Some of those experiences are indeed “Vata” (wind) related, although the one’s which involve “unusual” movement of energy I would attribute to Kundalini.

    I too love dance and have considered putting together some sets which involve Kundalini and Dance. There are a few out there already (in some books I have), but unfortunately I don’t know of any on the web. The dance though is mostly free form or “Bhangra” type.

    Of course Osho’s Kundalini Meditation has dance in it, but that too is free form. One master who does have very structured dance for developing awareness is Gurdjieff, if you would like to explore his profound works.

    Thank you again for your presence on Mastery of Meditation.

    Sat Nam,

  96. 96
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Deo,

    I would attribute most of these symptoms and powers to the opening of the Third Eye (Ajna Chakra). If you can interested there are some free meditation techniques for developing this center on this website as well.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

    All Good Wishes,

  97. 97
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Brandon,

    I replied to you via email. Let me know if you don’t receive it.


  98. 98
    Chris Says:

    Hi Anmol Mehta,

    I wanted to find out what “The arms and legs churn like that of a baby” means? Could you explain that further in more detail as possible?


  99. 99
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Chris,

    (here my attempt to explain it further from the comments above)

    Yes this was quite an experience. It was a long time ago but I remember the sensations quite clearly. It was very very pleasurable. The pleasure is certainly very physical in nature (not like spiritual bliss). The arms and legs moved on their own like that of a baby (cycling motion). I was on my back, eyes closed.

    It absolutely cannot be stimulated and I don’t recall anything special bringing it about. It just happened.

    Hope those details help.


  100. 100
    Rahul Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I too had a kundalini awakening experience.It happened in 2003.Initially I had a rush of flow of energy flowing thorugh my whole body and vibes being felt at different parts of my body.A feeling that nails were being embedded into my forehead-the place of the ajna chakra.But now its just a feeling that there is something at my ajna chakra.I also had connections with different people through my heart chakra and some telepathy with them.I have read that ajpa jaap starts in the person having a kundalini awakening experience.The end result is that all the chakras open and the kundalini reaches the sahasra kamal-the thousand petalled lotus.But when does this happens.


  101. 101
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Rahul,

    Often such early “explosions” happen and then one undertakes perhaps years of yoga and meditation to see the process through to completion. You have received the invitation from beyond, time to make your way to the party :-D.


  102. 102
    NyPorter Says:

    Hi All,
    Below are some of my experiences. Wanted to share it with of you folks

    1. Intense pressure in crown head area
    2. Involuntary Vibrations
    3. While meditating feels like consciousness is expanding
    It seems to grow.If I try to do this voluntarily it does
    create lots of mental stress
    4. Intense pressure/energy in crown head area when in temples/religious places and reading religious scriptures

    5. Insomnia/fear of unknown of late

    6 Energy rushes circulating in body from top to down mostly

    7 Once during intense meditation felt like consiousness was souring high and high.
    Like when you are riding one of those joy rides in six flags.

    8 Itching/ feeling of heat in lower spine area.

    9 Emotional experiences when think/see something spiritual. Have become very deeply spiritual

    10 Tingling sensations in Feet sometimes

    11 Pain in left leg often


  103. 103
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hey NyPorter,

    Thanks for sharing these symptoms of your spiritual journey with us. Hope the insomnia/fear settle down.

    I use Ayurvedic techniques to deal with these two symptoms in particular (try to reduce vata (air element) and increase kapha (earth element), I am slight in build so this is in general a good strategy for me).

    All Good Wishes,

  104. 104
    NyPorter Says:

    Hi Anmol,

    Thanks for your response. I had one other question

    Do you think any of above symptoms ( for example intense pressure in head/skull etc) is possible in Reiki, if some one is giving Reiki to me,


  105. 105
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Nyporter,

    Yes, it is possible to get this pressure from Reiki, but it is also possible that you were attending to this area during the session, which would certainly lead to activating the chakra.


  106. 106
    Ilian Says:

    Hi Anmol,

    Is it possible to start having these awakening symptoms after only your second meditation. Because I can swear that tonight I during only my second meditation I felt the tingly sensations, pain in the back and the neck(and just a little bit of headache and pressure on the Third Eye), also fluttering or twitching of muscles and spontaneous bliss and pleasure. This pleasure didn’t stay with me the whole night, but something around 20 to 30 minutes after the meditation. Also I felt lightheaded.


  107. 107
    Ilian Says:

    Hello again,

    Before I forget I want to say that I’ve been experiencing some tickling sensations while trying to guess when something might happen. For instance I’ve been getting this sensation when trying to guess when the toast I’m doing is going to pop out of the toaster. And the closer it gets the stronger the feeling gets and after the toast has popped up the feeling just disappears.

    One more thing I forgot to mention was that I’ve found it hard to go to sleep these past 2 days. I usually go to bed at around 4 am :). I also felt tingling in my feet almost all of the time of the meditation. Furthermore I felt coldness in my feet and hands(and something like energy flickering between my hands) and I’m not sure about divine light inside but I felt a couple of bursts of light(but I’m not sure if that wasn’t just the light bulb flickering ;) ). I felt like my hands were drifting away from my head.

    Also I wanted to ask you why my night sessions of meditation are much better than my day time ones. I mean during 12-1 am I have a meditation session just before sitting down to program and this helps me focus. This session is much better than the one I have at 2-3 pm. Also tonight I wasn’t able to concentrate enough to experience an effect from the meditation :(


  108. 108
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Ilian,

    Yes, it is not uncommon to have remarkable “transcendental” experiences during the very early stages of yoga and meditation practice. It is because energy pathways are suddenly being allowed to open and flow, leading to such experiences.

    They tend to settle down after the early “exciting” phase unfortunately :-D, and leave us with sometimes years of what is generally called the “integration phase”.

    Also, your experience of meditation sessions being more effective at night is not uncommon either. It is generally because the conscious mind is finally done and at ease, thus allowing awareness to travel deeper. It is one of my favorite times to meditate as well.

    Interesting experience with your intuitive nature. Sometimes these abilities come and go, keep us updated on your condition. It is certainly fascinating.


  109. 109
    Ilian Says:

    Thank you, Anmol

    For this and the other comments, recent days I haven’t had such enlightening experiences, but still I was a bit scared and confused by the changes. But the night before last night I had an insomniac episode and didn’t have anything to do so I practiced variations of meditation and pranayama. I went to sleep at around 6:30 am and woke up at 10:30. Although yesterday I lacked sleep I was able to concentrate on making practice tests the whole day and it was just great. If I could concentrate and make my every day experience as pure as that one I’d be a very happy guy ;)

    So my thanks again for your fast responses, I know you are a busy man so thank you again.

  110. 110
    Harpreet Says:

    There seems to be no mention of Yogi Bhajan, yet this is Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan!? I find that very strange but I do like that you are sharing this empowering technology for the excellence of all. There also seems to be no mention of the importance of tuning in (adi mantra) and out (sat nam) of kundalini yoga practice, is there a reason for this?

  111. 111
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Harpreet,

    My teacher was actually Ravi Singh, I did not have the good fortune of meeting Yogi Bhajan, but you will find lots of mention of Yogi Bhajan throughout the website (you can find those by searching for him in the search box in the top right corner).

    You will also find discussion of Adi Mantra in the linked article regarding the importance of tuning in.

    The website is ever growing though and I do plan to add more Kundalini Yoga details and information, so am certainly open to suggestions and ideas.

    All Good Wishes,

  112. 112
    Nancy Says:

    Hello Anmol

    Looking at some of the comments/symptoms, what I thought was kundalini awakening may not have been.
    It started in my root chakra feeling like a wheel spinning, then the energy started up my spine, pausing at each chakra (I think- didn’t know about chakras then) before bursting through up to the next one where it bounced off it a few times and burst through again, continuing this process through each chakra to the top of my head.
    The energy radiated then so powerfully I was not aware of the edges of my body-was just one big energy ball. My late brother started the experience when he moved his energies into mine- at one point I had to get the energy to back off as I feared I would incinerate. Later did it on my own and used the energies to heal others.
    Was that a kundalini awakening?

  113. 113
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Yes that certainly was a kundalini awakening episode. It is very nice to hear that you are able to manage this energy and that you are using it to heal and uplift others.

    All Good Wishes,

  114. 114
    NirankarSingh Says:

    I am a kundalini yoga instructor and practitioner and some of the experiences that I had along my practice is that kundalini Yoga has a the huge capacity of generating a clear mind and eliminating subconscious trash.
    Some of the symptoms of this are sometimes having stages of a lot of dreams and then not having them for a long time.
    Other symptom that I consider very important in Kundalini Yoga is having stages where you have many emotional changes and you might be thinking a lot of problems in your personality, sometimes you might get depressed because of this and sometimes you will be glad that you get to see this.
    In my opinion when I think this is one of the final stages of kundalini awakening, when you can simply be in sunnya, be non reactive and not live in duality and attachments,in other words simply be…your self!

  115. 115
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Nirankar,

    Very helpful insights into the challenges and changes that Kundalini Yoga brings about.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, and adding to the discussion.

    All Good Wishes,

  116. 116
    Nishit Says:

    Hi Anmol,

    I dont know whether it is an awakened Kundalini (Muladhar) ot just a state of tired brain. some time I have to wake up till early morning (before it was due to study and now official work). When I go to bed at 3 or 4 am, I am very tired (mentally as well as physically). After about 10 – 15 mins, I feel complete paralysis of my body. Here, I mean, I can see the things in my room (so conscious to outer world) but could not move my body even an inch. I feel like I am going to die. Due to this fear, I start to put my all efforts (mentally and physically) to move even my hand. After some time and great amount of effort, I can manage to get up from bed. Normally, I have this experience whenever I am tired by working or reading the whole night. I do some yogasana and excersises daily (sometimes miss couple of days). Apart from this experience, since last two weeks, I also have feeling of pressure in between eyebrows directing upward whenever I take deep and conscious breath continuously. (I’ve started pranayam and meditation with yogasan since last month) Do you have any comments or guidance from your asset of experiences or knowledge in above cases?

  117. 117
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Nishit,

    It is almost undoubtedly kundalini. I have had the experience of paralysis (yes quite scary) and have the pressure in my forehead as a constant companion.

    I suggest you read the following 2 accounts from A D (please read the second as well, so you are not put off) of kundalini and paralysis. It is really a personal choice if you want to allow kundalini to flow and deal with all that it entails.



    I will suggest to really develop your body and systems though if you want to proceed with kundalini awakening. Let me know anytime if I can help further.


    PS: Also, if you do read the accounts, I was in touch with A D recently and he is doing very well now.

  118. 118
    Maria Carbonell Says:

    Yes, I had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening (or partial awakening) on August 27th of 2008. I was sitting at my computer checking emails when all of a sudden I felt a vibration as if I were sitting on my ipod. When I got up from the chair to look, I realized that there was nothing there, but the vibration continued…I noticed it was exactly like a cat’s purr. This lasted for several weeks, the purring….it made me feel strange because nobody else was experiencing that and could not help me, and I wasn’t about to be telling people that I was purring in the Muladhara.. Then there was a powerful pressure on the organs…..that lasted several days. Now I do not feel a powerful pressure (I think my body has gotten used to it) but I can still feel the energy in my belly. It has not risen to the head yet and I do not know why. I have had ecstatic feelings, feelings of fullness, nausea, a richness in the blood feeling, but nothing really “up the spine.” I have felt on occasion, very hot as if it is a hot day, and I sweat (sometimes it really is), but people tell me that it is not hot. But I am also in the menopause and that is a normal thing for my age, which is 55. I don’t know if it is also a part of the Kundalini experience. I would surely like to know what kind of exercises I should be doing. I know it is important not to try and “force” things, but I really would like for the energy to get to the head, where it is supposed to go/be. Thanks for any suggestions. I really don’t know what I should be doing, if anything, and there is not much serious information out there on the internet about this happening or condition, nor is there any advice available to people who are undergoing something similar. I think I need some advice. I think the problem lies in that there are few people around who really have had this experience first hand, and know what to do about it.

  119. 119
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Maria,

    Yes it certainly is a Kundalini experience that you are describing. I would not force it to rise to the head or up the spine. I would instead suggest to simply get to work with regard to getting your body and systems in very good shape.

    Thus trust and allow the energy to rise when the systems are ready. This would also help you deal with it when it happes as Kundalni is not always easy to handle.

    To start, I suggest the free online kundalini yoga course (101). Also, pay close attention to what you body wants at this time. More rest, different food, time alone, time in nature, exercise, etc and see if you can cater to it.

    Keep us posted.

    All Good Wishes,

  120. 120
    Jane Says:

    Hey, I love this site. Well anyways, lately I have had that constant warming in the crown of the head. And also, every night when I’m laying in bed, I think I’m about to fall asleep, I get a burst of energy that starts at the crown of my head and shoots down my spine that forces my back to arch for a couple of seconds-like it’s a reflex. It’s a very powerful energy and it scared me at first. It’s all only started just recently, though. So this is normal, then? Phew, I hope so. And also, what is the difference between Kudalini awakening and Kundalini syndrome?

  121. 121
    Serenity Says:

    Hi. I had an awakening beginning in June 2008. Believe it or not, I ordered a chakra meditation from audible.com and did it for about 2 weeks and ended up triggering the awakening. It was so scary and intense for the first 1-2 months, where I had many of the symptoms you described above (and more). At times, I did not know if I would make it because it was so intense. I have documented some of my experiences on my website: allaboutpeace.org. I had trembling, visions, intense heat, musical ears, vivid dreams, clairvoyance, out of body travel in my dreams, chakras opening/ activating (throughout my body)…it felt like my whole body coming to life, paralysis, light in my head, geometric images and colored lights in my head at night, intense terror and fear, insomnia, lack of appetite (lost 35 lbs), heightened anxiety, etc. As the cleansing continued, I would have systematic cleansing of chakric areas in the body; the cleansing would transform and change throughout the past 6 months. I have begun to have bliss states ( I started having them in the beginning, but was afraid of them so I fought them). Now that I am not afraid anymore, I am relaxed with most everything. I was lucky also because the energy guided me the entire way….giving me signs and information to help me cope and heal. I have always been reassured in dreams and visions that “I will be fine.” Also, most of the cleansing takes place at night, between 11pm and 3 am.

    Anyway, I have been going non-stop since June. My body and chakras are cleansing day and night (most intensely at night). In the past month, the intensity of the cleansing has picked up. The energy is predominantly in the brain. I have felt the activity and cleansing of the pineal gland, the pituitary, the medulla oblongata, the temple chakras, those right above the ears, the inner ears, the nose, 7 eyes, circle of chakras on the scalp, the crown, the one at the back of the skull, the cheeks, the jaw, roof of the mount, the base of the jaw, the nasal chakras, etc. This whole process is fascinating. I have benefited a great deal from a book that outlines the chakras throughout the body and within the 7 bodies; it is by Genevieve Paulson and I have used it to help guide me through the process, since I did not have a teacher and I did not know anything about what was happening at first….which of course, led to much of my terror.

    Now, I am nearing completion of something. I am told by the energy that I will be splitting open soon. I think I am nervous about what this means (in terms of bodily experience). I have had many times where the energy left my crown, but it always descends and goes right back to work cleansing the remaining bodies. Two weeks ago, I had a dream where the crown gave way and the energy/ light left my head. I was in a trance and scared. For me, the greatest struggle in this whole process has been letting go and trusting. When I enter the bliss states, or when I am taken out of my body at night, or if I go into a trance, I struggle with relaxing and letting it happen. I continue to work on it and allow myself to adapt, step by step. I am fortunate since it seems, the energy progresses in a way that enables me to adapt and prepare for the next steps and stages.

    Have you or anyone experienced the siddhis with the awakening? I have received 5 gifts, but do not understand what this all means? Also, do you know of anyone who has had the full awakening of all the bodies? Are there more than 7? I know different traditions recognize different numbers of bodies, but so far, my experiences are in-line with the 7 body model in Paulson’s book. Are there any books written in more detail about life after kundalini, or about the full-awakening experience in general. I cannot find much about this, especially that matches what I am going through. I am fortunate to receive many answers as I proceed (through the inner guide), however, I am fascinated to know about others who have taken this process farther. I have come across many people’s writings, but none that discuss the cleansing of the chakras, the siddhis, the impact on later life, and of course, what it feels like when the energy breaks through the crown permanently. Thank you.

  122. 122
    jhumki Says:

    dear sir,

    these days i have been having of sri hanumanji in my dreams…not only dat i feel as if i have achieved a lot and dat feeling of bliss is following me every night…sometimes i have such horrifying visions dat i get up scared…also i am terribly energetic these days…and also i have actually started foreseeing things….i am not lying sir as they r happening live to me….is this bcoz of kundalini rising?

    plz explain and i am an ardent devotee of sri hanumanji …by the way i forget to mention above,,,dat i am a 15yr old gurl

  123. 123
    Andi Says:

    Hello Anmol,

    What is having the pressure between your brows (the third eye) at all times? How does it feel exactly, and what does this indicate?

    I’ve been doing some other form of meditation for some years now. I notice that I have this tenseness between my brows all the time (or when I’m mindful enough to notice it). But since I’m a big reader, I tend to think that this tenseness is due to eye strains, or some nerves knotting up there.

    I’m posting this question here at any rate. I’d like to hear anything regarding sensations around the third eye.

    Thank you & Love,

  124. 124
    Andi Says:

    Oh! Also, where might I find a praiseworthy kundalini guru in Los Angeles?

  125. 125
    topaz Says:

    Hello, I have experienced intense pain in my lower back since almost a month, starting November 15. In the middle of the night it was like I had shocks of energy in my lower back lasting a few seconds, and when I woke up my lower back really hurt. Over the next few weeks it hurt to walk and even to sit up, and I hadn’t even lifted anything heavy. I hadn’t seen a doctor or chiropractor since it’s gotten better since, but at night when I lay on my back I still feel discomfort. Did I hurt my back because it may have been too cold in my room, or could this be a kundalini awakening? I

    Many thanks!

  126. 126
    Rachel Says:

    Hi Anmol and everyone. I’m very glad to read so many posts. Wow. I feel like I know you all!

    Well, I live in Canada. I often have that pressure in the third eye region. It’s a good thing, for me. It doesn’t get overwhelming. I have it today as I am writing, actually. Also, I get a feeling of energy in each of the chakra areas, and I do hands on healing, so when I do that on my chakras, of course I feel it too. I often do that, especially when I am sick, to clear the chakras and bring them into harmony with each other.

    On Sunday (4 days ago), I was sitting in church doing energy healing on my thyroid, because I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and besides, it was sore. I was also telling it that I love it, because the problem is that my immune system is turning against my thryoid, so I wanted to counteract the fear.

    At one point, I turned my hand so it was facing downward, to let the energy out. The energy flowed out straight forward and at that point I started to feel shaky. It was right before O Little Town of Bethlehem, and I couldn’t stand up to sing. My voice got all weak too. After church I stumbled out and got some water and lay down on the carpet in the nursery. Then I wend and found my Dad and he took me to my parents’ place. Then my chest started to feel tight and my heart was racing, so we went to the hospital. While I was there, I still felt shaky and weak (as I do still now), but they checked me out and said my heart and everything was fine and I should go home and rest and see the thyroid doctor on Tuesday (yesterday).

    Anyway, also, in my heart – or through my heart – there was a feeling of energy flowing, and intensity in the middle of my back, right where the heart is. I can still feel it, although it stopped for awhile. After the doctor checked me out, I figured, well, my heart chakra must be opening up. So, I’ll just allow it to do that.

    Actually on Monday a healer I know did a treatment on me and she set the intention for my heart chakra to open more, because it is so related to the thyroid… the thyroid is connected to the throat chakra and the throat chakra allows the expression of what is in the heart. So, maybe that is why I felt/feel the energy in my heart.

    Also, I know the thyroid is about creativity and communication. I’m an artist who isn’t making much art, and a teacher and healer, but I’m not expressing myself freely, or doing healing work at the moment, except on myself. Sometimes you have to do it on yourself first, I think. So, anyway, this is my theory on why my thyroid is out of balance. It’s severely high.

    I don’t know if all this is related to kundalini awakening, but it is definitely symptoms of energy imbalances and releases and opening up… that is happening in my body.

    Oh, I had a question, Anmol. Are you saying then, that before you try to have the kundalini rise, you should get physically fit and healthy? Isn’t it sometimes that the symptoms cause you to be what seems to be not healthy? OK, must go. I am ok for 40 minutes at a time and then I have to lie down again.

    Peace and blessings,
    Rachel in Canada.

  127. 127
    app Says:

    Been a powerful few months re k. awak. -sx. passion even more intensiove with my wife, massive elect. ‘shocks’ im body’ via left hand index finger, heightened hearing, more regular urge to urinate in groin! Fear had abated due to wise awareness from priestess friends.

  128. 128
    Anonymous Says:

    Hi all,
    What I have realized after this experience is that one needs a spiritual guru to excel in this path as without him or her one may not know the particular direction-where to go.He or she is a must.I don’t know exactly whether a spiritual guru finds his disciple or whether the person attains a spiritual guru by the grace of god but without him it’s not possible to go into the right direction.Many of us may never know that in which direction their life is going, and the whole of their life, instead many of their lifetimes come and go without fulfilling the actual purpose of their lives.What I have realized is that a true spiritual guru knows the past and the upcoming future of his disciple and he has the power to change the future of his disciple.Not only the past of this lifetime but he also knows the past of his previous lifetimes.Therefore may god bless everyone with a true spiritual guru.

  129. 129
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Hope you are doing better.

    What I am saying is that, before opening the chakras via direct methods, it is wise to instead build up one’s health and systems and trust the energy to flow as she sees fit. Or at least to supplement any direct chakra opening / kundalini awakening techniques with yoga and purification exercises.

    This will help the body cope with the energy and could reduce the troublesome symptoms of Kundalini rising.

    Please keep us posted on your progress.

    All Good Wishes,

  130. 130
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Topaz,

    Kundalini awakening is easily distinguished if it is coupled with mystical experiences, void of that it is not easy to tell if it’s just a one off symptom.

    Having said that, look deep within the symptom you are having and let it tell you it’s story. Ask for guidance from within and be open to answers that arise.

    Shocks are consistent with Kundalini and so is any such unexplained activity in the lower back region.

    All Good Wishes,

  131. 131
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Andi,

    There is much that can be said of the pressure between the eyebrows. Few unusual thoughts from my personal experience below….

    1. This pressure can expand to proportions which are in my view unhealthy. In this event one needs to back off from whatever practice was creating the situation. This expansion is extremely intense and you will know when it happens.

    2. The pressure is modulated by the intensity of one’s spiritual practice is general.

    3. In some cases peering into this region and the pressure leads to incredible direct insights into the True nature of things.

    4. The pressure can also expand (more gently) to the entire head region.


  132. 132
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Jhumki,

    Such experiences are often attributed to Kundalini and devotional energy. Remain devout and let love guide you forward.

    All Good Wishes,

  133. 133
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Jane,

    Glad you are enjoying the website. Yes, your experience is in line with Kundalini energy and kundalini activity. There is no difference in my view between those terms (awakening vs. syndrome).

    Good idea to take up some yoga and prepare the body to help the body cope with this increased energy.


  134. 134
    MichelleSmith Says:

    People reading this may think that this some crap. But it did happen with me. This is some 6 months back. I need not induce myself with anything to fall asleep whether it is day, noon or night. One night when I was fast asleep, I found myself transported in a very large hall fully crowded with different types of people around. The room was divided into various sections. Till date I have never been to any court room or personally seen jails other than what they show in the movies. This room had people seated in various sections. Some standing as if awaiting their turn, some wailing and many seated. All looked alike, only holes in place of their eyes and all as if dressed in black. They all were formless. It looked as if some hearing or trials were going on like those that happen in courts. Suddenly I met a female whom I had known asking me what I was doing there. She said that this place was for people who are dead and interrogations are going on for the same. I said I did not know how but somehow I was transported to this place. And that was the end of it as I immediately opened my eyes. I did not want to think of this situation again but this fact & that scene which I had never experienced before has not erased from my mind.

    Like this many miracles have happened in my life.

    I have been into deep meditation and experienced bliss but a time came when I wanted to take to sanyas & leave everything behind and never come back.

    Now I have re-decided to start off doing meditation as it helps me de-stress and remain calm & cool all the time.

  135. 135
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi MichelleSmith,

    That certainly is a very strange experience. There are such accounts of death, after-life, etc that are sometimes found in the pages of Kundalini Tantra. Very interesting stuff.

    Glad to hear you have re-started your meditation. There is nothing in the world quite like it in my view.

    All Good Wishes,

  136. 136
    eh? Says:

    a lot of this sounds like night terrors (the sleep paralysis) or mania from manic depression. if it comes infrequently it could be slow cycling. is that possible?

  137. 137
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Eh?

    Thanks for your input and for adding to the discussion.

    Not sure if western medicine has the knowledge yet of the workings of Kundalini to categorize the symptoms.

    All Good Wishes,

  138. 138
    Louissa Says:

    This is the first time I have heard about Kundalini Awakening – but I think it has been happening to me for quite some time, perhaps over the past year. What has prompted me to post these comments has been my most recent (and extremely painful) experience. I had a very sudden head and spine pain that I can only describe as a extremely severe migraine. Because it has been going on for over 9 days, I sought medical help. The doctors have given me pethadine, morphine, codine etc and nothing has worked. They also did a CT scan which came up normal and a spinal tap/lumbar puncture which also had normal results. The doctors sent me home with codine, nurofen and panadol and said they couldn’t find anything and that they suspect it will go away on its own. About 7 months ago I woke up to find my entire body filled with white light – it looked as though my skin was transparent. I also experience hyper sensitivity to sound and have an almost constant chiming in my ears. I also experience increased spiritual awareness, in the form of premonitions and awareness of other entities. I have had recently experienced body twitches and involuntary movements – much like those when the doctor hits a nerve point. I am lucky that one of my friends is a Chiropractor and also does Reiki. She has made me more comfortable and able to move and has told me about the possibility it could be some sort of spiritual awakening. I hope I don’t sound crazy.

  139. 139
    Laurel Watson Says:

    Thank you for this thread! These posts really helpful.

    I am pretty sure I am going through a kundalini awakening.
    I’ve been around many spiritual masters who have worked with my charkras and most recently Mother Meera.

    I was praying in earnest about a month ago, praying for the divine presence to be in the very center of my being as my being, so it is present everywhere, in every cell, in every intention. Praying for enlightenment to end that which causes suffering in this world and renouncing anything within me that perpetuates suffering.

    I renounced all negative levels of consciousness and asked forgiveness for any harm I have done to other beings for all time and prayed to forgive everyone. The prayer was for all of my incarnations to the foundation of time.

    At the point of renouncing any relationship I have ever had with spiritual darkness, I put holy oil on my hand and laid it on my forehead. I asked for my creator to lay hand on me. From that point it was like a bolt of lightening through my muscles. They started going though spasms and I could feel energy like snakes coming up from what seems like my bones. I could feel the energy circuit open in the trunk of my body and down my legs as if I there were a river of water rushing through the center of my body.
    It spread out through my limbs, arms first if I recall then legs.
    I had the visual sensation as if looking through my whole body as if I were being burned alive wholly and completely, but without pain and this lasted for possibly an hour. I was under the impression it was burning anything that was not of divine energy. I prayed for about 4 hours straight. The muscles of my face were trembling, even my eyelids.
    At times if felt like bubbles going through my body. By morning my body felt so peaceful as if I were a clear pool of water that had no ripple. When I looked at my face in the morning all I could see was beauty.

    By nighttime it started again.
    I have taken to doing salt baths to calm the muscles, holy oil to remove all negative thought forms.
    I can feel forms come up off of entire muscle groups like my thigh for instance and they release.

    My body has bee moving into automatic positions without the conscious mind. It moves the energy into different parts of the body as if an unseen hand is moving me. Sounds weird but even weirder when your body moves without you doing it. Cool though because I can stop the process by conscious intention so it is not like being like a robot or something. I am not enlightened enough to understand fully what I am experiencing.

    The energy runs down my feet, gets stuck and curls my toes. It’s not painful but I can imagine it could become so.

    My heart rate is faster at times, probably twice as fast and it feels like my heart is purring. Like the energy is reconfiguring me. My heart feels heavier, but I feel it will be that way until I have removed all negativity that’s trying to escape or possibly retakeover my body.

    Sometimes when I close my eyes at night now if appears like a light is behind my head. It’s a bit hard to sleep with that going on so I have taken to sleeping with the light on so it is not really noticeable.

    There have been some darker entities but I will need to pray those off of me. It may be old genetic thought forms, old body memories or even astral entities. Either way, a total surrender to God will manage anything that is not for my higher good.
    I am going in for prayer on Sunday to help remove more of this stuff faster.

    The palms of my hands are buzzing so I think my hand charkras may fully open. I hope so.

    I keep doing jappa, calling on Creator God, Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha and all angelic beings who are here for the higher good.

    I am using this time to draw close to my creator and put 100% trust in unconditional love. I am asking God to remove anything that does not work, and help my will be divine will. Total surrender.

    I called a friend who went through this, he is considered by many a saint and has prayed for hundreds of people and has great healing skill.
    He said he went through this for about a year. From what he told me there are genetic thought forms and our own negative mental forms we create that have been with us for a long time and they aren’t too keen on leaving. So you will be dealing with your own mind, all of the dark corners and brining in God into all of that darkness. I also think it draws out some astral stuff and I won’t even bother saying why I am under this impression. All I can recommend is to pray, allot.

    I have found some people who relate kundalini to demon possession. To that I say, we shall see. It seems to be the purifying power that drives out all that is not divine. All I do lately is pray. Guess I’ll know more when this process is over.

    I look forward to doing more good work in the world, being one with my creator and being able to be of more service. :)

    It will be great to be like that peaceful pool of water. It will be worth it, to let all of this stuff go.
    And all of us sound crazy. Only a crazy person would sincerely seek enlightenment. In the West it is not well understood. To connect the heart and mind is the greatest human achievement. It is worth the struggle.

  140. 140
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Lauren,

    I just finished writing an article on the power of prayer (will be publishing it next week) and lo and behold I see your wonderful comments on the same subject.

    It is certainly Kundalini Awakening and I am glad you have the friend to confide in and guide you as well.

    Please keep us posted on your progress, it will benefit many who are experiencing similar awakening and are looking for knowledge regarding it.

    All Good Wishes,

  141. 141
    Jane Says:

    Hi, it’s me again. I recently wrote to you about energy in my spine and in the crown of my head. Well, I don’t have bursts of energy in my spine anymore, but I do feel warmth in the crown of my head, my tailbone vibrates on and off and now I have been trouble sleeping. But anyways, you said it was probably along the lines of kundalini activity, but I just want to let you know, that i have never practiced yoga or meditation (well, okay, I have a 20-minute yoga DVD that I’ve done a couple of times in my lifetime). And I am very young (only 16!), I have no spiritual guru, (I think it would be literally impossible for me to get one because of where I live and my age) but I have been personally spiritual from the age of fourteen. Reading about all of this kundalini and the dangers of it has scared me and I have been overwhelmed with anxiety about it, to the point where I think about it…a lot. Sometimes I don’t know if this is even real kundalini, or if it’s all in my head-like I just think about it too much. I fear that I will go insane and lose my mind because of all the scary articles I’ve read about it. It’s all just made life so confusing, and I feel a sense of hopelessness about this. What am I doing? Does it sound like I just have obsessed anxiety? Good God, I know I’m not ready for some intense kundalini awakening. I need more time, I need to be OLDER. I would think you would have to have meditated at least once in your life, which I haven’t. I know I probably sound like I’m going crazy, which maybe I am(?), but I really, REALLY need some guidance and comfort at this point.

    Thank you. =))

    PS: I went to a chyropractor/neurologist about the bursts of energy in my spine, and after a two-hour examination and a couple X-rays, he said my spine and neck is out of line and I have some blockage and restriction in my lower back, but he isn’t sure why that would cause that weird energy down my spine. He has treated me for awhile now, but he said if I keep feeling weird “energies”, he will have to look into MS.

    PSS: Do lots of people experience kundalini in their lifetime? Like is experiencing kundalini the only path to God?
    What are your viewpoints on spontaneous kundalini awakenings? Are they dangerous? Is kundalini in general a dangerous force? How come kundalini is never mentioned in any spiritual, self-help books?
    (I can’t help but laugh due to all of the questions I’m asking you, if don’t want to answer all my questions, I understand, considering you would probably have to write a book to answer my questions)

  142. 142
    Louissa Says:

    Hi Anmol & Lauren, I am not sure (like Jane) if what I am experiencing is Kundalini Awakening. My Chiroprator friend also tells me I have blockages up my spine and an energy in my lower back – she suggested it could be an entity that has attached itself. The med’s the doctors have given me only make the pain worse and the only thing that helps is massage, reiki and chiropractic re-adjustment.
    Lauren, should I be praying like you?
    Please help, any guidance would be beneficial to me.

  143. 143
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Serenity,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences on Kundalini Awakening with us. Also for providing the resources and books that you have found helpful.

    I am curious as to which Chakra Meditation CD you used? Wanted to know if it used just music, seed sounds or was a guided meditation.

    Do keep us posted on your findings, it is very beneficial to others to get first hand accounts from those who are experienced as well as knowledgeable.

    All Good Wishes,

  144. 144
    Laurel Watson Says:

    Prayer never hurts. It is my opinion most humans have energy attachments. It is my belief that if you ask God for help God will never fail you, ever. It is always between you and God.–that is the ONLY relationship you ever work out in this world. So yes prayer will help you. I believe I have always existed from the beginning of time. Now I am earnestly seeking to help the world, maybe for the first time. Seek out your intentions. What do you really want for this world? If your will is to help, fully surrender to your creator (not some random entity or attachment), surrender to the being that allows all things to exist and ask for divine help. Doesn’t matter if you even believe what I am saying. In earnest pray to be a better person, pray for your consciousness to be one that helps other beings. This hurts nothing. You can’t go wrong by asking your will to be one of kindness to all life and in that there is no fear. You have done your best. Rest in the peace of your creator and throw off anything that separates you from peace.

  145. 145
    Louissa Says:

    Thanks Laurel, I will keep you posted on what happens. Also along the same lines, a congregation prayed for me yesterday and my pain was gone for the entire day. I don’t belong to a church, but these people care about me and decided to do this – and it worked!! Today however, the pain is back, but it is much lesser than before. I will take your kind words and start praying also as you have suggested.
    Thank you so much for your guidance.

  146. 146
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Louissa,

    Your experience is certainly Kundalini Awakening. The pain is similar to what others have felt in the head region as well. Good to know you have someone helping ease the discomfort.

    Breathing exercises can also be very useful to you. Try some of the yoga pranayamas on the website. They have helped many with migraines and headaches.

    Ultimately, spiritual awakening often requires one to have “A certain indifference to physical comfort.”

    Check following article for more on that…

    J Krishnamurti Ponders his Kundailni Awakening

    Keep us posted.

    All Good Wishes,

  147. 147
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Jane,

    Relax. First and most important, remember all storms pass. Here are some answers..

    1. Kundalini can be experienced in countless different ways, so the traditional “symptoms” do not have to be present in one’s journey to God.

    2. Many people experience Kundalini, but the more profound experiences are not common. Although, seem to be getting more common as we approach 2012.

    3. It is important to be as healthy as possible, when dealing with Kundalini. Emotionally, physically and mentally. My advise to anyone having Kundalini Awakening symptoms is to listen carefully to what their body is asking for and cater to it (diet change, more exercise, yoga, meditation, more rest, walks in nature, etc.)

    4. There is plenty of literature on Kundalini, just not in the western self-help books, which are based on relatively improving the dualistic experience, instead of based on the Truth of Oneness.

    Please take up some yoga breathing exercises and meditation. It will help calm down your mind and reduce your anxiety. Trust life.

    All Good Wishes,

  148. 148
    Awesome Power of Prayer Says:

    [...] A very interesting and enlightening discussion is currently underway in the Kundalini Awakening Symptoms article and thread (check the latest comments on that page), where the value and importance of prayer on the journey to Kundalini Awakening is being discussed.  In fact Laurel explains how just earnest prayer has initiated in her a process of positive radical spiritual transformation and Kundalini awakening.  [...]

  149. 149
    jhumki Says:

    dear sir,

    thnks a lot..u have helped me…plz temme have to make the energy rise up to ur spine…but the thing is all dis is pretty scary…

  150. 150
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Jhumki,

    Take your time, trust in the divine and build up your health.


  151. 151
    pawan Says:

    hi anmol,
    now a days i feel an astral sound of high frequency originating within my ears.
    I m in hostel these days, before somedays when i was in my home i was doing 2 or 3 pranayams my vibrations were considerably increased and due to that i think nightfall became frequent nd i hav to leave some of pranayams and condition was so that if i practise just 2 cycle pranayam my vibration increases and nightfall occurs that night, but now adays if i perform some vigoroys pranayams then also no considerable change in vibrations occurs what could b the reason and were those symptoms favourable.
    actually in one of spiritual book i read that nightfall is obvious and we hav to control it by will power but my will power is not that much strong presently, i think u r understanding plz slove this problem

  152. 152
    SeekingShiva Says:

    Kundalini is the best thing that could happen to human being but it also makes you treat your self little differently.

    Here are some other links which I find very helpful


    Rest Anmol has done a very wonderful job but I believe not everyone can handle OM meditation and leaves many of us too ungrounded.

    So go slow.

    I like his site and I hope to learn and grow more.


  153. 153
    Sara Says:

    Why are more people experiencing this as 2012 approaches? What is the significance there?

  154. 154
    Nick Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    I would like to get into kundalini awakening but I have lower back problems where my lumbar spine is over-bent and causes me a lot of pain. Will this stop the kundalini rising? I have had little kundalini experiences, nothing huge like the ones described here, but I have a feeling most of it may be blocked by my spinal issues. What can I do about it? Thanks.


  155. 155
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Nick,

    Spiritual practice is difficult enough, specially real meditation, so don’t think negatively and add more obstacles to your path. Think Kundalini will help fix your spinal issues instead.

    Also, Kundalini is said to reside in the brain, with chakras being switches to ignite these various brain regions, so from that view, your problem is significantly less.

    All Good Wishes,

  156. 156
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Sara,

    I will write more on 2012 in the near future.


  157. 157
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Namaste SeekingShiva,

    Thank you for providing those Kundalini resources. Yes, I agree, when dealing with powerful meditations such as OM mantra, it is important to go slow.


  158. 158
    ed Says:

    Thank for this article. I am not sure if what I experienced yesterday morning was a kundalini awakening experience or not but it was so intense and pleasurable.

    I am new to yoga, although I did not really sought to start practicing yoga. I received an email spam about some mysterious “finger healing” techniques that promised miraculous results regarding curing of ailments, receiving luck, or pursuing wealth. I became interested (who wouldn’t, right?).

    as I started researching these so called finger healing techniques, it turned out that they are called mudras. further research led me to various websites that showed many different mudras and meditation techniques that I’ve started doing just a few days ago. I am not a yoga practitioner but I did study the martial art Aikido for many years and it included zen meditation (although I did not participate in any advance zazen classes). my meditation background was simply 20 minutes of breathing meditation before an Aikido class (I did this for almost ten years but have stopped since I moved to a city where no Aikido dojos are close).

    now that I’ve been introduced to mudras. I started meditating when I can, simply a few minutes here and there and either sitting down or lying in bed.

    yesterday morning, when I went to bed to sleep (I work night so I sleep in the day time), I decided to meditate while lying down and used the gyan mudra. I simply had my arms at my sides and I used the same breathing techniques we used in my old Aikido classes. after about five minutes into my meditation, I was almost dozing off, I felt this warm sensation on my lower back that went up my back, went into my head and then dissipated into a cool feeeling throughout my whole back and head (the only way I can describe the cooling is like when you put vicks vapor rub on your skin and fan it, that type of cooling sensation). while this was happening I felt as if someone turned on the lights (you know that sensation of brightness you get when someone turns on the light while your eyes are closed?) and everything felt bright.

    I quickly opened my eyes but the room was still dark but the feeling of pleasure and contentment was unmistakably present! it felt absolutely wonderful and it is something I’ve never experienced at all.

    Again, I don’t know if that is a kundalini awakening but finding and reading your article it seems very close to it (a kundalini awakening experience). whether it is or not, I am very pleased and astounded to have experienced it and it pushed me now to do more research about yoga.

    thank you for your excellent website and the enourmous generosity you have for showing beginners the proper way to practice yoga. this is my first day in visiting your site and I’ve already learned many things.

  159. 159
    ed Says:

    I forgot to add that after I experienced the sensation, I couldn’t sleep for hours! I ended up just getting three hours of sleep. LOL!

    Thanks again!

  160. 160
    jhumki Says:

    this is me again….i think its all crazy…dunno wats wrong wid me…i am goin crazy….i am like 15 and all this is making me go nuts…by the way my sunsign is scorpion..does it have anything to do wid this…one thing is true..i love lord hanuman…i seriously swear by him and cant even think of anything else..i hope i am not goin mad…do i need to visit a psychiatrist?wat eva…this thing is making me loose my sanity…

  161. 161
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Jhumki,

    Please see the article, 10 Things to Try to do Daily. It might help you find a balanced, healthy approach and give you a stabilizing routine.


  162. 162
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Ed,

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the website, and of course even happier that you have restarted you meditation practice. Yes what you experienced was a Kundalini Awakening.

    Gyan mudra is very effective for enhancing meditation, so your combining that with your meditation is certainly a plus.

    Consider the awakening an invitation from your Higher Self to join the party :-). Welcome.


  163. 163
    ed Says:

    Hello Anmol,

    Thank you for your reply. I certainly appreciate the knowledge that you’ve been giving everyone.

    I have been continuing my meditation practice and have given myself a goal of meditating on a daily basis. I’ve been using the Eagle pose (1 minute for now), the Prosperity meditation (two to three minutes for now), followed by zen meditation for 10 minutes until I can safely increase the time since I find that my abdomen get sore after this (I guess my abs are not as strong as it used to be, LOL!)

    I must say that I never looked at meditation as a means for spiritual enlightenment. when I practiced meditation during my Aikido years, it was simply a tool to attain a relaxed state of mind and body which in turn allowed for better Aikido training. Since Aikido involves a lot of joint locks and literally being thrown around as you practice the martial art techniques, a relaxed mind and body is necessary in order not to get hurt and for not to hurt your practice partner.

    when I had to stop Aikido, I never thought of continuing zen meditation since I never understood the benefits of it outside of simply getting relaxation ( i should’ve attended advance Zazen! my past Aikido Senseis where Zen priests). Now I know better and I am starting to see that meditation should involve a higher goal than simply attaining relaxation.

    I attributed the practice of Aikido in easing my problem of depression during those years and I never thought that the meditation part ACTUALLY helped more. I now believe that the few minutes of meditation actually completed my transition from a depressed state back then.

    Aikido in itself has been called “moving zen” since it involves (i would say, it requires) an almost meditative state while practicing the techniques, yet I am now certain that the meditation (called “misogi” in Japanese) I did before class during those years is of even greater help in easing my turbulent mind back then.

    Again, I am now committed to continuing my practice and I hope that I don’t stumble again. it is of great help that I found your site (I believe I was led to your site by a higher power, if you will). I hope that you won’t mind if I email you every once in a while with questions about my newly restored meditation practice.

    onegai itashemasu!


  164. 164
    Rahul Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I found some very interesting videos of Swami Vivekananda on
    youtube.This is one of them.

    You can also check many others of his there.They would be really helpful.
    All d best,

  165. 165
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Ed,

    Yes meditation may well have played a key role in helping you out of your troubles during those years.

    Feel free to ask any questions or discuss any issues you might run into.


  166. 166
    mim Says:

    Hi again,

    I posted a question earlier today on another page, but I have another one – hope you don’t mind.

    I’ve only been doing ky for a few weeks, but yesterday I had this really odd thing happen just 10 minutes into my 1 hour set. It was like this feeling of crazy heat in my..um..genital area. Not my spine, just between my legs basically. And it went on for I would say at least a minute. Just really intense heat in just that area, like a fireball or something! haha.. Is this to do with kundalini? After only a few weeks? It was very odd.

    Thanks again for a super helpful website!

  167. 167
    Puja Says:

    Hi, My experiences are not as intense as those described before me. However, I started your beg. yoga morning routine a while back on advice that I center myself. I was told the healing energy is already present, but I am out of alignment. Yoga was what was recommended. I started the breathing practices separately for a while, and then I started the yoga practice slowly with lots of days in between (just general poses aimed towards specific chakras). However, after my first full set of your kundalini morning set I had a huge emotional response. Lots of very vivid nightmares (very scary) where i would wake up breathless and about three days of constant crying. My good dreams have become much more helpful and vivid also. However, I am afraid now to restart the yoga. I haven’t done it since. I feel that this is just part of the cleaning process, but how can I get over my fear of these responses? I get so scared! I cant sleep for days and my work and school are hindered. I end up incredibly quiet and almost obsessive about my experience at hand. Do you have any suggestions for me? What exactly is going on? Thank you for your time!


  168. 168
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Mim,

    Yes this is related to Kundalini. Actually early in Kundalini Yoga practice, opening such as this are not uncommon as blockages are cleared and energetic pathways start to flow.

    Just keep up with your practice. Allow things to unfold naturally.


  169. 169
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Puja,

    Sometimes with meditation and yoga the dam breaks suddenly and lots of suppressed emotions come gushing out, as in your case. Although this is not optimum, it is hard to predict, and can be challenging to deal with as you see.

    Just relax for a bit and restart the practice slowly again. Certainly do the breathing as that will help to cleanse the mind/body of these emotions.

    Let me know how it goes.


  170. 170
    ed Says:


    just my two cents….yoga will enhance your digestive health and part of a healthy digestive system is a flourishing microflora. what does that have to do with lucid dreams?

    well, the beneficial bacteria in our guts create B vitamins. if and when these bacteria are flourishing (as in healthy individuals) they will create more B vitamins including Vitamin B6 which is the “dream vitamin.”

    more B6 (and other B vitamins) in your system will certainly kick start a lot of hormonal changes in your body and it would seems like flood gates of emotions were opened up and you all of a sudden get these various vivid/lucid dreams and mood swings.

    as Anmol has stated, keep practicing slowly and give your body time to adjust to the surge of beneficial vitamins and hormonal changes. your body will eventually adjust to it and it will take care of itself.

    I myself had just gotten back to meditation and I am slowly adding KY into my practice in order to avoid that surge of emotions caused by your body adjusting to the influx of B vitamins and hormonal changes (vitamin B1 controls your thyroid function, a surge of B1 will cause hormonal spikes that will boost your energy and metabolism which may also have an effect on your dreams and of course, your mood).

    Yoga, I believe is very scientific, we need to understand the changes that our bodies undergo when starting KY so that we can handle the changes and know that it will eventually level off (soon as your body adjusts).

    simply doing Pranayama will oxygenate your body which in turn would have a lot of strong effects as well (higher metabolism, higher energy, effective detox, which in turn allows your endocrine system to boost its hormone production which leads to many mood swings and metabolic changes).

    again, simply my two cents….but to prove my point, I’ve lost 10 lbs since I’ve started meditating again and have started to remember a lot dreams lately (although not as violent dreams but mostly pleasant ones). my metabolism has kicked into high gear and my energy levels are spiking (used to do 4 sets of 30 push ups, now, I can 4 sets of 50 push ups for my workouts…energy boost is phenomenal), and I’ve dropped 2 inches off my waist.

    yoga is good for you, just allow your body to adjust slowly.

  171. 171
    ed Says:

    by the way, I have added the Chair pose, Archer pose, and abdominal set to my KY routine.

    my KY practice now includes Chair pose, Acher, prosperity meditation, abdominal set (forgot what Anmol calls it), and eagle pose. this is on top of my usual 50 minute Zazen with various mudras that I’m trying out.

    Physically, I am feeling like a million bucks. spiritually, I believe that my mind is in better spirits!

    I only have Anmol to thank for this transformation!

  172. 172
    pawan Says:

    hi anmol,
    now a days i feel an astral sound of high frequency originating within my ears and it increases when i concentrate and do practices.
    I m in hostel these days, before somedays when i was in my home i was doing 2 or 3 pranayams my vibrations were considerably increased and due to that i think nightfall became frequent nd i hav to leave some of pranayams and condition was so that if i practise just 2 cycle pranayam my vibration increases and nightfall occurs that night, but now adays if i perform some vigoroys pranayams then also no considerable change in vibrations occurs what could b the reason and were those symptoms favourable.
    actually in one of spiritual book i read that nightfall is obvious and we hav to control it by will power but my will power is not that much strong presently, i think u r understanding plz slove this problem
    yes i can see flash of light on computer screen some times and heat in forehead reigion and nowadays current like sensations or vibration r decreased as i reduced my practice and i only feel them when i stop my breath and concentrate in my forehead region is mmy kundalini awakened please guide me.

  173. 173
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Pawan,

    Spiritual energy seems very pronounced in you already. Try to use this energy to witness your thinking process and mind and see what kind of revelations you have. Start to observe your mind and understand it’s movements from moment to moment.

    Let me know how it goes.


  174. 174
    pawan Says:

    very thanx for guidance i will proceed as u guided
    thanx again
    just one more hing is my kundalini awakened or not please answer this too

  175. 175
    Shilpi Says:

    Hello Anmol. I came across your website while searching google for Pranayams 3 days back. And I have to tell you that I can’t take my mind off the information provided here. I have always been kind of spiritual person but never persued it until now.

    While reading about the experiences from Kundalini Awakening, I instantly remebered what happened to me in my student years once in the year 2000 and again in 2003. I was sleaping at night and I woke up suddenly. I couldn’t move myself…I wanted to call for my friends(I was living in an apartment with friends)…I was trying to open my mouth but no words were coming out. It felt like things are revolving like a tornado. My heart was pounding and I could hear something like vacuum, as if when you will cover your ears with an empty glass. And then suddely, I don’t have the idea of duration at all, it all stopped. And it was very quiet.

    Second time I was sleeping under the open sky, and I thought at that time that it was like an encounter which you would see in horror movies. I thought that it was my encounter with some force from the other world. Do you think that this was a Kundalini Awakening experience? But I was NOT doing any yoga or was not involved in any spiritual activities – I never have in actions. I am just a spiritual person at heart beleiving in some kind of Divine presence.

    Please cure my curiosity.

  176. 176
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Shilpi,

    Yes your experiences, especially the first one was certainly related to Kundalini. The paralysis is a very very common sign, as kundalini will hold your body still to do her work.

    Glad you are enjoying the website and hope it helps you in your journey.


  177. 177
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Pawan,

    You have as I mentioned strong spiritual energy. Don’t think of Kundalini Awakening as a one time event, just practice on doing more so more refinement and purification keeps taking place. More energy will thus flow.


  178. 178
    Shilpi Says:

    Hello Anmol,

    Thanks for your quick response. But as I mentioned, I was not spiritually active AT ALL. Can the awakening happen even if you are not practicing it in any way?

    I also wanted to ask you about the difference between Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga etc. if there is any. I know these are lots of questions. I hope you don’t mind. Thanks in advance for everything.

  179. 179
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Shilpi,

    Often early breakthroughs and openings happen spontaneously or under “non-spiritual” circumstances, such as exercise, time of grief, injury, etc. I consider these “invitations” from within to begin the journey in earnest.

    So yes, awakenings can and often do happen under traditionally non-spiritual situations, such as yours for example.

    The article, Universal Principles of Yoga, goes over the various types of yoga you are asking about :-).


  180. 180
    Jerry Says:

    I have no word to say great website thanks for good tips keep it up….

  181. 181
    Shilpi Says:

    Hello again Anmol,

    Just wanted to thank you for your response and the information provided on this website.


  182. 182
    ed Says:


    I found this article (actually part of a book by El Collie) regarding kundalini. it’s a fascinating read. it seems that author had undergone quite a spiritual awakening. I don’t know if anyone else had posted this but here’s part of the article.:

    Kryias and Mudras Part II
    by El Collie
    What causes these kriyas? Most of the literature I’ve found says that when the prana — lifeforce — is increased in the body, it’s crudely analogous to water pressure being increased in a hose. If the pressure is radically increased and the hose is narrow, the force of the water will make the hose whip around furiously. In order for high vibration energy to flow smoothly through our systems, we need to be enlarged and unobstructed. This expansion and clearing takes place on many levels: physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally. The activated Kundalini produces kriyas when it comes up against inner blockage. This blockage may be in the form of stored physical or emotional trauma, limiting beliefs and attitudes, or psychic debris from collective toxins, past lives, astral dimensions, and other arcane sources. The externally evident kriyas, visible as uncontrolled movements of the body, signify a great inner healing process. It’s unnecessary for us to be consciously aware of the exact nature of our blockages. As the shakti engages these blockages, it works to dissolve them. While this dissolution is occurring, lots of previously frozen, unconscious material becomes available to us. This may arise as thoughts, physical sensations, or emotions. At this stage, we often feel physically sick and emotionally unstable. Without warning or apparent provocation, we plunge into fits of rage or chasms of grief or despair. These erratic and overwhelming feelings are simply ancient energies which were locked within us. As the shakti empties us of these trapped energies, we temporarily relive them. This also happens on the physical level. Old injuries and illnesses are temporarily reexperienced. Although it can be painful and difficult to tolerate these physical and emotional states, they are not harmful. To the contrary, they are signs of deep, forgotten, festering wounds which are at last being opened, drained, and healed. Some of the texts refer to inner blockages as “resistance.” Unfortunately, this word has been misinterpreted to mean that kriyas occur if one has a resentful or resistant attitude toward the transformational process. Some “experts” insist that those who maintain a positive attitude toward their Kundalini awakening have very few and mild kriyas. From my own case, I know this is untrue. Even though my personal experiences have been intense and often painful, since I became aware that I was having a Kundalini awakening, I have accepted this process as a great gift. I can’t imagine how I could have been more surrendered to it than I have been. I’ve trusted Kundalini more than I ever trusted anything in my life. When my kriyas began, they were initially painless tremors and twitches. Then they developed into agonizing spasms. This again changed and for awhile, every kriya was preceded by a sensation that felt like an electrical shock. Then the shocks came less often, though I could usually feel a telltale tension in my body — similar to the way it feels before a sneeze — when a kriya was coming. By the time the kriyas had been going for a year, something wonderful happened. They began to be enjoyable! In and of themselves, the spontaneous jerking movements caused neither pleasure nor pain. But they would be immediately followed by waves of sensual energy surging through my body. These were my first continuous sensations of physical bliss since my Kundalini awakening began. For me, the kriyas seem to intensify when Kundalini is amplifying the energy in my body.

  183. 183
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Ed,

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing.


  184. 184
    CONFUSED Says:

    Hi, Anmol. I have been practicing KY daily for only 2 weeks but have practiced Bikram yoga for several years before. I had several BY classes when I cried during class (usually during Camel pose) and it felt wonderful. Since then, there has been a constant sensation in my heart chakra of overwhelming emotions, like i want to cry but can’t. Yesterday, after a brief practice of Bellow breathing in the morning, I went to a slimming salon as a “gift” from a friend and they used a vibrating massager on me. It was very uncomfortable and I couldn’t finish the treatment because I felt my heart was going to explode and I had a hard time breathing. I felt very panicky (which is not usual for me) Could the intense vibrations of the massager along with the bellows breathing exercise released the kundalini? I know I’m not prepared to deal with this as I still feel very anxious and jittery. What meditations/pranayama should i practice to help me adjust to these scary and overwhelming sensations. I’m quite scared that I might be one of those examples who went nuts because of KY. thanks

  185. 185
    ed Says:


    I’d like to share what I experience yesterday…

    first was a buzzing sound in my left ear. it was a very low buzzing sound (vibration) that I was hearing all day from the time I meditated at 2 am in the morning until I went to bed at night. it was distinctly different from tinitus which is a high pitch ringing…the sound was more like buzzing of beez and is a very low vibration.

    second was when I meditated in the afternoon…an intense heat started at the very bottom of my lower back and started rising close to my navel area. the skin of my back felt very hot even after I stopped meditating (since someone rang the doorbell).

    they startling experiences but felt very good to say the least.

    I have been dilligent in performing my practice daily (even when I’m at work, I am able to meditate at work since I have my own office) and every time I meditate I would always get muscle twitches at random places on my body (legs, arms, all around the body)…the only place that isn’t random is a twitch on my eyebrows (mostly on the left and middle of the eyebrows) since it always occurs every time I meditate.

  186. 186
    Andrew Says:

    Hello Anmol!

    I`ve read the symphtoms of kundalini awakening and i`m speaking honestly – i`ve almost all rare symphtoms and all uncommon! common ones was as i realised long ago, when i was 14 or 15! But one last and extremely rare symptom is absent. Every other i`m feel almost constantly!
    Pressure in the Third Eye Region (Ajna Chakra).
    Sudden bursts of energy anywhere in the body.
    Spontaneous yoga asans or kundalini yoga movements.
    Unfortunately, pain in the lower back, back of the neck and headaches.

    All of those happening to me every time!

    Experience of divine light within. This is appear especially when i`m meditating! That is incredible feeling!
    Spontaneous bliss, intensely pleasurable.
    This one is a bit scary. Complete paralysis of the body.

    I`m feeling almost everything of it! Can you advise me something? I mean can you advice me what i need to do?

    All the best

  187. 187
    rainbow Says:

    I just found your site while searching for information today after a very intense and somewhat frightening experience last night. I’m hoping you can give me some advice on what I may have experienced. I’m a bit embarrassed to tell this, but I want information so badly that I will share.

    I was having sex and experienced something I’ve never felt before. It felt like a HUGE and very powerful surge of energy rushing up my spine, so strong that it felt like my head would blow off and I lost all control of my body. It felt like I might die. It was scary for both of us. It was the most intense feeling of energy I have ever experienced. We didn’t know what to make of it.

    I have practiced some Hatha yoga, but not consistently. I do not meditate very often either. I have read a bit about Kundalini in the past, so I started thinking that what I have read sounded similar to my experience. I have heard of people having this rush of energy, and that it can be dangerous if you’re not prepared.

    Have you ever heard of such an experience happening through sex? Do you think it was Kundalini, or something else?

    Thank you!

  188. 188
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Confused,

    For those prone to anxiety I suggest learning the ANT technique explained in the following article 4 Effective Treatments for Anxiety and Depression.

    Also, try So Hum Mantra Meditation or Kapalbhati Pranayama and see if you can gently let the center clear itself. If you feel overwhelmed back off and let me know.


  189. 189
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Ed,

    I am very familiar with the very pleasant energy buzzing in the ears, yes it does feel very very good :-D. Glad you are establishing a solid, daily practice.


  190. 190
    ed Says:


    again, Ineed your guidance on something…

    while meditating these past couple of days a lot of memories are surfacing in my thoughts. memories from my childhood and younger years of events and people that were either hurtful…events where I was offended or when I offended someone. these thoughts would simply appear in my mind and disappear a few moments later.

    the worst of the memories of a relative that disappeared (went missing) over a decade ago. he wa my brother. this thought in particular brings a tremendous feeling of sadness and I find myself wishing for his return.

    my brother did yoga during his teenage years (this was over 20 years ago) and he joined an ashram called “ananda marga.”

    I have been reading a lot about Kundalini and some of what I’ve read has stated that a person that is not ready for Kundalini may go into psychosis.

    before he disappeared, my brother showed symptoms of psychosis (according to his wife) and paranoia where he would tell his wife that someone is after him.

    I don’t really know much of the details of what transpired but it seems to me that he suffered a mental breakdown and simply left his family.

    I found myself focused on him on the last few sessions of my practice and I don’t know why or what it would do for him.

    I don’t know if he is still with us in this world or had passed on but all I feel is the desire for his return.

    his disappearance was part of my deppression during my Aikido years but I find that my mind has been focusing more on it than before.

    I don’t know what to make of it. I don’t feel sadness or fear for myself, it’s simply a feeling of emptiness and helplessness about his situation (if he is still alive).

    at any rate, my practive has been placing a great deal of emotions to the surface that I’ve never focused on before, or I had simply burried in the past. I don’t feel the same symptoms of depression as I did in the past, just this awareness of emotions that surface and fades during a practice session.

    by the way, the buzzing has stopped but I did get a high pitch ringing that is again different from tinitus since the ringing is inside my head and in an of my ears. it was accompanied by nausea and dizziness that lasted for a couple of hours after my afternoon meditation. the only different thing I did during the session was add the Aum mantra using third eye activation.

  191. 191
    cake Says:

    hi anmol.
    so glad to have stumbled across your page. although i have never practiced kundalini yoga before, i feel as though i have been experiencing the physical symptoms related to a surge in spiritual energy for the last eighteen months or so. it started with pressure headaches and neck pain that i treated with reiki. soon after i began seeing vivid colours whenever i closed my eyes. these colours change according to my mood and the mood of other people in close proximity. most commonly i see a bright pinky purple. i now just manage the aches and enjoy the colours and the information they provide.

  192. 192
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Cake,

    Thanks for sharing your unique kundalini experiences with us. It always helps others to know they some of the unusual experiences they might have, are shared by others as well. Specially since you are able to cope with the difficulties it produces as well.


  193. 193
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    When kundalini is working through someone, you need to listen to your inner voice/body as carefully as possible. You may need rest, or a particular diet, or time in nature, or you may need to take a break and back off the process a bit.

    My advise is though is certainly to work towards a sound and balanced, yoga and meditation practice, which ensures you are building up your nervous system and energetic body, so that you will be able to handle kundalini and the extra energy as she flows. It can help make the process easier.

    Let me know you progress.


  194. 194
    Andrew Says:

    Hello Anmol!
    Thank you, i`m beginning today or tomorrow SM meditation, as well as everyday yoga poses (like eagle, crow, archer and others) and some other meditations if they are allowed during the SM Meditation Period. I`ve esperienced yesterday in the evening meditation the same status of body that was when i received an beautiful light, (as i spoked in the Opening 3rd eye topic) but i was unable to hold it for long (there was an evening, i wanted to not fall asleep and continue tomorrow) but get to this state for me was as twice as easier in comparison with first experience, thanks to your advice in one of the articles that i must keep my physical body by reminding him who is a master and it worked! Pain settled, breath changed to a very slow and progress began.

    I`ll work towards everything you`ve said, and all this experience is very very interesting for me, i`m really want to master it (i sense that i must master it and this is quite interesting for me (i`m sometimes seating almost a hour in meditation)). I will begin meditations and yoga practice today.

    All the best,

  195. 195
    ed Says:


    I think I might have found an explanation to what I am experiencing.

    as Kundalini starts rising, according to the site below, Karmas start to appear and has to be dealt with by a person. I believe that once Kundalini is ready to move or is has entered swadhisthana all of the issues that is related to karma has to surface and dealt with in order to release all fears and events in a person’s life.


    However, when kundalini is ascending from mooladhara to swadhisthana, the sadhaka experiences a crucial period in which all his repressed emotions, especially those of a more primal nature, express themselves. Passions mount during this period and all kinds of infatuations ensue, making the sadhaka extremely irritable and unstable at times. He can be seen sitting quietly in contemplation one moment and hurling objects at someone the next. One day he may sleep deeply for hours together, another day he may get up at one or two in the morning to take bath and meditate. He becomes very passionate, loud and talkative, while at other times he is silent. At this stage the sadhaka often expresses a great fondness for singing.

    During this period of intense psychic and emotional upheaval, the guidance of a qualified and understanding guru is essential. Although some people may regard this emotional turmoil as the indication of a great fall, the guru will assure the aspirant that it is an essential part of spiritual life which will accelerate his evolution. If this explosion doesn’t take place, the same purging process will still occur, but very slowly, as problems arise and work themselves out life after life.


    When kundalini is residing in swadhisthana chakra, the last vestige of karma is being thrown out and all the negative samskaras express themselves and are expelled. At this time you may be angry, afraid or full of sexual fantasies and passion. You may also experience lethargy, indolence, depression and all kinds of tamasic characteristics. The tendency to procrastinate is very strong and you just want to sleep and sleep. This stage of evolution is known as purgatory, and if you read the lives of many of the great saints, you will find that most of them encountered great turmoil and temptations when they were passing through this stage.


    As long as the evolution is in the planes of mooladhara and swadhisthana, one has his own mental and emotional problems and he sees the whole world correspondingly. But as soon as he transcends these planes and goes to manipura, he will see all the bliss, noble views, perfect ideas and greater possibilities of human consciousness. Then, naturally, whatever he thinks and does will be influenced by this higher vision.

    This is why the psychic powers that come to the sadhaka after having awakened and established the kundalini in manipura are really benevolent and compassionate, whereas those which manifest in mooladhara and swadhisthana are still tinged by the dark aspect of the lower mind.

    I am not certain, but I believe that what I am going through is part of the kundalini rising process and I am at the point of working out all repressed emotions and clear all of the karma. I believe that when I am able to transcend theses emotions Kundalini will move on to the next level – to the manipura.

    as you’ve stated in the past, we have to trust the inner guru to show us the way and I believe that my inner guru lead me to the pages I posted in order to get an explanation as to what I am going through.

    It’s not all bad. I have noticed a lot of changes in myself. fear for myself is not present. I have a level of clamness that I’ve never had before and I am more inquisitive in finding answers about questions that arise in my mind.

    physically, I am in good shape. mentally, I am calm except for the emotional upheaval of my past memories that is slowly surfacing and fading.

    I believe that all of this is part of the process and it is crucial for me to continue with this process.

    I have added your chakra healing to my practice and I believe that they will help me transced all of these emotions and go on to the next level.

  196. 196
    ed Says:


    I’m trying to post some articles I’ve found but somehow it’s not posting. I’ll try to post without the links and see if that would work.

    I think I have found an explanation to what I am experiencing.

  197. 197
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Ed,

    I have approved your comments with the links. The spam blocker catches those and they need to be approved to be posted. Unfortunately this blog gets a lot of spam due to its size, so I have to use those tools.

    Thanks for posting the resources, I am certain many will find them valuable.


  198. 198
    ed Says:


    sorry for the multiple posts! please delete the last three posts and leave the first one.

    thanks for approving the post….I believe that I have made a breakthrough with the experiences that I’ve been having.

    all of this is motivating me to continue my practice.

    thanks to you my friend!

  199. 199
    kristo Says:


    hello recently i have had very vivid dreams of floating in and around my home, during these dreams i am paralyzed and can’t speak while this floating sensation occurs. the only thing that i can do is think, and my inner monologue is overwhelming with emotion, it says breathe through your nose, so i do… after that i remember nothing and wake up feeling fine. A few days later i have another dream this one is very similar but this time i am floating and this intense and i mean very intense sensation shoots up my spine and last for a short time. this sensation was not painful, just weird and a totally new sensation all together. the only thing that could think of while experiencing this feeling was,” this must be what i feels like to teleport or leave my body.” After this dream i mentioned it to my mother who talked to someone else and they mentioned the kundalini. After doing some research on the subject and coming across your symptoms i had all of them except for the very last one. could this be my awakening? throughout my life i have always been the one who has helped others through very difficult situations. my whole life people that i know have always asked me for council and i have always been very good at talking to people to help them understand the deeper reality of life and not to dwell on negativity but to take it with you as a tool to use in a positive way in the future. also throughout my research i have noticed that many cases of this awakening have happened to those in their early twenties, is this also common?

  200. 200
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Kristo,

    Yes your experiences are consistent with symptoms of kundalini awakening. Maybe you would like to keep a dream journal and further develop your ability to remember dreams, have lucid dreams and move on to exploring meditative states that take place at night.

    My awakening phase was also very pronounced in my twenties so you bring up an interesting point there, although I have not looked into this aspect specifically.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.


  201. 201
    Linda Anderson Says:

    Hi Anmol,

    I just found your site; very nice!

    I, too, am a kundalini experiencer. Mine has been ongoing for several years now. The kundalini will rise when I am fully relaxed either during meditation or falling asleep/waking up. It will feel like a thick, powerful pipe traveling up my spine. My body will rock back and forth from the force of it. Sometimes it breaks through my crown chakra and I have amazing visions.

    I have so many different symptoms with it – none really unpleasant except for the intense internal burning (not as intense as Gopi Krishna’s experience), but I am sure I discovered a technique to alleviate and prevent it.

    Something I haven’t read of happening to others is that my meridian points are constantly being activated. I will experience an electric shock in one point, and it will spread throughout the rest of my body. Not unpleasant, just very interesting to observe.

    Lately the energy has been gently flowing out the top of my head like a fountain. I’ve been doing different chakra techniques and I think that is what is causing that symptom.

    Anyway, thought my experiences would add to the rest of the interesting information on this page.

    Kind regards,

  202. 202
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for sharing your kundalini experiences with us. Glad to hear she is unfolding in you mostly peacefully and pleasantly.

    If you can share your technique for handling the heat that would be very helpful.

    Btw: I love you blog and the design. You certainly do have a great talent for that.


  203. 203
    ed Says:

    found an interesting article about Kundalini and Edgar Cayce’s (sleeping prophet) explanation of the chakras:



    A New Condition throughout the Body

    Now that the Spirit has addressed and awakened all seven centers within the body to the spiritualization process, it takes the body to a new level of vibration. Now a throne is in the midst of heaven, and the higher, spiritual self is seated upon this throne. Around the higher self and the throne are the twenty-four elders, which Cayce identifies as the twelve paired (24) cranial nerves within the brain. Energy is being emitted from the brain (“flashes of lightning and sounds and peals of thunder”), and the seven chakras and glands are turned toward the throne (“seven lamps of fire burning”), which are the seven spirits of God in the midst of the throne. Before the throne are the four beasts we first saw in Ezekiel’s vision, then in Daniel’s vision, and now here again in John’s vision. We find these same beasts represented in ancient Egyptian mysticism as the four children of Horus. Horus was the messiah of the ancient Egyptians, rescuing the world from his uncle Set’s domination (Set is ancient Egypt’s Satan). The four children of Horus are wrapped like mummies on a lotus, subdued and intoxicated with the fragrance of the great flower. They stand before the throne-seated Osiris, Horus’ father and guardian of the way through the Netherworld.

    According to Cayce, these beasts are “the four destructive influences that make the greater desire for the carnal forces, that arise as the beasts within self to destroy.” We have learned what these destructive influences are from the Spirit’s comments to the first four churches: (1) leaving our first love; (2) fear; (3) anger, impulsive reactions, and spirit-killing urges; and (4) living life without spiritual purposes and ideals. All of these destructive influences are personified in Cain. Though he first sought God’s love, he later didn’t desire it. He killed his brother impulsively in anger and spitefulness, only to then become so afraid that he could not go on without God’s promise of protection. Finally, he goes out to live life for himself and his own gratification, without any spiritual interests or intentions. Satan claims that Job is the same way, having no interest in God and the Spirit, and would curse God to His face if He touched Job’s material, physical life, and being. Cayce says that these destructive influences must be met; as God says to Cain, “Sin is couching at the door, its desire is for you, but you must master it.”

    As the Revelation continues, the four lower glands are raised to higher vibrations, turning away from material, earthly pursuits and contributing to the spiritualization of the body (“the four beasts gave glory and honor and thanks to him who sits on the throne”). When they do this, it affects the cranial nerves (“the twenty-four elders will fall down before him who sits on the throne”), and they in turn begin to contribute to the spiritualization of the body (“cast their crowns to him who sits on the throne”). Then the spiritual self is able to open the seals on each of the spiritual chakras of the body. Cayce states that the book with the seven seals is the human body. The only part of us that is truly worthy to do this is that part that has crucified self-centered desire sufficiently to allow God’s will to fully enter. This one is identified in the Revelation as “the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root and offspring of David,” all terms associated with the Messiah, only this is the little messiah within each of us; our spiritual self reborn, created by God and sent to redeem our physical selves. This self has made its will so subordinate to God’s that it is represented as a lamb. It is in the spirit of the Lamb of God that we may safely open the seals of the spiritual centers of our bodies.

  204. 204
    ed Says:

    the post above is just part of the article….the whole article contains explanations of the chakras as well as the relation of kundalini rising to St. John’s revelations (apocalypse)…the article explains that St. John’s apocalypse is actually the process of kundalini rising as explained by Edgar Cayce.

  205. 205
    Linda Anderson Says:

    Also, after reading many of the posts here, I’d like to give some helpful advice.

    1. Acupressure has worked miracles to get rid of not only the intense headaches associated with it, but helps all other areas of the body affected by kundalini as well. No matter if it’s kundalini or not, acupressure works on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. It sounds like a lot of individuals here can be helped by it and it’s easy to do.

    There is a book – unfortunately now out of print – that details a short but comprehensive acupressure routine. It is called ‘Acupressure Step by Step’ by Jacqueline Young. You can get a used copy of it. It will help open up the meridians to allow the extra energy to work its way through, a great complement to one’s yoga and meditation routines. I now have no more headaches, whereas I had to take pain meds daily for years.

    2. I believe you cannot suppress kundalini; once it starts, it won’t stop until it does what it needs to do. It is better to try to facilitate the clearing of the energy from your body through kundalini yoga, acupressure, energy work, mantras, etc.

    3. I suggest using the chakra techniques Anmol outlines in many of his articles. From what I’ve read in the above posts, and compared to my own experiences, it sounds like, rather than full-blown kundalini, they are experiencing individual chakra effects, where there is extra energy building up in a chakra and then it emanates certain symptoms trying to handle the extra energy. This can be a precursor of kundalini, however, like it happened for me.


  206. 206
    Linda Anderson Says:

    Hi Anmol,

    Thank you for your kind words about my site!

    I actually wrote this before the above post, but it didn’t get published so I am trying it again.

    I’ll try to keep my explanation about handling the kundalini heat as brief as possible. It may only be a theory, and I probably need to try it out again to see if it really does work, but I was amazed and happy that it worked so fast.

    I know that the heat is caused by an imbalance between the ida and pingala. With my last episode–about a month ago–it was beginning to be overwhelming for me, occurring every few minutes along with electric shocks throughout my body, almost to the point where it wouldn’t subside. My body felt like a furnace with no way for the heat to escape.

    I decided to work on different areas of my body to find the blockage. Knowing that the energy that triggers kundalini first enters the feet and comes up through the legs, I started to focus on that area first.

    Using my mind, I imagined a brush (like a wide, stiff paint brush) going up and down, over and over again, right through the whole of my foot. I also imagined this brush going up and down through the inside of each of my legs.

    While intensely working on my right foot, I noticed very different sensations of energy; it became more pulsating within my foot and seemed to be dissipating. I continued for another 5 minutes or so until the sensation was gone. It has not returned since.

    I currently brush my feet (using visualization only) on a regular basis to keep my energy balanced. I now have more kundalini spikes at night and feel a lot more energy rushing up through my legs during these spikes. And like I said in the above post, now I have the energy gently flowing out the top of my head constantly lately, but I think this is also due to the fact that I’ve been doing breathwork on my chakras.

    Hope this helps somebody…I know how tormenting it can be!

    BTW, Anmol, I like a lot of your articles that I found on the Articlesbase website and will reprint some of them in my blog.


  207. 207
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Rainbow,

    Yes this is a kundalini experience. Might by good to start a yoga and meditation program to help you make progress now that the process has begun.


  208. 208
    ed Says:

    I believe that I had my first vision last night. it wasn’t a dream since I was awake but the the vision was very wierd and a little disorienting.

    I woke up at 3 AM and meditated while in bed. The muscle twitches were intense and there were also instances of uncontrollable kriyas – my hand felt like it was stabbed by a needle (at the pinky) then it started shaking, then stopped after a few seconds…the same thing with my feet and legs.

    While meditating, I saw myself get up from bed
    (although aware that I was still lying down on my bed, how weird is that!) and saw my big screen TV at the left of the bed (this is weird since my TV is downstairs in the family room). looking at the TV screen, I saw a mist on the screen that took on the shape of a face and it smiled at me (I don’t recognize the face but it was the face of an older person….wrinkles and all although unrecognizable since its color was that of smoke and no other discernable colors to distinguish it). I was startled and went back to bed…as I look at the right side of the bed, I saw four people in white robes and cloaks covering their faces. two of them where at the exact right side of the bed and the other two were at the right side of the foot of the bed. the two that were at the foot of the bed were smaller, like children. all of them where facing me, and although I couldn’t see their faces, it felt that their eyes were staring at me but I didn’t feel that they were evil or malicious.

    when I opened my eyes, no one was there, the TV was not there (of course). it felt like a dream but I was awake and aware during this meditation session which felt like it lasted only for minutes but when I looked at the clock, the meditation session actually lasted for two hours.

    weird vision indeed, though I’m sure it’s only the first of many that is to come.

  209. 209
    janell Says:

    i had an experience the other day like none I have ever had before, was wondering if it may have been a kundaalni thing.
    i was preparing to receive my reiki level 2 attunment by first doing my yoga and then meditatining. when i began to receive the attunment, it was nothing i have ever experinced. First this spot on my lower spine began to contract on its own then various parts of my body, various muscles began contracting, followed by my lower section vibrating, like shaking, followed by limbs and my head and neck. my third eye had this sensation close to pain. The whole time i was seeing flashes of color behind my eyelids and white lights. all i can say is it felt like a current going through me with the spot on the spine contracting the whole time.
    Has anyone had something like this before? Is it just the reiki attunment? Can a reiki attunment affect kundalani? Kundalani is something im aware of, but not something i have ever activiely sought to awaken. i’ve been exhausted since this, 3 days ago.

  210. 210
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Janell,

    Yes this is typical of a kundalini awakening. Take it easy while the body adjusts and integrates the energy that was unleashed. Reiki is closely associated with kundalini and the chakra system.

    Thanks for sharing with us. Keep us updated on your experiences.


  211. 211
    sherri Says:

    The Reiki 2 attunement usually brings about a reaction more so then the others. My belief is it acts like a balancing of the chakras. I also experienced some symtoms with the 2nd attunement as in a terrible headache that came on right after the process and did not leave for a day or two. This has been a most interesting site thank you for your time.

  212. 212
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Sherri,

    Thanks for sharing your kundalini experiences and your feedback. Glad you are enjoying the website.


  213. 213
    Kathleen Says:

    Hello, Anmol, I am so happy to have found your websight. I have always considered myself a spiritual person and since I have started praticing kundalini yoga and zen meditation around a month ago, I have become much more calm and relaxed. I have to tell you that this morning, as I was meditating I was focusing on my breathing and felt my mind going still as if i was in a empty dark room and it felt so peaceful and then this light started to appear and become brighter like a white light and it felt beautiful and then it was gone. and I couldn’t seem to bring it back. What do you make of this and have you experienced this? Love your websight!!!

  214. 214
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Kathleen,

    Yes I have experienced this beautiful white light. You will find it described in the article above under “Rare Symptoms”.

    Great to hear you are benefiting from the website :-).


  215. 215
    Ithco Says:

    Hello. I just started practicing kundalini yoga recently and had the experience of my lips trying to smile without my collaboration. Only some of my facial muscles seemed to get involved. It was too funny. Now looking for info on this, I stumbled onto your site…..where does a beginner go first for research? Thanks.

  216. 216
    Cynthia Says:

    Dear Anmol,
    My kundalini symptoms were similar but different. I am experimenting a little later than most and had my first “herbal brownies” last week. My friend led me through a series of meditation exercises during my experiment which induced an Awakening. Tonight I watched the YouTube video trying to find a way to recreate the experience sober and it worked – almost immediately.

    My sensation feels like serpents intertwining in and out around my spine coming up my back, radiating out my arms in waves of electricity and coming up over my scalp, pulling me up, but it feels like my head is going to flip or fly off, but it actually makes my head tilt forward so that I am looking down while my spine is still straight. It does feel like you are being lifted upward and nearly out of your body, but my friend explained that sensation comes from your new body awareness. I cannot explain the intensity of this experience. I am excited but scared of it at the same time. Under the influence, the powerful snaky energy started rising just by my friend talking about it, no matter what position I was in (lying down, etc.) just by thinking about it. I am so glad that I have found a way to repeat this without the use of mind-altering substances. I have no intention of ever using such again. It was purely an upayah (sp?) for me. I really appreciate your article and this website.

    Blessings to you and yours.

  217. 217
    Cynthia Says:

    Forgot to ask my questions: I felt a tight band around my chest that moved up to my forehead. Is that the feeling you get near your third eye, does it feel like a tight band, I mean? I was conscious of this feeling coming from the energy of other people in the room. It turned into a headache.

    When I opened my eyes, objects in the room appeared to have a vibration to them, like I could see their energy. Is this an effect of the Kundalini Awakening or the substance? haha I laugh asking the question, bc anyone who knows me would laugh that I asked such a question. So out of my nature. Seeing everything vibrate like that made me nauseous so I had to close my eyes and lie down. Overall, I would label the entire experience as positive, but the intensity made it difficult to fully indulge. I’m thrilled to be able to replicate this during meditation. Thank you again.


  218. 218
    Alan Askew Says:

    I was standing ankle deep in warm water on an island in the Gulf of Thailand some 35 years ago while a friend sat on a rock nearby. I began to feel – well, very strange indeed. I felt a burning sensation at the base of my spine, which although not particularly unpleasant made me afraid, after all I was only 22 years old at the time and had never experienced anything similar before. I was not on any spiritual journey and only had a passing interest in yoga. When the sensation began to move up my spine I was becoming seriously scared, after all I didn’t want to die so young!
    When the heat reached the base of my neck my vision changed unbelievably. The normal everyday things around me took on a brand new significance, I looked towards the sky which appeared like a doorway, to what I didn’t know, I could see life forces everywhere – even the rocks glowed with life. I could tell new leaves on trees from older ones by the degree of their intensity and even the sound of the ocean took on a new meaning.
    When I looked at my friend he was glowing so brightly that I could barely make out his physical form and it was at this stage that I became convinced that I was dying. When I finally spoke to him it was as though my voice was struggling to be heard above the din of new sound. I asked him to say something in our local English dialect as I believed it might ‘earth’ me in some way. He realised that there was something amiss by the look on my face and eventually ‘talked me down’
    For a long timke after the experience I was very careful who I spoke to, what I said and was infinitely truthful.
    It wasn’t until 15 years later that I read first about Kundalini…but I amk sure that that was what I had gone through.

  219. 219
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Ithco,

    I call this the Smile of the Buddha and you can read about it in the following article :-)

    Rapid Benefits of Kundalini Yoga


  220. 220
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Cynthia,

    Thanks for sharing your kundalini experience with us and glad to know that going forward you are sticking to just meditation.

    The tight band you felt is your Sixth Body of Light (of the 10 that your have, as per Kundalini Yoga). It is your Arc Line (or Halo). It is felt at the chest (for women only) and at the forehead as you did. You were also sensing other’s magnetic fields or Aura’s (Seventh Body of Light).

    I explain a bit of that in the following article Master Number Numerology (PS: I am not trying to cleverly get you to sign up for my numerology service, its just that this is the only place where I have gone over these bodies so far on the website. So please don’t misunderstand :-).

    Once again great to have you share with us, and please let us know how it goes.


  221. 221
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Alan,

    Yes that certainly appears to have been a Kundalini awakening experience. Quite fascinating.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


  222. 222
    Sapper Says:

    I have had a variety of kundalii awakening symptoms while going through Rolfing and bioenergetics, and connected with marijuana therapy too. Sometimes I awake at night to find my arms and legs doing things – stretching and contorting, and my subconscious demanding that I let it have control, very warm and relaxing. Sometimes I wake in the morning and my spine demands to be allowed to stretch upwards and energy flows, I sense more vividly and focus on the moment, less prone to anxiety or thinking beyond the moment. Sometimes I look down and my body is getting on with life on its own, the subconscious taking over, walking along with no sensation of my body. Generally I have a sesne of incredible energy like when I was a child. I often can’t sit still!

  223. 223
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Sapper,

    Your experiences are very much in line with reported kundalini awakening symptoms. Thanks for sharing with us.


  224. 224
    Kundalini & Enlightenment Experiences Being Reported by Reader Like You - nycposts.org Says:

    [...] Kundalini Awakening Symptoms [...]

  225. 225
    mike edwards Says:

    Hi Anmol

    Many thanks for your work on this site. It is interesting to read of everyones experiences and I thank you for the time you spend responding to everyone. I would just like to share my experience the other night and invite your comment.
    I have attended Christian church for some time but also have a keen interest in Budhism and New Physics, particurlalry how much of the New Physics confirms much of the ancient teachings. I have also been exploring many of the lost Gospels (ie Gospel of Thomas particularly). The internet has enabled me to explore much of this lately. Also in recent times I seemed to have lost wordly aspirations (this is positive) and have little interest in pursuit of career or consumerism
    A week ago I spent a lovely week away and I spent about half an hour each day meditating and felt the benefit of this. I have had for the last 3 months or so a lower back problem which whilst not severe or dilapidating has been quite painful at times.
    Thats very briefly my background.
    Two nights ago whilst in a semi waking state after sleep I felt an energy rise through the spine and I was very hot. Then all of a sudden I experienced a blinding white light which seemd to encapsulate me. I remember thinking very briefly the light was so bright it was if it was a nuclear explosion although I realised at the same time it wasnt. It seemed too powerful to be a dream. On awakening I felt a feeling of bliss like Ive never felt before in my life. Eventually I returned to sleep and had a lucid dream (I have had these before but rarely).
    The next day the feeling of bliss was still there and it seemed my consciousness was expanded somewhat and colours seemed more stunning than ever. The feeling of bliss was accompanied by a feeling that I was an observer of the world at that time rather than a participant, but I felt at remarkable peace with everything and everyone. Interestingly my back problem had been healed and there is no pain now.
    There were no negative experiences about this experience at all.
    There was one slight worry. Schizophrenia and mental illness is a problem with several members of my family so I have never really actively sought a kundilini experience as maybe such a powerful experience could perhaps trigger such an illness in myself if not correctly handled (am i right to be concerned or am i on completely the wrong track?)
    I just know my experience was not a dream. Generally it was very positive and I have been uplifted. I have a changed feeling that traditional religions are actually restrictive in spiritual development and that this event has expanded my spirituality beyond the paradigms of structured religions but at the same time it has expanded my belief that in actual fact we are all inter connected and that we have nothing to fear after we die or even whilst we are on earth in this life.
    Thank you


  226. 226
    mike edwards Says:

    Hi Anmol, its mike again!
    Three nights on from the above experience I had a different but very uplifting experience during sleep. Could this be connected to my last post.
    I felt myself gently rocking as if I was trying to get out of my physical body (although this was not a conscious decision). I felt myself leave the physical body, turned back to see my body asleep on the bed but no connecting cord as people often report in OBEs. I moved around a bit before going through a window. I then found myself floating and swimming in a sort of indescribable ether/air I cant really describe it in language. It was blissful and beautiful. It seemed to have a colour of very pale blue. I was lucid and aware that I could change the course of this “dream” if I wanted. However I decided to turn down the opportunity and just let it drift and run. The bliss continued and it was if I felt myself starting to dissolve into it. There was no fear. I then found myself awake in bed quite elated in fact.
    It feels as if this was related to my light experience the other evening but on this occasion I did not experience it.
    I have had OBEs particularly in childhood and early adulthood but very very rarely in the last 30 years or so.
    The remarkable thing about both stories is the positive and uplifting nature of the events. There has been no fear.
    Thankyou for reading my posts


  227. 227
    gauranga Says:

    hi anmol ,
    Gauranga here.After I read your article i tried fr the ajana chakra yoga.While doing the yoga i felt the tingling of muscles and brain and my arms became like babies and i felt like i am rising up.Wel after completion of the yoga my head got heavier and i had some intense feelings of love and desire for my partner.So are these symptons good or bad? that my head got heavier.i also felt like that my blood circulation has stopped and i cannot move my body. can u suggest me if these symptons are good or bad?

  228. 228
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Really appreciate you sharing your experiences with us. This type of detail helps us understand more and more about kundalini awakening symptoms, how they manifest and what they can entail.

    I have experienced much of the same as you have. The OBEs I have been told about, did not involve a cord either.

    The experiences do tend to come in bunches so that is typical of what you are finding as well.

    For concern with mental illness, firstly it tends to happen when you are slightly younger, I am trying to judge your age from the clues in the comment. Also, anxiety, fear and worry tend to play a role in that – which you are luckily not being subject to in any way.

    Still given the family history, I would suggest to ration your energy between the everyday “mundane” life and meditation practice and make progress systematically.

    Do keep us informed of your journey, I found it to be very interesting and educational.

    On a side note, such feedback I intuitively feel will come in handy to those looking to study the subtle laws of the Universe more empirically.

    All Good Wishes,

  229. 229
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Gauranga,

    These symptoms all seem fine and are reported often with Kundalini Experiences and Ajna Chakra Awakening. With regard to your note on blood circulation, is it correct for me to say you were feeling a “paralysis”, for that I am aware happens, the cessation of blood circulation would be new to me and of concern.

    Let me know.


  230. 230
    arslan Says:

    Hi anmol

    My kundalini awakened few months ago by meditation for 10min. It was my first meditation. I felt heat , pressure coming up the spine but stopped at middle of the spine. It was very painful. I think stopped at 2nd chakra. After that i didn’t do meditation but i still feel light kundalini. one more thing when i stop masturbation for two weeks then i feel strong kundalini, heat pressure. when i masturbate then i go back to very light kundalini. I also see colours blue, purple and others. I get pressure at my third eye.

    should i stop masturbation?

    why my kundalini stopped at 2nd chakra?

    I wanna open my third eye plzz help

  231. 231
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Arslan,

    Awakening Kundalini is a very personal choice, as no one can guarantee that the process will be without challenges. So you have to be mentally ready. I suggest building/purifying the internal system with physical Kundalini Yoga & Pranayama, in conjunction with meditation, so that when Kundalini rises, the pathways are better suited for her voyage.

    If you stop masturbation, as you have correctly noticed, Kundalini will have more intensity and power. This is as the energy is they used for spiritual evolution instead.

    I suggest a nice, steady, systematic practice which will give you the best chance for a smooth ride, so to speak.

    Feel free to use the free online kundalini yoga classes and sets I offer on this site to help prepare yourself.

    Let me know your progress.


  232. 232
    Vahid Says:

    This is random but here is my kundalini experience. After some intense meditating I felt something, like the head of a snake moving around in circles in my lower abdomen. During this an intense upheavel of negative emotion and thought, sometimes I felt like I was going to pop, but meditations to releive energy did the trick. I don’t think most people know what it is to awaken the kundalini, it is not a pleasurable experience. If you experiencepleasure, you are either extremely healed or you have not awakennign it at all, you should FEEL it. From what I have heard, the actual rising of it is much more painful. But after it all, there should eventually be bliss, power, balance and harmony.

  233. 233
    Vahid Says:

    and as a response to Amnol, stopping masturbation is like putting your head in a grinder. Kundalini energy is very sexual in nature, since I awoke mine, I have been masturbating heavly and this has helped to releive the pressure and relax me. Too much sexual energy building up is dangerous. Unless you have a weaker soul. Which isn’t the case for me because my chakras are aligned to take in energy.

  234. 234
    Vahid Says:

    also sounds for me are fiercely loud and when I see ‘things’ i try not to pay attention to them because i find it scary

  235. 235
    stewart Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    At this moment in my life i am very confused. Back in 1994 April, I had an experience that has changed my life, but has also caused me a great deal of stress. A friend of mine can to visit me and told me about Jesus, I said ” yeh, yeh..i know all about that, i still have my bible here from when iwas 8yrs old ..see” i’d just like to say, at this time i was into the occult ( wican ) and had started to listen to classical music and had a strange fasination with watching the wind blowing throw the trees ( weird eh?) Anyway after my friend left, for about the next two weeks i started reading my bible and borrowed an old cassette tape with songs on… On a sunny day in April 1994, i was walking throw a park listeniing to this tape, the song was ” breath of God Breathe on me” as i listened to this acappella song iand the harmony unity in all the singing, something inside me broke, gave up, i started crying and as i did i was suddenly overwhelmed with this amazing love, heat, and i felt something travel up through and out of top of my head. for the next 3weeks or so, i felt this burning ball of energy in my navel/stomach area, and was in love with everything, i mean a deep divine love and i felt so pure. Then the problems started, imy mind was starting to fill up with horrible thoughts, i thought i was going insane, i kept ALL of this whole time of my life to myself, and suffered, i was on anti-depressants. i had trouble concentrating, but i kept reading the Scriptures and prayed. i got baptised in August of that year at a charismatic church i had started attending, which was an overwhelming experience and i felt purified, my Christian walk hasnt been easy over the last 15yrs, and confusing with many different experiences. i stumbled onto the subject of kundalini couple years ago, through a fundamental christian site, declaring that certain charismatic christian groups are in fact kundalini. Which has led me to ask you for your help, please, as i am confused as i have alot of the symptoms of kundalini, ie; The burning in base of spine going up n down, heat, tingling, waves of emotion coming on me, love (same as 1994 experience),peace. The pressures in the skull, inhanced perceptions of sight,smell, hearing my name called as lay down and shut eyes, awarness of other peoples energy, etc. And i am confused and doubting my christian faith, and it’s causing me great stress, which isnt an easy thing for me to admit here. i desire truth, before experiences. can you help me please?

  236. 236
    Robert Morgen Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    Great Blog! I just wanted to get back in contact and say hi!

    Robert Morgen :)

  237. 237
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you all the success.


  238. 238
    Matt Says:

    Hi Anmol:

    This is completely random for me and I’d never do this in a million years, but stumbled on your page by trying to look up the below experience. I just learned about kundalini awakening right now; so I’m not very well-versed. However, I was hoping you might be able to let me know if my experience aligns with what I’ve learned on your site so far.

    When I was a sophomore in college (9 years ago) I was going through a tough time, psychologically/spiritually, and found myself praying quite a bit and very intensely. One night, I went to bed crying and eventually fell asleep. I vividly remember “waking up” (while still sleeping) in a room that was completely white with a door-less doorway ahead (about 25 feet or so) and to my left. I was seated on the floor clutching my legs, looked around, and couldn’t even see the corners of the room because it was so white. I noticed that I was wearing a white robe as well.

    The entire time I was in the room, I felt very calm. All of a sudden I noticed a man walking slowly through the door way and towards me. I couldn’t see exactly who it was but I got the feeling in my body of extreme nervousness BUT in a very good and positive way. Essentially, it was like meeting a personal hero or someone you always admired greatly but magnified by 1 million; or even the feeling you get when you go down the first steep hill on a rollercoaster. He slowed as he came towards me and smiled. I noticed that he looked like the artistic representations of Jesus with the goatee and everything. For a brief moment, we just looked at each other and he continued to smile. He bent over slightly, reached his hand towards mine as if to help me stand up, smiled, and said “I’ve been waiting for you.”

    As soon as his hands clasped with mine, I woke up. A rush of energy went up and down my body in waves for a few minutes. I was unable to move any part of my body, the energy shot up and down my body in intense waves and it felt like someone was literally “scrubbing my soul” clean and creating a blank slate. While this was happening I couldn’t see any part of my dorm room (I had the top bunk). All I saw were colors that seemed to be varying in intensity all around me. The rush of energy stopped, I felt completely exhausted, realized there were tears going down my face, was smiling, and drifted off to sleep.

    The next day, I felt completely different and it’s hard to describe. Basically, I didn’t feel as if I existed on the earth but with the earth. I don’t know if that makes any sense. As I walked to the cafeteria, to class, to a friends dorm, I didn’t feel like I was walking but moving within “existence”. I apologize that I can’t describe it any better than that using words, but I don’t have words for it I guess. That same day I remember walking back from the cafeteria and seeing a bird pecking the grass. When I looked at the bird (it looked at me since I was passing by) I felt like that special effect in the movies when the camera focuses on an object and magnifies it to your eye. It’s as if I became the bird for a bit and “understood” its place in the grand scheme of things. By “understood”, I mean I saw its importance/purpose to the tree, to the worm, to the sky, to the ground etc. It only took a few seconds before I got out of this mini-trance, but afterwards, I felt that I “understood” the bird. Then I looked at the moon and had the same experience of realizing its importance/purpose place in the grand scheme of things.

    There were more things that occurred that I never understood and to this day I sometimes find my mind wandering back to those few days 9 years ago. I’ve not had an experience like the white room since then, but I have had and continue to have “realization” and “understanding” experiences with people, animals, situations, death, life, etc.

    What troubles me is that I’m a 29 year old guy who’s never been able to understand what I’m supposed to do with that experience or how to find a path to understand it better. I’ve never heard of christianity talking about the realization/understanding aspect (I may have not paid attention). I continue to have the residual effects of that experience and am confused as to how or what I’m supposed to do. I don’t wish to recreate it, but I would like to understand these realizations and things that continue to happen to me.

    Any suggestions? Thanks for reading this long post? I’ve not said this to any of my buddies. As you can imagine, it’s not the most manly of things to talk about and I don’t know if people would “get it”. Any thoughts you have would help me a great deal.



  239. 239
    Zarielle Says:

    Hello, I am in great need help. I’ve been suffering terribly and would to know if anyone has experienced similar problems or could help me understand what is occurring. I first started noticing a negative change in my thought patterns (which happened out of the blue) and I suffered psychic attacks. I worked on myself internally and my psychic attacks diminished. However I still suffered with humiliating digestive problems. I started noticing that I could see with my eye lids closed. I felt cool sensations as if the wind was blowing but I was inside. More recently I began feeling like I could sense other peoples’ energy as if I were in there head. I have not experienced anything positive. I suffered a lot and I just want to be normal the way I was before all of this. I think that this has hindered me from having a normal life. I don’t go out, and I’m always tired. I would like to add that my mother suffered from mental illness and my sister is also suffering with mental issues.

  240. 240
    Zarielle Says:

    Lastly I would like to add that I have head pains and I constantly hear a buzzing noise in my head. I also somethimes feel like there is crawling in my back area.

  241. 241
    Leilah Says:

    Hey Matt,

    I stumbled across your post and it intrigued me! I had a dream two nights ago where I was lying on a bunk bed, the top bunk (ive never had a bunk bed by the way), and it seemed the ceiling was sort of pulsating or some sort of energy was changing things. Anyway, it reminded me of your experience slightly, funny because I randomly scrolled down the page here and just decided to read your post. Last year I had what they term a spontaneous kundalini awakening. It seems like in the last few months it has found a way to reactivate so I’m going through the motions again. E-mail me if you like at leilah011@yahoo.com. I am curious to know a little more about your experience and why your recent/sudden? intrigue.

  242. 242
    ra Says:

    Hi Ed,

    I have not read your pieces yet, but plan to…thank you in advance!

  243. 243
    ED L Says:

    Headaches: Never had a headache problem until I started yoga. Now get one behind and above the eyes, about a 1/2 palm size area but ONLY AFTER BENDING THE SPINE FORWARD (Plow posture for instance). Seems if it was due to Kundalini it would occur after the use of other postures also?

  244. 244
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Matt,

    Welcome to our world. Yes your experience is certainly very much like others who have had an awakening and a taste of the non-dual nature of Reality (as in, you and the bird were one – Patanjali’s Samyama, but easier to simply understand that as an experience of the One Self (as in you walking in existence)).

    Such openings do happen early and suddenly due to various reasons and then leave one a little awed and lost. Usually wanting the experience back again (even though you don’t), but nothing really wrong in that, after all it was quite magnificent. In general, it will not happen again just the same, but other magnificent experiences will happen later.

    I look at these early experiences as invitations to walk the spiritual path. My suggestion is to begin a consistent, strong personal meditation practice, and then enjoy the affair with Infinity which will undoubtedly happen.

    Let me know if you want guidance on where to start. The free online meditation classes are available here as well.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


  245. 245
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Zarielle,

    Although your experiences do overlap with kundalini awakening symptoms, due to family history and the difficulty you are experiencing, I don’t want to make a casual suggestion online.

    I would suggest finding a competent Kundalini Yoga Teacher or Ayurvedic Doctor and seeking some advise from them personally.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Wishing you all the best.

    God Bless You,

  246. 246
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Ed,

    Are you still having such headaches? If so, do you have them when you do shoulder stand or inverted postures. It seems like its due to pressure.

    Let me know.


  247. 247
    anthony Says:

    anmol, i was doing the spinal warm ups while steadily looking at my third eye and ears started to ring, i couldnt hear that well, i was feeling a vibration in my face and chest region, i could feel vibrating or tingling somewhere in my eye region, then when i rested in corpse pose, my body was tingling, my throat felt weird, it became hard to breath, so i started to panic and jumped up, then i went back into corpse pose

  248. 248
    addy Says:

    Hello Anmol, around one year before I started to have psoriasis patches, then I started doing prnayama, ofcourse during this time I was mostly on fruits and vef diets, the dieases cured, but I continued by pranyama, I also started doing mediatations, but now past 3-4 months i am having kundalini awakening experiences, heaviness in forehead, vibrations in spine, twitching all over the body, but i think the most profound one is heaviness in forehead, Intially, I enjoyed those symptoms but know especially the pressure in head, which sometimes convert into headace. Well, I am trying to cope up with it, but just wondering what shall i do with my pratices. Presently, have stopped doing prnayama, infact doing yoga postures and meditation. So what do u think, well I am trying my best to ignore this, and of the opinon that more energy in time will cure the things. Want to have your opinon espcially on pressure in forehaead.

  249. 249
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Addy,

    Don’t do just pranayama. It is too powerful. Balance your program with yoga asanas or any other physical fitness routine, to prepare it better to deal with higher levels of energy.

    It is fine to stop for a while, allow things to settle down a bit and then pick up slowly from there. Specially with pranayama, one should not rush rush.

    Generally pressure in forehead is fairly common with spiritual practice, headaches not so much. So you have taken a good decision and see how it goes from here.

    Drastic changes in diet can also create challenges in the body, so make sure you keep an eye on that as well.

    Let me know.


  250. 250
    addy Says:

    A lot of thanks for your reply, Anmol. Yes it is my experience also that pranayams are too powerful especially I was doing it too much to get rid of my disease. But now, I think I have learnt my lessons and have to keep things under control. Therefore, doing asanas (10-12 basic postures as in shivanda yoga) and meditation also. Once again thanks for your reply.

  251. 251
    Anu Says:

    Sometimes I used to feel pressure in the region of my heart, ajna chakra and crown chakra. However, I have never been to intense meditation class. All I do is search some meditation techniques in youtube. I thought the pressure I experience was related to sprituality but after reading your post I am certain. Thank you!
    Like Zarielle said I also hear some constant buzzing noise. However, I hear it only when I am not thinking anything maybe trying to concentrate.Is this also some spiritual sign?

  252. 252
    stellagent Says:

    17 June, 2009 Thank you for this forum. Initially I thought I had a heat related problem even though I wasn’t heat stressed as my friend drove us towards a lake. I had lower back pain with a headache and neck pain as well before observing white sparkles and a huge star~burst becoming more white, like the contrast is turned up too high on a TV until becoming most bright white for about 5 minutes, pupils very small, eyes fluttering and most breath taking, then tapering back to normal vision, lasting about 15 minutes total time. I was totally blinded with a bright white light , only viewing the peripheral edges with a white mist. And I usually tingle with goosebumps on certain areas of my body or all over becoming electrified. I first thought the bright white light in my eyes was from heat exhaustion/stoke though I didn’t hear the “Choo~Choo train” due to abnormal blood pressure in the brain nor did I feel heat stressed on a mid~morning in Tucson, AZ as my friend was driving us to John F. Kennedy lake for a fun day of fishing. I asked her to turn around, that something was amiss. When she returned to her driveway at her home my vision became crystal clear with highlights of white sparkles reflecting from the rear bumper of her parked car sitting on her property. It was later when the thought impression of “Kundalini Awakening” registered within my mind. Live and learn:) Thank you for blinding me to the Kundalini Light(*) Love, Peace and Compassion, Geri(*)

  253. 253
    Best Chakra Balancing Visualization Meditation Technique | Meditation Guru.cn Says:

    [...] Best Chakra Balancing Visualization Meditation Technique June 22nd, 2009 | Author: guru One of the best meditation techniques for opening and balancing the chakra points, is the visualization meditation technique. In this technique, the color attribute of each chakra is exploited and used an instrument to stimulate and awaken that particular chakra. Let’s begin first though by giving a brief overview of the chakra system and how they work. Chakra point are energy vortexes that reside in the astral body and transmute energy between the 3 bodies that make up a human being. There 3 bodies are the physical body, astral body and mental body. Charka points essentially move energy between these bodies, by raising or dropping the frequency of the energy as required. Each chakra resides in a particular location along the spine from the base to the crown of the head, and the health of the chakra is reflected in the health of the organs and systems in that particular region. In addition, chakra points are responsible for personality traits and having the chakra in balance, means to have one’s physical, emotional and mental bodies in balance as well. So now that we have an understanding of chakra points, let’s delve into the visualization meditation technique which can be used to open, heal and balance the chakra points. Each chakra point is associated with a particular color, and by using this information along with the power of concentration and visualization one can help stimulate a particular chakra and assist it in opening. Below is the color chart that lists the particular color associated with each chakra point. Each of these colors should then be used, as described in the meditation script below it. Chakra Point Color Chart: Root chakra meditation color: Red Sex chakra meditation color: Orange Navel chakra meditation color: Yellow Heart chakra meditation color: Green Throat chakra meditation color: Blue Third eye chakra meditation color: Indigo Crown chakra meditation color: Violet To practice chakra visualization meditation technique, one should follow the step-by-step instructions below. 1. Either lie on your back, or sit up in cross legged posture with your back straight. 2. Close your eyes and take 5 deep slow breaths to help relax you and clam the mind. 3. Now begin to visualize the color red at the base of your spine as a glowing ball of red light. Feel your breath moving in and out from this center while continuing to imagine a red ball of light emanating from that location. 4. After spending a minute or two at the root chakra, move up to the sex chakra and repeat the exercise with the color orange. 5. In this fashion work through all the other chakras as well, where the navel chakra is located at the level of the solar plexus, the heart chakra at the level of the sternum, the throat chakra at the neck and the third eye chakra in the middle of the forehead. 6. Once you complete the cycle, relax for a few minutes and then finish the meditation, by affirming you are healthy, balanced and at peace. The above chakra meditation, works through the entire chakra system, but if you are interested in opening and balancing just one particular chakra, you can simply focus on doing the visualization meditation with the color for that specific chakra only. This method of chakra balancing is very effective, but one should use it judiciously, as one should be physically able to handle the increased energy flow that can occur when chakras are activated and opened. Anmol Mehta is a Yoga Teacher & Zen Expert. His extensive site, Free Kundalini Yoga Exercises & Videos, offers the popular Free Online Guided Meditation Techniques E-Book. Also learn about kundalini awakening by reading, Kundalini Awakening Symptoms.Sit and Stand Strollers Posted in Meditation | Tags: Chakra Balancing, Chakra Color, Chakra Meditation, Chakra Opening, Kundalini Chakra, Meditation, Yoga « Five Exercise Myths That Might Surprise You [...]

  254. 254
    ra Says:

    Dear Anmolji,
    As mentioned in the past, Mother Kundalini evidently is guiding my practices. I try to trust this, yet my mind needs the security of the word from a human teacher. This is because we have nothing to compare our inner experience with, to know that our sources are truly what they say they are.

    I was doing SCK Intermediate level for 22 Min. a day

    Subag: (5 parts) 5 minutes each per day.

    Had started Cat for 2-4 min (because since fear became intense).

    Heat has been lodged in my face, top of head, neck and top-side of arms for a long time. Because of this and because i forget to drink (but do drink more than i used to), “She” cut me back to only SCK 13 min., adding one minute per day…and stopped the other Kriyas.

    I eat cucumbers

    Take Chamomile extract

    Drink Chamomile Tea and 1/2 water / 1 Apple juice mixture .

    I eat more yin foods, but it doesn’t change much.

    Occasionally do Varun Mudra, but not good for my type (pitta-Kapha).

    Eyes/mouth/nose dry out

    Stiff neck (for weeks now)..feels like arthritis and muscle tension

    Upper spine stiff between scapulae)

    Space-out easily if i let it happen

    The rest of me feels fine/better and i LOVE practice.

    I don’t mind the heat but want to proceed safely.

    Any suggestions?

    The Ong Namo Gurudev Namo mantra is supposed to “protect” us when said prior to Kriyas:

    Does it protect from:

    *Kundalini “sicknesses”

    *From heat damage?

    *Any other problems that could arise?


  255. 255
    dean Says:


    I’ve been meditating for about a year and sometimes would get headaches on the side my head (the temple) but then I read that I should be focusing my attention on the heart area and after doing that the headaches begin to cease. But recently, I started doing kundalina and pranyama breathing and the headaches in that area begin to return and I started having trouble sleeping and then a lump came up on the back of my head. I think it was a swollen gland. It went away in about a week but was frightening. Can you offer any insight into what might be going on?



  256. 256
    Asha Says:

    hi there Anmol,
    I just wanted to know that sometimes I get this awfull symptoms in my body and I wanted to know whether these symptoms are the symptoms of the rising of kundalini.I started to get these symptoms last year December , I used to feel this immense pressure in my skull as if my head was going to explode and as a result of it I used to take pain killers but that did’nt work so I used to sleep most of the time.My hands and feet get very cold sometimes and I start sweating . I always feel there is some sort of a presence with me. And whenever I have dreams , Those dreams start to get really intense and as a result of what ever happened in my dream or what ever actions happened .I get the pain next morning . These symptoms usually occur after I finish studying or reading and mostly after praying. I’m only 17 years old.Is it normal for kundalini to rise in this age or am I experiencing something else.Please I would like to know. Thank you.

  257. 257
    David Says:

    Hey, just wanted to give you a few of the symptoms that I experienced that led me to the path. Looking back, I know that I had several signs that Spirit was trying to get my attention, but apparently I wasn’t ready or just didn’t get the message. These included feeling little energy waves running back and forth through my body leaving me with a nice tingly feeling. I also occasionally felt like I was having an “out of body” experience. Finally, I also could feel “energy rings” that were like hula hoops cruising up and down my energy body. However, for me, the “defining” moment was when I was laying in bed one morning and my crown chakra just burst wide open, I ‘saw’ intense white light (I have no idea how long my entire experience lasted) for a relatively short period of time, then it was this brilliant blue light that just flowed in to me like beautiful, cleansing water, sloshing around and through me leaving me moaning in pure bliss and ecstasy. That did it for me, I got the message that great things were in store for me if I got on the path. I have been learning ever since.

    Since that time, I have started seeing things in my third eye, if my physical eyes are open, it manifests as a faint blue outline of glyph like objects superimposed over whatever I’m looking at. If my physical eyes are closed, I see energy bodies that are like electric blue wireframes.

  258. 258
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Ra,

    Are you doing corpse pose and relaxing after SCK and Kundalini Practice. The difficulty with Kundalini symptoms is that they can cause anxiety, stress and fear which then exacerbate many symptoms and add new ones.

    I am more in favor of listening to the body, and backing off completely if necessary, than fighting through phases if they are too uncomfortable. What this approach does, is ensure that the symptoms are indeed tied to the practice and not manifesting due to any other reasons.

    Your approach is in line with this I can see, but as I suggested it is fine to stop entirely and evaluate what happens before diving back in. The body is enormously intelligent and we should not fight against it’s in built wisdom.

    So back off if needed and do more simple awareness oriented meditation and relaxation and then restart slowly. Let me know.

    Love & Light,

  259. 259
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Dean,

    If the lump was at the junction between the neck and spine, this is documented as part of spiritual transformation for some. It should be sensitive to the touch.

    Headaches could be fine, but they are also related to pranayama practice as well. Try Kundalini Yoga with normal breathing and let me know how it goes.


  260. 260
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Asha,

    It is not unusual for Kundalini to awaken at this age. My most intense awakenings also took place when I was 17. First it is important to get all medical tests done, then I would suggest practicing relaxation techniques to see if they help, as stress can also cause your symptoms. Relaxation techniques will also help you cope with these symptoms better even if they are not stress related.

    Let me know how it goes.


  261. 261
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for sharing you experiences with us, and glad you have accepted the invitation from within to intensify your journey back to Source.

    Love and Light,

  262. 262
    addy Says:

    Hello Anmolji
    I want to ask whether one feels pressure in head, nerve currents in brain, especially in third eye which sometimes give feeling of pressure, always or only at the time of meditation or spiritual practice. Because with me, I can feel them around 24 X 7, but they become intense when I am concentrated or trying to focus on my work or study and need less to say, they are maximum at the time of meditation and pranayam.

  263. 263
    Asha Says:

    Hi Anmolji,
    Thank you for the reply I’ll get it done right away.I just have one more question how do I increase my kundalini and what yoga asana’s would you suggest.Will it improve my memory and my 6th sense. Many thanks.

  264. 264
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Addy,

    Over time the pressure often becomes 24/7 (mine is), and intense when one concentrates or brings attention to the Third Eye region or increases spiritual practice.

    Only concern is if it becomes excessively intense (enormous unearthly pressure), in which case you need to back off from the practice.

    All Good Wishes,

  265. 265
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Asha,

    I would like you to move forward slowly and steadily, since you already have difficult symptoms. It is better to build the physical body and internal systems first, so you have confidence and are better able to handle the energy released by higher practices.

    I suggest starting with the free online classes here on the website. Begin with the following…

    Beginner’s Yoga Class

    Let me know your progress.


  266. 266
    addy Says:

    Thanks for your reply Anmolji. I don’t know why it started for my that early as your saying “over the time”, however, I am doing pranyams since last year only. I will try to keep the things under control.
    Once again thanks for your help.

  267. 267
    bindu sharma Says:

    Thanks Anmol ! It’s only 2 days back that i found ur site by chance.And i’m glad n feel lucky.One day during meditation the very 1st day while i was concentrating on breathing i felt very fast jurks in my body without any effort on my part and was over in 5 min. Since then during meditation i see various colors like red, yellow, orange, purple and golden. What does it mean? Can u please explain me?

  268. 268
    Laurel Watson Says:

    Hi Bindu–

    Sounds like your kundalini went up your charkra system, from the base to the crown. When it starts hitting the crown you may get flashes of intense white light.

    I wrote to this list several months back and now I am 100% sure I am going though kundalini awakening.

    The intense pressure is less and the energy purrs through the body now.

    Sometimes if I am standing near another person a wave of energy washes through me and I can feel the quality of their emotions.

    The energy channels are open and I have learned to basically move things out the bottoms of my feet –any blockages of energy, by conscious intention, move out and I make sure as they are exiting to bind them from any harm and send them back to the creative power. I think of it like a tree taking C02 out of the atmosphere and changing it to 02. And I’m okay with filtering the environment which is what this energy is doing through my body.

    Also I have once seen the chakras that exist above the crown, into the crown chakra and the ecstacy was not an emotion I have felt before and it was difficult to retain consciousness. I have been in heights of consciousness, up into the stars even, and felt the binding love of all things. At times it is like the energy field starts enveloping creating itself, and the feeling is one of holding wihin loving consciousness, all life.

    This is the power of enlightenment. Flashes and then I come down. Sometimes now the feeling in the body is so ecstatic it is beyond anything one could achieve though sex or drugs and I am in no way advocating either method for enlightenment. I am simply saying the emotional state defies all others. Amazing and I am sure this is not the full state.

    I have been told by spiritual masters to not attach to the state of ecstacy. So I see it as part of the body’s reaction to enligthenment. And the goal now is purification, transfiguration if you will. To empty out all that is not benevolent, empty out all that is not here to help.

    I had the good fortune of meeting a wonderful shaman recently who gave me a heart charkra meditation.

    She gave me a few to pick from and I picked this one, “Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name.”

    You meditate breathe in slowly and extinguish the breath and hold the word as a picture in the front of your forehead, “our” see the word, say it in your mind and then say “aaaaaa” and extinguish the breath. aaaaa helps with the vibration of the heart. Then let the thought fall down into what is like a ditch and then be in nothing. Then go do the next word, hold it in the front of your forehead, say the word, and say “aaaa” until the breath is extinguished, let the though drop into the ditch…

    It settles the mind.

    Another way to get into the heart, curious way….
    It is a technique used in the art world where people are blindfolded and a friend leads them around and has them touch different things, ususally objects, tree bark…interesting textures in the environment.
    If you do this for 30 minutes- an hour, it has an ability to bring you back into your body, into memories and the basic state of being, like you where when you were a child. We feel first then see.
    –very amazing. After doing this you may find yourself centered in your heart. You may also remember your state of childhood.


  269. 269
    ra Says:

    Dear Anmol Ji

    There is a breath that is used to cool the heat from Kriyas. I read your suggestion to a student to use it but lost the location of your reply. What is the name of it, or how might i find it? The tongue is curled-in from the sides and then it protrudes from the lips, so the breath can create a cooling effect.
    I am trying to start it as close to the (past) new moon as i can, so, if you have a moment, could you tell me as soon as possible?

    As always,
    Blessings and thank you SO SO much for everything!


  270. 270
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Ra,

    The breath is called Sheetali Pranayama. Here is the link to the details…

    Sheetali Pranayama – The Cooling Breath

    God Bless You,

  271. 271
    dancer Says:

    I found this website quite by accident. Just skimming through the comments I knew I found the right place to find some answers. Approximately 2 years ago I was using a guided prayer meditation cd that I had used several times before. During this meditation the following happened: my body began to vibrate uncontrollably and I felt myself burst out of my body. It was quite a jolt of energy. I immediately saw myself as a circle of intense white light dancing around in what I can only describe as a black background similar to the night sky. I sensed a larger circle of intense white light next to me and in my curiosity I danced over to it. This larger white circle of light seem to be behind what resembled some sort of transparent divider. I peeked behind the divider and as I looked at the larger circle of white light I was flooded with a feeling of pure love and quiet peace. Words cannot relate the beauty or the intensity of the love I felt coming from the larger circle of light. When I came out of this very unusual meditation I had a very hard time focusing and later on in the day I fainted and felt as if I was caught in a tunnel. I was completely aware of what was happening to me but had to relax and ride it out until I regained conciousness. Can someone please explain to me what I experienced.

  272. 272
    addy Says:

    Dear Dancer
    Well that is a quite unusual experience..I am curious to know whether that is the only experience before two years which you had or after this you experienced any change in body, or any other change. What I mean to say if two years before it was a Kundalini experience…than in my opinon.. it should have been followed by some other symptoms.
    Anmol will tell more.

  273. 273
    Dancer Says:

    My symptoms? I don’t know if they are symptoms but I can tell you how my life has changed over time. 1. I’ve had to isolate myself because I am too sensitive to other people’s emotions. Good or bad…I seem to zoom right in. It goes way beyond empathy. I was able to sense other’s emotions before my experience but now I feel like a sponge. 2. I don’t get more than 3 or 4 hours sleep a night. A full restful 4 hours without waking up is a good night’s sleep for me. At first it was exhausting. Now I’m very used to it. 3. Before my experience, I would feel what I can only describe as electricity in my hands when I prayed. That feeling now extends to my full body. 4. For the past year and a half I have had a skin problem, little patches of itching. It is now full blown intense itching all over my body. I’ve been to the dermatologist and allergist. No explanation. No relief. 5. I actually thought for a while that I had a poltergeist in the house. Don’t laugh. I moved from the house where I had “my experience” because I was seeing things. In this new house a bottle of hand cream flew off the counter while I was showering. Nothing else around it was disturbed. There was no one else in the room! When I become anxious, light bulbs blow out. The microwave ventilation fan starts by itself as I’ve walked by. At work, the server and computers go down whenever I am under severe stress. These examples are the patterns that I’ve noticed. There’s so much more happening. Are these symptoms? I don’t know. I was hoping that perhaps by sharing my experience I could get some guidance or insight as to what is happening to me. Sometimes I do feel as If I’m losing my mind.

  274. 274
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Dancer,

    Your experience is very much in line with an awakening, although it has of course components that are unique to you. Such an intense experience to “get things started” is no at all unusual. The fundamental aspects of pure love, white light, out of body, energy, vibration, etc are all consistent with kundalini awakening (or spiritual awakenings).

    Your experiences afterwords, especially the electromagnetic kind are of particular interest to me and reflect energy moving though the 10 bodies of light, particularly the Auric Body.

    Perhaps a daily journal will be very helpful to you. This is a nice tool with which to gain insight into what might be happening. Try that.

    Keep us posted with your progress and thanks for sharing your fascinating experiences with us.

    All Good Wishes,

  275. 275
    Shameek Mondal Says:

    I have a question. I had been associated with yoga for the last 19 years. After my marriage I have seen that my power of retention in sex have increased to such an extent that I can do it for more than 5 to 6 hours at a stretch with out any discrage.I have shown doctors for this but no body could come up with any result whatsoever. Some time for me to discharge it takes weeks and months and I dont feel satisfied. Is this any problem with kundalini?

  276. 276
    David A Says:


    My name is David and I am a Christian male, age 39. In 1994, I was in seminary and took special interest in Christian meditation practices. I started meditating without a guide. I was 24 years old.

    I started having involuntary spasms during the night that would wake me up — shuddering that ran up my spine from bottom to the top, which often ended in violent uncontrollable thrashing. During the day, I continued to meditate and have strange experiences, shudders, and rushes of light.

    One night I had a terrifying vision during a fit of full-body paralysis. It was horrible and felt so real that I considered checking myself into some kind of pyscho-therapy. I had never heard of kundalini, but stumbled on it during some of research. I spent the next two years trying to make it go away, learning how to use nicotine to quell the rising. It wasn’t an ideal trade off, but smokeless tobacco became sort of a “drug” that enabled me to shut off the experiences, which had become much to intense for me.

    Funny thing is I never did any yoga. I can’t even touch my toes. But I had an experience that I couldn’t quantify, nor fit anywhere into any theology that I’d learned over the years. My IQ jumped from 119 to 165 in five short years. I was able to read and comprehend what I read at a rate that surprised me and seemed illogical.

    Long story short, my experience with kundalini wasn’t sought after, and if I am to be truly honest, I never would have wanted it. I’ve come to realize over time that I went someplace I shouldn’t have gone without a guide.

    Still don’t know what to make of it all. But I know it’s real. I know my experience was real, and I know that I don’t ever want to have the kinds of visions I had ever again.

  277. 277
    Dino Delano Says:

    Opened up to this force over forty years ago, 84 to 1992 mostly in depression clearing out the ravages of childhood abuse. Kundalini brings unity, ends dichotomy, rearranges the mind, makes one acknowledge the dark as well as the light. Back in the seventies spent a month one time in bliss to much bliss, spaced like a drunken monk. Slept a lot, headaches, precognitive dreams, dreamed 911 before it happened. It removes the normal aging process, now I usually only sleep 5 to 6 hours a night. Opened the barn door of creativity, poetry, photography, art. I would release all the animals from their jail house zoo if I could. None of this is religious, it belongs to no one, but imagined holly men and women try to claim it, can’t be claimed it is a wild ride and unbroken horse, unwilling to bend or bow. Pays no tribute to political worship, acknowledges the light in all. Would I do it again or turn away, yes. No never. Now after all these years, yes, I cannot imagine going back to the emotional prison that I lived in, the emotional hi-jacking of religion and culture, the white wash of positive thinking, it it worth the ride, the death of a thousand beliefs. You can read more of of my experience at http://www.dino-coolzenhealing.blogspot.com or http://www.coolzenhealing.com If we are of one mind we will hear the cry of the wolf, a dual mind wishes to silence it. Dino D

  278. 278
    Dino Delano Says:

    Best method for slowing the aging process.
    Not botox, wonder cream, cosmetics or vitamins. Dump the emotional baggage, it will age you faster than toxins, bad food, actual age or miserable people. Emotional baggage is a weight on your back. Look at the people slumped over, bent, slow walk, eyes cast down. Conversely see those with smile, bright eyes, youth in their step. Age has nothing to do with either one, but how we carry the world does.
    Some carry it cement in their feet, bricks on their back, led in their belly. Others have only feathers in their backpack. They have the attitude of a sleepy child, do it anywhere. Their worth is not based on money, looks, gold stars or cultural agreement. Their value is in their ability to perceive the beauty that surrounds them, their view is from the inside out, not the outside in.
    The light of heart have cultivated their internal garden weeded out emotional crab grass, worthless beliefs meant to control given by the feeble of heart, fearful minded and those who use your anxiety to gather money. Get rid of the garbage mental downloads into your field of Golden Corn.
    OK, OK so what now, how do I do it?
    Plow your garden, dig it up throw out useless, valueless beliefs, idea’s and attitudes. Deeply held religious downloads are a good place to start, guilt being the primary one, shame the next, and also the pesticide of fear. Hey I didn’t say this was easy, just worth it. Plowing a field is work. So don’t believe all the hoop da la about the Secret, yes what they say is true, but the gathering of just stuff is not the cultivation of a life. Cultivation comes first harvest comes later. Another is cultural attitudes of self worth, if its based on money, stuff, trophy houses if so you will always be short changed, weather you have these things or not. And by the way I am not against money or nice things, but lets put them in their place.
    Is the mystical still alive in you, can you see the miracle in a blade of grass, the smile on a coyotes face, the mystery and wonder in a thunder storm.
    Do you meditate not to be holly, but to be quiet so that you can become aware of the awareness. Meditate so your body and mind can heal from self imposed stress and anxious attitudes of those afraid of death. Or is it still a quick pill fix that slowly takes your life inch by inch then yard by yard.
    Have you had a message lately or are you afraid of being touched. Touch is the hand of God on your body with a smile. Touch is the knowing of acceptance.Touch is love made bread in the oven of life. Touch is your Cat rubbing against your leg or your dog licking your face.
    Meditate………….Exercise…………….Attitude Gratitude
    Do these three and much of rest will fall into place including the vitality of youth. Take care…..Love life Dino

  279. 279
    5 Unusual Ways to Get More Body Energy Says:

    [...] If you are undergoing massive kundalini awakening, then you know to be careful of this approach, as it can push you too far, but otherwise it is a must try energy experiment for others.  In addition to the energy boost you will get, also keep an eye on your creativity levels during this time, you may notice some very surprising results there as well. [...]

  280. 280
    jay Says:

    it okay your kundalini awakening and you feel # Tingling in the body and brain region. Also sometimes described as ants walking, tickling energy or flushes of energy. The brain being flushed with energy is quite pleasant :-).
    # Heat or cold in the system, or running along various channels and chakra centers.
    # Fluttering or twitching of muscles.
    # Pinching or burning in various regions of the body or brain.
    is it happen every time it awake or only once ?
    well i feel in hand and top of my head everytime i meditate.
    can you tell me why ?

  281. 281
    wkgeneral Says:

    Not sure what you will make of this experience: a few years ago I decided to attend a Kundalini Yoga class offered by my yoga teacher. During the class we focused on breathing exercises and ended up by medicating on a light candle flame – I am a strong christian and used the opportunity to medicate on Jesus Christ, the awesomeness of God with thoghts of worship and praise. All in all it was wonderful and I left the class feeling both energized and full of the joy of the Lord. The next two days were a night mare. I woke up the next morning feeling very angry. For no reason I started to become very critical of my two young children and as the days progressed my tongue became almost venemous. I wrote an email to a close friend that I didn’t know what what going on with my mouth and my anger all of a sudden; that I felt like I had unleashed a cold, coiling serpant in my belly. This ugly, venemous feeling kept getting worse and worse, until the morning of the 3rd day I was leaning against my sink getting ready for work, and cried out to the Lord to help me. In that instant I realized that I was under demonic attack. I immediately cast out what ever it was by using the power of the cross, and immediately felt better. That night I went to my regular yoga class, and the teacher shared that the night we had done kundalina yoga one of the students had shared that she had had a visitation from yogi ‘mundi’ (not sure if the spelling is correct). Up until this point I had not connected the kundalini yoga activities to what had happened to me. However, once she shared about the visitation I realized that the attack on me was very specific – I had invaded the turff so to speak of this yogi mundi. I had been protected during the session because I had been focused on God, but I had certainly angered him, and hense the attack on me the next day. I am not normally into these ‘wierd” experiences and am not one of those hysterical christians who feels there is a demon around every corner. But I cannot deny the event and how it was resolved. It has taken me a very long time to get back to going to yoga, and I am very careful in my practices now to focus on the physical and not the spiritual practices of yoga. I do have a difficult time reconciling east and west as I know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, yet I know that God is light and that there is much more to Him then we can read on the surface of the bible. Christianity is very restrictive and narrow in it’s belief of the supernatural yet new age philosophy goes way over the top to the “I am God’ stuff. Somewhere in all of this there is truth.

  282. 282
    y Says:

    Hi wuz up
    I dont know if you could call my experience a kundi awakening but I really feel compeled to share.when i do zazen and I really get into it where my mind almost automatically follows the breath i feel this indiscribable feeling ,like i am inhaling weird air ,like metal air or abrasive metalish air ,once it felt like the centre of my body was a colourless vacum void or something.the feeling i usally get is that my body or certain parts of my body would feel HUGe.

  283. 283
    Kalyan Says:


    I practice sudarshana kriya daily taught by Sri Sri Ravi shankar and I experience the fewer symptoms which you have mentioned above. I would like to know if Kundalini yoga and sudarshana kriya are same or different

  284. 284
    Mll Says:

    I dont practice any specific yoga method but Im always curious to try new things. I do have a few experiences to share. One day I suddenly woke up and I was in a different level of consciousness. Strangely for me, as I took a breath, a huge flow of blood moved through my neck up to the back of my head, while my eyes seemed to profoundly focus a point between them. Meanwhile, a huge burst of energy pumped from my feet up to the whole body, and I felt like I was a vibrating device. This whole process striked me for less than a minute but the mental state of hightened awareness stayed for quite some time. That experience sort of freaked me out , as it was totally unexpected and uncontrolled ( the huge energy burst especially).
    Other remarkable experience for me happened while I was meditating. After quite some time doing it, I felt like I barely blinked my eyes anymore and an aura of energy (it felt so comfortable) was surrounding my body. Again I felt for a couple of times the blood pumping through the neck up to the back of the head. This time, however, it was a lot more gentle and controllable.I also felt like I was slightly separating myself from my body.That mix of sensations gave me incredible peace, serenity and awareness.
    Another sensation that happens to me recurrently is an overwhelming love that rises from the region of the heart. It happens often right before I go to bed.Sometimes I cant help but give up from sleeping and write down poems so I can let it go.
    After meditating I also feel my spine straightened but I happen to have some pain in the neck.Sometimes I as well make some yoga movements spontaneously, mainly nauli (since I was a kid) and energy flowing.
    Are there techniques to control these things? Im somewhat lost as to what direction to take and common yoga classes dont teach how to manipulate my own energy ( which is something i feel capable of doing most of times).
    Im glad I found this site that shows many other people have similar experiences.


  285. 285
    naman Says:

    if u remember i shared one of my problem to u months ago.It was regarding nightfall due to increase in spiritual energy, so u told me that it is due to the fact that i m unable to utilize this energy. so i wish u tell me some of the ways which help me make this energy go up i.e. to utilize em. plz tell me about some asans also that could help me….

  286. 286
    addy Says:

    Naman, in the case of nightfall, sarvangasana (shoulder stand) and Paschimottasana (sitting forward bend) helped me a lot.

  287. 287
    Curious Says:

    Is it dangerous to have a kundalini awakening if you have a long history of drugs? I stopped doing the heavy drugs about 3-4 years ago (I was on them from 14 years old to 18 years old) and I have been taking a synthetic opiate on and off for about 2 years called suboxone. I started meditating a couple months ago and I want to start kundalini yoga but I heard when you take drugs it crystallizes your astral body and the kundalini is so potent that it will shatter your astral body and this causes psychosis. Any advice for me?

  288. 288
    Ranjan Says:

    Hi Anmol,

    In my experience, concentrating on the third eye region leads to a pressure not at the center of the forehead as you have said multiple times, but actually midway between the eyebrows (just at the root of the nose). Is that incorrect?

  289. 289
    yogabeginner Says:

    I began Yoga practice a month back. Nothing significant, just basic asthanga yoga stuff. I don’t have a teacher but I follow David Swenson’s techniques and other varieties of stuff I find online that seem to make sense to me.

    So after practicing a few asans, I wind up with kapalbhati first and intense ujjayi breathing after that – both with my eyes closed and my mind blank (takes a while).

    After kapalbhati, I feel a hint of vibrating sensation in between my chin and lip area. I take a minute of break, eyes still closed, focusing on nothing, mind blank, and begin my intense ujjayi breathing.

    After about 4 minutes, from the tips of all my fingers in both hands, a vibrating sensation starts. Within seconds a similar vibrating sensation happens on my abdomenal muscles. Both senssations move up towards the arms and shoulders (from the fingers) and towards my neck from the abdomen. It feels as if something is gripping me – I’m very much aware what is going on all the while – when the “grip” is increases, I relax my breathing, and the vibrations gradually subside. The feeling that follows is pure bliss. I feel something running up and down my body for the next 5 or so minutes. I just close my eyes and take in all of that. I’m not focusing on anything, everything is blank but I feel that “high’ and when I eventually open my eyes, I regret it that I did. All in all, I’m in the eyes-closed state beginning from kapalbhati for about 45 minutes but if I didn’t have to do anything during the day, I would be in meditation for much longer. So after I open my eyes, I don’t feel like talking, or doing anything for that matter – not because I’m angry or anything but because of no reason. The quietude is serene and the peace I feel is unmatched. Of couse, I have to eventually speak when I get to work.

    So, I have one major question: when those vibrations start and they start gripping me, should I keep going with ujjayi breathing?? Not sure what that feeling is – after reading some about Kundalini, I wouldn’t call it Kundalini because nothing arises from the tail bone. These vibrations start from the tip of my fingers and abdomen.

    Your thoughts.

  290. 290
    Terrie Says:

    I hope you can help. I don’t even know what I believe anymore. When I had this experience, I didn’t even know what it was, had never practiced yoga and experienced it with another person who seemed to be experiencing the same symptoms.
    It happened more than once with this person. I also had experienced an astral sexual experience with this same person.
    All of this happened in 2003. It took me several years of journeying to attach names or words to associate to what happened to us.
    My journey led me to the term twin soul. This provided quite a few support groups with 100s of members, each describing the same synchronistic, crazy-making, consuming, OCD like experiences.
    I found one article that said that when twin souls meet, they often experience a kundalini rising. When I learned a bit about this term, I realized the symptoms matched what I felt; ringing in the ears that sounding like an earthquake in my head, foggy, immobility and my desire to speak – what I don’t know to the other person – but the inability to speak, intensity. And after all these years, the other person and I are still unable to talk about what happened.
    What an agonizing journey. Lot’s of growth and spiritual awareness. But the separation in this physical life from the other person causes me such pain. Physical, emotional and spiritual.
    I’ve tried everything. Cutting ties. Emersion in a loving relationship. But everything is about “not thinking about her.” She’s always there. The psychic connection is always there.
    It has been 7 years.

  291. 291
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Ranjan,

    Yes the sensation can vary. It is usually closer to the eyebrows than higher though, as you have pointed out. Also, it can be maneuvered as well after enough practice.


  292. 292
    Vlady Says:

    I don’t know if my experience is a Kundalini experience but here it is: I was trying to go to sleep one afternoon and at one moment just looked up, at a fixed point for about half a minute, the I closed my eyes. I began not knowing where my body was positioned and then i felt like a wave, an echo sensation from somewere deep… It gradually and slowely intensified. It started to reach the surface. In the exact moment that the echo reached the surface i slightly moved my right arm. I belive that every move we make comes with that echo, that wave. It was very intresting.

  293. 293
    Selvan Says:

    Dear Anmol,
    I have been visiting your blog for over a month and want to congratulate you for creating an awesome resource for kundalini meditation.
    I got attracted to meditation after reading Oshos’s book (Book of secrets) and started to practise his dynamic meditation technique. I got hooked to the technique as very first day my body started to whirl after 10 mins of fast chaotic breathing. Since then I practiced this technique and after 10 days my body just used drop down while whirling and would like to stay there lying through the period of 30 mins of fast breathing.
    Slowly I started to do the chaotic breathing just lying down and at present am doing it siting in cressed leg position as it is feeling more comfortable.

    I started to feel vibrations of my arms and my head initially and after few days I started feeling my navel, heart, throught and most recently my rectum. I think its activation of the chakras ( I am not sure though, but feel great).
    One evening during my after my chaotic breathing exercise and during the rest period I started to feel warm breath at my right nose, it was more like warm, smooth fire than breath. IT was subtle and gentle, it was flowing only through my right nostril and I was feeling it only going in and not going out. and as my breath started to change from right to left nostril the warm fire too started to change accordingly. As far my knowledge is concerned I guess it was the PRANA that we talk about. It happened thrice till now and it lasts for almost 10 mins.
    Now I have started to add more pranayam techniques in my practice, now I do 5 mis of Anuloma Viloma, 5 mins of sudarshan chakra kriya (intermediate version), 20 minutes of fast chaotic breating finally 10 minutes of Kirtana Kriya.

    As expected my third eye is getting a lot of attention and as a result my awarness has increased a bit , I am able to watch my thoughts lot more easily now.I also feel pressure and sometimes tingling in both of my ears and vibration in feet and thighs while mediating.

    I also try and watch my thoughts when I drive to my office (which is 2hrs to and fro). In fact this is the first practice of meditation I started before starting the dynamic meditation.I use it a scale to test the awareness that I attain.

    My questions to you are
    1.Is my current practice of pranayams and krtan kriya is proper way of meditating?
    2.Is the vibration of arms, head, navel etc is the sign of kundalini being activated?
    3.Why do my arm( especially palm) and feet vibrate first even though I haven’t heard of any chakras related to that part of the body.
    4. Taking into consideration of my experience so far, what do you think is the pace of my progress(I started the dynamic meditation 2 months before so its a total of 2 moths of meditation experience)
    5.Do you suggest any alternative practice for me.

    I hope my long mail doesn’t bore you, but I am eagerly awaiting your reply.



  294. 294
    Joel Hitchcock Says:

    I have done very mild practice, both kundalini yoga and Qi gong – and I was quite comfortable with the pleasurable waves up the spin into back of neck.

    And then some pressure in top of head with a meditation specifically focussing awareness on pineal gland.

    Then came some more difficult pressure in third eye, and lately I’ve had bad headaches that could be related to my teeth, having a wisdom tooth break off. Yet the pain is not constant and I can often lessen it by meditating it throughout the rest of my body – but I wondered if it was kundalini and not just tooth decay, for now I have the symptom of SWEET SALIVA.
    Has anyone heard of this happening?
    Thank you Anmol for everything you do here. You are an inspiring example of the thoughtful worker and provider of care.


  295. 295
    kartik Says:


    i have been doing kundalini meditation for the past two years, but not so regularly over the past 6 months. i have never had any feeling like that of energy flowing up the spine or any of the symptoms mentioned in the category of common and uncommon symptoms. i have experienced and still experience some of the symptoms listed under the rare category. i have also noticed that as soon as i sit down in the position for meditation i feel vibrations in my head and as if my head is rotating as if earth around the sun. in all this time i have been doing this meditation i have never tried to invoke the kundalini or force it to rise. but ever since i have started doing meditation my life has changed for the better. i feel as if i understand things better than i did before and i have started to control my emotions better, and i understand myself better and can find solutions to any problems i have by asking my inner self and i get a lot of guidance on what to do and how to go about doing it, i kind of know what is going to happen to me next and i can prepare myself for it. but initially when i started doing this meditation i had a lot of visions and dreams when i slept. the but in none of these visions and dreams have i been alone. with me in all these visions and dreams is this girl who is my classmate, but we never talked to each other a lot and don’t know each other well. the thing about all these dreams and visions is that they are all positive and make me feel happier and help me understand myself better. these days i feel very happy being with myself and i prefer to discuss my problems with my inner self and i get solutions to them immediately and i get these answers in the voice of that girl and i see her face when i close my eyes. i’m not sure if this can be called kundalini awakening but all this has happened only since i started doing kundalini yoga. i have not described the dreams and visions in detail because there are a good number of them and it would take very long to write them down.


  296. 296
    Martin Says:

    I think I just experienced it, thats why I looked up for some info in internet and found your site. I will share my experience :) I have been meditating twice a day for some 3 weeks or so, actually I first did it 10 years ago, but there was a long pause. I don’t really know why, but I let it all go naturally. So it was, I was meditating in my bedroom with candles lit up, and sending all the good thoughts and gratitude to my relatives, to all saints I know (Sai Baba, Jesus, Buddah, etc), and then it was some kind of imaginary flight through space and stars, after which it was complete stillness in mind, my mind was like dissolving, and as I went deeper in this feeling (it was not easy to keep my thoughts absolutely quiet, but as I did I went deeper), it felt the same electric tickling throughout the body you guys are mentioning. I was a bit worried, my heart started pumping, my back was straighter than ever, and a bit scared I opened my eyes and this new kind of feeling continued for some minutes, I felt very energized though it was 11pm already.. And also this pressure in 3rd eye region, it had shown up a week ago, now it is more intense again. I think I recognize this awaking feeling from my dreams, I am pretty sure I have experienced it during sleep. I wonder will it happen again during my meditations? I am not that experienced, so I would like to know what effects does kundalini awaking have on people. Ok, let’s see what tomorrow brings!

  297. 297
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for sharing. Yes you are certainly going through a spiritual / Kundalini awakening and yes, your intuition that you have experienced some of this in your sleep already is probably very true.

    Let us know how it goes.


  298. 298
    Marco Says:

    On Nov 4th I became aware. There is a chain of events that happened that is too long to explain. I am so very aware that I almost lost myself. In fact, I probably lost myself and now I am found. My mind is running so fast, but I realize that it is so powerful that I can also stop it. However, since my mind is jumping all over the place and I see it doing it, I am afraid it will cross to another level. I am avoiding the doctor because they will classify this as some type of disorder when it is not. For example, right now I am sane and I see everybody else is crazy. The crazy people see me as crazy too if they were to hear this. If you go to Google and type in “awareness test” click the link that says Awareness Test for Developing Your Spiritual Mind. It will bring you to this website but under another article. Everything in there is what is happening to me this moment.

    Any suggestions before I loose my mind and never get it back? I’m actually controlling it as I write this. Amazing!

    Whatever is happening is so powerful that I feel good and evil fighting to win me over. When I realized this awareness in my head, I suddenly felt sensations around me. Maybe it was angels or demons fighting for me. I am fighting the evil away by trying to remain in the present. The most amazing part of this is that I haven’t been to Church in so many years. When somebody asked me what my religion is I tell them I was born Catholic. That was the truth. I’m not saying I found god. What I am saying is that I now believe in Everything. The universe, god, god is the universe, the universe is god. I believe in Plato, Aristotle, and Einstein. I believe in Buddhism. It’s really great. I read a book a year ago that did not make any sense. It was called the Power of Insecurity. Now it makes complete sense!

    What now? How do I control it more? Is everything in this website? Patience is so very good. These videos on this website would have been very helpful I am sure, but my computer doesn’t allow them to be played.

    I posted this under a different article but this one is exactly what I was looking for.

  299. 299
    Marco Says:

    All the information above is great. Im glad I can relate to everybdoy. However, I am confident when I say that the evil world is fighting for me just as much as the good world. The good spirits in me and around me are winning, but I dont want the other side to win. For example. What if Hitler went through this and the evil side won the fight and took him in a whole different direction? I think I need a masters help.

  300. 300
    Pablo Says:

    I am practicing that yoga and the teacher says that the Jogui Baham Kundalini Yoga is prepeared to develop the spirituality healthy and without negative experiences like for example the ones you are commenting here.
    So I would like to check if this is true by asking a question to anybody:
    Some of you practices Kundalini Yoga by Jogui Bhajam method and you had any unconfortable (negative) experience rising the kundalini?
    Please answer only if your answer is “Yes I had a bad experience of Kundalini rising” or you know of somebody who had it.
    Best regards,

  301. 301
    jonathan Says:

    During meditation i experienced very strong flashes of light in the 3rd eye region. it felt like staring to directly into the sun. I opened my eyes and could not close them again, because i was afraid that i’m going to explode.
    The next time something like this happens, should i stay relaxed with eyes closed or can it be harmful?

    Best wishes,

  302. 302
    Marco Says:

    I had a bad experience. This week I was in the bathroom and I heard a low deep breathing, but I could not find it. This all happened during the day. This happened because my mind was wondering into different places that it has never been before. For a moment I thought I was going to become a schizophrenic. I am together now, but the process is still continuing.

    You must focus in the present moment, in the here and now so your mind doesn’t wander around. Practicing this has helped me so much.

  303. 303
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    The light within even though it is extremely white and bright, generally is an experience of great beauty and I have found I can look at it inwardly without any harm. But, you need to trust your own intuition here, for such experiences are very personal.


  304. 304
    Vahid Says:

    At first you get the side effects but then it’s like… so what? Onto the next thing…

  305. 305
    Jag Says:


    Involving the awakening of the kundalini, can the energy recoil back once it is awakened?



  306. 306
    Aroun Bharadwaaj Says:

    Dear Anmol.

    Warm greetings to you!!!.

    I recently got to know about this wonderful site. i would also like to ask from you some of my queries.

    I have taken Reki fist degree course 10 years back but due to irregularities in practise i left the system. at the time i was just hardly 2o year guy. After that i have undergone some mediation classes in osh centers, my inclination towards meditation brings me there. There i encounters various feelings in my body. Till that time i was not aware of kundalani and i never attended any workshop at osho centres on it.

    After this also i stopped the mediation process due to my sales profession.

    NOw since one year i have again started doing Yoga, iam regularly doing nadi shodhan pranayma and kapalbhati pranayam. now the promblem is iam feeling myself with some kind of unknown energies.

    My body alwasy remains hot even people ask me how this natural heater is inside me. sometimes i feel headaches and its feel like that all blood went to head.

    when i sit for mediation and watch my breadth my head and neck automaticaly turn down to left and i feel that iam attached to my center of head.

    Nowadays situations seems little disturbing to for me, i feel that iam not sleeping at all at nights but iam not feeling tired also in the morning.

    sometimes i feel pressure to my heart and stomach areas too.

    my hands are so hot that my wife says that it gives her a feeling of healing when i touch her, this my mother also says to me.

    but iam myself become uncomfortable, this heat in my body make me drink more water.iam feeling that in my body fire is buring.

    can u tell me is my kundalini is awakened or its already awakened since i learnt Reiki and done meditation courses. Now iam purerly doing pranayam and 10 minutes meditation.

    Can u guide me anmol how to channel my these energies.


    Aroun Bharadwaaj
    Bishkek, Krygyzstan

  307. 307
    Vahid Says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR POSTS! I have enjoyed and loved all of them. As you may know, I posted earlier. Since then I have had even more experiences. Many out of body experiences.

    I am finding it extremely painful and difficult to deal with the past, to make peace with everything and move on. Suffering has been an ardent theme of my life, and I just wanted to manifest a better life.

    Kundalini allowed me to deal with thing’s I repressed since childhood, but it is too hard to keep buried now. It’s emotionally exhausting and I’ve thought about ‘getting out’ many times. But my stubborness keeps me hanging on. There is still so much regret over past ‘fear’ based choices, and their consequences.

    Aroun I’ve had the heat many times, just keep drinking plenty of water, it eventually subsides.

  308. 308
    Uma shanker achanta Says:

    I started doing kundalini awakening starting from today and started with the mantra as :


    This will actually purify your feet and take you towards the right direction . I am reciting this mantra 108 times

    Tell me see what would happen

  309. 309
    Govinda Says:

    The best book on Kundalini Shakti (aka divine mother, uma, the dynamic aspect of god, the goddess) is by Swami Muktananda. His book is Play of Consciousness and many of the experiences that he had that are listed in that book are also one’s that I have experienced and are also experiences that are listed on this web site.

    After receiving Shaktipat from Gurumayi Chidvilasananda the first time (I have taken hundreds of intensives with Her), I was in bliss for four straight months. According to the scholars, when the Kundalini Shakti is awakened by the grace of a true Guru (sadguru) all of your karmas are obliterated. Then it is up to you to perform sadhana and to clear away the debris left which results in many kriyas on many levels. This is the Siddha Yoga path. One of the key things that Baba Muktananda said (Gurumayi’s guru) is that without performing self-less service the unfolding of the Kundalini Shakti (sadhana) does not go very well.

    The kriyas are the gifts of the goddess Kundalini Shakti as she purifies all levels of our being. What is the best thing to do if the Kundalini Shakti is awakened and you seem to be experiencing a lot of unpleasant experiences? You can pray to the goddess – and She will give you what you ask for.

    The awakened Kundalini Shakti will also do her best to clear out your samskaras (tendencies) with the grace of your Guru. The Guru is the grace bestowing power of God. After Baba Muktananda received his initiation from Bhagawan Nityananda he said that the guru was the power within him – the awakened Kundalini Shakti.

    This is all a mysterious and ancient process that I have also been experiencing for years now. I like the kriyas for the most part and have asked the Kundalini Shakti to please show me what she wants me to do to make Her happy. Through the practice of contemplation on the Siddha Yoga path it is wonderful how our contemplation questions can be answered in many forms and in many ways.

    When you obey the awakened kundalini shakti which has been awakened by a shaktipat master, you are obeying the Guru. The Guru is the grace bestowing power of God.

    How do you draw the grace of a true Guru? By observing the practices of the Guru and by respecting the kundalini shakti. The kundalini shakti is the power of the universe so she can take us all the way to liberation. She is in all animate and inanimate objects and beings.

    Meditate on the Self (God within), offer selfless service, pray, offer donations, serve, study the scriptures of your lineage, watch your mind, take care of yourself the best way that you know how – and try to enjoy everything.

    If you want to make sure that your kundalini shakti has been awakened by a master then I would meditate and ask for the right one to appear in your life.

    with respect and love,

  310. 310
    pajani s Says:

    i feel that i started understanding the cosmic life in the sense all living beings are filled with a divine quality (soul),and it is the only way to reach god, when people sometime behave in a human way that is in a materialistic way i will interpret in a easy way .i started seeing the real world full of negative emotions(ego) which is hinderpath in reaching GOD .i am able to see the trueness(simply god) in all aspects .i will say who lack trueness in view of their intentions will definitely lack humanitarian attitude. if ur intentions r pure and non materialistic all can enjoy godliness(soul) in them

  311. 311
    Julialight Says:

    Hello everyone
    I am so delighted to read all of these posts,it has really got me buzzing !!
    I experienced a strange “awakening ” some years ago after having spent some time ( several hours ) meditating in a group. I had just recovered from six
    months of back pain /sciatica. I was also reading a Spiritual novel at the time. My awakening was like a massive opening of the heart. I was filled with an overwhelming love and gratitude.I was crying for days
    sometimes groaning and moaning with the intensity of emotion, laughing and crying as I flooded with insights and understanding. My love extended to the whole of creation. It felt very over the top and crazy, but I felt wonderful. This experience prompted me to
    to make some sense of what had happened and I enrolled on a course near Glastonbury called ‘Awakening your Light Body”. by Lita de Alberdi. The course was wonderful – taught me how to tune into the energy bodies using the chakra sites as portholes. It helped me tremendously as it gave me a framework to understanding and a way of controlling the energies. I went through a period of inner cleansing as it were generally by feeling compassion for others as well as for myself. I did a lot of forgiving and the more I forgave others the more I could forgive myself. We are who we are .The Divine is all forgiving. My life changed dramatically and I was walking on air and in the Light and everytime I tried to explain it ,it just sounded so corny or like the ravings of a religious fanatic,so I just concentrated on spreading Love as much as possible .
    So from there I started going to a Kundalini Class 2x a week and after a year or so, when the teacher left I started taking the class. It was very scarey at first but I soon got into it.
    Well seem to be writing screeds about me!
    Its really great to be able to share and talk about these experiences to people who understand. During my course we had to write a journal about our experiences in meditation and also how our lives were
    changing. I found this exercise to be very beneficial as writing stuff down and/ or communicating it helps to fix it in reality, makes it more real – even though its a struggle sometimes to find the words!
    Thankyou Amnol for creating this valuable forum and your wonderful website and for giving such wise and heartfelt answers. It is a wonderful service to humanity !

  312. 312
    Amol Gupta Says:

    Anmol Mehta Ji sadar charan spersh…….I am 18 year old.I am doing the yoga from 4 years contineously.And i was doing medical entrance exam prepration…but 8 months ago due to doing the yoga excessively i became hyperactive,anxious,and some time feel very dipresssed and some time i became to much excited…I was feeling my self in sky or in very advance stage…..I became agressive also and talks to much with peoples and thinks my self very inteligent……I was irretated to much when the thihgs are not in my undercontroll……I had losted my self controll..Although i was doing yoga and pranayam properlly yet i became so much dipressed…. Then i consulted with a Pshychiatrist and they adviced me not to do seershashan for some days and gave me the medicines then i become normal…..what was this……and how to a person overcome these probeloms………THANK YOU VERY MUCH….

  313. 313
    prahalad Says:

    dear anmolmehta
    have you had the darshan of the golden egg,also called the hiryanyagarbha during the kundalani practices.pls let me know your experiences.pls mail me directly

  314. 314
    Mary Says:

    Hi Anmol, I have pain going from my knees to my shoulders. I feel I can hardly walk and immobility is definitely a problem. I am 30 and you would be forgiven for thinking that I’m 80. I wonder how bad this could potentially get. I am taking the exercises very gently.

    Thank you for this site and help,


  315. 315
    naman Says:

    hi anmol,
    can u plz tell me how to utilize the energy and use it for further progress and take it upwards produced by dhyan and pranayama which would either flow downwards and wastes by some means…..

  316. 316
    Claudia Says:

    Hi Anmol!
    I like your information on Kundalini Awakening very much.
    Since October 2009 I have had Kundalini Awakening, it’s since I met a boy and he became my boyfriend. Every time he kissed me I felt like he sucked all my energy. I felt so weak. He’s also a fellow practitioner but not diligent.
    I’ve practiced the Guan-Yin Meditation for almost 2 years.
    Last year in December my boyfriend broke up with me through MSN offline message. When I read it I didn’t cry, just a little bit sad.
    This year I got to know that I suppressed my emotions. I cry almost every day. Today for example I got so angry about him because his break up is really nonsense…

    About my Kundalini awakening I often feel back pain and headaches, sometimes my third eye hurts and while meditating I’m shaking from side to side and also my head is shaking a lot and strongly.
    And I have a weird sound in my ears but that is already for more than one year.
    Furthermore, I’m over sensitive. I can feel many things like if someone doesn’t feel good, etc..

    I hope you can give me some advice.

    Thank you~!

  317. 317
    Joe Says:

    I have been practicing a kundalini awakening meditation 30mins a day for almost a month now and also a 20min Ah meditation. Along with these meditations i do an hour of yoga. During the kundalini meditation i start seeing white light patches and flashing white light when i do the root lock. Also at the end when i am done i feel dizziness. All day and night i feel diffrent things in my body like..Muscle spasms,Hot flashes,Tremors,Almost wanting to cry, And happiness! Is this a good sign that the kundalini is rising? Also I would like to know if you could help me find a mentor/teacher in this field. I am a universal minister in Maryland,USA and would love to teach this and the true teachings of the christ to help others! Please Reply or e-mail me!! Thank you! Namaste.

  318. 318
    Jeannie Says:

    Hello Anmol,

    I have been going over our site for some time now. I work in a set now and then. I am still learning about yoga philosopy and understanding what it all means and how it works. I have been on quite a spiritual journey for some time now. I have learned more and more how energies live in and around us. I am now looking to take responsibility for this part of my life. I started your Kundalini Morning sets, followed by the energy and prosperity mudra. It is a very powerful combination. But it took me a bit to realize what was happening. My symptoms:
    - flushes of energy in my spine.
    - my spine is elongated.
    - I actually can feel my thrid eye. (first time)
    - mental keeness.
    - I feel a sense of love and hope.

    I also experienced some kind of crazy energy and was wondering if this was normal? I am not sure if it was good or bad. I do struggle with weight especially in the tummy region. I read that this was a place for bad karma? Could this be a release of this negative energy? I stopped the sets on the third day because I wasn’t sure. But then I cam across this article. So I felt assured that all I was feeling was an exchange of all these energies. What are your thoughts? And anyone who understnads these things?

    thanks :)

  319. 319
    chiranth Says:

    i hav experienced multiple symptoms!!! first would be the elongating of the spine and increased awareness, burning in my head, spontaneous bliss, and wat i am feeling now is pain in the lower back and pain in the neck.

  320. 320
    chiranth Says:

    and i also feel increased love and affection for my partner during the night…

  321. 321
    krishna ananth Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    Usually during meditation I tremble a lot like Epilepsy,body gets stiffened,more sounds come out.But these all happen
    once or twice during the meditation in a duration of 1 hour.Yesterday(14-01-10) I did meditation for 2 hours.
    Near the Navel it trembled and something passed from stomach to Neck and strange sounds came out for 12 hours. cannot explain these feelings in words.
    Today these things didn’t happen as I didn’t do meditation.I don’t know whether these can happen or not?What is this?
    Is it just a body cleansing process or because of some other reason.Will it continue in futures?

  322. 322
    nick keleher Says:

    please can some one out there help me understaind an experience I had about 3 years back. I was out mowing a lawn with a freind, we finished and got in our truck to leave. I started to get this weird taste, sensation on my tounge, pretty soon my tounge felt numb. after that I got this really intence cold, burning sensation running along my scalp (it felt like someone was cutting my head in two, but it felt really good, if that makes any sence). after that my whole body, every part of my being felt electrified. Soon after that I got extreamly dissy and when I came to every thing around me was brighter, larger, bolder, more animated, more detailed. For the next couple of weeks I felt good 24-7, like breathing in and out in and out it felt like there was a never ending supply of richness. I never had to think things through, I had no thoughts of dout or second guessed anything, nothing was confussing, everything seemed to make sence and was simple, I had no feelings of pain (physical or emotional) and eveything seemed to slow down a bit for me. When I slept I felt light and detached. After awhile when I would feel really good, something as simple as a good meal I started to get really, really sick to my stomach and after awhile I could not bear the pain. I felt like I got an oppertunity to understaind what life turly is in it’s riched form. The part that I don’t undersaind is why did this happen, It seemed to of happened automatical without effort. I would do almost anything to feel this way again. If someone out there has any idea of what this experiance might of been please e-mail me at nickkeleher@msn.com
    I need to know that this was real and I am not crazy

  323. 323
    Jiyu Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    Thanks for all the wonderful posts.
    I have a question though.
    I have this symptom:
    Pressure in the Third Eye Region (Ajna Chakra). Been there for as long as i can remember, 10+ years
    I’m not sure if that means that I should open my third eye?
    Also, it’s like i can will it to tingle and not to; is that normal?
    Hope to receive a reply
    Many thanks,

  324. 324
    Trupti Mehta Says:

    Hello Jiyu,

    Yes this is normal. Only worry if the pressure gets magnified to a very large degree and is too uncomfortable. In which case you should back off or slow down any meditation practice you may have.

    All the best,

    It means that the Third Eye is active….

  325. 325
    Jiyu Says:

    Hi Trupti,
    thank you for your reply.
    What does it mean when you say that my third eye is active?
    Again, many thanks,

  326. 326
    pali Says:


    After reading all of the comments posted up by so many people experiencing self-realization, I just had to share my experiences as well. To start, the first experiences that I can fully remember began at the age of five or six, where I would close my eyes and pray to God and see a blue radiant light. I didn’t know what it was at that age, but I knew it answered my prayers and protected me. Soon after I began having visions and dreams of gods and goddesses of many different religions, including Jesus Christ, Shiva, Mata ji, and many more that i didn’t know of. This was scary for me at first, given my age and lack of knowledge of religion. But then, I respected it. A seven headed snake came to me in a vision and told me with a radiant voice “There are only thousands like you, and only one will make it.” I never understood what he told me until I was older.
    As I grew up, I became more and more interested in meditation as well as understanding who I am. I have experienced many physical symptoms of kundalini since childhood as well – including intense energy rising up from my lower spine to above my head – it always feels amazing, but recently there have been times where I could feel slight pain in certain places. I feel energy all over my body – my hands, legs, arms and everywhere. I also have seen myself in past lives – something i never believed in until I began to see visions. I could hear people’s thoughts at times – a reminder that we are all connected. I can predict what’s about to happen – this is nothing that I spent time focusing on, but i believe that we all possess psychic abilities. I have felt as if my soul left my body while sleeping. I had a vision once of myself in spirit form, chosing the family to be born to – and it was my parents I was watching – this was a bit scary… My body also freezes when experiencing kundalini rising, to the point where i cannot move a muscle or speak. I could break the kundalini by forcing my muscles to move using all of my strength.
    The experiences I have are countless… for the past 23 years i have learnt so much.. The only advice that I can give is to never get caught up in the experiences, to just take them as they come… the more positive energy you give off regardless of the situations that you encounter, the more at peace with yourself you will become. Life is a lesson for everyone. Astrology is very important, because we are all composed of energy and mathematics is the building block of our universe (both inner and outer). Never impose your knowledge onto others – only teach if people come to you for guidance. Self-realization is the ultimate goal. We are all immortal and it is only our ego’s that separate people. There is always only one I for everyone, which mathematically indicates that we are all connected to the same I.

  327. 327
    gaurav Says:

    dear sir m new to you site,i found it really amazing full of knowledge..i just want to share some persnel experience with you,that as its written in ‘uncommon symptoms –

    Complete paralysis of the body. Complete immobility and rigidity takes place. The arms and legs churn like that of a baby. It happens naturally and cannot be simulated.

    i had experienced these symptoms 3 times for my whole body stiffness one day i was sleeping in morning i was willing to wake up but i cant even move my single muscle of my body was jus feeling too help less in my childhood i also faced this but this year it happend 3 times i was very much scared that my be any unnatural force/spirit was rulling my body …secondly thats written that churning of body parts number of times yes that do happen to me when i use to practice pranayam continuesly without stopage, my hands and feet churns and i just feel my whole body dipped in water or some sensational or vibrating waves in whole body, sometimes i also feels shocks at time when i go to sleep that’turiya awasth’ when i not fully slept or not awaked at that stage only i feel shocks sometimes that disturbs me a lot….and when ever i go to meditation i feel some waves in my body moving from my lower back moving upward to brain and my body move in waves slowly slowly like floating but that really a enjoyable feeling jus feels to keep sitting like that but it keep on increasing. more n more..i dnt know any kundalini medi. m too intrested in kudalini but due to non availability for any guru i cant go on this way…i can be dangerous i think..

  328. 328
    Vijay Kumar Says:

    Kundalini Awakening no doubt is a direct path to God Almighty… the path to unification with God Almighty… the creator of all things cosmic! But fully awakening of kundalini needs practice of absolute celibacy for a minimum period of 12 years in continuation! In absence of practice of absolute celibacy… nothing much in field of kundalini awakening can be realized!

    The inherent kundalini Shakti… the Serpentine energy lying dormant in base of spine when aroused to its extreme… finally reaches nodal point in brain behind the forehead! Abstaining from sexual relationship… negating the invocation of negative thoughts altogether is what absolute celibacy is all about!

    I started in search of God when 13 years of age! 25 years of yoga meditation landed me in laps of God Almighty… when I finally reached stage of self realization… stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi… the stage of absolute nothingness! Throughout my life I never practiced awakening of Kundalini Shakti!

    In absence of a preceptor I was totally unaware what kundalini energy truly meant! Only when I gained self realization in wee hours of third of August 1993 at 37 years of age did I realize that my kundalini had awakened fully absolutely unknown to me! Awakening of Kundalini Shakti is a prerequisite to reaching stage of enlightenment… kaivalya jnana!

  329. 329
    DS Says:

    I just started practicing kundalini yoga a couple of weeks ago after my friend invited me to try.

    And now I learned that I have been experiencing some of the sensations you describe a long time ago, before I started. Tingling in the forehead comes and goes and has been with me as long as I remember.

    And 1.5 years ago I suddenly found myself in an incredible state of bliss. I felt some much warmth and love inside my chest for 2-3 weeks that I thought I can walk on water. I did not care about anything, my body felt light and I just chilled for this month enjoying this feeling. It was better than any other positive feeling/love/excitement that I ever experienced in my life. It was better than love to a woman, it was better than orgasm. And with this feeling all problems and challenges did not exist, I felt like I love every body and everything.

    But then it’s gone and ever since I was wandering how to get it back again. Is there a special exercise to stimulate specifically whatever worked by itself back then?

  330. 330
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I am sure your comment will lead everyone to the Kundalini Awakening article :-))

    Love and Light,

  331. 331
    jhumki Says:

    well its bin a while since i msgd u all…….gelloz anmolgurudev…i hope u r fine and doin gud……..plz do temme…if i do hanuman chalisa 11 ties a day…all my worried will ease?well…i hav as u said started praticing 10 things u asked me to in ur previous mails…msut say…….it does work wonders

    and do temme……..is it posble dat one can get into samadhi during meditation….plz reply…..

    wid due luv and regards

  332. 332
    Gianni Says:

    Hi, I just came across your site and wanted to share some of my experiences. After learning Reiki and spending some time in a retreat over a period of about 2 years some very strange things started to happen. I would go extremely deeply into meditation and completely lose myself. My hands were buzzing with energy and it was all very confusing. While meditating one day I experienced what I can only describe as an internal explosion of energy. From my root chakra area into my stomach. It continued to push up into my chest but it was suck there. It subsided but then would come back every time I meditated. I looked into it and discovered Kundalini. This was about 5 years ago and I have been experiencing Kundalini Awakeing ever since then. It has gradually cleared me of all my negative feelings and thoughts and memories, and I feel a much deeper sense of inner peace. I do still have the pressure in the 3rd eye area, which changes intensity constantly,but I’ve got used to it now and I kind of like it really.. I would say this, anyone who is just starting out trying to awaken Kundalini should be aware that it can be pretty intense so be prepared, that was my experince anyway, yours maybe completely different.. I wish everyone a pleasant journey :-)

  333. 333
    Trupti Mehta Says:

    Hi Gianni,

    You are right – Kundalini Awakening can take the unaware by surprise!! So all those practicing – be in the moment :-)))

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

    Wishing you all the best,

  334. 334
    vanessa Says:

    Hi everybody,

    I would like to share what I think is my kundalini awakening. About to weeks ago I did a “dance of intention” which is like a trance to clean the 7 chakras, the shamans do that in Tibet. I really had an enlighment experience with the divine light on me, in me and trough me. The light of God I think. I have felt like a bird flying in the sky. I was in communion with nature and the world. I was blessed and with a lot of love and compassion for everybody and everything. I also have seen a diamond in my third eye very bright The night after the dance I woke up at 4am with this light so intense on me and much love for my partner, my body was very hot like a fever.I had the sensation of being enlightened for a few days. I also had pain in my lower back and coccyx and all along my spine which was very straight and tense.In my neck too. I had the impression to communicate by telepathy with the healer who organise the dance of intention. I have positive energy since then. I am doing yoga and think I do have to meditate more often. I do have mental illness and I am under antipsychotic medication. I hear voices, had visions of deceased aboriginal people and bodily hallucinations…. I am more spiritual since the psychosis 2 years ago and more since 2 months.
    Thank you for your website and sharing your experiences ^^.
    Any comments or help is welcome :D!

    Have a beautiful journey!!

    Love and Light

  335. 335
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    Thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us.
    Love is certainly the final destination.

    Wishing you all the best,

  336. 336
    cin Says:

    helloo all,
    i have been learning and applying techniques from this site now for almost 2yrs and the effects are amazing. i have experienced the intense power of kundalini rising up my spine, correcting my posture and the divine presence of the all speaking to me thru all that surrounds me and within me. can be a very scary, daunting and magical experience. overwhelming truth. awesomeness you just have to experience. it is so very possible. thank you very much for your teachings.

  337. 337
    Samir Says:

    I had just gone through a very rough period in my life and was just starting the next part. When I returned home from work one day, walked upstairs and turned on the shower. I then walked into my room to get undressed, but before I could take anything off I dropped into my bed and was out just that fast. and in what couldn’t have been more than 10 seconds I had the most memorable dream I ever dreamed. in my dream I was at work the day before and there was a box on the floor just as it was the day before, only this time in my vision as I squatted down to open it the box bursted open and out sprang a snake right in my face about 6 inches from it. there was a snake in my dream and so I spent the next week at boarders books reading dreams decoded, dream dictionary etc… but nothing in these books matched the situation in my dream. The snake didn’t bite me, hiss, strike or bare fangs. It simply revealed itself to me, starred me in the eyes. I jumped out of bed thinking this is bad there was a snake in my dream. The snake was white, pure white except for a green marking on the brow, the third eye. it was two green triangles or pyramids tip to tip almost like an hour glass shape.

    any ideas on what that was all about?

  338. 338
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    Thank you so very much for sharing your experience and your positive thoughts about this site.

    May the light always guide you on your journey.

  339. 339
    Aishwarya Says:

    Dear Anmol,
    When I read Lalitha sahasranama in the evening prayers, I experience strain in my back, below neck as if somebody is pressing it hard.But it goes off when I finish praying.Sometimes I get headache with tingling in the middle of my forehead.But the headache and tingling sometimes lasts more than an hour or two.I want to know, what should I do if it is something related to kundalini?


  340. 340
    Martin Says:

    I have not told this before so here goes.

    My first experience with Kundalini was at a meditation/yoga retreat about 14 or 15 years ago. The teacher was a man named Robert who taught TM, altough I had been practising TM for a short while I had not done Yoga before.

    The routine of Yoga/Meditation was intense throughout the first day but in the evening session Robert played a tape of chanting in a language I had never heard before. Afterwords Robert said it was by Indian pundits and it was to free up energy blockages. I was sitting in a chair at the time and it felt like an unseen force was pushing my head back and my spine was rigid. I felt like I was going to fall back in my chair.

    This language, I assume that it was Sanskrit was awakening something deep within me and also having an extreme physical and emotional affect. I went to bed that night feeling shaken and lightheaded.

    The next day when Robert played the tape again I decided to lay on my back on the floor. This pressure increased and culminated in what i thought was like a spasm or convulsion. I was told by others that I had literally shot up about three feet of the ground from a prone position.

    I really didn’t know what to make of all this as I was a young man but I was reasured by these older professional types that I was somehow lucky to have this experience.

    I realised that this was important but didn’t pay it much mind and went along with my life. About a year later I was unemployed and had time on my hands so I decided to practice hatha yoga from a book. I did this every day for about a month and could feel a subtle energy building again but not as dramatic as the first instance.

    At this time I had also booked a 1 day Reiki course and then after a couple of days I was to attend a 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat. For the sake of expediency during the Reiki ceremony my Kundalini surged. This was fasciliatated by the teacher expelling breath on me whilst I was seated with my eyes closed. She even stated to me that my Kundalini was rising and feeling a bit embarassed at not knowing the terminology I said “I know”.

    To cut a long story short the 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat was extremely painfull and uncomfortable and yet insightfull and culminated with an experience I will attempt to formulate into words.
    On my seventh or eighth night I couldn’t sleep as my legs were shaking uncontrolably. Not wanting to disturb others that were sharing the accommodation I mindfully arose and went outside. The uncontrollable shaking and warmth reached a crescendo of shooting energy and blinding white light like an explosion in my head and clear distinct images were revealed.

    The first of these was a troupe of monks in I think maroon robes walking on a stone structure chanting Samahdi. The second was a bit more surreal it was an image of a young indian girl who aged before my eyes to an old woman and then reverted back to a young girl.

    Anyway I have been cautious about meditating and yoga ever since. Although I later did service at the meditation retreat as a form of contribution and did experience the pulsing in the centre of my forehead and an intuition whilst meditating that thought is breath. I’m afraid I have not really had the personal courage to explore this further.

    Thank you for letting me share this.

  341. 341
    ketan Says:

    Dear anmolbhai,
    mai concentration badhane ke liye ek small chakra par dhyan kendrit karta hu. Jab mai dhyan kendrit karta hu tab thode time ke bad meri body mein niche ki tarah se upar ki tarah zataka lagte hai.
    Kya yeh symptoms kundalini awakening ke he?

  342. 342
    Drama Says:

    it is almost crazy to be hearing these syptoms because i get the pressure in my forehead from time to time almost like im wearing glasse3s that are not mine or a powerfull magnet is loged inbetween my eyebrows but i now see what it is thank you for sharing this information now alot more people will maybe “WAKE UP” in their own way!

  343. 343
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    Thank you for sharing your experience. Yes – that is very consistent with the Kundalini symptoms.

    All the best,

  344. 344
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    Aha – multiple questions :-) I will respond to them in the same order.

    The dizziness is a sign that you are overdoing the Kundalini meditation – it being an intensive meditation in itself you need to tone it down and take it slowly.

    Yes your symptoms are a sign that Kundalini is Rising.

    You may find our Teachers Meditation training program useful.

    To get further information on other teachers programs please visit http://www.3ho.com

    Wishing you all the best.
    With peace and love,

  345. 345
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    People experiencing Kundalini Awakening often have encounters with snakes in many different ways – perhaps this is an invitation for you to begin your meditation journey in earnest..? :-))

    All the best,

  346. 346
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    You will find the following link useful, you will also find more information and discussion on the same.

    Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

    All the best,

  347. 347
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It does sound like your Kundalini was rising and awakening.

    If you have not really embarked on your meditation journey I would suggest you do so now. The link below will get you started.

    Beginners Meditation Guide

    Or if you are already on your way then the Kundalini Meditation
    may be useful. Just remember to take it slowly as it is in itself pretty intensive.

    All the best on your journey,

  348. 348
    Trupti Mehta Says:

    Pujya Ketanbhai,

    Haan, yeh Kundalini ke symptoms hosakte hain. Aap iske bare me aur par sakhte hain issi panne par.


  349. 349
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    YES….. onward meditators – onward :-))

    All the best,

  350. 350
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    Right approach – take is slowly and go from there.

    All the best,

  351. 351
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    It is best to trust the intelligence of the energy as to where and how she should flow. You can use the How To Analyze and Heal Chakra Centers
    article to help and guide your progress though.

    All the best,

  352. 352
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    With regard to the relationship please see the article The True Purpose of Relationships.
    It will give you a new way of looking at and dealing with the pain of the breakup. If you need help in purging your system of the emotional pain many have found SoDarshan Chakra Kriya
    very useful.

    As far as the Kundalini symptoms go you are already on the right path with the consistent practice and meditation.

    All the best,

  353. 353
    Hana Says:

    Namaste Amnol, Tripti,

    as I stumbled across this site let me share some of my Kundalini experience… and also to ask some questions :)

    I am a very enthusiastic yoga practicioner. After practicing yoga daily for several months I followed advice of my teacher to do alternative nostril breathing in the morning and at night… and thats how it all started… After few months I started to experience energy in the chakra regions. One chakra after another, I started to experience a som extra ‘additional’ things.. need to have sex, all loving or very destructive and self-hurting toughts to need to control my speech (emotions coressponding to the chakra where the energy was very intensive)… Its very slow process happening over months. Also energy is moving up my spine, sometimes I feel my body is very light which is brilliant for my hatha yoga pratice as my body becomes very flexible. I have to restrict myself from meditating in the evening as sometimes it energizes me so much as the energy goes up and I cannot sleep. This process I described tend to happen in cycles.. sometimes I have the feeling that things happen so fast and sometimes ‘nothing’ happen for weeks. Nevertheless, my question is is it good idea to add to kapalabhati and alternative nostril breathing also the Sordarshan Chakra Kriya? Is attainment of Siddhis neccesarily sign of the awakening process?? And is there any connection between kundalini awakening and self-realization??

    Om namah Shivaya,


  354. 354
    naman Says:

    hi hana,
    attainment of siddhis is the result of purification and dhyan so formed by self restraint which also fullfilled as kundalini goes up….
    kundalini and self realisation has no direct contact for self realisation one has to follow jnana yoga along with kundalini yoga though by the practice of kundalini yoga you can experience bliss of samadhi but it will not lead to self realisation,,,,
    for self realisation one requires to do self enquiery, manana, sravana, nididhyasana….kundalini yoga ,bhakti yoga etc.. are only a mean to concentrate mind on ones reality(oneness),,,,so for self realisation you must follow jnana yoga too its compulsary….

  355. 355
    Hana Says:

    Hi Naman

    Thank you for your answers. For you or Anmol, do you know any ‘good’ kundalini yoga teacher in New Delhi?

    Om Shanti,

  356. 356
    naman Says:

    namastey hana,
    sorry i don’t know any yoga teacher,,,
    but there is one useful and important advice that instead of finding yoga teacher u search for a self realized guru,,,,it will help alot,,because those who reached their final goals they can guide u effectively….

  357. 357
    Hana Says:

    namaste Ji,

    Naman, yes I am aware of that option. Somewhere I read that its not students who chose their guru but guru who choose their disciples :) Nevertheless, I know points of improvement at my end on which I can work on. With lords grace, pure mind and heart I will meet somebody who could guide me :)

    Om Shanti,

  358. 358
    Stacey Says:


    I have had some exhausting physical, emotional and mental issues since Septemer last year. It started with an abcessed tooth at the end of Sept…the abcess migrated into my maxillary sinus cavity, where it has remained. I have always been anemic, but my body stopped absorbing the iron and I became deathly sick. I had to have an ‘iron infusion’ where they put the iron directly into my viens. Also I had sinus surgery in Jan to remove infection as my sinus cavity was completely walled off.

    About a month ago, I connected with someone from my past…that’s another story…he has awakened things in me that I didn’t know existed….Both of us truly feel that we are each other’s ‘twin soul’…we have known each other since we were 6yrs. old. We are now 38. But we never ‘knew’ each other. Since reconnecting with him, I have had strange symptoms develop…my eyes feel like they have vaseline all over them…and at times my eyeballs feel like they are melting…everything has a colored haze eminating from it…as if I am looking through 3d glasses…We just had a really close friend die, very suddenly…on march 11…i was talking to him at 5pm and he was dead before 7 and I was the last person to talk to him…Since his passing all of my crazyness has intensified…and now I am having spells where I ‘freeze’ I cannot get warm no matter what…I have been seeing things in my peripheral vision and shivers down my spine. I could go on and on with symptoms…Am I going crazy or what?

  359. 359
    Stacey Says:

    I am sorry but I forgot to mention the spontaneous, violent nosebleeda and when I look at objects, they appear to be ‘moving’ not out of place but animated?

  360. 360
    june Says:

    Hello: I have suffered greatly because of Kundalini awakening..This happened years ago but I still have the awareness that it brought about in me.. first I was in the process of doing a Chant quite alot of it and I had just become very sensitive as I did five years of primal therapy. I had changed my diet to Macrobiotic.. My friend came to my door and he was invited in he had some cream which he put on my third eye. ( of cource without telling me anything about what he was doing. ) he also gave me a tape of Baba Mucdananda chanting… well six months went on it did take a while but things began to happen and I was being led to do all kinds of thing and they were mostly about God and it got so intense that I went into a psyciatric ward.. and all the time not knowing that I was experiencing Shaktipot( as my friend called it..) I never did get involved in any eastern religioun besides the Namyo ho renge kyo chantingwhich is japanese.) I had four such episodes like this and all the time not knowing this was kundalini and doing other things that I choose to do… I have had increased awareness grant you but have suffered greately as I got so high my mind shut off and my thinking became my talks with God exclusively.. I have since turned to him completly and Have settled down alot and have not had anymore eposodes but My thinking has never returned.. I feel that playing with Kundalini is dangerous to say the least. It is like using street drugs not a safe way..

  361. 361
    june Says:

    I have since learned that both the chanting and the kundaline are portals for Satan to come in.There are many of these and can be found out about at the SDA church..

  362. 362
    Jeremy Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    Your website has been very valuable to my spiritual progression and I thank you for having it available.As I practice more kundalini techniques I find that my sexual energy greatly increases,so im wondering if maybe sexual abstinence actually allows for greater kundalini awakening?
    Thank you & have a great day!

  363. 363
    naman Says:

    hello jeremy;
    listen that sexual abstinence is a requirement to have full kundalini awakening and to make it to raise upto crown chakra because it only transforms that sexual energy and if we keep on exploiting the energy by sexual means than it will take much time to have full awakening and spiritual advancement….

  364. 364
    Jeremy Says:

    Hello Naman,
    Thanks for the very insightful reply! this has been something which has been on my mind for a while I now have a clearer understanding for directing my spiritual path.
    Thank you!

  365. 365
    naman Says:

    hello jeremy
    ur welcome revert for any further query;;

  366. 366
    Kate Says:

    Starting about 8 years ago, I’ve had an increasing, morphing case of what I call “the jolts”. Now, they come on when I am deeply touched by something, meditating/doing yoga/deep breathing, thinking about/talking about God, deeply present. The closest description is like a sneeze – sometimes I can feel it building instants before it happens… other times, it just blind-sides me. It’s as if my first chakra has a POWERFUL sneeze – exploding my abdomen and forcing energy up through the rest of my body. The effect is similar to TV emergency room shows where they put the paddles on the chest and yell “clear”. It simply shoots this powerful bolt of energy up my body for an instant – and then collapses. More recently, it’s occasionally been accompanied by panting and an intense rush of sadness. Often I feel a tingling in my throat/jaw/mouth area – sometimes, as if it’s going up one nostril and down the other.

    So many questions:
    Why me? what is there about me that births/attracts this?
    How to lessen the harshness – the raw edges/power of the energy?
    What does this indicate? what’s next?

    I continue to view it as an example of divine communication – others view it as an indication of my “unhealedness”/blockage/resistance – and then, there’s always the JUST PLAIN WEIRD!

    Any insights would be appreciated. It really sucks when it happens in a job interview (when the interviewer says something particularly heart-felt and I connect!)

    grace & blessings,

  367. 367
    chandana Says:

    Namaste Sir,I have been practising mantra japa for a couple of years. But a few months ago, I have felt a tingling sensation between my eyebrows for some time while doing the japa. Again, lat week when I was doing it, i felt intense burning sensation between my eyebrows, as if someone was burning that spot with a cigarette. I immediately stopped meditation and applied some sandalwood paste. Then while i resumed meditation, i felt some warmth in that spot once again which persisted even a few minutes after the japa. Ever since, i kept feeling an intense tingling sensation between my eyebrows every now and then, even while I am not meditating. Is this kundalini awakening??? Do I need to consult a guru about this ???

  368. 368
    Sunita Says:

    i have been getting snake dreams from my childhood as well as they do appear in our compound or come inside our house. When i joined college i had crawling sensation, visions, as if someone is holding me, some force trying to take away my soul rather queer experiences. Once my parents started looking for alliances snakes increased their visits & one day it came inside my home & lay in a coiled shape. In midst of all these i got thyroid.Now it is 2yrs tat i had been married but we had irrecoverable losses in these 2 yrs. One is my mother-in-law & 2 miscarriages. We had gone to many temples & even the snake temple so that next pregnancy goes well. But still i have snake dreams & snakes come at my hometown. If kundalini awakening is a blessing why do i got to face such situations? i know japa, i used to meditate, i pray on a regular basis. i have often seen snakes in my dream in a friendly manner. What they expect from me is a mystery to me. Please advise.

  369. 369
    Andy Says:

    Hi, about 5 months ago i started to get tingling sensations and extreme pressure in what i now i understand is the area of the crown chakra. I had never felt anything like it in my life, when it occured it altered everyone of my senses, mainly vision and hearing were extremely sensitive to light and sound, and what seemed my perception of reality ( i felt detached and not always present in my body or the world even though i could still control it) which made me extremely paranoid and nervous that i was going insane as many others have listed. It also wore me out quite abit feeling fatigued sometimes and after afew days of the sensation being there constantly i felt alot of pressure in my ears which lasted after the feeling in my crown subsided
    When i first began to feel this sensation i had no idea about what the chakras or kundalini were nor had i ever meditated, even though this was spontaneous i have always had alot of interest in ideas of reality, the spirit, death and birth so on……complimenting this to why i could have experienced it was that i began feeling these sensations after i quit smoking pot. It was about 2 weeks after i quit, after smoking everyday for about a year and not as frequent (maybe a few times a week) afew years before. When it first started i thought i was turning schizo, i went through ridiculously long and deep mental speculations about what was happening to me, it felt like i was living in my head, I did not tell anyone for about a week but as it continued i had to tell someone. I told my girlfriend and she said that it must just be withdrawals, even though i thought it was much too intense to be that it still calmed me down. Exercise seemed to help alot as well. The sensations then stopped after a week and what i can only describe as my conscious mind began to believe it was withdrawals but then i asked a much older friend who had quit pot after smoking for some years and if he had experienced anything similiar, his answer was no but he was someone who practiced Qigong and he pointed to the exact spot on my head and asked me if “it felt like air was getting in there?” and i said i guess and he told me that my third eye was opening. I was so amazed by what he said as i knew nothing about it but understood it was some sort of spiritual phenomona. After reading all i could about it i was excited but also confused why he said the third eye and not the crown?
    This reading also helped me in trying to control it, it seemed if i totally focused on it, it would be much worse and throw me into fear – like stewing in negative energy but if i was positive i could reach states where i felt very blissful and it felt easy to understand life. After a few weeks i noticed that my perceptions of the world were becoming alot more positive, not long ago i was extremely cynical, untrusting and pessimistic about the world, and felt the urge to focus and cleanse my life – be a better happier and kinder person
    Sorry to rabble on about my story but it has been a very iintense journey.
    In the weeks i also started to feel some pressure in my forhead, sometimes centred but sometimes between my eyebrows or both. It has been 5 or 6 months to count, i have felt the sensations on and off but they have started to change more, the pressure has recently moved primarily to my forhead, sometimes very intense but there is also sometimes generalised pressure and pricks of sensation on my crown but also in other areas of my brain no longer like a circle of dense sensation focused on the one area – also headaches sometimes. I also started to have very lucid and vivid dreams sometimes related to the past but also related to things i have never comprehended before. I should note that while all this has been happening i have been travelling europe for about 3 months – currently in Napoli and while in amsterdam could not resist the urge, somewhat of an experiment to understand whether it was totally related to pot. It was post this that the sensations began to change which made me very paranoid about whether the energy was moving down my chakras in a cleansing process or whether it was stress from not smoking pot that caused the pressure (when the sensations changed i questioned my sanity again which made me super stressed to the point where i thought my increased sense sensitivity where hallucinations).
    When i have the power to talk myself out of the fear the pressure subsides abit but this could also be because i am not focusing on the chakra. I also still feel the pressure in my ears but less fatigue but have now also had sensations in my fingertips and hands and on one occassion resisted a strong urge to gyrate my arms, only for short periods of times.
    I have thought i should start meditating but am unsure how to go about it as i am still travelling for about 2 or 3 months and have read it should not be taken up leisurely and optimaly taught in person by a trained yogi.
    My major worries as to why it may not be kundalini is that i have not felt that burst of energy through the spine or any spontaneous visions definitive of an awakening (I can imagine those ideas like seeing a serpent rising or white light pulsating through the body but not spontaneous) – maybe because my channels are blocked? and the other is that i have read alot of contradictory information from different sources – mainly about the sensations possibly indicating a severe blockage and a possible illness to come but also indicating an awakening.
    One the thing is for sure – i am seeing the world in new ways someitimes frightening beyond belief and sometimes beautiful.
    Could anyone shed some light, i really appreciate this blog and have learned alot from all of your insightful comments!

  370. 370
    Rangi Biddle Says:

    Hi Anmol,

    I haven’t practiced Yoga at all but have had experiences like what you describe. One that seems to be happening on a regular basis is a feeling that originates in the base of my spine that seems to flow in waves, it is pleasurable but somewhat overwhelming at the same time. The longest that I have had this last for was approx 30mins to an hour in regular intervals almost in succession. The most recent occurrance happened at work but thankfully didn’t last too long. I regularly get muscle twitches as well in my legs, arms, chest, back and sometimes my face. I also on occassion take on spontaneous postures or movements that I have not learned or seen anywhere which (for me) is a little strange. I think I’ll take a look at some of the asans and see if any of them match some of the poses/postures that I’ve done. I am very interested to begin learning more about Kundalini but unfortunately there aren’t any that teach it who live close by. The nearest class is over 4 hours drive away. Any input that you have would be greatly appreciated and perhaps will shed some light as to my experiences.

    Thank you for your time.

  371. 371
    Candy Says:

    I have felt incredible love for the world while meditating and become fully aware of my surroundings after a meditation. At times this awareness is totally within and without all at the same time.

  372. 372
    Frank D. Gayer Says:

    For the last several years I have struggled to wake up and to have enough energy to barely make it threw the day , BUT , about a month ago , after being sick for close to a week , I told my Dad I was going to the Dr. the next day, as I was getting worse and hurting more , Well that evening a Friend of mine brought me some different kind of water , I drank two glasses of it that night , and one more the next morning , and to my surprise I felt as if I no longer needed to go to the Dr. . By the next day I had more energy than my medication had ever given me , ( I took adderall for ADD for several years ) within just a few days I quit taking my adderal , and now it has been close to a month , and I feel better than I have sense I was a teenager , I just turned 53 years old on April 6th , and before I started drinking this water I felt every bit of 65 or more .
    But here is my reason for this post , yesterday I felt as if my entire body had become an electrical generator , I could feel energy coming up through my legs and all over and within my torso , up into my head , out my arms and hands , and all of the sudden I heard the word ” Kundalini ” , I had no idea what it was , but just about an hour ago , while at one of my neighbors house , one of then just out of no where said the word ” Kundalini ” and I jumped up and said o my god , what is that , I had just heard that word in my head yesterday , and had been wondering about it. She said she thought it was some thing Buddhist but was not completely sure , so I looked it up on the net , and here I am .
    Just drinking this water has completely changed my life in less than a month. I feel a Love for every one , like I have never felt , I have never been the kind of person to touch people , but now I can not keep my hands off of people , as I feel so full of this electrical power , that I just want to touch every one in the hopes that they will feel a little of it by me touching them . I wake up at peace with my self and the world , some thining I had not done sense I was a child. I feel a overwhelming joy deep within my being , I feel a genuine happiness , from the time I wake till I go to sleep , my sleep has become full of dreams .
    I truly believe God has blessed me with a new chance at life.
    I had studied about cancer for the last few years , sense my Mother died of it , and had dis-covered
    the fact that if a person keeps an alkaline body instead of an acidic body that sickness cant live in you . and within less than one month of drinking this alkaline water , I AM A New Man. and now I even have the energy to exercise for the first time in years. Thanks for taking your time to read this.

  373. 373
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    It’s not uncommon for these phases to occur and disappear in intervals. The best thing to do is to establish a good Meditation and Yoga practice now!

    I don’t think the word Kundalini was a coincidence. I think life or infinity (as Anmol would call it) was beckoning you to do your part :-)

    The following links will help you get started.

    Beginners Guidelines

    Beginners Meditation

    Beginners Yoga

    Glad to hear that you are feeling this change….

    Feel free to let us know of any concerns or issues.

    Wishing you all the best.

  374. 374
    J Says:

    I’ve experienced kundalini on and off many times, sometimes to the point where I can bring it about consciously. I believe true kundalini is something that is brought about through spiritual realization or awakening, not something induced by something in the physical sense.

    My kundalini experience consist of a very blissful feeling of warm energy going up the spine and into somewhat of the brain area, it last for minutes or sometimes hours. The energy from the spine causes a sense of peace and joy inside yourself. There is sometimes also an enhanced sense of awareness, but I’ve had these burst of awareness before having the kunadlini, so I don’t know if this is a specific symptom of kundalini. There are other effects, but they are not the actual kundalini more of the transformative effects of it.

    Any negative side effects, such as pain, headaches, psychosis, and others (some of which I experienced) is because the lower mind or the ego is clashing with the higher spiritual awakening. Since the primal ego and higher spiritual enlightenment do not mix. If anyone activates kundalini prematurely with a lower level of consciousness they will suffer harsh side effects. These maybe some of what people are experiencing. Which is why true kundaliani is only to be activated in as long as it coincides with a regimen of spiritual practice and willingness to surrender the ego, a lot of in which meditation helps.

    I’ve read some of these accounts and I believe some of the peoples experiences are just impact of energy enhanced by some sort of physical work not true kundalini. Sometimes things can be done that bring about an enhanced energy or feeling of electricity through the body, but its not always spiritual in nature or kundalini, just normal energy working or flowing in the body.

  375. 375
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    Thank you for sharing.


  376. 376
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    I would suggest doing the Beginners Yoga class and Beginner Kundalini Yoga class (#101).

    Also, since you have never done yoga, reading the Beginners Guidelines first would be helpful.

    This should help.

    Feel free to let us know of any issues or concerns you may have.

    All the very best,

  377. 377
    naman Says:

    can u plz tell me how to make brahma nadi strong,,,,,,

  378. 378
    Emily Says:

    I have an unusual question–

    I have recently been experiencing intense sexual feelings as though I am constantly on the verge of orgasm, and no physical act (intercourse, masturbation) has been able to diminish these intense feelings. These “episodes” come and go, but when I am having one I can masturbate without break for hours, having dozens of orgasms, but the feeling does not diminish.

    Obviously, I am very distressed about these experiences as one can not live a normal life with such intense and overwhelming sensations rising up and lasting for days at a time. I went to a doctor to tell her about my symptoms thinking that it might be a hormonal or nerve problem, but she suspected I might be experiencing an unintentional kundalini awakening. I am skeptical about this diagnosis (though not closed to the idea) as I have no background in meditation, eastern religions, yoga, or anything of the like.

    Do you think my symptoms could be a result of an accidental kundalini awakening as my doctor believes? If so, what should I do? When these “episodes” occur I find it very difficult to concentrate on anything else, which leaves me feeling incredibly anxious and depressed.

    I would appreciate any advice you could give me. Thanks.


  379. 379
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    Yes Kundalini Awakening can certainly occur due to a variety of reasons… non-spiritual reasons as well.

    This does sound like Kundalini Awakening.

    We would recommend trying Sat Kriya and try doing things that are creative and express yourself as freely as possible.

    Also do Sheetali Pranayam. This is cooling for the body.

    If possible just observe the arousal with judgement and participation if possible. See what happens if you do this…

    Keep us posted.

    All the best,

  380. 380
    Filip Says:

    Hi there I was doing a search on Google for Kundalini Symptoms when I came accross this website. I am curious if anyone has had this experience.

    During the past few days I’ve been having fleeting ‘visions’, just mentally imagining a loud BANG going of inside my head. About the sharpness and intensity of a hand gun type of ‘bang’. It comes and goes and usually I have it during the day and more towards the evening.

    I don’t actually hear anything and there is no pain, I just imagine it, but it’s very difficult not to ‘let it’ happen. Has anyone had a similar experience or the exact same thing?

    It’s also worthy to note that last year I was having some strange experiences too.. for a few weeks I would have moments throughout the day when my scalp felt like it was tightenning for no apparent reason, but the sensation was not accompanied by any actual real tightening of the skin as far as I know. The sensation was real, but when I touched my head it didn’t feel odd or anything. I would also get prickles in my scalp sometimes and more rarely, I would have a sensation that the tightenning was just at the top of my head and almost felt like pressure. I’m a naturally anxious person and so it was somewhat unsettling to feel these things.

    Are these also considered symptoms of kundalini rising? What does this all mean? Can I eliminated these symptoms? Can I learn to control them. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    The most disturbing symptom has been the one lasting these past few days. I feel as though I am inviting this thing I simply imagine as an incredibly harsh BANG in my head.. like being wacked really hard with a big, flat, alluminum paddle… or more like a gun just exploding inside the back of my head. It’s usually in the ‘back’ of my head, but sometimes, although more rarely in the ‘middle’. I am stressed out and it seems when I get stressed it occurs with more intensity, but as to why a bang and not something else I don’t know.

    Anyway, enough talking. I’d be happy to hear about some similar stories or some advice from some of you. Thanks!

  381. 381
    uli Says:

    I know nothing about kundalini rising. What i know is that whatever is referred to as bliss is actually harming the body because of its intensity. There is no heat in the spine, neither do I meditate. There is a tremendous heat source in the chest area – maybe the thymus gland. Headaches, passing out, conscious darkness, twitching and not being able to walk sometimes as well as some sort of desirelessness are only a few sideffects. What can be done ? Someone help me, cause all physical tests came back as normal.

  382. 382
    Carpets Rugs Says:

    I have to say i agree with ULI.

  383. 383
    John Says:

    Regarding Filip’s question (27/4/2010) of a “loud bang going off in his head”, a Kundalini Awakening is certainly a possibility, but it is a fairly widespread occurrence across the general population.

    Please see: http://www.dailyping.com/archive/2002/01/05/
    for the many comments on this subject

  384. 384
    Barbara Says:

    I’ve been experiencing a lot of heat in the body since starting a kundalini yoga practice last month, am not sure if it’s also related to the fact that I also started using a far infrared sauna daily at around the same time, although using the sauna never did this in the past. The heat is an unusual sensation and not particularly uncomfortable, just get hot and a bit sweaty intermittently and need fewer covers at night. Probably due to the exercises aggravating an old injury my neck has been killing me however, so I’m being very careful about it and using arnica gel a lot to help relieve the pain. On the whole the practice has been very beneficial and I do feel better, so thank you!

  385. 385
    anonymous Says:

    To Filip’s question, that is NOT kundalini at all. What you experience is experiencing is termed “exploding head syndrome” look it up if you think I’m joking.

    To Uli, there is a chance you have awakened kundalini either prematurely or accidentally. If you have done so, what is happening the the low level of your consciousness is clashing with the high consciousness state of the kundalini. Either you are too attached to your ego, your emotions, or you have too much negativity inside of you, or all, these do not mix with the with the higher consciousness bliss once the kundalini is awakened.

  386. 386
    Tony Says:

    If you start to feel a lot of pressure in the head from kundalini exercises you need to learn to open the heart chakra and carry the energy from there down into your arms if you cannot do this then cease the practise until months or even years later or risk insanity.

  387. 387
    Tony Wild Says:

    If you start to feel a lot of pressure in the head from kundalini exercises you need to learn to open the heart chakra and carry the energy from there down into your arms if you cannot do this then cease the practice until months or even years later or risk insanity. There has to be a release if you cannot make it happen by carrying it through the rest of the body then give you body the time it needs to let it release it in its own way.

  388. 388
    Tony Wild Says:

    Also to know you have release it through the hands there should be a sure sign of goosebumps on the underside of your forearms.

  389. 389
    armene Says:

    Dear Mr Anmol
    I was planning to start doing kundalini yoga regularly but after reading all the experiances the people have gone through, one gets scared. Is there any particular stage when these experiances start or can even a beginner experience them?

  390. 390
    TheLightMage Says:

    I use the Kelly Howell method to and series of meditation and breathing exercises for awakening my Kundalini, almost every time I do this I experience A brilliant divine white light come down and envelope me completely, when im out of this meditation I feel more alive and also I believe that by awakening the Kundalini you one can tap into other abilities for example clairvoyance and other psychic abilities. I would welcome any comments upon this.

  391. 391
    victor Says:

    im glad i found this sight. i have been feeling this spinkling in the back of my neck since a child. this spinkling has become more intense recently thus why i am searching for new information. the sprikling appears to have power to heal and is sensitive to thought also it seems to be activated when i hear the name of god people praying sincerely etc. i really need help in understanding. also have experienced pressure in middle of forehead. sperm count increased by 10X after last major spinkling

  392. 392
    Vahid Says:

    I don’t think anyone should ge into kundalini until their life is stable and they are in their sixties! As long as you have desire, you have friction and if you are young, kundalini is more difficult because your mind is still immature. Not such a great choice.

  393. 393
    Susan Says:

    Extreme vibration felt around my arms, not being able to move as in another vibration, tingling, burning on my shoulders and heat racing through my body, like I’m going to explode. Can really understand spontaneous combustion of people. The heat is nothing like I have ever felt before. I have felt my body burning. I desperated need water after it.

  394. 394
    Sara Says:

    I have been experiencing intense tingling and pain in the back of my neck and lower back, quite unlike any back pain I’ve had before. I’ve done yoga for many years, but only started kundalini a few weeks ago. Could it be realted? It doesn’t feel like usual ‘problems’ I have with my back, it is very different!

  395. 395
    Suraj Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    I want to share some of my experiences with you.
    I haven’t practised any kundalini awakening methods but ya i used to practice yoga occasionally since childhood. I usually feel a sense of some thing flowing up the spine to the upper part of my skull. This is accompanied by goosebumps, and a pleasurable experience. I can voluntarily control it and can experience it whenever i wish. I just have to close my eyes and wish for it. Is it a symptom of kundalini awakening? If not then can you help me understand these??

  396. 396
    Chris Says:

    My kundalini related story is here:
    It’s free to read it…

  397. 397
    Sundar Says:

    Hi Anmol

    I used to meditate few years back but afterwards i couldnt continue it. when i was doing my meditation i felt a violet color auora in my forehead and it sometimes lasts for minutes sometime it goes with in a second, i couldnt understand that what is happening. for the past 10 days i have started meditating and after these many years also i can able see the same auora in my forehead. i need to know what it is, is that my mind simulates such kind of things since i am reading about of meditation chakras & auora? or it is the begining of my meditative state. it will be helpful to me if you could explain me and tell how to proceed.

    Another problem is if i concentrate on things like listening on lectures or meetings or if i need to give some speech are anything which need more concentration, at that period i started getting headache(after sometime only) i am thinking that i am so weak so that i cant concentrate on suchthings is that true? or because of i already practised meditation(even i did kundalini yoga for sometime in the past)i am getting those headache?.even i can feel the pain in my leg also(it pains like i was standing in one leg for sometime). I cant relate any of the things but if you guide me it will be more helpful. And also tell me how i should proceed now so that the violet chakra which i feel can be used to go into deep meditation(past i can sit only upto 10 – 15mins but now i can able to sit 1hr or 40 mins easily) even i enjoy by sitting such long time.

  398. 398
    abhiman Says:

    hello sir …..i need to know that ….when i start meditating …should i say omkar continously…..i have awaken my kundalini….please give some tips through e-mail

  399. 399
    sushil Says:

    hello everybody,

    please visit http://www.sidhshakti.tv

    i can tell you that your life will change once you start doing kundalini meditation under a spiritual guru.

    you can do this meditation along with other meditations online from any place anywhere in world.

    hope you are there



  400. 400
    Hubert Says:

    Hi all,
    I have just started meditating yesterday and knew all this stuff, but before I had the knowledge, I had experienced most of the symptoms! And I have the ability to call up the ‘inner ear vibrations’ at will? I’m only 13 and confused :P

  401. 401
    John Says:

    Thanks Anmol for this wonderful blog, I have learnt much here. May I also recommend to readers one other support site which sets out some precautions, adoption of which will make for a smooth assimilation of Kundalini energy, once an awakening occurs It is: http://www.kundaliniawakeningsystems1.com/the-safeties.html . (It may be necessary to copy and paste the site name into your browser).

  402. 402
    Marge Says:

    I have been doing meditation for some time because I was having stress problems due to my work. I also went to Yoga classes and became very interested in Kundalini . A few weeks ago during my sleep ( I was not dreaming, it felt so real )I experienced a ”lightning” energy which travelled my whole body , I had the feeling I was here and there at the same time , saw my neighbours and got the sensation I was ”one” with each of them. I felt peace but also lots of fears. Then I felt someone was holding my hands tightly in a pretective way and could feel lots of comfort but at the same time I wanted to free my self…. I also heard ringing bells very loud in my ears.. To tell you honestly am now quiet afraid as am not prepared for all this. Instead I would like to do some Mantras , is this fine ?
    Since some time now even before this experience I have tingling and pain in my neck m shoulders and back – I wonder if it is related – I have seen 2 chiropractors without success.

    Also some 6 years ago , during meditation I saw my third eye and I was out of my body, flying over my bed. Then I saw a fierce white light and Jesus walking towards me.. Again I was afraid and not prepared so I stopped my meditation. It all begun from there since then I have the feeling am looking for the truth. From my very young age I know deep in my heart that God is within.

  403. 403
    Kevin Says:

    I always had very poor posture from computer use beginning in my pre-teen years. I was ‘exiled’ so to speak from the social crowd and after about 10 years of self reflection I noticed there seemed to be something I was searching for. During a spontaneous LSD trip (which I never done before and had no expectations) I suddenly found that which I had been searching for. My mind was ‘centered’ and I can only describe it as waking up. I had achieved peace of mind, and it was accompanied by great heat throughout my core up to my heart, something akin to heartburn but not painful. Over the last year now since it happened, I have been evolving spiritually in ways I cannot even comprehend, to the point where I have gone from being aware of my unconscious to now being MORE aware through my right brain than left. This heat in my chest has almost forced me to stand up straight for the first time in my life and now that my back muscles are developed enough to do so, it is beginning to move its way up my spine, following the progress of my back muscles and it is now in my throat and neck; a great tingling heat that causes me to go on ‘auto-pilot’ as you said and breathe very deeply and slowly and now crane my neck backwards and yawn for very long periods of time. This seems to be a spontaneous form of meditation, and I am feeling the heat in my throat begin to rise even further towards the top of my spine at the base of my skull and behind my nose and eyes. It is a wonderful experience, yet very tiring on my weak back muscles. My meditation has evolved it seems, as the faint green light I always end up seeing has intensified to a very highly detailed bright green, usually taking the form of vibratory geometrical patterns with great definition in the lines, as though I am looking at the surface of rippling water. Why it is green, I do not know, but it first began with the heat in my chest and now that it is moved up into my throat and towards my third eye it has intensified. I now understand why a lot of people think they are Jesus when they go through this and lose touch with reality. I feel that is their ego realizing that this is the same thing that happened to Jesus and trying to use it to their own advantage. I understand that I am inheriting the Christ Consciousness and I plan on spending my life as a vagrant and healing others.

  404. 404
    vikram Says:

    hi anmol…
    you have been training yourself for quiet sometime now and thus the experiences. i have mostly being practicing silent meditation for sometime now… i am 27 and started the journey when was in the 3rd standard. as a child i would ask questions to myself regarding who i am… any way… their have been too many experiences some imagined, some natural some divine and some not so divine… one of the symptoms that i have started experience something like feeling “giddy”… one may feel giddy the whole day… this is same as when you meditate and begin to enter deep sleep state… there are too many symptoms… i will write some more some other time… another one is everything seems out of control when you do it without a guru… again “arahant” are those who gain enlightenment without a guru… well my post is really wayward… any way some of you will know what i am talking about… feeling pressure in your third eye region or crown region or seeing lights or feeling sensations are ONLY THE BEGINNING never confuse them with stillness…

  405. 405
    Louis Pettit Says:

    I have only been meditating for about 4 years now, but I have had remarkable experiences which I would like to share.Maybe someone will find them useful? Maybe someone can offer insight and clarity?

    Very early on (about 2 weeks into meditating) I was chanting Om. I had an orgasmic rush travel up my spine and into my brain. I began laughing and laughing and my skin felt very tight, especially around my face. I was ignorant then about the nature of reality, and only knew that this was a profound experience.

    2 years later had acheived wakefulness and began doing standing meditation, began and still go into deep states of rigidty and lose body conciousness. This intensifies after pranayama.

    Now I regularly achieve very deep states (for a westerner) of Samadhi. My eyes roll towards my forehead of their own volition. If I willfully smile (make myself smile) during this state I have waves of love wash over my body or have small bursts of orgasmic bliss in my brain at the top of my head.

    This may sound eccentric but I have reason to believe that I am a reincarnated yogi. Much confusion here because I have no guidance, just intuition.

    Is there a guru that I can get in touch with?

  406. 406
    ella Says:

    Wow, I admit I did not have time to read each one of the posts, but I am continuously being amazed by other people’s experiences! Thank you for sharing!

    It seems that I triggered something when I tried to meditate for the first time several months ago. The usual tingling, it seems that I’m trying and/or leaving the body at night (but don’t remember enough to claim that for sure), vibrations, I think something attacked me too…

    Last thing that happened was seeing the lights when I tried to take an afternoon nap – but I clearly wasn’t asleep nor fully awake. There was enormous mass of light shooting from somewhere, very pleasant pale yellow-almost white. It was conical (as if it was coming from somewhere and disipating), very very dense, especially closer to the center. It felt to me as if I was positioned about 30 degrees to the left side it. Together with yellowish light, there were other colored lights shooting randomly – not like rays, but like separate small balls. For some reason I accurately remember the shades of blue and pink, but cannot tell for sure what other colors were there. There was also loud rumbling in my ears, like physical vibrations in the ears. And warmth, warmth, indescribable warmth and sweetness!!

    I’m saying to myself I should be deeply grateful for this experience, and never forget it! Unfortunately, I am sad and worried… my mother got scared about my health when I told her, and a person who knows much more than me did not respond to my questions – I’m trying not to let things like that diminish the beauty of that light, and I’m thankful for others posting their experiences, which makes me feel less alone. I really wish I knew what that light is though :(

    I must admit I’m scared to meditate so that I stay balanced and grounded – I turned vegeterian, I swim and excercise almost daily and take walks all of which I feel is necessary. I’ve always been quite harsh on myself and self-critical, but now it’s as though I’m performing a surgery on my psyche :)

    Quite a long post, I think I really needed to talk! :) Thank you once again for sharing and take care!

  407. 407
    tmi Says:

    Thank you Mehta for this article. I am currently searching for answers and I am hoping that maybe I can be pointed a direction. I have been experiencing the symptoms of the awakening far long before I ever knew what it was. I have no prior background in yoga nor have I practiced yoga in the past. The extent of my meditation is my prayers that I try to do on a daily basis.
    My experiences include but are not limited to the following:
    ESP (controlled and non controlled)
    being engulfed in bright gold light while conscious and eyes closed.
    ringing in my ears
    involuntary muscle spasms
    involuntary sounds from my mouth
    the sound of the roaring wind
    tingling sensations
    electric shocks or zaps
    warm/cold/hot sensations different part of my body
    headaches and pressure in the brain
    seeing another time and place
    going into a trance as if hypnotized at any given time of day without warning
    mysterious illnesses (i would get really sick and doctor don’t know why….)
    involuntary breathing (i don’t know what better way to say this properly but not in control of how i breathe. at times my breathing takes depth on its own…)
    unexplainable sex drive
    unexplainable mood swings and at times this overwhelming love for life and for people.
    seeing and being in other places in my dream that actually exist…
    reliving previous lives and seeing previous events that have happend
    feeling other people’s energy, seeing other people surrounded by faded colors
    This list can go on. What can I do to control or rid myself of some of these symptoms? It scares me at times, especially when I am in a state of paralysis, it’s followed by the fearful roar of gusting wind ripping at my eardrums. When I scream out it echoes in my head. Just recently I had a dream that I was in a palace adorned in red and there I met a shaman and did not see his face. He told me to lie on my stomach and this I did. He touched the middle of my spine and I felt the energy rush in throughout all my body and the feeling was overwhelming and it was as if my soul had an orgasmic explosion and at that moment I felt my body elevate in my dream. Other things happened but it concluded in me sitting in a boat with another wise man who spoke to me in a different language and I understood him as our boat floated downstream. We had a conversation that I don’t remember. I woke up from the dream and the sensation was still fresh in my body that I had to stand up and shake it off to bring myself back to reality. But I woke up with a smile…
    So I guess my question is, could this be an awakening experience? and if so how long does it last? i have had this since i was 3. and now i am 27 and they just seem to get enhanced and more vivid and sharper. what can i do to cope with it? or is this a journey that i alone have to find?

  408. 408
    Tanu Says:

    Hi Anmol,

    I am 28 years old, experiencing strange things since i was in 10th standard.And all this happens only when i am asleep. I have gone through all the articles published by various people here but some have written about there experience while being awake or doing meditation so i am confused if whatever i experience has something to do with Kundalini awakening or not. To list a few things i things i experience, whenever i am in deep sleep i feel vibration in my entire body and my body becomes stiff or in other words paralysis as i try to move my hand but i am unable to and if i try i feel immense pain. i feel so scared that i start chanting gayatri mantra at that time. At times whenever this happens i feel i am flying not very high but just a little above my bed where i am lying and then slowly back. i get scared as if my soul is out or some other foreign body is trying to enter my body and take possession of me. since i am scared i don’t open my eyes to while feeling this vibration and out of body experience, but at times when i have i at times see a coil as if lot of hair entangled together. The next thing that i experience is that when i am awake and lying down, watching television, as if something crawling on my leg and specially left foot and leg, The way heart beats, i feel something similar, a beating feeling below my foot, on my leg, hands, few parts of my body. i don’t know what exactly is happening and this has been happening since i was a teenager. Its really disturbing me and my family life as i recently got married and i am not able to have a healthy sexual life because of the fear that there is some other entity keeping an eye on me and surrounds me where ever i go. Are these symptoms related to kundalini, if yes how do i stop them from happening.

  409. 409
    Bella Mente Says:

    Hello tmi!

    I’ve been doing my own personal research during my spare time on esoteric subjects such as kundalini syndrome and ascension, etc. For some reason, I seen your post and felt the need to reply. Personally, I think that in addition to the full kundalini awakening you are experiencing, that you have already reached what many are now calling ascension!

    After studying physics my whole life and now finally working in the field, I have finally come to the conclusion that there is an enormous body of evidence that “ascension” is not only a possibility, but very real indeed and has been going on now for quite some time. The energy of the planet has been exponentially increasing, as well as the entire solar system, and this is tied into the cycles, both celestial and terrestrial, that previously were thought of as unrelated until in the last few years, and these cycles are converging as we draw nearer to 2012. Not only is this enormous increase in energy effecting the celestial bodies, but it is effecting life, and hence, humanity as we know it, even causing a change in DNA. From the knowledge I have assimilated, it seems that what is known as “kundalini syndrome” or kundalini awakening/spiritual awakening, is really a starting point in the journey of “ascension”.

    I personally believe from all my own research that this should be a beautiful experience for you, no matter how much fear you may feel now. My advice to you would be to embrace this with gratitude, appreciation, no expectations, and full surrender of self and any fear, anxiety, or hopelessness that may overtake you. I guarantee that you will not regret this.

    There is so much to explain and so many details to elaborate on, but for now if you get this reply and would like to know more whether it be just on the scientific aspect or just in general, you can write me at:


    As well as any others!

  410. 410
    V Says:


    i am currently compelting a 40 day kundalini meditation. iama little cocnerned as my emotions appear to be up and down and i feel like i go from the extremes of being very low and analytical to very hyper and giddy. i am noticing this partiularly during the day – at work.

    please can you advice?

  411. 411
    V Says:

    hey there

    on reading other peoples posts i feel it would be beneficial for me to go into more detail.

    soi started meditating and doing kundalini and other yogas 2 years ago. initially i was in an overly happy state of mind – almost false. and then i began to meditate more intensly, vippassana style mainly. in recent weeks i have started a 40 day meditation – i am on day 20. i have experienced clear insight into my self and my past – in particular my childhood and have felt isolated and extremely confused on occasions …. analysing and agonising and feeling very seperate from the world. on other occasions i have felt EXTREMELY loved up with the world and very postive! (these seem to be shorter spells). i most commonly feel disconnected and confused!

    i meditate for 30 minutes each morning and attend yoga 2x each week – both kundalini!

    please could you advice?

    many thanks

  412. 412
    Rose144 Says:

    Hi there,
    My experiences started before I knew about Ascension, I only became aware of the awakening process at around 2007, (I’m 37y.o), I meditate but never tried to raise the kundalini so with me things always happen spontaneously.I can relate to most of the symptoms mentioned in all 3 categories here but a recent experience has left me a bit concerned so I’d appreciate any comments/advice from you. I must give some details before I get to the point…before going to bed, on the night of 10-10-10 I asked, decreed(begged in tears to be honest) for more awareness and a more conscious connection with my higherSelf/twinflame/or any Light being. . I hoped to have some amazing dream but I dreamt my dog was dying :-( . I went back to bed for a short nap later on after drinking plenty of water, meanwhile bladder was full but i was too comfy to get up so i just changed position instead. Suddenly I felt an androgynous presence on the rightside of my body sort of breathing on my neck, I asked who it was but just heard sounds that I can’t describe. It started to embrace me so I touched it in search for the hand, it felt like an arm that streched infinitely all around me until finally found a hand then our fingers interlocked, I felt my legs being spread apart and something started to enter me with my clothes on even felt my pants being sucked in with a pressure but not painful, all this followed by an intense orgasm. ..then heard a serpent hissing but the sensation felt benevolent so I kind of surrendered to the moment. It wasn’t a full body orgasm like I had in the past I can’t describe how I felt exactly but I can say it was like being the tree of life, gaia, below my waist a waterfall. My concern is that it felt more Real than anything Ever and left me with a slight vaginal discharge since, has anyone experience anything this similar here with physical side effects?
    Thank you
    Love and Light

  413. 413
    justin Says:

    I was working. Everything slowed up as f time stopped… I wasn’t dizzy but i felt joyful inside like a little kid. Some time passed by and i started vomiting. I stepped out of my truck and started shaking uncontrollably from head to toe. Even my hands were shaking wildly! It felt like i was burning on the inside and smelt to. It was like an electric jolt going through my body. Afterward i felt powerful and full of energy. I felt like GOD… I could smell like a dog, an my awareness was high! If someone was looking at me I new it. Also a few days later I saw a blue light shining bright i my head maybe two times. Unfortunately i have head aches now and sometimes a tingle in my head.

  414. 414
    Anuj Sharma Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    I just wanna share that in 2009 i took the shaktipat diksha by a spiritual guru from Rishikesh. Its spiritual and extraordinary experience is awesome. In my first meditation, i experiecned that something is shaking near my heart(hridaya chakra) like a pendulum, and then my body starts moving on the rhythm of that thing like to and fro.

  415. 415
    Hardik Says:

    Hey everybody, This is IMPORTANT advice that I’d like to share with everybody, so please read this:
    Kundalini is not as big a deal as everybody makes it out to be. There might be episodes of psychological upheavals like depression, schizophrenia etc. and some physical symptoms associated with them like twitching and painful / pleasurable sensations.
    But these are not permanent; only a phase- provided that you take care of yourself when you have time.
    You must have faith in your intelligence and nurture yourself accordingly!

    I too have been dealing with Kundalini while simultaneously drinking excess coffee, smoking cigarettes and working extra hard in college till graduation.
    The experience itself was so grim and but with luck and faith I made it through.
    After I graduated and went home, I took a couple of months to ground myself and free myself from a lot of these addictions and to establish good routines. I could have established them in college but my ego was in the way, not to mention classes and pointless assignments.

    But after the grounding, kundalini energy made a lot more sense and it has been traveling in me ever since- doing all kinds of wonderful things that make me more aware of this universe and myself.
    I feel like a completely new person actually and gained a TREMENDOUS amount of wisdom from it-
    How we create our own suffering through ignorance and attachment, how we can cease it as individuals by being wise and simple- by using discretion, how ephemeral life really is and how nothing is guaranteed but most importantly- how our natures dictate us- not choices or individuality; meaning that the self really is an illusion and most Humans can’t see that.

    The best advice to dealing with Kundalini is to let it happen, quit freaking out and enjoy it! You’ll have to face the truth- but so be it, the truth does comes out eventually.
    The truth and Kundalini are both enjoyable and something that can potentially liberate you from old ignorance provided that you take care of yourself with discretion, reflect on yourself with intelligence and surrender into the changes that will happen.
    Be very simple and wise during this time- that is all.

    Something that helped me find perspective and reflection during this time:
    Lie down in shavasana every morning and night for 1 to 1.5 hours.
    Completely RELAX and surrender your body, let no tension take hold and breathe with awareness.
    The point of shavasana is to help you become aware of a state close to death so that you go beyond your ego, mind and ignorant self- that is the point of shavasana, the most important yoga pose- to overcome death, by overcoming your limited logic and fear of it.

    Ask yourself a Zen koan if your thoughts run amok, concentrate on it as well. (Thoughts cause mental tension that manifest in the body and eventually create obstacles to K energy).

    Examples of Zen Koans:
    What is the sound of one hand clapping?
    What would I breathe is there is no breath?
    What would I be if I didn’t exist?
    Why is the universe so different from me?
    What is the cause of stress?

    Reflect on all this with intelligence, use WISDOM (not logic) and be simple. Ground yourself during this time by establishing routines with plenty of reflection.

    Kundalini is not meant to kill you, it is YOU. And psychologists are stupid… Do not trust society or its poisonous medicine- the solution is and always will be in you. Pharmacies, Capitalism and attachment will only make you more addicted and cause more needless suffering, that’s the reason you guys forgot your divine nature and peace in the first place…

  416. 416
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Hardik,

    Thank you for your wonderful advise and suggestions. These are indeed wise words, and it’s great you took the time to share them with everyone.


  417. 417
    Hardik Says:

    Your Welcome Anmol,
    I also want to share an experience; and although it is not that important because it is subjective and mystical, I’d like to type it out and my interpretation of it if in case it would help anybody. By nature, it is difficult to describe mystical experiences in a logical way, but this experience severely changed my perception of reality, the universe(s) and everything I have come to know thus far. All thanks to K.
    Also: I was NOT on drugs or any other substances while experiencing this. I do not believe in using drugs because they create distortions and I really believe that a sober rational mind is needed during Kundalini arousal to facilitate higher awareness. I was well grounded and had been completely sober without any disturbances.
    So I begin my description by saying that,
    One afternoon, K was rising. So I took time to just lay down in Shavasana and let K do its thing. It must have been about 15-20 minutes later that the energy finally reached my crown after making slowly changes below and causing the usual sensations of pleasure. I had to relax consciously and it was not the last time that this energy had moved nor the first, but at this point- it had been gradually drilling a spiritual hole in the left side of my head (not painful) but this zone was previously closed and without awareness or sensation.
    From this hole, I felt a small beam of energy pour into my brain. I decided to meditate and reflect while fully in Shavasana- a completely relaxed and almost physically paralyzed state of being with a fully conscious but aware state of mind. I soon felt an out of body experience where I was projecting myself into and through that small opening to get a better feel for this energy above my head. It required a bit of concentration to avoid “monkey mind thoughts” but it was happening by itself and it didn’t require any superhuman ability from my end except to surrender.
    I sensed a vibrant energy pouring through that hole and which also felt very blissful. I then began to consciously project myself into this hole- in meditation. Once I entered the hole, I had confirmed it with my extended awareness… the huge infinite space above me indeed felt alive and conscious but not limited to space or time. Instead it felt as if it was CONSCIOUSNESS itself and I was inherently linked to it in a smaller degree. I occupied a different dimension while I was physically alive- the physical world, but this supernatural entity had no concept of limitation. Overall this space felt infinite, energetic, subtle, blissful and radiant. A smaller part of me already had “this divine energy” within me but the physical part of me was different and immersed in the limitation of worldly affairs.
    Soon I experienced a second extended meditation where my projected state of being reflected while occupying this spiritual space. Somehow my meditation was transitioning into another meditation within a projected state of mind to better understand things and to process how the universe really works.
    The projected self had visions of a lotus blooming and how it depended on water in order for it to bloom and grow. Then I had visions of the ocean and how they formed, due to the condensation from the Earth’s core and then came the visions of a solar system and how it slowly creates planets through millions of years of activity. But in the background- something subtle and evolutionary was responsible for this all of this activity; a conscious- radiant energy that fed the multitude of such phenomenon (Solar System to planet to water to Lotus) and my projected self could experience that energy!
    Soon the visions of death appeared to the projected self too; that when solar system dies- new stars are born afterward with a relative difference from older stars, that after the dinosaurs, newer species were able to thrive in their places.
    I began to gain perspective from my second meditation- that the rise of new phenomenon intricately connected itself to another or the death of an older phenomenon. A chain of events that was basically life and death, a subtly conscious process providing transition and repeating itself constantly.
    I.e. things giving rise to other things or and continuing ad infinity- life and death, Universe to Universe, Microcosm to Macrocosm.
    Then my projected self started reflecting on my own historical experiences and how they operated within the very same rules and principle: How puberty was the beginning of new things and how my own death would affect others but feed or give rise to newer things over time.
    Old phenomenon giving rise to new phenomenons- the whole process relatively static on a macroscopic scale, but changing microscopically and always in activity. Attaching to our ego in this physically limited world with so many transitions is an illusion called “self” which hardly has a stake in the macro scope.
    And after these numbers of revelations, my projected self heard a message within the spiritual space in which I had projected myself to and was meditating in the second time. I did not hear voices but I understood something intuitive from it: “Let things bloom”. And after understanding this, K roared once again from the base to the crown. This time more intense while completely shattering that ceiling with a hole, my whole head opened to become aware of that energy above and the transitioning nature of the “universe” and its ephemeral behavior.
    The cool thing about this entire experience; was that the object of my meditation somehow merged with the Meditator and provided some realization. That my projected self which was initially a meditation in shavasana- meditated on its own and realized the physical self after reflecting in a different spiritual setting. The whole thing gave me a macroscopic perspective on how the universe operates and what the philosophical story has been and will be- an infinite process of life and death through phenomenon, with a conscious energy providing the subtle fuel for evolution and chaos providing the transition between life and death.
    That organisms are always transitioning and that the self is never static or given never ending free will among this divine play. This whole experience actually freaked me out because I did not know that such possibilities like these could exist in the universe. Kind of like a reverse cloning process that creates the original. Or time travel that makes use of a time paradox to achieve the original state. But after going through this I find it really hard to stress over the fact that the economy is not doing good, that I made a C in my class or that my sports team just lost a game :)

  418. 418
    Mister P. Says:

    Hello there, I think I had a Kundalini Awakening but I haven’t been able to find answers. Since 2 years and a half, I have been entirely dedicated to the study of the consiousness, I mean the Fourth Way, I have been working a lot and I assist to a group of teachings. Six months ago, I mixed my work on the fourth way with some Tai-Chi practice, and I have also been eating very well, living pacefully because I quit my job and I’m living on my savings at least for these last half of the year and the first half of the next. I had cover all aspects I could think of. One Month ago, in the night, I was reasoning about my life and existance and then went into meditation. I don’t know what happened, suddenly I was like connected to another dimension. I saw my entire life, and It’s like I saw the entire universe, all these was like seeing an eternity in one milisecond. Inmediatly after that, I felt the need of lie down on the floor, and it’s like my body itself started to move. First it started to massage the part between the anus and the penis, and all muscles around flattered. Then it moved to the low back, then the stomach, then the solar plexus, and finale shoulders and neck, all muscles and joints on the body just flattered and relax. I’m not shure if I was moving it or it was moving itself. Then I had strange movements in my arms and legs, something like epilepsy. Finally, my arms and legs move to the position of a baby and stayed like that for a while. Through all these, I was like seeing all my mental images, and I was like solving all my traumas. Afterwards, all energy in the body move from all parts to the sexual region, and then it was shooting throughout the spine up to the brain. There in the brain, I felt the need of breathing very accelerated, what happened afterwards was like something in the left side of the brain shooted energy to something in the right side of the brain. Then this right part was like a canon that shooted energy in an ascendant spiral to the top of the brain, and when it reached the top, it was like an energy rain falling all around the brain. At the same time, I felt like ants walking in the forehead from both left and right to the front center of the forehead. Also ants walking over the skull in the middle from both left and right to the top center of the brain. And finally, in the middle of the brain, was like it was forming a center line. Afterwards, flow of energy continued from the body to the brain, but it’s like I saw an skull in my eyes, and then light. It all felt like I was dying. Next day, it’s like my whole brain reconnected, it was a little uncomfortable but later it was very pleasing. Since then I have been really amazingly great in all aspects you could ask, it’s like I am lucky with everything, people on the street talks to me with no reason or asking directions or money, girls flirt with me more than before, my eyes looked as if I used contact lenses, but I don’t. One day I even saw a halo of light around my shadow’s head. Everything is great. But the problem is that in the group of fourth way Im assisting, they didn’t want to answer me, but it’s like they don’t want to explain me everything rigth now, and they have been giving me little clues and explainings of what I lived. But when I saw these page, every symtomps you mention, is all that I lived, and even some others, but of course, these others may not be symtomps. I know the people in my group will explain me with time, but there is a problem, the real problem I hope you can help me with. My energy continius growing and growing. Everyday I fell more energy. I do a lot of thing trying to spend all my energy, but it seems to grow more. How can I control energy, and shut down my brain. Sometimes I can’t sleep the whole night. I don’t even feel tired at all, but I’m worried about my brain, to be working so much all the time, I can stop. Well, that’s my crazy story. I know that all these sound like a complete crazyness, but it was very real to me. Hope you can send me an email. I don’t post my name because it all can be just a madness, so I prefer to be anonymus, anyway, the email I post is real, hope you can contact me. PD. I’m from mexico, so please forgive my english.

  419. 419
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Hardik,

    Amazing experience and insights for sure. I will be using your comments in an article to help others experiencing Kundalini to relax. Please do keep in touch and do continue to share your breakthrough with us.

    If you wish to contribute in the form of an article, please feel free to reach out to me for that as well.


  420. 420
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Mister P,

    Welcome to the world of Kundalini :-). Most important is not be get anxious or stressed, just relax and go with the flow as best you can.

    Typically, these big experiences and the ensuing stages of “higher” living, subside on their own after some time. But the journey is unique to each person. Your experiences are very consistent with Kundalini Awakening.

    Good to start a meditation and healthy living program to further establish yourself in non-duality, and to improve your health and fitness to deal with the greater flow of energy that you are now blessed with.

    Let us know how it goes.


  421. 421
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    Thank you for sharing.

    All the best,

  422. 422
    Luke Says:

    I am grateful to have come across your blog as I am experiencing some really crazy stuff this last week. I am in touch with my spiritual side but have never tried to awaking kundalini energy. What I have been experiencing is a feeling that my mind consciousness is gone passed out of my head and my mind feels so sharp when im walking down the street i don’t feel like im in my body and this concerns me it makes me feel anxious. I then have waves of paranoia that life is not real and this becomes to much for me I look at my surroundings and even though what i see looks solid i have a strong sensation that its an illusion and all that there really is is a vast open space of nothingness i feel quite anxious its like i want to come back down to how i used to feel but i cant i feel very emotional confused and scared at the moment am i loosing my mind???

  423. 423
    Karamroop Kaur Says:

    Sat Nam
    I want to share my experience which might be Kundalini rising as it started from the beginning I started the Kundalini Yoga teacher training course.
    At first it was 3 days that I started spinning in my head and lost complete balance and could not do anything than lie in bed, I could not eat, I had to crawl everywhere. I was purging a lot and had a complete colon release the first day. The next 2 days I could eat a bit and the sickness was gone but I kept spinning even lying down. It was very strong.
    Then it happened a few times but for shorter periods, a couple of hours to a day and each time I just laid down and slept until it was gone.
    After finishing one of my days course for the training about 3 weeks ago now it started again and it has not stopped just gone a bit less.
    I laid in bed for 3 days spinning without being able to do anything. It was really strong for the next 2 weeks following but I tried to ignore it and get on with life as I have to work. At this moment it is still not gone and sometimes it is little and sometimes strong again but without sickness.
    I must say I have a diet of raw living foods since 7-8 years now and wonder if that has got influence on it too.
    My teacher says to not make a drama of it which I totally understand but it would be nice to know if anyone has experienced anything like this too?
    I trust the process and know the Kundalini Yoga is transforming me a lot so I just Keep UP !!!

  424. 424
    Samuel Pelegrini Says:

    It happened to me, sir. Despite the fact that my English is not that good, I’ll try to briefly describe it.

    After 25 years of a life fully dedicated to the ‘search’ (I was really mad for God, no words can describe this), and some years of very intense sadhana, including Kriya Hatha Yoga of Babaji, one fine day I had finished performing some asanas and went to the backyard to take a rest sitting there looking at the landscape, when it happened. My body was getting hotter and hotter those days, I had to drink loads of water, and had to walk almost naked. But I never could imagine what was going to happen. It was very very strong, with very physical consequences, and then I was finished forever and ever.

    I felt that cobra effect of the neck puffing out, as it have always happened to me since I was a kid, but then more and more intense, and that time it was once and for all, it exploded, like a cannon from the basis of the spine to above my head and beyond, as if infinitely, and then everything disappeared, and suddenly I experienced a kind of infinite ocean of pink/purple and silvered clouds, with that constant sound, as if it were millions of waterfalls, and that bright light, and it was that, as if I was the whole, the absolute, that ocean itself.

    But, then, I thought occurred: “What about the body? And the life there? Am I finished forever? What about the body and my life? Am I dead?”, and then that shock made the body appear again, but in a sharply way, it harmed the body, fried my legs, literally, the tremendous energy which have entered the body after the explosion only heaven knows how strong it is, my neck and brain were damaged a little too, I couldn’t breath and had no glue about the speaking mechanism.

    I firstly realised that this ‘reality’ is nothing but a kind of hologram, I saw the landscape, the houses and nature around, animals and all that, it was clearly a kind of one-without-a-second image, a hologram, this was very clear, and another thing I realised it was that there was no ‘me’, no ‘phantom in the machine’. Somehow, the ‘me’ was finished after that event, and the life force itself, without being overshadowed by thought from then on, took the absolute control of the body.

    Then, back to experience things from the perspective of the body, it was not the same anymore, the sight was then perceived as a kind of camera, mechanical, and the rest of thought, operating only in the background, running the machine, was sort of asking itself “what happened? What is this?”, and I had no glue about anything anymore. I was finished forever.

    A kind of panic arose, but I had no glue about anything, I say now it was panic due to the knowledge I have as a background to make communication possible, otherwise I couldn’t function in the world anymore, but at the time it happened I had no glue not even that it was a kind of panic taking place. Then I firstly had to recover the mechanism of speaking, it may have passed some 10 or 15 minutes till I remember the way to activate the mouth and speak, and then I had to remember what to make with that mechanism, as if I were a formatted computer, restarting from the zero, as a child. Then the first thing I remember was my mother, and the word came together – “mother” (“mãe” in Portuguese, I’m Brazilian) -, and then I called my mother, desperate, and then she and my dad came and took care of me. I was finished, I could not even know how to walk right, I was like a kind of zombie, recently back from death, having to ask anything: “What is it that?”. A tree, a wall, an animal, a plant, everything, I had to recognize everything again.

    That week was very strange, I remember all that now, but when it was happening I was lost, had no way to experience it, only to live through it. The body suffered an alteration, all the senses, organs, the whole functioning, and all the glands corresponding to the chakras was reactivated, the life force took the control of the body by means of them. The gland corresponding to the so-called ‘third eye’, the pituitary body, the pineal gland, is what controls this now. A protuberance appeared on my forehead, and it increases when it’s full moon. Many other things happened, but I had to write a book about them, it’s not easy to remember and put them all together here.

    Then it was 3 years more till the consequences of that event could be circumvented. Even today the legs have the same burned skin, some pros and cons, I’m 31 now but I look younger, people usually think I’m 18, 20 etc, and that event finished me forever.

    I have realised by myself, for myself, that there’s no self to realise. The whole idea of separation and attainment (of the ‘goal’) is over here. And I know that it was in spite of the search and not due to it that that event occurred, acausaly. The search, in fact, is what prevent it to prevail. And it’s not something that you can transmit, it just dawns on you, and it’s no way manipulable by any means.

    In that sense, there’s no ‘enlightenment’ in the way it’s spread, and it’s not something blissful as they say, as we can see, and this natural state is not different of the state in which all beings are already. Those ‘sages’, ‘saints’ and all of those bastards told about it as if they were in a state different of you all, they fooled themselves and fooled everybody, and all those practices and the whole mumbo-jumbo they created is what is preventing it to prevail. The search is making you run far from it, because you’re already in this state, and making you believe that you’re not in it and that you should look for it is what is taking you away from it. It’s something as silly as trying to sell you a ticket to New York City, for example, when you’re already in NYC. This is what all those gurus and related are selling to you, something that doesn’t exist.

    And even if it was something possible to be attained, why the hell would you want this? If you really knew about this, you would never want this anymore! It’s like a lightening hitting you, and you’re finished once and for all. It’s really an annihilation, but not in that mystically masked way those ‘sages’ told you, it’s annihilation for real! Then you’re dead, and what will happen then, only God knows… You may be back or not, I don’t know. But, you see, it’s not something that we can have in an assembly line, it happens to one in a billion, and it’s clear why it’s so.

    Now they called me an ‘enlightened’ man, a liberated one, a sage etc, and I really don’t like those terms… Because they’re not honest, those terms are not really expressing the terrible calamity that it is for those who have been waiting for something ‘blissful’, ‘extraordinary’, ‘peaceful’, ‘heavenly’ or what you prefer. What happened is that this machine is now functioning in a way so perfect, so natural, that it has no conflict with the environment anymore. And the certainty that there’s nothing to understand because there’s no one to understand anything is crystal clear here. Some powers manifest, but they’re not so useful, and I never played with them. They just manifest when it happens, but I never make any use of them. You see, it’s not what you’ve been waiting for. But, for those interested in going till the end, I encourage you. But I make it clear that all things you do in order to reach it won’t work either. It’s impossible. But if you still want it, good luck. You don’t have to accept my opinion, but I’m just maintaining my opinion that you’re already there and is the very search itself that is preventing it to prevail.

    Samuel Pelegrini

    PS: Feel free to contact me if you want. I just don’t know if there’s something useful that I could share.

  425. 425
    Samuel Pelegrini Says:

    PPS: Sorry for any possible errors, I have no time to review it.

  426. 426
    Samuel Pelegrini Says:

    PPPS: Ah, and there’s something I should remark: The visits began to happen. Firstly I started to see all those teachers and sages of mankind appearing to me, and then the animals. Pigeons and other kinds of birds, dogs, cats, bats, lizards, all of them began to visit me. Even today my bedroom is surrounded by animals, and they deal in a funny way with me, they feel and understand the raw manifestation of life force here, and they know it will never harm them, they know that this raving mad here would never harm anybody. And, the most impressive, in my own opinion, was not the visions, the sages, avatars and all those who began to appear, no. What I find most impressive is an event that took place one day when I was performing bhajans, it was after the event, I was recovering and had not dropped all the practices yet (in fact, I never did, they ceased by themselves later when it dawned completely) , when suddenly I felt something and went to my bedroom’s window, when there was a lizard, a beige lizard, in decades living here I had never saw a lizard around, and there was a lizard, a beige and kind of smiling one, I’m not kidding, the lizard was smiling, and, the most impressive thing I experienced in all my life then happened: the friendly lizard, smiling, came closer to me, and with his two front paws he performed the namaste gesture, as if bowing to me, and I greeted him, very happy, and he then went away, and I never saw him anymore. Some Jains told me it’s because of the ‘clouds of ego’ are absent in me, they feel it and want to come closer to me. I don’t know… But I’ll never forget these fellows visiting me. I’m a vegetarian and animal protector from the age of 5 to 6, I’m considered the ET of the family – everybody catholic, carnivorous, and then, suddenly, a kid rise, a kid who spontaneously gives up those things, become a veggie and protector of those and starts his search for God, enlightenment, Kingdom of Heaven or whatever it was. I thank my parents and brother for the support, without their efforts it would be incomparably harder.

  427. 427
    Amit Jhamb Says:

    Hi anmol,

    I am regular visitor of your website. I started zazen meditation around two months back. from last 15-20 days i find pressure at my ajana chakra durig diffrent hours of day. generally in the afternoon. when i meditate i feel total flow of energy in my whole body. i do meditate for 40-45 mins. but i dont feel like to open my eyes even after that. it gives me imense pleasure. normally every time i feel little shivering or flow of energy in my whole body. even while driving i have pressure in the centre of forehead. my head feels like as it is rotating and all the hairs are standing straight and there is some energy around it. it feels good to me. but i am bit confused what it is or it is good or bad?

  428. 428
    Atri Says:

    Thanks Anmol,

    A very nice page and a lot of thoughts.

    Anmol, do you also have a list of living gurus for Kundalini awakening :-)

    Books that I am reading:
    1) Yoga and Kriya: A Systematic Course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

    Books that I have read:
    1) Kundalini Tantra: 1 by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

  429. 429
    Amit Jhamb Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    How do we come to know that how many chakras are activated. Symptoms of all chakras activation?

  430. 430
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    These symptoms are consistent with spiritual evolution. Just remain a witness to them, enjoy the experience and keep going…


  431. 431
    Awakening of Kundalini | 4 Powerful Meditations Says:

    [...] If you feel you are going through a kundalni awakening, you might wish to read the following article and the many comments from others experiencing the same:  Kundalini Awakening Symptoms. [...]

  432. 432
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    The following link on How to Analyze and Heal Your Chakras will help;


    All the best,

  433. 433
    Mister P Says:

    Hi anmol, how are you doing? I posted a message some time ago. I write again to tell you I’m doing really great with my energy.

    I also post this to make some questions to you and everyone else who might know.. First: I have the problem that in the right side of my head, I feel something like a little sharp pain or a stab pain. I feel these helps me to correct bad things inside me, but I don’t know how to stop it or pause it, it’s working all the time and some times my head hurts. I don’t know if it is normal. I believe it is the Mayordomo (steward – higer emotional center) that is mentioned in gurdjieff’s books, would it be posible?. Second: in the book “Tales from belzebu to his grandson”, gurdjieff says that organ “Kunda-buffer” is not something good, and says that its name change later to “Kundalini”. Can you post something about it? Last One: Could you please post the name of the book in which it’s mention gurdjieff’s kundalini awakening ?, I would like to read about his experience and that “baby” position.

    Thank you very much for your help, and greetings to everyone.

  434. 434
    Indrek Says:

    I haven´t practiced yoga intentionally but im looking up how to awaken the kundalini and am interested about it.

    done some research about it and read that some have a better connection with the topic than the others..

    and some “symptoms” are a match.

    for example the strong pain in lower back or in the head that the doctors can not explain.. its rare for me to feel that.. but its not from training or cold or working too hard etc.. its different.
    the rising sensation etc.
    the unusually strong loving sensation towards someone.
    or seeing something in the mind that you shouldnt.. a number or an object perhaps.. which is somehow something that someone is thinking about .. or asking a question and thinking on the answer…

    anyways.. interested to know more about it.

    so .. how to awaken =)

    im not looking for a class.. just a guide howto awaken it on my own.. i´ve read its not hard.. so i know i can manage it with good guidelines =)



  435. 435
    Fuzail Says:

    Dear Guro ji

    I started some of exercise from your site few days ago. I perform sodharshan chakra kriya, breath of fire, anuloma viloma paranyama every day. I also do meditation alongwith these exercises. On the sixth day I felt a heat in my back. In the next day I feel heat and energy rising from the base of spinal chord and reached to the shoulder hieght. Now I feel this energy every time I concentrate on my back. Is this Kundalini. What should I do next.

  436. 436
    Pawan Says:

    Hi all,
    I found this site while browsing the internet-some truly amazing experiences on here!
    I’d like to share something quite embarrassing, something that has been terrifying and causing much discomfort.
    For the past year I have done swami ramdevs pranayam. I have done kapalbhati and anulomvilom for about 10-15 min each everyday. I found that they gave me much energy and helped me with knee, shoulder and neck pain which I have had for about seven years. I stopped these practices in June, but I started them up again abt a few days ago.
    When I was doing this pranayam during the year, I was avoiding masturbation/sex, because I had read masturbation and pranayam together can be quite harmful. While I would do these practices, I would feel a surge of pressure in my genital regions and it was almost pleasurable, and I found that this would last throughout the day. This was especially true after kapalbhati. The reason I mention this is because when I started up again a week ago, of course, the same sensation came to me. Unfortunately, and this is embarrassing-I spend a significant amount of time watching pornography that day and I masturbated once as well. Since that day,(about a few days ago), I have noticed that the joint pains which Ive always had, have increased significantly, I feel EXHAUSTED, and I have a cramping sensation right below my navel.
    I read somewhere that masturbation after yoga can permanently waste energy permanently–did I build up some energy and waste it? I am absolutely terrified and I feel about 20 years older than I am.
    Is there anything I can do to correct this? Will it fix itself over time?
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks very much

  437. 437
    wow! Says:

    I’d like to share my experience and I’d like to hear if anyone is experiencing something similar. It all started when I was 18. I was smoking cannabis and I had an experience which was an awakening. A voice from deep within told me my life purpose and I was transferred into a blissful state which lasted months before slowly subsiding.

    Over the following years the power of that experience stayed with me but the bliss didn’t. I fell into a depression and it has took me a decade to recover from this, which I did by changing my lifestyle step by step to a healthier way of life. I am now 34 and live a much healthier life than i did as a teenager.

    6 months ago I decided to re-try meditation which I had previously tried several years ago. To my amazement my body began automatically rotating when i sat to practice my meditation. This movement felt ‘right’ even though it didn’t feel like I was the one making the movements happen. After about a month of upper body rotations and swaying, the movements then focused on my head and neck and for a further month when I stood or sat still my body would automatically stretch and work the muscles of that area. This progressed to shoulder stretches, lower back stretching and basically every area of my body. Occasionally I would go into tai chi style movements and yoga asanas. One position resulted in very strong electrical type nerve feeling running up my spine, this would shake my whole body quite violently, it was an uncofertable and quite scary experience. Over the last month, my hands have been automatically resting over my chakras in various orders and frequency and it seems my chakras have been getting balanced and cleared. This is ongoing at the moment.
    Luckily these movements only happen when I stay still therefore I can go about life as normal and allow an hour or two of this activity each day.

    I’d like to know if anyone has had the same thing? I seem to be systematically being cleansed by a force which I assume is Kundalini (after much google searching). I’m not sure what steps I can expect next or how long this will last and I’d like to hear from anyone who has been through this process.

    I have to say the effects of this on my life have been entirely positive so far, physically I feel much better than I have for a long time. I’ve had serious back pain which seems to have been healed significantly. I feel more confident than I have done in years, my outlook seems to be very positive and I now enjoy social situations that I used to fear. This is an amazing thing which is happening to me, the hardest thing is to keep this secret from the mainstream, who wouldn’t understand.

    I think my experience at 18 and the movements are linked, and my ‘depression’ may well have been due to an accidental awakening and the fallout of dealing with this in the following years but I’d like to hear others views on this please.

    many thanks for reading!

  438. 438
    Tanu Says:

    Hi Anmol,

    I wrote my experience earlier this year in september and kept checking this page for the response. I am posting the same experience again as i am still in need of an answer.
    I am 28 years old, experiencing strange things since i was in 10th standard.And all this happens only when i am asleep. I have gone through all the articles published by various people here but some have written about there experience while being awake or doing meditation so i am confused if whatever i experience has something to do with Kundalini awakening or not. To list a few things i things i experience, whenever i am in deep sleep i feel vibration in my entire body and my body becomes stiff or in other words paralysis as i try to move my hand but i am unable to and if i try i feel immense pain. i feel so scared that i start chanting gayatri mantra at that time. At times whenever this happens i feel i am flying not very high but just a little above my bed where i am lying and then slowly back. i get scared as if my soul is out or some other foreign body is trying to enter my body and take possession of me. since i am scared i don’t open my eyes to while feeling this vibration and out of body experience, but at times when i have i at times see a coil as if lot of hair entangled together. The next thing that i experience is that when i am awake and lying down, watching television, as if something crawling on my leg and specially left foot and leg, The way heart beats, i feel something similar, a beating feeling below my foot, on my leg, hands, few parts of my body. i don’t know what exactly is happening and this has been happening since i was a teenager. Its really disturbing me and my family life as i recently got married and i am not able to have a healthy sexual life because of the fear that there is some other entity keeping an eye on me and surrounds me where ever i go. Are these symptoms related to kundalini, if yes how do i stop them from happening.

    Please throw some light if anyone can tell me what am i experiencing.

  439. 439
    Benjamin Says:

    Hii there, I just had a reiki treatment and feltpressure on the middle of my forehead, it felt like a balloon, it wasnot painful, but as this happened I saw a beautiful white smoke almost ghostly coming out of my hands, what does it mean for me now that I have had this experience

  440. 440
    Incredible Kundalini Shakti Experiences and Advise Says:

    [...] One of the most popular articles on this blog is the Kundalini Awakening Symptoms article, where you will find hundreds of amazing stories from others who are experiencing some form of Kundalini Shakti (Energy).  These stories are really mind blowing and many of them give glimpses and deep insights into the secrets of how the Universe work.  In fact, these accounts of Kundalini Shakti are probably sufficient to write a whole book on the subject. [...]

  441. 441
    Kundalini Shakti Help and Advise Says:

    [...] One of the most popular articles on this blog is the Kundalini Awakening Symptoms article, where you will find hundreds of amazing stories from others who are experiencing some form of Kundalini Shakti (Energy).  These stories are really mind blowing and many of them give glimpses and deep insights into the secrets of how the Universe work.  In fact, these accounts of Kundalini Shakti are probably sufficient to write a whole book on the subject. [...]

  442. 442
    Megan Says:

    I’m not sure if it is the experience you describe, but I do Zen Kyo Shin Taijutsu (martial arts) every week for a few hours, and I have symptoms listed above, such as tingling feeling and sudden bursts of energy, along with a pressure feeling in my forehead.

    Again, I’m not sure if it’s linked with ‘Kundalini’, but I thought I’d share it on here. =)

    Thanks for posting about this, it helps alot.

  443. 443
    anjana Says:

    HeY AnMoL,

    CaN yOu plEaSe teLL me a reMedY fOr bALAncinG mY hEaRt chAkRa. I am dOinG prAnaYam & suRya NamAskAr and MediTatiOn.

    ThanK yOu,

  444. 444
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    Start a regular meditation practice, treat the experience like an invitation.


  445. 445
    Nara Says:

    Hi Anmol
    I mostly get this category: “This one is a bit scary. Complete paralysis of the body. Complete immobility and rigidity takes place. As with the all consuming vibratory energy, it requires some courage to allow.” I emerge from the usually 2 hour experience feeling very drowsy like i have been heavily drugged. i cannot resist these episodes. its taken courage because I feel like someone is usurping my will and inducing an intense anaesthetic. i read in Yogananda’s autobio that the life force is being removed -it certainly feels like that. most times i have waves of bliss for a few mins at some point in the 2 hours. my mind is totally alert but i cannot hold onto thoughts, they disappear. after the experiences i am very calm, tranquil, and the world looks new and wonderful. i do however have to break through a fear barrier when the episodes begin. i have viewed these as samadhis till i read your blog. maybe its just semantics. what i really want to know is what the purpose is behind inducing this ‘”drugged”state. i must add that initially i went totally stiff but after several episodes there is much less rigidity but the drugged feeling renders me unable to move at all. all sensory input is amplified. i have deep faith in the purpose of the episodes because i am under the protection of a most powerful guru. please can you or any other contributors comment. many thanks.

  446. 446
    satyadev Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    It is quite interesting to read some of the experiences.I would like to share experiences. I was in the practice of Mantra japa meditation and I was feeling tingling at Ajna Chakra for some years.
    Later, some years. the vibration extended to Sahasrara for some years.
    This continued for few years.
    After a gap of few years, there was a rising indication from Muladhara to Ajna and to sahasrara during my Gayatri japam and it continued when ever I attempted any japa or meditation or when ever I go some temples or holy persons.I was enjoying this for quite long time. May be I am not aware that is Kundalini rising.One Holy person told me, with a just look or stare at me about this.
    Really it is the blessing of my gurus .

  447. 447
    lovedidea Says:

    I would like to know if this is a Kundalini awakening. when meditating I started to feel that strong energy coloured violet start entering by the crown chakra and it was very warm. slowly but steadily coming inside me through neck, heart going lower all the time. My ears were having some sort of spasms and my whole body was getting really hot and feeling like I was going to have an orgasm. The warm energy went right down to my genitals and felt afterward very relax. My whole body was somehow following some kind of heartbeat. it was really orgasmic. Could it be a Kundalini awakening? Thanks

  448. 448
    lovedidea Says:

    I would like to know if this is a Kundalini awakening. when meditating I started to feel that strong energy coloured violet start entering by the crown chakra and it was very warm. slowly but steadily coming inside me through neck, heart going lower all the time. My ears were having some sort of spasms and my whole body was getting really hot and feeling like I was going to have an orgasm. The warm energy went right down to my genitals and felt afterward very relax. My whole body was somehow following some kind of heartbeat. it was really orgasmic. Thanks

  449. 449
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    Yes, such reports and experiences are very consistent with Kundalini Events. Keep meditating and stay healthy and fit.

    All the best,

  450. 450
    TK80 Says:

    Hi. I wanted to write because I have been having some very strange things happening to me. I have looked up on the internet and found that I match quite a bit of these symptoms here. Which I don’t understand. I am new to mediation and from the very first time I meditated, I had that vibratory feeling in my body. I also get a funny little feeling as though there is something over my head just slightly sitting on top of it maybe. Like it is static or energy.
    This was fine. No big deal right? The next time I meditated I felt a funny pressure in the center of my head right where the third eye would be. I remember thinking oh maybe my third eye is opening. Ok thats fine.
    Then i had not meditated for awhile. Like I said I am very new to it and have not made it a routine yet. But now lately I been getting this tingling feeling on the sides of my head more frequently. I been getting that pressure feeling in my forehead at random times. I am not even meditating and it will happen to me. The pressure in my forehead almost feels as if something is going to explode. It really freaks me out. I find that I start to rub that area and pressing on it as it can be overwhelming.
    I don’t understand how I activated this kundalini when #1 I don’t even know what it is. I started meditating for relaxation and to calm myself and now I am learning that I activated some sort of advanced meditation practice? How did I do this? Is this going to harm me?
    I was worried I had a tumor or something. But I visited the doctor and I am fine and healthy.
    The other stuff I do not mind. The vibratory feeling scared me at first. I felt like my spirit or consciousness could leave my body with the way it shook me. But I am getting use to it. I realize I have felt it before. In dreams I sometimes get woken up because of the vibrating feeling. Very odd.
    Well I would love any advice and answers because all this does unnerve me.

    Thank you

  451. 451
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    This will guide you;

    Heart Chakra Balancing Set


  452. 452
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    Start with our Free On-Line Classes.

    All the best,

  453. 453
    Whitelight Says:

    Hi, I was at a tetha healing course in nov 2007 and in the first meditation i got this pure bright white light so extremely intense that it`s hard to explain. Later in meditations this weekend i experiensed a huge heart opening, in meditation i got into some kind of deep awareness, the only way i can explain this is in the black night when you stare at the stars, these stars came towards me, close with healing energy, maybe angels?

    The following days, weeks, months, years i`ve had numerous different psykick experienses, i started to see different things with my suddenly developed psykick senses, but first a battel within witch i felt was between the good and bad parts of me… wisits in the night,wisits in meditation, suddenly healing by angels, what i felt was opening of new chacras in my body, out of body experienses, my spirit guide took me out of my body to meet with higher spiritual masters, you can say i balansed on the edge of what i could take not going crasy…Today i can feel when people think about me, somtimes i pick up the phone seconds before the sms messages come, knowing who sendt it! I also often feel peoples paine and sorrow… And some other things i wont tell here. It`s wery exciting :)
    After this opening i 2007 it`s like i have been working on each chakra from crown and downwards getting an initsiation and a gift when the test of each chakra is passed, can you tell me if this is normal?

    Finding this site today gave me many answers, thanks.

  454. 454
    Miriana Says:

    Here is my experience in awakenin of kundalini,

    13 years ago, right after I got initiated in Reiki
    I started meditating every single day although, I practised
    meditation for 7 years prior to that but not regularly.
    After the initiation I truly devoted myself and kept meditating
    one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.
    About a few days into it, I started first feeling a cool, gentle air on my forehead
    every time during meditation.
    A tingling sensations through different parts of my body followed and with the time
    it increased enormously throughout my entire body.
    As soon as I would close my eyes and start relaxing, the cool air on my forehead along with the sensations
    trough my body would take place.
    Then after two weeks or so I started feeling a waves of energy moving in my belly.
    Day by day those waves became so huge that I thought I was going to explode.
    And that’s when I got scared thinking that something was getting wrong.
    I called the master that initiated me in Reiki and told her what I was experiencing
    during my meditation. I advised her that the sensation of energy filling my belly was tremendous,
    and if she could explain to me what this was all about for I was getting scared.
    This is what she told me, “Don’t play with that energy because it could be dangerous”

    I heard what she said, but I didn’t follow her advice.
    I continued meditating and experiencing the same thing for another week or so,
    when at one point, and all of a sadden this tremendous wave of energy rushed upward
    through my throat and head bursting into a light that lasted not more than a moment.
    I felt that in this very moment both my throat and my head took on size of an enormous tunnel.
    The whole experience was out of this world, and I never experienced the something again.

  455. 455
    Kumudesh Says:

    i got a very rare feeling ..after i am done with my meditation …immediately after some time my instinct tells me to masturbate .and that particular moment i am not able to stop it ..i feel two voices inside me ..one who is forcing me to do that..and other which is stopping me to do that…do u thing masturbation during kundalini practice may be harmful

  456. 456
    Tanu Says:

    Hi Trupti,

    I have left my post twice in a hope that either Anmol, or you would get back with a reply.

    Please read my post and let me know if they are symptoms related to kundalini. if not then i might find out some help for myself.


  457. 457
    Aldous Paa Says:

    I have experienced this churning sensation as well. In both my left and right legs. At first I did not know what it was, maybe some kind of spasms but they did not hurt, they were actually weird, like my leg had a mind of its own. Or perhaps it was stored energy finding a way to release itself. What was stranger was that this was not the first time I’ve seen this kind of thing happen. My first encounter with this was from my mom. When I was a kid I would sit in her lap, and at one time her legs started vibrate as if there was a ripple of energy flowing through her, she was not moving her legs to make the vibrations, this would be apparent due to large muscle movements in a particular. For her it was definitely different, as if the muscle was moving itself. I asked her what it was, and she said she didn’t know.
    Only now do I experience what it was like; happening to my own body.

    I can also recount 3 very vivid episodes of what I can call high state of consciousness. One was when I was 6 years old (I can still remember the dream in every detail, and the feelings and emotions attached to it). The second one was when I was in my teen years. The third was just recently. Is it possible that these were episodes of kundalini arousal? I’ve read the symptoms of premature kundalini awakening, and I show strikingly similar symptoms. Involuntary movements, stick back, mood swings, depression (I get very depressed), as well as times when my energy level is just really high. I also get vivid dreams and at times become really tired and space out even though I’ve rested sufficiently the night before. I have bowel problems, and sometimes pressure builds up in my head. I have trouble expressing my true emotions to others and I bottle them up inside most of the time thinking positively.

    I’ve only recently started breathing exercises about 1 year ago and the result was this churning of my leg. Is it possible I’ve awakened my kundalini. If so, then is there any way I can cure these symptoms.

    Thanks Anmol.

  458. 458
    Ashutosh Says:

    Few days back I had a dream in which a person tells the word Kundalini to me and runs away. Before this dream I’ve only heard the word Kundalini but didn’t know anything about it, nor I’ve had any discussion about it before.

    I have had lots of psychic experiences before. I usually see precognitive and very vivid dreams. Sometimes I also know that I am in a dream and have partial control over my actions in that dream. Not full. Could anyone please tell me how should I interpret this.

  459. 459
    Prakash Says:


    I am really not sure if this would really be Kundalini or just an asumption that my Kundalini is awaken or something else.
    I always feel a cloud of Hot air that getting collected in my mouth everytime when i mediate and onces it accumulates that entire air becomes cold and passes to my Brain .

    Whenever i am sleeping i feel like lot of Energy getting collected near my Stomach and that energy passes to my by entire body and makes my entire Body vibrate or shaking a lot.
    I just like to stay alone and without any reason my body gets really hot and suddenly i get fever and the next minute i am Normal again
    I also feel that i started having some time of mystic power of selecting the right answers to question although i really don’t know the answers to them.
    I am not sure if this would just be my assumption that this would be koz of awaken or something else
    If sometime in this Blog would suggest me or give me guidances.
    I would really appreciate that

  460. 460
    Trupti Mehta Says:


    The following will help;

    Kundalini Awakening Help and Advise artice….

    All the best,

  461. 461
    Liz Says:

    Dear Anmol,

    Thank you for this wonderful site. I had an experience of a full, and unexpected Kundalini awakening last week. I only found out what it was after the fact.

    I was at an amazing concert, and had had a puff of marijuana (I usually don’t do any drugs, so I have no tolerance of it). I have been doing a lot of yoga recently, as I was aware of a few blocked chakras (diaphragm and throat especially) and was trying to unblock these chakras as a way to release some long held, deep grief.

    At the concert, I thought I was dying. Then I thought I was losing my mind. Then I knew I had lost my mind. And I was like, well, ok, I have lost my mind, and I am just going to embrace this experience (i have a mantra: welcome every feeling that comes– and it served me so well in this circumstance) . Then something started happening in both my body and my mind. In my body, something started to move up from deep within me. It moved up, and stayed for quite a while at my mid back, where I have a serious spinal curve. The energy just hung out there for a while, trapped. Then it worked its way up through my face, and was expelled… it was intense… I was sobbing though I wasn’t making any noise or shedding any tears.

    Soon after, I started having the paralysis that you described. My body just felt the need to get in these strange positions and hold them perfectly– i didn’t move at all, my eyes didn’t move, i was aware that this was strange and thought the people near me probably thought i was trying to be a statue. there were many of these poses (perhaps 3 or 4) and each lasted several minutes.

    While (or just before) all of these physical changes were occurring, I became a part of something bigger… I looked back on my ego/id/self and saw it as something so limited and limiting, so arbitary, so constructed by the expectations of others. I was a part of something infinite and the ego/id had limited my connection to that.

    After these physical and spiritual transitions, I began dancing, though I wasn’t dancing myself. Something else was moving the energy than went from the base of the spine to my mid-back (also where my spire curves). My spine was just being moved, something was moving it, swaying to the rhythm.

    During all of this I was sitting in a chair. When I stood up, I felt radiant light cursing though my spine, but I needed to tilt my head to the right so it could get out of the way. So I moved my head and the light went out of a break between my neck vertebrae (note I had recently hurt my neck during camel pose in yoga). I just let myself be paralyzed for a bit so this energy could move through me.

    Then I could see so much energy from the musician playing, as though God was playing through him. He radiated so much energy that it was painful to me.

    I just wanted to share my experience here. I do have a question. Is this something that will only happen once in a lifetime, once it is released, that is it? or does the energy come back inside of us, needing to be released again? what is this energy? why does it arise? what is the relationship to this energy and god, why does releasing it enable us to transcend?

    fyi: i am still doing yoga, began meditating, not doing any drugs.


  462. 462
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Liz,

    Such experiences are so unique and personal that no one can say if they will reoccur for you or it will be one time only. Generally though once this process is begun and embraced, you will have many such extraordinary experiences again.

    Keep up with you yoga and meditation. God is everything. Transcendence has to do with the ending of the ego and the false (which you glimpsed), the energy summoned or released is all related to that.


  463. 463
    Hari Says:

    Anmol —

    I feel energy traveling up the spine, sensation on the forehead and the area around my eyes, light headaches, humming/vibration in the inner ear (a version of om, I guess) when everything is quiet. Also, I feel sounds from the outside vibrate with the energy along my spine. This happened probably because I started meditating a few months ago. My question is: Why are these energies important? What purpose do they serve? My mind is calmer because of meditation — I am thankful for that, but beyond that I didn’t ask for any of these energies and vibrations. How safe is it to continue this way?

  464. 464
    Mariposa Says:

    Thank you for the article, it’s very interesting and all the personal experiences here are just unbelievable..

    I’ve had an experience once when listening to an audio that helps awake the kundalini, a couple times before I was feeling like I was shrinking and my counscious is in the centre of my chest right next to my eart and above the stomach.. when I think of my brain and head, it is something above.. another time after having that very same feeling many times I was spinning like a storm around myself clockwise and it lasted so long but I can’t tell how much time exactly as I lose sense of time, it was so amazing I’d swear that I was floating and spinning in the air so fastly..
    Another few experiences I had was a strange heat rising from the centre of my forehead especially when I awoke in the morning, like a pulse it gets heater than colder and so on and it lasts for like 5 minutes..

    I have no idea if that’s related to the energy of kndalini but I think it is something very special and unique and it happens to me after meditation but the heat from my forehead is kind of random.

    I’d like to know if someone have had the same experiences before.

  465. 465
    Ananda Says:

    Hi Anmol,

    I have been having these experiences – not sure if it is Kundalini awakening but thought it might be worth sharing here and hear your thoughts.

    * tingling sensation in third eye
    * towards the end of the meditation, there is pull backwards as if to fall behind. If I gently allow myself, I feel very light and sway like a blade of grass in the wind.
    * tiny little specks of golden orange light filling up inside the head, around the eyes/third eye region.
    * during Shavasana, i visualize ice cold water entering my third eye and passing through each chakra till muladhara – I was able to visualize each chakra as a ball made up of many tiny little golden specks.
    * a little bit of nerve stressed feeling in the forehead above the eyes, sometimes including the third eye and sometimes not.
    * I heard wind chimes and some bells very faintly. I read in Swami Vivekananda’s texts that this is one of the symptom.
    * I often hear very low rumble, like a deep faint thunder – I cannot say for sure if I’m imagining it or not because of the airport being few miles from my house. I tried closing my ears and even though the sound would disappear, the vibration will still be present.

  466. 466
    Tanu Says:

    I am 28 years old, experiencing strange things since i was in 10th standard.And all this happens only when i am asleep. I have gone through all the articles published by various people here but some have written about there experience while being awake or doing meditation so i am confused if whatever i experience has something to do with Kundalini awakening or not. To list a few things i things i experience, whenever i am in deep sleep i feel vibration in my entire body and my body becomes stiff or in other words paralysis as i try to move my hand but i am unable to and if i try i feel immense pain. i feel so scared that i start chanting gayatri mantra at that time. At times whenever this happens i feel i am flying not very high but just a little above my bed where i am lying and then slowly back. i get scared as if my soul is out or some other foreign body is trying to enter my body and take possession of me. since i am scared i don’t open my eyes to while feeling this vibration and out of body experience, but at times when i have i at times see a coil as if lot of hair entangled together. The next thing that i experience is that when i am awake and lying down, watching television, as if something crawling on my leg and specially left foot and leg, The way heart beats, i feel something similar, a beating feeling below my foot, on my leg, hands, few parts of my body. i don’t know what exactly is happening and this has been happening since i was a teenager. Its really disturbing me and my family life as i recently got married and i am not able to have a healthy sexual life because of the fear that there is some other entity keeping an eye on me and surrounds me where ever i go. Are these symptoms related to kundalini, if yes how do i stop them from happening.


  467. 467
    Suraj Says:

    Hi, Anmol
    I posted my question earlier but didn’t get a proper response. I said that I usually can voluntarily create goosebumps on my body. This is accompanied by something flow up my spine and reaching my brain. From years i have been trying to understand it but in vain. I did practice yoga but only mild breathing exercises and some asans. But never practiced kundalini yoga. I am 21 years old. Please provide me with an answer if you do have one.

    Sincererly awaiting for your response,


  468. 468
    Don Winslow Says:

    I started experiencing a spontaneous Kundalini awakening in Novembe of 2010. Initially, I was terrified, particularly by feeling crawling sensations on my legs and feet. When I found myself alone one weekend at home, I was up all night, while my body was spontaneously moving around in what I later found out to be kriyas. I was convinced it was a haunting for a couple of months. On Thanksgiving, I was so scared that I went searching for a priest who does exorcisms, although I’m not Catholic.

    That same night, I got tremendous surges of vibrating sensations in my lower spine. I’d get what felt like hot flashes in my left leg, and that was often accompanied by a pain in my left foot.

    I was experiencing panic attacks constantly, and I got to the point that I was sleeping with the light on. My wife didn’t know how to help me, as she couldn’t possibly understand what I was feeling. Eventually, I started getting extreme vibrations in my chest and back, and tingling and crawling sensations along my face and in between my eyebrows soon followed.

    I was getting headaches at the base of my skull, and what felt like electricity crackling and dripping like lava on the top of my head. Sometimes, it would feel as if someone was pressing down on my skull with their thumb. One night, I woke up to feel like I was starting to levitate, but it was only around my private area, so that scared the crap out of me. In retrospect, I know now that I just woke up as I was about to travel out of my body.

    In November and most of December, I was also getting many spontaneous orgasms in the middle of the night. I started researching sexual attacks from spirits, and that only served to terrify me even more. I would finally fall asleep, only to have it happen again and again. I felt so alone, and I was starting to have suicidal thoughts. I would have panic attacks just like that, even if I was sitting down in my own living room with my family. I often would go into my room, so my kids wouldn’t see me panicking.

    Eventually, I had an out-of-body experience while I was wide awake at around 3:30 in the morning. I was so terrified just before I went out of my body, and suddenly found myself smiling, as I could clearly see my own body lying in bed. What I found so amazing was that I could clearly see an angel rubbing my forehead, and covering my body with her wings, as if she were comforting me. I feel her around me a lot, and I call her Angelia.

    I felt lighter than air up near the ceiling on the other side of my room. I traveled instantaneously from one room to the next, and just in awe at the most beautiful color in each room. When I returned to my body, I felt just as good as I did when my kids were born. It was pure bliss. I laid there for the next few hours completely at peace. After two months of terror, I really needed that.

    That was when my fears started to drastically lessen. I released my fears to God. Now, I’m still experiencing the crawling sensations on my face and forehead, the vibrations in my chest and back, some low back pain, along with sharp pains from time to time just under my ribs on my left side, which I believe my body has been purging so many negative energies from my past. Lately, I get occasional pains in my neck that are just the same, so I feel that I must have blockages in my throat chakra. My ears don’t ring nearly as much now, since I’ve been doing chakra meditations. I still experience weird muscle spasms, or sudden jerking movements that will wake me up at times when I’ve dozed off.

    Something amazing happened about two months ago. I started seeing auras around people. At first, I only saw white glows around people. One day, I started seeing many different colors. I practice with my own aura everyday. I used to only see white or green in my aura. Green is still my primary color, but I also see strong blue at times, and I just recently started seeing a ton of purple in my aura, as well. I’ve even started seeing a gold color around my head. My spiritual awareness has been going through a lot of changes. I also see beautiful auras around trees if they’re healthy. I can feel them so much more. I’ve always felt empathy, but it’s different now. It’s much more of a connection with everything.

    I no longer fear any of this at all. In truth, I embrace it, and I am so thankful to be experiencing something so powerful. I look forward to continuing on this journey. I’m not fond of the back aches, but I have faith they’re just temporary. May God bless you always. I’m 41 years old, but I don’t feel that age so much anymore.

    I haven’t started doing Yoga yet, but I will after I finish up with some college classes I’m taking. For now, I’ve been doing chakra meditations every day, as well as some Kundalini meditations. I’ve been impressed with the word “integrate” a few times. I’m not sure what it means, so I just wrote it down in my Kundalini journal. Maybe, it has something to do with integrating science with spirituality. I don’t know. I’ll pray more about it.

    I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or advice. I’m open to keeping in touch with others going through an awakening. If any of you are struggling with the fears of a spontaneous Kundalini awakening, especially if you weren’t prepared (like I wasn’t), just know that you’re not alone. Just release your fears to God, and be thankful that you’re experiencing something spiritual on a grand scale. It did wonders for me.


  469. 469
    Ashley Says:

    Bless you, Don. It’s fantastic that you’ve reached a new level on your journey and are even seeing auras now. I really admire your courage and your persistence. I hope I can be as blessed as you one day and am able to experience an awakening as well. Please continue to keep in touch via this blog or by e-mail or whichever. I’d love to hear what happens next with you.

  470. 470
    LaurenTechla Says:

    I have always meditated and have done my yoga but in the past month I really started to do both more intently. Last night I banged my finger on something hard, and it hurt. But then I felt as though my mind become unusally clear, and I was able to remove my mind from the pain completely. Although I still felt it my mind was processing the pain in a way it never has before, like it was a seperate entity taking it in. The hour or so following I had a sudden increased awareness. Everything around me appeared so much clearer. Then, all of a sudden, I started feeling an intense pressure on my third eye chakra and my vision started going very blurry until I was blinded completely. It actually started really frightening me so I began calling out to my husband but the pressure and temporary blindness continued for about 2 minutes. Like I said, it was a bit frightening and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a temporary vision loss with the third eye pressure before as well?

  471. 471
    Ajay Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    Thanks for this website.
    Here are my experiences from the last week.
    I had sort of panic attic from fear of death due some physical pain one night last week and then below experiences in the following three nights. These symptoms have mostly gone away now but here is the summary.
    I was frightened by the experience from the night before (fear of death). I couldn’t sleep in the night, the burning sensation in the front ball of the left foot increased. Suddenly I started experiencing some movements in the chest (left)/ heart and area and arms, particularly in left side. Tingling and crawling sensations upwards. These sensations got stronger as I wanted to fall sleep but couldn’t fall sleep, these symptoms were making me very uncomfortable. It felt like my body was being overtaken. I kept moving my arms and legs to feel that they were ok and this kept me awake most of night. I also kept changing the body positions to side to side, to avoid these sensations and get some sleep. I thought something is wrong with my body that is causing all this. I was having hot flashes and had to turn down the AC. At one point I heard a chiming/bell sound in my right ear and I raised me head to see where was it coming from, I couldn’t find any source.
    Tingling sensations all over the head area as well, particularly at the top. I didn’t get any sleep and all of the above experienced in night only. Tingling in the head (crown) area continued during the day. Involuntarily twitching and muscle spasms in left thigh during day.

    When I looked up for these symptoms online, I came across your website. I am not sure if it was a Kundalini release for sure? At the time when I was having these I didn’t know if it was Kundalini rising. Any suggestions are much appreciated.


  472. 472
    Nathan King Says:

    I am currently experiencing many of the common and uncommon symptoms. Most of which at the moment is the back pain, which was to my knowledge not affected in any physical way. I also occasionally feel an intense inner heat at times of mentally stimulating moments as well as meditation. Tonight I went to a meditation class after several years of individual study, and I feel the like the kundalini is being dispersed gradually all the time.

    Thank you,
    and everyone else,

  473. 473
    Anima Says:

    I have went through spontanous Kundalini awakening a few years ago after meeting a person online with whom I have a strong spiritual connection with (empathy, telepathy, long-distance touch), though at the time, I had no idea it was Kundalini.

    I have experienced most of the symptoms listed, but the reason why I am posting right now is because I wanted to let you know that I, too, have experienced the churning of arms and legs a few times when my soul communed with that of my “soulmate”. Spasms and intense shaking, but not unpleasant at all! However, it got very voilent and exhausting at one point, and it slowly stopped when my “soulmate” willingly tried to ease up the connection between us. It was like I was being raised to a different vibration my body was not used to, and that, along with other kundalini symptoms, were the side-effects.

    Hope the information is of value to you.

    Thank you for this wonderful article,


  474. 474
    charlie chong Says:

    so other people have had experience of kundalini leaking into other people?? my energy seems to be going into my female neighbours and causing some trouble.. i’ve been having metaphysical experiences since the age of 15(32 now)
    the first time i reached spntaneous cosmic consciousness and felt the light and energy flowing from top to bottom inside me was spring 2008 and lasted for about a month or 2.(very pleasurable tho scary and made me very weepy and emotional) ever since then i noticed vibrating in my bed when i was trying to go to sleep. then in 2010 it happened again also lasting 1 or 2 months.. i had lots and lots of visions during this period(i had a few telepathic moments(that turned out to be true) during the 2008 episode as well)
    i ended up in hospital after the 2010 experience after an extreme kundalini session where my body paralysed and became one with the spirit.the room also darkened nearly to pitch black at this moment and was very scary and my heart went out of control.the next day i panic attacked and feinted at work and nearly had a heart attack.
    since then i can feel peoples energy fields ,have a constant vibrating feel above my groin,self ejaculate,leg spasm (baby curve) pretty much all the time as well as most of the symptoms above. i could go on about this all day..this doesn’t even begin to cover the amount of things that have happened or my sleep paralysis experiences such as letting entities climb inside me and vibrating the most i have ever felt.
    all i can say is dont be scared,be healthy and embrace the love!
    i suppose i’m lucky non of my symptoms contain pain but mostly pleasure (sometimes mild discomfort from the groin and obvious kundalini sleep problems)

  475. 475
    Dadibattini Narayana Says:

    Excellent approach to discuss under one banner. I am a practitioner of Kundalini. There are various experiences in my life. Once I went to the period of Shiridi Saibaba who was making alive a dead infront of me. When I asked him how you did, he explained saying that once you forget your own self, everything is taken care by Him. The moment anyone thinks that he has done, becomes an individual and in that the supreme power doesn’t flow. This is the reason, the great saints always be humble and simple.

  476. 476
    Elle Says:

    So glad, I found this site!!!!!!! I am experiencing the muscle spasms all over, chest pains as though the fibers in my chest muscles are being twisted, then it stops after awhile, I too went to the ER they just looked at me like I was crazy. This along with the realization that I am not the personality I thought I was, that I am not the these things or accomplishments I have accumulated… earth shattering indeed…

  477. 477
    samantha Says:

    I think I am going through this. I had pneumonia pretty bad in February. During that time I saw images when I closed my eyes, nice calming images. I feel like spiders crawling over me. I have found god and know he is with me. I have back pain that feels like water running in there. Most of all I feel love for the world.

  478. 478
    Steph Says:


    My roommate is trying to find enlightenment. Long story short, he is making a documentary about his quest to find the Blue Flower – or, he is on the quest to find ultimate healing. In his journey, he is now living in complete darkness. He is boarded up in his room with no light (trust me) and he’s on his 5th day. He’s starting to feel sick to his stomach and is worried as to why this is.

    He is being fed, and has availability to the bathroom and showers (still in the dark) and he’s drinking plenty of water. I don’t know much about it, but I know that the brain produces DMT or something..

    You can check out his website here: http://www.ablueflower.com



  479. 479
    Beelu Says:

    I don’t know if what I experienced is Kundalini energy moving, but fromt he descriptions here, it sounds like it might be. I am an absolute newbie when it comes to meditation. Two weeks ago I attended a meditation meeting with a guru from India. There was a lot of chanting, my whole body fizzed, and meditation was very easy. A few days later I sat with a meditation group where again we chanted and meditated (Not for very long, I have not yet figured how to keep my thoughts from breaking it). Yesterday I sat with the group again, and I had rather an unsettling experience.

    After a while I experienced a rather pleasant feeling of having no arms. Then I felt as though I had no legs either, and then no body at all. All that was left of me was a very intense area in my forehead, that was made up of very bright yellow (fiery) light, getting brighter and brighter and more and more intense in feeling. It felt like it was pulling me away from the world entirely, so I pulled myself out of it, and came back to reality. I felt very, very silent, and did not really want to talk or even to move.

    But I now am feeling this great pressure in my forehead, and am having difficulty working, as the pressure builds the more I concentrate. Touching my forehead lightly with my finger seems to help.

    What happened, and what should I do? Is it good or is it bad? Should I stop meditating or should I continue? As I said I am a complete novice at this, and really didn’t think that anything like that would happen to someone as new to meditation as I am.

    Thank you, Beelu

  480. 480
    Molly Says:

    Hi, about a year ago I had a bizarre experience at a party I hosted which I now believe (especially after reading this symptom list) was awakening the Kundalini. Before this experience I had never heard of awakening the Kundalini. For the longest time I described this experience as a kind of orgasm of the mind body and soul as I experienced complete and utter bliss as well as intensely pleasurable almost overwhelming sort of tingling vibrating energies from my lower back up to my head. My spine was elongated and then my head thrown back uncontrollably and then I became paralyzed and could not move, I am not sure for how long probably only about a minute but it felt like an eternity. through out this time I had conjured up an image of a man I used to know, I could see him so clearly, around him was only darkness yet he was lit up. I felt immense spiritual attraction to this man and felt as if I was one with him. All this occurred after having an intense conversation and then making intense lingering eye contact with a person who had apparently worked with me a year or two before, he remembered me but I could not remember him and the whole evening was trying to recall what he looked like back then and what we had talked about at work. I also felt a strong spiritual attraction to this person and felt intensely connected to him that whole night. What happened in the days to follow….It was the worst pain I had ever experienced. Repressed memories that were buried deep in my unconscious about the man I had conjured the image of flooded into consciousness I faced spiritual and psychological trials that I was not equipped to handle, I was completely overwhelmed, I could not eat or sleep for three days and progressed to a full on psychotic break and I had to be hospitalized. Now as I type this I feel a pressure in my third eye I can push the feeling out of my consciousness when I become focused on the typing but when I think of it it is there and if I pause and let my energies shift deep into my mind I feel light vibrating energies in my face and head if I sit for a while and retreat deeper I can almost feel those energies moving up my spine from my lower back. But this is nothing like the that time last year. To this day I am plagued by the memories I recalled that night. I am seeing a psychiatrist and a counselor, but do you have any suggestions as to how to heal from this traumatic awakening? I want to explore this further, become more mentally disciplined and experience this again with out such intense suffering afterwards.

  481. 481
    Lee Says:

    I’ve had a few experiences and always assumed they were untrained Kundalini due to the gradual rising and subsequent explosion of pleasure/ecstacy that overcomes me. I have to add that, I’m not referring to a sexual experience although the rising energy does pass through the sexual organs and the explosion I allude to is a cascading flood of that ecstacy surging round my body and not a delicate euphamism for ejaculation.
    I haven’t had any for a while as I felt that I had left myself open due to the untrained nature of my experiences and actively sought to shut myself down to avoid the risk of drainage or intrusion.
    The first was during a brief Chakrah cleansing exercise I was reading in a book, (the only one I’ve seen that included two diagonally located chakras between the ears and the third eye, thus making 9 rather than the typical 7 chakras) .
    The second shortly after was in bed next to my sleeping partner (and is perhaps the most far fetched, but true nonetheless), without any intent, more just an awareness of the birth of the energy and then nurturing it upwards until an admission of true love caused it to explode. At this point I thought I saw a small alien head hovering above my curtains (the typical grey alien in popular media) and the fear of it caused the sensation to cease almost instantaneously The next was a little weird; it was while practising guitar scales, I began to feel uncomfortable or restless in my feet/calves (apologies but then my penis as well) and, as I persevered with the scales through discomfort the explosion resulted.
    I’ve had a couple of others but the details allude me.
    An attempt to meditate in the GObi Desert (a highly charged dry static area of the desert, resulted in sensations described on this board earlier, an uncomfortable buzzing all over body vibration similar to the violent tingling felt in the lips upon a venomous bite with an accelerated heart rate.

    I’ve never been able to explain these sensations and events as I have never practised Kundalini Yoga or any other yoga regularly, nor am I a very disciplined meditator. I tend to dip in and out of it and my experiences- apart from the first – have never been through an intentional meditation.
    I was hoping to have some sort of answer or possible explanation if anyone has one.

  482. 482
    navina Says:

    hey there, i really do not know if what i’m experiencing is actually kundalini or not.Each time i concentrate and pray,i feel this intense gush of emotions till at times i cry.my palms and feet feels very cold and i would shiver.i would have goosebumps on and off.in a way i feel god’s presence.At times,when i ask questions to him, i get this few answers.are those voices from my instinct,mind or is it really HIM? i really want answers for i wish to bring myself to the right way.i had never been to any meditation classes.i meditate in my own way.what are this in me? is it normal in everyone? im 19 this year and i have so much will to know my athma.Is it normal?

  483. 483
    Julez Says:

    I was taking a reiki class. During the part of the class where the instructor prays over you (or something) and blows on your head (crown chakra?)–I had an experience of a lifetime. I could see a horizon, like you do when you look at the ocean. It was darkish, like dusk. Suddenly, a blinding white light shot across the horizon and I could hear my own voice from deep inside me saying, “OMG is is so light.” For the rest of the meditation period of this reiki class, I saw violet colored geometry. I also saw, as if I were a bird–with one eye, flying through the clouds–with the clouds going by very quickly. I have not had an experience as heavy as this again, but I have had many other experiences.

  484. 484
    S.P Says:

    i think i should start from 10 days ago after 4 months meditation
    ( breath counting )for 20 min daily i just started and after few min i felt and saw with my close eyes such big heavy light start coming from my lower body pass stomach and chest face and head all my body start shake under my face skin movement my eyes some thing move inside them so fast i could not control my body movement ….. i was totally confuse what happening to me ???? …. then i search i came to know more about awaking kundalin energy slow slow wake up make body clean of negativity and toxin for all these years i have in my body . i have head ache, back pain lower part which i could not sleep well of pain then before my had movement from side to side front to back but only for few days now movement so less but pain still there ……. more interesting today is 17 Nov 2011 i had the same ex prince again but this time light same but not much movement only little on my eyes and face .
    my ex princes of meditation :)

  485. 485
    keri Says:

    my own experience with kundalini awakening on a first noticable level was i was lieing down on my bed when suddenly i felt a huge surge of what i can only describe as a electric volt of energy it rushed in through my feet and up through the whole of my body, i had no control over this and stopping this from furthering, as was dragged along with this energy, as the energy continued till it came out the top of my crown i was then catapulted out of my body and was in the middle of what looked like a war zone, i cnt specifically say how long i was out but it felt that i consumed a certain amount of information with this happening, other things i have experienced from my body vibrating, water like trickling down my spine, headaches and severe neck pain (hospitalized for 16days) with no sign of anythink wrong with me on tests and multiple scans, itching, tremendous amounts of energy passing through my body, preasure in the third eye and crown chakras, spontanious o,b,e and increasing messages from spirit ppl on higher vibrations, angels etc……im a spiritual person and do have knowledge now but at the beginning i didnt know what was happening to me, this is just a preportion of what i have had experience over this last 8yrs, i have had spiritual happenings to me since childhood but put them down to experience… i now know why as i continue my path spiritually and physically…. nothink suprises me, i would say always be prepared for the unexpected………….. xxxkerixxx

  486. 486
    J.D. Says:

    I have been involved with conscious spirituality since the early 70′s. I’m also a healing practitioner/instructor working with All-That-Is/Source energy and am medical intuitive for years. Last January, I received a Reconnection Healing and didn’t feel much from it other than relaxed. About 2 weeks later, I started to experience spontaneous sexual arousal with some vibrations, and then it was gone. Having been celibate for years, this was unusual for me.

    The day of the Japanese Earthquake and Fukishama, March 11, I started the most intense vibrations from my feet and then through my body, causing excruciating continual orgasms, no sleep, head squeezing & vibrations, muscle spasms in my feet…I felt like I was plugged into an electrical socket and a lawnmower 24/7 (and it’s still happening now…9 months later). I continued to have memory after memory of severe childhood abuse which I had been processing for 24 years anyways…just way more intense. I didn’t even know what was happening and never thought that I would ever have to go through a Kundalini rising since I had been very diligent in doing inner work and meditation.

    Because I have many healer friends, I was and am given support but it doesn’t help much with the continual symptoms. I see naturopaths, and many different energy and body workers to help me through this.

    I had some slight reprieve after 3 months only for it to shot up after receiving two remote healings from some International healers…one making me so sick that I passed out over the bathtub. Thank God the shower curtains caught me or I would have had a concussion. I sometimes can’t feel my feet or hands in being so numb from the vibrations.

    The vibrations hardly stop now that we are closer to the December eclipses, Pluto transit and 2012 energy. I cry and scream often because I feel like I have PTSD again and sleep deprivation. I work with clients w/ total focus and then continue to vibrate. I pray each day that I don’t go into spontaneous orgasms which are not what I consider pleasurable and end up with almost bladder infections because of the intensity. And I continue to process memory after memory while changing associated beliefs. This expedites the process and sometimes gives me relief.

    The only good points are that I never considered going to a mental hospital. I really know how to help myself. I never use or would take drugs. I will feel my way out of this if my body doesn’t give first. I’m so sensitive that my psychic abilities have increased tremendously and some of my special childhood abilities are returning. A few of the Laws of the Universe, specifically the ones I’m most attuned to, follow and speak to me often which actually intensifies things…good channeling material though. I can see their essences along with different other spiritual beings and elementals.

    And in all honesty, I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone…sorry…this is not ecstasy or in anyway enjoyable to me. I haven’t been able to be very social or teach workshops for 3 months, unable to plan much because of overwhelm. I read what some of you say, and it’s just not my experience. I understand why I am going through this, but it doesn’t make it easier. And so I clear and clear until these earth and universal energies find some balance in me.

  487. 487
    Crystal Says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for this info. It gives me so much insight on what I have been experiencing lately. Shortly before my grandfather passed a few months ago I was wracked with grief knowing his time was running out. As I cried and prayed, I suddenly felt a tingling and coldness in my scar from a large birthmark on my leg which I feel is a deep wound I brought with me from a previous life. I have felt a vibration there off and on ever since.

    Another symptom that you mentioned above that I have felt particularly in the last four weeks is a strange vibration in my ear canal. My hearing is fine, but when I am absorbing certain types of auditory information, it begins to beat. One morning, I awoke & inside my ear hurt intensely for a few days & kept ringing loudly. I was fearful something was wrong with me, but after reading this I think it is just my body’s way of telling me I am awakening & am on the right track in my quest for knowledge and truth :)

    I have never been big on meditating, but last night I had an urge to try it after reading some similar info about Kundalini Awakening. What happened was amazing! First, I saw flashes of hundreds of symbols that look similar to egyptian hieroglyphics embedded on the back of my eyelids. My eyelids and facial muscles began twitching and I felt energy building up inside my mind. Instead of pushing it into my throat and breathing it out – an exercise I usually do to ready my mind before sleep – I let it build up and then felt it flow upward out the top of my head. Suddenly, I “saw” the energy uncurling in the shape of a cobra and when it had straightened completely, the form turned into a woman’s body with arms extended upward toward heaven. Then it transformed into a rainbow. Lightning shot up and down the length of the rainbow and turned it into stairs that resembled a Mayan or Incan temple. On each step was a cluster of fruit. This felt like a truly phenomenal experience to me, a true “vision” and not a forced thought that I conjured. I feel so much love flowing out of me now, just like the rainbow I saw!

  488. 488
    what is reiki Says:

    You actually make it appear so easy with your presentation but I to find this topic to be actually something which I feel I’d by no means understand. It seems too complex and extremely extensive for me. I’m looking ahead to your subsequent submit, I will try to get the hold of it!

  489. 489
    Kim Crandall Says:

    I had a experience I call kundalini rising. I had been reading alot of edgar cayce back in the days befor computers was facinated by his abilities so I read and meditated and read and meditated for hours a day I did have all the experiences you listed plus one overwhelming energy surge. I was sitting in a chair in yoga position and was meditating on Joy finding it in my self and trying to make it bigger and bigger. then it happened. i got a warm sensation in my groin area it came up my legs and up my insides nothing on the outside at all only inside it came all the way up to the top of my head very warm and wonderful feeling but then it got even better the only way to describe it would be to pretend you have a 55 gallon drum of warm water and sombody just pours it out ontop of your head and it flows down over the surface of your body. Outside. It only last maybe a minute but I can remember it like it was yesterday it was 22 years ago. Never did any yoga meditating on Joy. who knew.

  490. 490
    ted Says:

    after my meditation i have been experiencing intense muscle twitching even behind the eyes. i have been having tremors and energy rushes where my body seems to tense up utill they arae gone. the funny thing is i have been able to control if you will in the sense i can make it move to different parts of my body and i can make it come on almost at will. i have been a bit scared when it comes on but now i have gotten use to it for it has been going on for about 2 weeks only happens after my meditation when i try to go to sleep after meditating. if any one can give me answers that would be great how long will it last, will it get worse will it progress to someting better or worse because it has only been getting stronger

  491. 491
    Kim Crandall Says:

    hi ted I also get twitching. mostly while meditating. I noticed it in my wrist where i have arthritis. also where i fell and hurt my are months ago. i have kinda passed it off as repair work in process. Have you ever had any problems with your vision or eyes?

  492. 492
    fefe Says:

    i was trying to find an ans to my questions as to why things are happening to me the way they are since childhood i have been scared of snakes petrified i have a phobia one can say.
    i never really thought much of these things before in my teens i was introduced to a sage ( holy man of sorts ) and i told him my dreams of snakes 3 very distinct dreams over and over reoccurring ….. to which he told me that i had a latent energy that has been trying to come out and that i should tap it … i did nothing about it for another few years … meanwhile my life took a down turn and things were very still i found some strength to hold myself up…and while i was at a sleepover one night i had woken up in the middle of the night to find that i just could not move … this has not only happened at my friends but also in my own bed ….. i could not explain it ..,it was as if some heavy object was kept on my chest and i was completely paralyzed from the waist down .. im often riddled by anxiety attacks and now im sure its kundalini that is jumping out coz when i chant a particular affirmation to raise the energy shortly after that i get giddy spells few months ago when i was regularly doing energy raising i had to stop coz i was riddled by giddy spells for a month … hahha i thouhg tit was vertigo but now im beginning to see that it was not that and in fact it is my kundalini which is playing a prank on me …. dont get me wrong i can control it … after reading the uncommon symptoms .. which i have all of now i know for sure that it is kundalini and that im not going mad .. not sometimes all through out the day its like there are voices in my head and talking all the time … im angry now more than often fierce almost like a wild animal …. sometimes i have to calm myself down its like a volcano just wanting to burst all the time …. i rarely get tired …. when i get migraine like headaches i usually resort to my white milky quartz crystal to absorb my excess energy … i dont like riding the energy pain coz the headache can last till the next day … i cannot bear pain .. i dont like to ….. when i can raise my body temp a little and heal another which i have recently started and been successful i feel a great wow and that to for a person who is a non believer my boyfriend … he does not rely much on all this but i try and explain in a scientific way as far as possible . i just need to tweak a few ends and practice more .. the feeling of heightened self awareness and auroric light display when ur eyes are shut is just out of this world …. its a great feeling to have my kundalini going

  493. 493
    Tore Sydseter Says:

    I got a sudden kundalini wakening. My boddy make me do yogaposture. Inner massage of heart,belly and prostata and, rapid dogbreath that also gives orgasme..All my senses is working together and make pressure in my boddy.Healed my depression and need 4 missing love. When I breath I feel the breath inside. Also rising spine. Symtoms: Headpressure, ear noise,restless legs and feeling of been possess.Movement under skin forhead.This movement I also use in my meditation with my senses. My meditation is breathing, relaxing and trust that my subconscious know.

  494. 494
    shanti Says:

    I’m researching this due to some sort of energy experience and i’m wondering if this might be it. I’m a natural energy sensitive, but these experiences do not involve regular practice of yoga. I am usually physically and energitically aware of my surroundings. This has happened 3 times in the past year and they take hours to calm down-vs your post that mentions’minutes’. There is a built up and then it feels like energy is shooting out of my and feet. I also feel a spiralflow of energy wrapping my body. The last one took 2 days to calm down and left me too open to feel comfortable around anyone. Any thoughts on what this can be?

  495. 495
    Aviela Says:

    I think I am having a Kundalini experience. I’ve always been sensitive and somewhat intuitive, have sensed energy, have had premonitions, clairvoyant dreams, on occassion have felt tingles on the left side of my body and in my palms, and hear ringing/tones in my ear (mostly the left one) etc. but recently something out of the ordinary occurred.
    I had an emotional breakup of a relationship and months later I sensed a presence in my room, like a person was standing behind me, I was awake at the time and I saw a man standing in the room (it was a somewhat fuzzy image) and it was comforting, not frightening. I was also noticing that I was experiencing more tingling in my hands, face, and legs.. and I had a strange dream experience that I (my energy field) was being shaken somehow. I was then awakend from sleep one night while I was completely dreaming about something else…because it felt like someone was having sex with me, I felt it in my energy field, it wasn’t a “sex dream”…and i continued to feel it when I woke up.
    With in a few days of these experiences, I received a phone call from the person I had broken up with. The phone call was somewhat emotional and intense but okay. A short while after the phone call I felt intense energy in the room, like I was standing in it, it wasn’t coming from inside of me and it seemed to fill the room. The energy seemed to be directed towards my private parts and it was hard to fall asleep, but it was not painful, just intense. I thought it was my ex at the time and when I thought about the next day it bothered me. Then a few nights afterward I was completely asleep and I felt the intense energy/pressure in my head as if my skull was being squeezed together, my ears were ringing loudly and I began to wake up because of the intensity and I was telling it to “stop” it was so painful….I noticed that the thoughts in my head became garbled, like when a tape from a tape recorders is damaged….or like when you see a comic/cartoon of someone who is knocked out temporarily and they see stars and start mumbling, only that I was able to observe this happening in my head. I thought maybe my ex was doing something….like concentrating on me or something and trying to get info from me or something…..I don’t know. I felt this before when I was awake a few times and in relation to him, but I was completely asleep this time. He is literally telepathic/clairaudient and has natural abilites to hear peoples thoughts and even to listen to conversations of others at will.
    Now I am feeling the tingling in my back and in the back and top of my head…and also sense my third eye a little more prominently than before, but it’s quite mild so it doesn’t disturb me.
    I don’t meditate and went to the internet after these recent experiences and discovered Kundalini.
    It seems odd that I would have this awakening coincide with this relationship….
    I read that Kundalini has to do with Karma….is it possible that it was trying to clear some Karma that arose because of the relationship?? It doesn’t seem to be problematic anymore…maybe because I told it to stop??? I did pray for an angel to come and help me get over the relationship…but I wasn’t expecting that…and I don’t feel anymore or less spiritual than before….is this simply another way our unconscious mind can manifest itself??? What is the alien connection to kundalini???? lots of people seem to feel that aliens are part of it.
    This is a great site….Nice to read and learn from others experiences.

  496. 496
    Aviela Says:

    just to clarify….I don’t necessarily believe in aliens but I came across this article that may explain things.
    Something to think about –
    intermediate zone
    Also see rest of site for other information and possible explanations for physical/psychological dangers.

  497. 497
    Don Winslow Says:

    When I started to experience what I later found out after intensive soul searching and some online research to be Kundalini symptoms, I was, to put it quite bluntly, terrified. The height of their intensity was in November, October, and December of 2010. I awoke suddenly in the middle of the night to some intensely pleasurable vibrations of a sexual nature, when my wife was sound asleep next to me. Since I knew it wasn’t coming from either of us, I was disturbed, putting it mildly. The next few months were followed by me not being able to sleep without the light on. I felt very strong waves of unseen energy traveling from the soles of my feet toward my head. It was like being in a massage chair. I had nightmares, and I couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched.

    I went through some nights or days when I was home alone with some intense kriyas. That’s what terrified me more than anything at the time. I had no control of what was happening, and I didn’t yet understand why. My felt like it was elongating. I would go through periods of spontaneous stretching. I was also experiencing some painful aches in my left side, just under my ribcage, which my doctor had no medical explanation for, after she put her stethoscope to where the pain was. That physical pain only lasted a few months,
    thankfully. I went through some horrible neck and back pain for those few months, too. At times, I couldn’t even stand up straight.

    Here’s a list of other symptoms I was experiencing at the time:

    1. spontaneous popping sounds coming from my nose
    2. itchy crawly sensations on my left leg, between my eyebrows, cheeks, and my neck.
    3. what felt like tremendous heat around my left leg and foot. I went through an agonizing forklift injury to my left foot in 2003 that was followed by a long bout of depression, over not being able to support my family the way I was used to, so that needed tremendous healing, and it has in more ways than one today. I didn’t lose my foot, but the crushing injury shattered several bones in my heel, severing my ligaments, and liquifying the soft tissues inside my foot. I shouldn’t be able to run on it today, but I can sprint today from home plate to first base. That shouldn’t be possible, considering the severity of the injury.
    4. intense ringing in my ears
    5. spontaneous emotional trauma and anxiety (sudden memories cropping up of past trauma of sex abuse my brother and I endured at a daycare in the early seventies)
    6. tachycardia (rapid heart rate of 100 beats a minute or more)
    7. severe headaches
    8. seeing black blobs of color with my eyes closed that were beyond dark (fears that needed to be released that manifested into dark entities that I could feel and sense)
    9. unexplained twitches unrelated to anything like Parkinson’s disease
    10. being jerked awake at times, almost like my arm was suddenly pulled out of socket
    11. severe lack of sleep
    12. considered checking into a mental hospital, and so glad I didn’t
    13. considered an exorcism
    14. severe lack of concentration, like I couldn’t retain any new information
    15. what felt like electrical sparks around my head and in between my eyebrows
    16. spontaneous orgasms that would go on for hours when I was alone with no stimulation or visual. (reminded me of puberty, without a doubt, although I was now 40)
    17. nocturnal emissions (wet dreams)
    18. spontaneous yoga positions, although I’d never taken yoga (something I also experienced often around the age of 10-15)

    The list goes on, believe me, but these were the most intense. Then, an amazing thing happened at about 3 in the morning. I had been lying in bed terrified, when I was suddenly out of my body up near the ceiling in the corner of my bedroom. I looked down to see an intensely beautiful being rubbing my forehead, comforting me. I saw what I can only describe as her wings, stretched down past my toes. My entire bedroom was lit up in the most amazing blue light I can even imagine. In an instant, I was next to my kids’ room, where the light was a beautiful shade of orange. Then, I was in the living room, gazing down at my daughter as she was bathed by a brilliant white light, where she had fallen asleep. Then, I ended up in the kitchen to see an amazing shade of green throughout that space. Before I knew it, I was back in my body.

    From that moment on, I have been in awe. I released my fears. I truly did experience a “dark night of the soul.” If you’re going through anything like that, and you’re scared, just release your fear. Fill your heart and thoughts with love. Love vibrates at a very high frequency. In the coming months, I started to sleep soundly all night long. I started to see auras with the naked eye, as I do today quite clearly. My aura is the most amazing neon green I can imagine, and lately I’ve been seeing my aura turn more blue, and it’s getting stronger and bigger all the time. I’m in school right now, working on medical assisting classes, and I plan on using that as a stepping stone to move into nursing.

    There is a spiritual awakening going on. I can feel it every moment. Trust your heart. Trust your intuition. Love yourself as you deserve to be loved, so that you can share that with others. Lately, I’ve been able to see brilliant shades of purple, blue, and green with my eyes closed, and especially during and shortly after meditation. I see these with the naked eye just as easily. The universe all around us is teeming with life. I trust in that with every ounce of my intuition. It’s something that I’ve always had a gut feeling about. It’s nice to know it’s true. Namaste and God bless you always! – Don Winslow

  498. 498
    Devyn (female) Says:

    Last night when I laid down with my partner to go to sleep, I experienced something very unusual. It wasn’t sexual in any way, but was more pleasurable than any sexual experience I’ve ever had. We had snuggled up as we do on most nights with my head on his chest and our arms around eachother. I was trying to go to sleep and I started thinking about my surroundings, how it felt to be laying there with him, my breathing pattern, his heart beat, etc. I was taking long, slow, rhythmic breaths and it started to feel like his heart was beating on the top of my head. It felt like I had two hearts, one in my cheast and one right above me. All of the sudden I was hot, like my body was in a fire, bathed in light. It wasn’t painful and I wasn’t sweating, this heat I felt was only on the inside. It kind of reminded me of the way a child in the womb might feel; warm, safe, loved, protected, and the sound of your mothers heart over your head. It was so intensely pleasurable I would have never believed the much joy was possible if I hadn’t experienced it for myself. It was as though Matt and I were forming this energy field of light and love and there was no force in the world strong enough to hurt us or pull us apart. I laid there for around 30min experiencing this sensation before it became to much to handle and I laid flat on my back. I feel asleep wondering what the heck had just happend. The first thing I did was look up what it felt like to have your kundalini rise. I’d heard of it and some of the symptoms of it in earlier years, but have never experienced it till now. It’s nothing to be frightened of, it’s just one of the most beautiful, natural experiences that can occurred in life.

  499. 499
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Don,

    Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with Kundalini with us. It was very insightful and inspiring and will be of help to many.

    I will share it with the broader audience on the blog as well, as I am sure it will be useful for all.

    All Good Wishes,

  500. 500
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Devyn,

    What an interesting and beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing this with us. It tells us a great deal about love and the sublime and profound connections between Shakti, Shiva and Oneness.


  501. 501
    Sufian Chaudhary Says:

    Your article is most certainly well documented and quite interesting to read. The Kundalini Awakening experience is quite extraordinary in the fact that it bursts so much energy through the human matrix, to a point where it deconstructs and then reconstructs the energetic points and minor chakras. This is said to occur as a form of transitioning in order then feel the ethereal world much more sensitively. If you would to read more about my personal Kundalini Awakening please visit Kundalini Awakening

  502. 502
    Signs and Symptoms of The Kundailni Awakening Experience Says:

    [...] MP3 DownloadHow to Make a Baby the Right Way- With Illustrations!Free Online Yoga Videos LaunchedKundalini Awakening SymptomsThe True Purpose of RelationshipsOpening Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra Meditation Technique for Psychic [...]

  503. 503
    Jules Says:

    Thank you very much for this site Anmol. When i first started experiencing the tingling of the head sensations and the ringing in the ears, I was a little frightened because I didn’t know they were kundalini symptoms. It all makes sense now though…the symptoms started about two weeks into my meditation practices.

    In addition, I have been having very vivid sensual dreams every night for the last two weeks. I usually have vivid, colorful dreams every night, but this is the first instance I can recall where I have had such dreams for a long stretch. The dreams leave me with the feeling one has when you fall in love for the first time…quite blissful. I suppose these dreams can be attributed to the kundalini symptoms as well? If so, would you know how long they will last?

    Thanks again for all your hard work again Anmol. Greatly appreciated.

  504. 504
    Don Winslow Says:


    I can relate to your symptoms starting almost immediately after you started meditation. Mine started two days after I started meditating.

  505. 505
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Jules,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

    Kundalini is one of the great mysteries and as the process varies from individual to individual, so it it is hard to say how long it will last. What is true though, is that great states of bliss or incredible love tend not to last more than a few days maximum (usually even less), from all the experiences I have come across – mine and others. This is probably a good thing, as even the body cannot handle so much continuous bliss.

    Trust your heart and listen to your intuition.


  506. 506
    Jules Says:

    Thank you for the reply Don. It helps to know that others were feeling similar sensations early into the practice. I’m so glad to have found this site as the testimonies will help validate my own experiences and allow me to anticipate other symptoms that may manifest.

    Anmol, as to my lucid, sensual dreams, I don’t believe they are the kind of bliss that one experiences as energies are fully awakened…I have only been meditating for about a month, though it has been on a consistent basis of about 2 hours a day. I would not dare presume that I am anywhere near the type of bliss you describe in you testimony. I think the dreams are symptoms of changes that are starting to occur in my body and
    mind. Although the dreams leave me feeling happy and content, I have been both a little frightened and awed by the experience. I know it’s strange to be complaining about pleasurable experiences, but similar dreams every night for two weeks…that has never happened to me before. Such dreams are not
    common for me at all…at most, once every few months or so.

    I also had a dream the other night where i found a piece of paper telling me which career path to take, and now I’m wondering if it was just my subconscience giving me a nudge or if it involved a higher power that was trying to point me in the right direction. Could my meditations have already connected me on some level to a spiritual side? Am I losing my mind? :) So confusing, but I hope to find answers soon…

    Sorry for the long post, but thank you all for sharing your experiences, and encouraging us newbs to carry on. :)

  507. 507
    Ananda Says:

    Hi Anmol,

    I have been practicing SDC and few other pranayamas, I also practice mindfulness meditation. During my meditation, I experience several smells, ranging from good to bad. Yesterday I experienced strong smell of sandalwood with a little touch of rose petals for about half an hour. I hear different opinions – its the awareness burning up subconscious patterns leaving a residue of smell; some say I’m being visited by angels etc. What do you think is happening to me ? How should I deal with it ?

  508. 508
    Jules Says:

    Well the sensual dreams have stopped for me, although vivid dreams still continue for me every night. I had a slight break in my meditation routine because I was away for a few days, which may have halted the sensual dreams…but last night I went back to myusual routine…and the strangest thing happened.

    I woke up suddenly and as I turned in bed, my leg started…kicking I think is the best word. This was no restless leg syndrome, nor were they the kind of small muscle twitches I feel during meditation. It was exactly like Don described…strong and sudden, without warning, like you see with Parkinson’s patients. It happened a few times and I lay there knowing exactly what it was. If I hadn’t read this site or Don’s testimony I would surely have freaked out. I wonder if these involuntary spasms are the side effects of brain waves or chemicals rearranging themselves?

    Wow…is the only word that comes to mind. I am starting to realize how powerful these meditations can be.

  509. 509
    Don Winslow Says:


    I’m so glad that you weren’t freaked out by that sudden jerking motion. I’m thinking that it may have to do with the movement of pranic energy. It’s common to experience Kundalini rising from the lower chakras on up. The sensual dreams are definitely something I can relate to, as well. Are you feeling any strange sensations of heat in the leg that jerked? I suspect that many people who have been diagnosed with RLS are experiencing Kundalini symptoms. The moment I came out of a meditation last year, I couldn’t get the word “integrate” out of my head. I feel that it was referring to an integration of spirituality and science, as well as the integration of the ego and Higher Self.

    It certainly can’t hurt to rule out Parkinson’s, Jules. When my finger started twitching on and off for a few months last year, I immediately thought of Parkinson’s, but considering my symptoms directly coincide with psychic visions, spiritual knowing, dramatic creative and spiritual inspiration for my poetry, direct visual awareness of auras, and so much more, it’s doubtful that Parkinson’s is the cause. I just kicked that thought to the curb.

    Well the sensual dreams have stopped for me, although vivid dreams still continue for me every night. I had a slight break in my meditation routine because I was away for a few days, which may have halted the sensual dreams…but last night I went back to myusual routine…and the strangest thing happened.

    I woke up suddenly and as I turned in bed, my leg started…kicking I think is the best word. This was no restless leg syndrome, nor were they the kind of small muscle twitches I feel during meditation. It was exactly like Don described…strong and sudden, without warning, like you see with Parkinson’s patients. It happened a few times and I lay there knowing exactly what it was. If I hadn’t read this site or Don’s testimony I would surely have freaked out. I wonder if these involuntary spasms are the side effects of brain waves or chemicals rearranging themselves?

    Wow…is the only word that comes to mind. I am starting to realize how powerful these meditations can be.

  510. 510
    Jules Says:

    Thanks for your reply Don. I am ruling out Parkinson’s as well because the kicking sensations have only occurred in my left leg (typical of kundalini symptom), and the pin prick sensations which came suddenly yesterday were also localized to the left calf area. Also, the tingling sensations in the head and small popping sounds have started to intensify for me each time I start my meditation. When I felt the pin pricks, I immediately thought a pin or a splinter had lodged in my pants, so I lifted the seam slowly…only to realize there was nothing….lol.

    I found a great site that appears to describe the biological explanations for why these phenomena occur, as well as offer a myriad of other symptoms that may manifest. In the site, she states that exercise in nature helps to “integrate” and normalize kundalini energy. She uses the term a few times in the site actually. I thought you might find it helpful.


    Ananda, if you are reading this, the same site claims that the scent of roses may be a symptom of an active kundalini.


    I am truly awed and humbled by this experience. And to think I started meditating simply to lower my blood pressure…:)

  511. 511
    Don Winslow Says:


    You’re welcome. I can definitely relate to what you’re experiencing. I experienced the same sensations in only my left leg the strongest from November 2010 to January 2011. Have you experienced any of those “popping sensations” in your neck or nose? That’s been my experience. Have you been experiencing any itchy crawly sensations in between your eyebrows, during or after meditation? I started seeing auras as plain as day just last year. I saw them frequently when I was little, but I didn’t pay attention to them, not knowing what they were.

    I feel the “pin prick” sensations mostly in my big toe on my right foot. That happens from time to time shortly after I meditate, or when I lie down at night. I experience a fluttering of my right ear at times, or I will feel or even see my hair being moved on its own. I always find that comforting now, especially since I only allow high energies and entities near me that vibrate on a high frequency, and are from the light.

    Thanks for the link. That was one of the first links I came across early last year. I visit several links on a regular basis, dealing with spiritual awakenings. If you ever want to chat more about it, I can be reached at donrwinslow@yahoo.com.

  512. 512
    Jules Says:

    Hi Don, thanks again for your reply. To be honest I can’t tell where the popping sounds are coming from exactly. It’s around my head area but I can’t pinpoint it because it comes without a corresponding sensation.

    Yesterday I had a “whoa” moment that scared me a bit. As I started meditating, I suddenly heard the sound of bells. I dismissed it because it was too weird and made no sense. Later that night, I was putting away some of my clothes i realized that I had placed bells around my closet door…years ago that I had forgotten about. The bells were hidden behind a hanging tassel with a plaque that had the image of praying hands. There was nothing around it that could have moved these on their own…and the windows were shut closed. I stood there for a few minutes, wondering what could have made the bells ring, and I just could not come up with a decent explanation.

    I am still a bit skeptical when it comes to these things, but my gut tells me that someone or something shook those bells. Which scares me a little. If you’ve experienced similar things, how did you handle them without having a heart attack? Lol…I am partly joking of course, but seriously would like to prepare myself emotionally in case something more eventful occurs. And how do you know if it’s something good or something bad that is trying to communicate with you? I guess that is my real question…

  513. 513
    Karen Koontz Says:

    This inquiry goes to Jules: Hi Jules. Did you ever get a response regarding the bells? I’ve been having some strange sounds and things like a big bowl dropping in the kitchen when no one was in there, etc. It’s scaring me a little and my questions are EXACTLY the same. . . good or bad and what to do to get only the good/protect one’s self ? Something about the white light but could sure use some help with this one. Thank you, Karen.

  514. 514
    Jules Says:

    Hi Karen,

    In reply to your question, I haven’t received any comments about the bells…but I have been using some visualization techniques to protect myself when I feel a little uncomfortable. I’m sure others have better insight than I in this area, but I close my eyes and imagine a ball of pure white light above my head. I then imagine a ray of light emanating from the ball that slowly covers my body, starting from the head, neck, shoulders, until I am completely engulfed.

    I have always felt safe when I start my meditations this way. I know for a fact that visualization techniques can be quite powerful….although I am not sure if my method is the most effective.

    Hope all works out well for you…:)

  515. 515
    Don Winslow Says:

    To Jules and Karen,

    I also visualize the white light around me, as well as affirming that I am only open to energies and entities that are from the light. I then say that I’m protected by the unconditional love of the Creator. I always do this before any meditation. I then say that no lower, dark energies or entities are allowed in this space. This has worked well for me so far. Hearing the bells can certainly be frightening, but it’s a good sign that your clairaudience (a clearer sense of hearing) is developing. I hope some of this will be useful to you. There truly is a spiritual awakening going on all around us, and it’s helpful to know that so many feel it.

  516. 516
    Karen Koontz Says:

    Dear Jules: Thanks for responding. Have you ever thought that maybe someone you know or knew might be trying to get in touch with you from the other side — like someone who liked bells or you had a connection with bells ringing? Just an afterthought. God Bless you and good luck with your dreams — maybe you found your spiritual guide already! Love and light, Karen. p.s. I, too, am glad we have a great blog to discuss these newfound revelations. Thank you Anmol Mehta, one and all!

  517. 517
    Karen Koontz Says:

    Dear Don: Thank you for your input and I am going to use your same statements before I meditate and whenever I feel the presence around me in my home. I wonder if these are those entities Kathy Rose was talking about these “white light entities”? In any event, I do appreciate your insight and I will use same with your permission. Blessings, Karen.

  518. 518
    k Says:

    I had an unusual kundalini/psychic awaking. I fell deeply in love with a man who was a previous aquantance. We were both married and decided to keep our distance and not persue a relationship. I thought of him very often. One day I realized I could feel him thinking of me too. If I’d recieve an emailfrpm him I would always get a little sensation af him in my right temple. Or I’d feel a wave of energy in my root and other lower chakras. I thought I was ging crazy. Then I realized if we were emailing of texting I could feel him opening my email and then hear his thoughts. To this day I have kept this a secret. We are still friends,I guess, but limit the amount of interaction we have with eachother. I still am unable to gert him off my mind. However, I am now experiencing many other peoples energy surging through my chakras as I email or text with them. One other thing was, with my friend, i believe that we had some sort of sexual energy experience that neither of us have ever talked about. But some nights I would wake up an feel and hear him and we would make love through our thoughts. My Kundalini would rise all he way up. Now when I meditate I feel like I’m about to levitate. Lots of information, sorry. Have you ever heard of something like this happening to anyone?

  519. 519
    August Says:

    It all started with what I think was my third eye opening. I didnt find out before two years later that I did though. The effects of the third eye opening was that I started taking everything I saw and heard incredibly personally, because I could feel the different spectres of energy coming from people I talked to and such. This freaked me the fuck out because I thought I had gone completely bananas. The kundalini though… It came to me while I played guitar, suddenly a white ball of energy came floating in the air, but I did not see it with my eyes, it was somewhere else, like an other dimension, and in that dimension all senses where united, because I could feel the texture of it without touching it, hear it, see it, and when it came close to me I automatically sniffed it in and this blue light flowed through my body with an orgasmic sound and feeling. After it happened I became all like “WOOW GUYS, I JUST EXPERIENCED AN AMAZING THING, IT WAS SO INCREDIBLE!!” They didnt understand of course. What I noticed the next hours what that I could understand feelings in a really profound way, can’t explain it further. I became extremely aware of everything I said and did. And I still am. I have noticed something else. When I laid in bed one night and was kind of depressed, the nose sniffing sensation came and I felt all energized and did’nt care about troble anymore.
    It also has other effects like tingling and sensations all over my body, and I am completly sure that it is emotions rearranging or perfecting (in lack of better words). I have experimented with my self for a long time now. It is hard to explain, but my conscious, unconscious mind, body and spirit feel totaly united and this gives me an incredible control so I can tune everything together to harmony. For example: I want to say something but when I am going to say it I feel that it is not right, and I feel a conflict in my body, I can sense just where it is and its purpose. All of this is incredibly hard to explain, I just hope someone can relate to it.

  520. 520
    Aviela Says:

    Response to k #518….
    I had a similiar psychic type connection with someone who has telepathic abilities. Read #495.
    I have found that I could also feel/hear/sense him
    …. I sometimes felt a presence and heard little sounds…. or a I just
    get a sense that he is around.
    I’m wondering if there is anyway that you can talk to your friend about these things and confirm for yourself what has been happening. My relationship ended in a hard breakup so it’s too difficult for me to get information….. he may or may not be consciously aware of what’s going on…..and it sounds as if these things happen on their own without any conscious intention????
    I too sometimes know when someone is thinking of me or writing me…though i feel it more in my head…
    Kundalini has been active for me recently and I’m still trying to understand it and integrate it.
    I would love to hear more about your experience as I’ve not been able to find anyone that has had these types of experiences…..feel free to write me at aviela@att.net.

  521. 521
    Karen Koontz Says:

    Hi! This is for “K”. Yes, it sounds almost WAY too familiar but I don’t know if the other party has or did feel it at the time. Sometimes I think it’s just “me”. Sad but true. Also, the levitation part sounds like YES, what fun that must be!!! Let me know if you or anyone else actually “does” it! Bye for now and good luck! Sincerely, Karen.

  522. 522
    Aviela Says:

    Hi again,
    In regards to K – I was also thinking that your being so open spiritually and in your heart is making you a “receiver” of energies…..it may also be possible that your strong feelings are “making love” with the other person…and that it’s happening inside of you at such a very deep level that it seems like he is participating….I’m not saying that you are imaging it but that it is coming from you and so you are creating it on some level.. This love may be transforming your consciousness to such a degree that you feel like you will levitate. Yes, please share more.

    My situation was so painful that I have had to detach from the feelings and find ways to ground myself as I would always feel that I was falling from a great height…..or I would suddenly find myself feeling really happy on some deep level and forget about the reality of the situation.
    best wishes :)

  523. 523
    k Says:

    Aviela and Karen-
    Thank you for your responses. It too has been very hard for me to be so in love with someone and not be able to show them or share my feelings. It has given me great pain (but also great joy when I don’t let it get the best of me). I feel like this is what the bible means when they speak of such struggles in life that will bring you closer to god. Through this whole experience I believe I have awoken to something extrodinary that I never intended to seek out. That being said, I still metally go back and forth as to what is really happening to me. I have asked my friend about the situation and have gotten no response. It is hard to verbalize it and not make this person think I have lost my mind. But I do believe he is also feeling these things. The thing is that I know he is a very spiritual person. I believe I have taped into his enery stream (and possibly he into mine) and a transfer has taken place. Everyday I also wonder if I am imaging it or that the feelings are only coming from me. I have several clues to tell me otherwise. One is that when the night time evnts would occur I would be awoken out of a deep sleep to the sensations and hear my friend speaking to me. As if I was being caressed awake. The other clue was that during a month of my friends most important religious holiday the feelings were completely absent. Sometimes I will be in the middle of a project where I am very focused and these intense vibrations will shoot through me. They start in the root chakra and go all the way to the top of my head. Sometimes my chest gets a warm sensation that fills me with love and joy. Also for about 2 months I swore I could feel my friends heart beat right next to mine. I knew when he was excersising and praying and at rest. It’s all so crazy. I have started to so mindful meditation wihich helps you practice being in the now. It has really helped me over come my emations for the situation I find myself in and things have calmed down. But I still can’t get over the revelation I have come to know through all of this.. It’s amazing. During these meditaions I have instantly seen my third eye. I now dream of things that tell me how to solve problems. I have asked my third eye questions and recieved answers that inevitably and eventually come true. All I can say is wow.

  524. 524
    k Says:

    Aviela-I forgot to respond to your first email. I too get the sensation in my head. It usually comes in on the right side directly behind my temple. It’s just a sensation and somehow I know it belongs to my friend. Sort of like I can read his signature. It’s really indiscribable. Often I get this when I am doing something very quitely. Like yoga or driving in the car. I do find that I am more receptive when I am outside. When i get this feeling an email will usually follow. One time I was sitting at my computer concentrating on somethng and a vision flashed infront of me of my friend kissing me. It happened in an instant but it seemed so real and 3 dimensional. Please let me know if this sounds familiar.

    Thanks! Kim

  525. 525
    Aviela Says:

    to k,
    it sounds like you have a beautiful connection…I guess there’s not a way to know if he’s even conscious of the extent of it…..
    I sometimes think many psychic things happen between people without any conscious intention….
    Though my experience is not as beautiful & loving as yours…we are not together because he didn’t want to be in a romantic relationship with me and is now with someone else, but I too was very aware when he was thinking of me and I had some visions which I will never be sure were from him or that came from my own unconscious… I have decided not to keep in contact with him because even though there was a connection he was not sensitive to my feelings….and he certainly was only aware of a connection when he wanted one……but that is another story :)) Like I said,
    I would be more than happy to communicate with you more…..please feel free to write me at aviela@att.net. I have been reading alot about Kundalini & synchronicity as well as psychology and spirituality/religion…I feel that we are all evolving/changing as humans and that we will find that experiences such as these will increase as time goes by.
    all the best to you…..it must be so wonderful to have warm & kind feelings toward someone that has been such a special part of your life. love & light….aviela :)

  526. 526
    dadibattini narayana Says:

    I started listening a beautiful veena (I am dam sure that this is not from this world) at 3.30 am. I used to see saints worshipping Lord which I was amazed to see them.

    I saw a divine light coming from ether and enveloping my forehead. Plants which are growing and were asking me permission to grow.

    Some times I used to stay in the body of Miss Universe who is contesting and used to reach my body after live telecast.

  527. 527
    Rohan Says:

    I mostly practices meditation before sleep at night lying on my bed.
    I keeps meditating in different parts and chakras.Lastly I stops at aagya (third-eye chakra).I gots dissolved in it and I can see the bright white light in closed eyes.But everything is dark on opening the eyes.Sometimes I cannot tolerate the brightness.So I keeps concentrating into cron chakra….Many a times I feels that i had left my body …. In the beginning I used to feel very horrible.Now i had learned to how to return again to body…Can any one please tell me something about this?If this symptom is good then how can I progress further? Please guide me about this.

  528. 528
    Rohan Says:

    I also feels something boosting/flowing or bouncing upside in my spinal.This feeling starts from middle of spine to upside.Sometimes I feels some flow is incoming from fingers and toes.Sometimes I feel very tired and weak while sometime full of energy.Please explain me.

  529. 529
    Traci Says:

    I had an experience last night that I’m not sure what it was. For hours I’ve been searching the web to figure out what happened and I found this website. Last night I was dreaming and suddenly woke up. When I woke up I heard a voice say Traci is up?? What happened after that was amazing and scary at the same time. All the sudden an intense wave of bright light energy surged through my body for what felt like a couple of minutes. While this was happening my body felt paralazed and I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. As this was happening I heard loud rouring noises like a wind storm and it also sounded like a room full of people talking, I mean a lot of people talking as if all the voices were one. When it was all over I couldn’t determine if I was theatened by what had happened or if it was peaceful. I do know that for hours after I was very shook up. Could someone please shed light onto what is happening to me???

  530. 530
    GFganesh Says:

    Most of the above posts describing kundalini indicate alot of fear in response to kundalini energy. The fear of fear is many times stronger than fear itself. That what I hear in the descriptions above. I have been living with activated Kundalini for nearly 20 years. Yes, heat in meridian channels and twitching muscles are common. And sometimes not pleasant episodes of night awakeness but never interpreted like I read in the descriptions above. I am grateful for the activation and resulting enhanced intuition, expansive energy presence and natural transmissions to other people.
    Peace, prosperity and Joy to All

  531. 531
    Christine M Says:

    Hello, I am taking a few deep breathes of releif right now because I have just come across “K” s posts of her expereances. About 6 months ago I started dating a man that I was instantly magnatized to..He lived 5 hours away so only saw eachother twice a month. On the very first date he let me know that when he misses someone he would “visit” them..Well that is exactly what happened.I can say that it was a very special, beautiful time. I also expereanced being touched and caressed inside while we were right next to eachother so I know it was he who was transmitting the energies.Once I asked him about this gift his response was that my polar receptors were finly tuned…
    I had such beautiful feelings that I started loving him.( This is pretty intense stuff for me.) But there came a point when he started telling me things like, I want to live my life without relationships…even though you and I have one..I was confeused by that at the time, so I held on loosely. It seemed that he was having very deep intense emotions about it inside. All along the “visits” continued…I thought what a beautiful gift anyway.. Finually, he called me and told me gently but clearly that we were not going to “ride that horse to the highest mountain together.”
    I knew on a higher level that I was in the middle of heavy inner work. We parted BUT each night and day those energies kept onslotting me. Waking me ect…non stop.
    First Heat in my body,rushing sounds from my head downwards like intense powerful energy. A almost heartbeat thudding in my lower body..Also, there are the “notes” and “tunes” that corespond with my sex center.
    He was (is) a musician and I did ask him about how he would “tune me up” His response was~ that is some of it….
    These things would go off almost every 3 to 4 hours during the day and then around 3;00am It would be a visit with a very personal feeling to it. I was getting so very tired, my hair even started thinning.I have always tried to look at my life through spiritual eyes. Love is something that I want to share with another so much, but I see now that it is first what I must share with myself and with the Divine. I say “WOW” to this expereance as well “K”. I do know that he was~is a person who can transmit these energies to others through the sexual expereance. I think one has to be very aware of ones own attachments and thier own work to handle the very intense feelings that come along with it…It has only been a few months ago.Its easier to have no contact with him. I do know that he also had his own inner work to do throughout this time. I am grateful for this because on some level I feel it will also be my own unique gift. Please feel free to email me as well.

  532. 532
    Christine M Says:

    Hello Aviela,
    The man I dated and spoke of in first post did not want a “relationship”and to me he seemed very self aborbed when we were together.
    .honestly my head felt foggy a lot during that time.
    At one point I thought perhaps this was a sort of control he had over me which I have definatly heard of those things….and some not so good. I searched the internet too. I came across all kinds of things like sexual sorcery ect… Some resonated some did not..altimatly I believe it is an awakening that I am expereancing because of the oneness with the presance that sometimes happens..Grateful to hear from you too.

  533. 533
    joga Says:

    I have felt most of the things what others have experienced but I have been able to control it so far and used it to my advantage when I am training and working as I have so much energy I do not seem to get tired, when I am resting my body my body feels like its on fire and recharging I just let it take its course and enjoy it also it has helped to heal old injuries the other thing I feel I seem to know what the other person is thinking and what they are going to say I will leave it there for now

  534. 534
    Steve C Says:

    During silent mind meditation practice, a yoga class where I am in the zone or sometimes random times of quiet, I feel a connection from inside to some other energy. About half the time, there is some specific insight or wisdom that comes to me, almost like a download ( I have called it a “you have spiritual mail” moment. Interestingly, it more often than not doesn’t involve a message to benefit me and often is not a full insight but only relates to my involvement. 20 out of 20 when following the insight subsequently, something good happens. During these periods, lose all sense of time. Often notice subsequent lower back pain or headache (occasionally a “Harry potter headache” right in middle of forehead). Occasionally recall glimpses of feeling “all knowing” but don’t actually consciously recall what that means. Don’t really know if this is consistent or inconsistent with others’ experience or if this connection to something (central human consciousness or divine or something else that seems energetic but capable of downloading insight) is part of kundalini, but will read comments. Thanks to all who share them.

  535. 535
    Aviela Says:

    In respone to Christine #530 and 531.

    It’s nice to hear that you can look back at your experience with gratitude. I tend to view this type of encounter as a power play of
    some sort…ego driven game to a certain extent….even if it’s without malice or intent to harm…
    Your own unconscious intuition picked up something that was going on in him…that he may not be 100% of….he may not realize the extent of what he is transmitting (his own unconscious) during his visits….and possibly at other times when he is not even doing anything consciously. It may be a mixture.
    This is whole new territory for many people….and not to get too Sci-fi about it, but we really have no idea what it’s really about.
    be well,

  536. 536
    Sajeevan Says:

    Dear Master,

    My name is Sajeevan working with an oil & Gas MNC as a Lead QA/QC Engineer in Mangalore, Karnataka. I would like to know what is happened to my friend. He is my childhood friend. He is always discussing his personal matter also. After hearing his matter I got confused .but he is not interested to discuss this matter to any body. It’s his nature.. he is having a Rudraksha pattern (he have 1 mukhi to 14 mukhi Rudraksha and Ganasha also in his neck from his childhood.

    I briefly written some of the known incident happened in his life. He don’t that I wrote a letter to you. Please give me a solution to him what is really happened to him.

    When he was sleeping, he feels that his soul is gone out of his body & went to some other places, one night he feels his spirit gone out of his head on the way he has seen so many black lady images with long teeth & golden crown. Along the way he saw a well & he saw a Human shadow, he asks him what the power of Lord Devi is. He replies Energy in the wood. Other day he went to other place & asks the people where am I? They replied this is Swastika Logum & lot of time he spends there. One man says to him there is river Ganga you go & take bath. He feels to go back he says Om Shakthi then he returns back.

    During he was sleeping his wife saw a white light passing through from his face.

    Even Electrical & Electronic device are disturbing, Powers are also disturbing in his presence & flashes that one on some time without any air circulation windows & Doors are automatically opened & closed.

    One day he saw so many street dogs are eating some thing in the road, when the dogs realise his presence (more than 10 nos) all are afraid and run away a distance and they cannot come back.

    Other day, he saw those dogs & he calls the dog by showing his hand all the dogs are come closer & touches his hand.

    One day he was standing on the road along with people, one beggar looks like a mad comes closer to him & touches him asking money for meals after getting it he wishes him & runs away.

    One day he was sitting on the table with his colleague, a glass of water is kept on that table, it automatically moves to a certain distance.

    When he was sleeping he feels that some thing is happened to his body, he feels that some super power is developing to his body.

    One day he was sitting inside his office, He heard a sound, than a unknown small insect is comes out of his ear & flies away.

    During sleeping he was always getting an erotic dream.

    One day he was sleeping, he felt that he was 1feet above from the bed & some times feels he is going automatically up from his bed near to the shilling fan, then he afraid, sometime he is seeing the magical environment. One day he feels totally heavy current in his body then he touches his face, all the parts in the faces are comes out.

    Sometimes he is hearing his name by calling somebody. Uneven sounds are also heard by him. Group of peoples talking, & other voices etc.,

    One day when he was sleeping, he felt that his half of body is burned.

    During a function, every body is sitting in a hall than one girl 9 years old (Unconscious girl, even he takes his food only by liquid). That girl looks his face & comes closer to him & catches his hands & kissed his hands. She picks up my friends hand & moves closer to his mouth.

    He feels Extra sense in eyes, nose, tongue, ears & Skin.

    If any human beings, animals, birds, etc., feels any harm, he is also getting pain.

    Some type of videos, pictures & animals, he gets some electrical feelings in his body.

    Her body gets pain in different parts, (Ex : neck , Forearm, legs Etc.,)

    Some times unconscious mind, crying without reasons, sometimes looks Sad without reason, Facing lot of problem but his mind feels always cool, high BP like (210), but he is not having angry.

    When he look in the floor, rock, wood, & any other hard materials seeing in liquid form.

    One day night he feels powerful light between the eye bow that time he afraid to close his eyes. On that time, he saw the stars on the sky from his room.

    When he sits in the vehicle, he feels the vehicle is moving, 3to 4 times he feels black/white smoke comes into his body from atmosphere.

    I introducing him, he is my childhood friend. He has a good personality & good behaviour. He is a pure vegetarian and cool person and always social with all other people, helpful mentality, whenever some body asks any questions he immediately replies the answer.

    from childhood onwards, he always worship mantras., Durga 32 names is his favourite chatting mantra. One day I was speak to his mother, she says that, when she was 3 month pregnant, some yogis saw her that in your stomach one male baby is going to born & he have gods power is with him. (He was born on 5th June 1975 Wednesday night 12.45, in Assam Tezpur district.).some aged Yogis tell his parents give Roti prepare from Smasan fire.

    Waiting for your reply. Please reply me as soon as possible.

    Sincerely ,


  537. 537
    Kundalini Awakening (2) | Purpose and Dream Says:

    [...] Kundalini Awakening Symptoms [...]

  538. 538
    Brad Says:

    Hello, I am super new to meditation and I’m quite confused on what is happening when I do try and meditate. I’m very anxious for someone with more knowledge than me to inform me about what is occurring when I meditate. After a couple minutes of deep breathing and concentration, my body starts vigorously shaking and what feels to be a lot of energy starts flowing up my back and stops into my neck. When it stops my head starts bobbing extremely hard and I often lose focus because of this. I have been really worried lately that something bad is going to happen if I let it all happen naturally and I don’t know how to embrace this situation. Anyone with any sort of input is welcome to provide me with some information here. Thanks!

  539. 539

    Dear Sir
    How this process is performed ?
    Can you plz guide, and can this be done by reading the information or a Guru is required

  540. 540
    Jules Says:

    Hello. I was wondering if someone can provide insight into strange twitches that have been occurring with my left temple as well as pain in my shoulder (between my shoulder and heart) areas during meditation. Does this indicate overactivity of the chakras or some blockage? should I focus on these areas or ignore them during meditation? Thank you.

  541. 541
    Jason Popieniuck Says:

    It’s so nice to see that there is a sight with information like this. I could have used this when I had my first kundalini experiences. My initiation into kundalini awakening was very abrupt and I was unprepared for it but I made it through and found ways to manage the intense energy. I had been sporadically doing Yoga, meditation, mantra, and working with mandalas. I was also going through a very difficult divorce. I had a deep longing for connection to spirit. I didnt have a teacher or a guide but was working mostly from books and my own intuition. One day while doing my laundry at the local laundromat I was reading The Bhagavad Gita which I’d studied before, I suddenly felt a warm “buzz” from my head to my toes and then a more prominent vibration in my crown. I felt energy pouring through my body as if I was just a conduit between Heaven and Earth. Everything made perfect sense to me for the first time ever in my life. All my physical aches and pains were gone. All my questions were answered. I felt totally connected to and Loved by God, The Universe, Spirit, or whatever you want to call it. That feeling lasted for days. I felt love for everyone and everything in the world. The high was more potent than anything artificial that I have ever felt and I had tried many things. I was able to read and absorb whole books in a few short hours. Food tasted incredible, and though I was never hungry I ate because everything was delicious. I should add that I didn’t sleep for three or four days either. So after days of being totally blissed out and ungrounded I began to crash. The warm buzzy feeling began to become intermittent and I began to cling to it with more and more intensity which I think just pushed it away. When the high wore off I became really frantic. I was totally ungrounded in an urban environment with no guidance, no teacher, no community and I freaked out. When I realized with every part of my being the nature of life in its totality I became split. My old self was still present – with beliefs, habits, desires, fears, and thought patterns, but I had a new sense of self as well. And the two seemed very much at odds when it first happened. So I tried very hard meditating, praying, doing Yoga, Tantra, Mantra, and every other thing I could find to return to the state of intense bliss that I’d felt. For a few weeks I did this and had some wild and far out experience but never did I return to the original experience. In the process of trying to regain the original experience I really burned myself out. Then I began having hallucinations, hearing voices, and experienced other supernatural events that I could not process. I tried to find help and after a search I found an acupuncturist who helped me move a lot of the energy that had become trapped in my body. The main tools he used were “Tapping”, acupuncture, change in diet, breathing exercises, and swimming. After a few days of these things I normalized. I cannot stress how out of balance I had been prior to moving the trapped energy. It was my mother who had the wisdom and clarity of mind to find me help and get me through that impass. I stopped meditating and most of the practices that brought on the initial intense experience for a while because it didn’t seem to serve me. I began to integrate the whole experience into my everyday life and allow the energy to flow slow and steady with its own intelligence. I don’t cling to the experience or the Bhagavad Gita or any practice. I looked extensively here in the US and even went to India to find teachers or a Guru but decided to trust myself and the ordinary evryday world to be my guides and teachers. I’ve learned that the only thing of value I have gained from my most intense experiences is what I can bring to this ordinary human life that I live. I am more alive than ever. I am more aware than ever and I am integrating. I hope this post is helpfull.

  542. 542
    Nick Says:

    Many years ago I was taught a simple exercise for focusing ones attention for study and sitting exams (not sure if it worked).

    It involved closing your eyes and looking at an imaginary dot in the middle of your inner upper forehead… the immediate effect was to make me go cross eyed, but did have a small relaxing effect.

    Over time I’ve managed to obtain a very pleasant feeling from it almost exactly like the inner eye awakening experience discussed on this site.

    I can now achieve this feeling in any situation (walking, running – a bit harder or sitting in front of the computer at work) without closing my eyes or going cross eyed!

    Over the last few months I began doing breathing exercises to help me warm up for exercise – nothing complex… just deep breath in – hold – out – hold. I used to play the Trumpet so am quite familiar with taking deep breaths! I also did these before going to bed…

    Now to the scary part. In the last month I’ve had three paralysis experiences described above. They were quite scary and I wasn’t able to go with it. I actually thought I was being attacked by something not of this world… in the third experience I clearly remember looking down at myself freaking out and then going for a walk around the house.

    As far as I can tell it was in real time as when I awoke (in a vast pool of sweat) everyone was doing what I saw when floating around the palace!


  543. 543
    Jodi Says:

    I had a beautiful kundalini awakening years ago, when a surge of energy started to rise from my root chakra on up my spine activating each chakra as went upward till it reached my crown. I then went into full bliss. During this experience my body was shaking quite a it and an automatic type breath took over. I have been trying to learn more about this breath but can’t seem to find any info about it

  544. 544
    Richard Franza Says:

    I have a question that I would like to ask: I have been practicing meditation for some time. Lately I have been at times experiencing a mild vibration inside my body that is soothing. I feel energy flowing through my brain and warmness in my heart, also. Are these experiences having anything to do with awakening the kundalini energy center and opening the chakras?

  545. 545
    Ashley Says:

    I’m currently experiencing the tingling of my third eye and tingling in my scalp/crown chakra. I’ve been experiencing both off and on for about 3 months now. Also, a lot of headaches…

    Twitching of the muscles and i’ve experienced the extraordinary bliss emanating throught my entire body.. It was quite orgasmic actually!

  546. 546
    Maria Van Says:

    Reading the symptoms of Kundalini awakening made me want to share a website http://www.loveexpos.org where they talk about evolutionary orgasms. There are pages of testimony by people about the wonders of Evolutionary Love Burst Techniques and the Unconditional Love Energies released in human orgasms that do not involve any touching of sexual organs. They offer classes in these techniques.

  547. 547
    Anu Says:

    I have the tingling sensation in my forehead since past two days and I am very happy as I have been meditatin fondly since three months… Never ever before in my life have I done Anything of the sort.. In fact I never believed kundalini awakening could happen to me… I do not however feel any surge of energy or for the matter any type of bliss… Is this normal… What next from here?

  548. 548
    Jaz Says:

    I am generally skeptic of anything that is too far in or out of the generally accepted social paradigm of which I recieved high marks during the indoctrination process they call an “education” these days. You see, I am in my mid-20s and having weird sensations that I couldn’t find a medical correlation for; not that I am trained in the medical field it is merely one of my earliest interests. These sensations I feel almost entirely correlate to the alleged symptoms of Kundalini arising.

    I am not a practicer of yoga or martial arts despite achieving some level of success in Su Bahk Do as a youth (it was called Tang Soo Do then) and retain a lot of my muscle range, relexes, and flexibility. In the past few months I have been losing weight, feeling no usual hunger and seem to be more “on the ball” at work. I’m usually just pretty good (i’m a short order cook at a family restaurant…one you’ve probably been to if you live in the us) but lately I find myself being the Kung Fu master of grill cooks easily doing the work of 2 or 3 men and doing it better than 2 or 3 actual men. I find my focus and followthrough have improved; once I start something I actually find myself finishing it which was always a weakness of mine. I have been feeling these strange vibrations in my temple region, having the “ants walking sensation” in my toes so badly I remove my shoes and find myself attempting to “massage” the feeling away. And the back, neck and headaches hurt so bad I’ll have to miss work which I only do when seriously ill.
    All this time I figured there was something seriously wrong with me and I had to have it all click to see that maybe there was something seriously RIGHT with me, I just haven’t been taught to look out for it yet. I have always had an inner voice or thought telling myself that hardship was just one way to “pay your dues” and that working hard could only benefit me eventually; it took my reading that the freedom of Kundalini energy, when under intense stresss and circumstance can feel more like a nightmare than self-realization. Merely reading that thought (and re-reading repeatedly that thought) was perhaps my key to understanding why I exist to begin with. Thank you for making this information publicly available to another traveler of this journey we call life.

  549. 549
    Seek First Says:

    Dear Jason Popieniuck,
    I find your description very similar to mine. would you like to share and exchange views? my email id seek_first@ymail.com
    You have written it so well. Thanks anyway even if you decide not to contact.

  550. 550
    Sarah Says:

    I woke from my sleep at three o’ clock this morning with the overwhelming feeling that I have to meditate. I have a chakra clearing meditation and angel meditation on my ipod so I put them on back to back. Somewhere in between the two meditations I fell asleep, I was awakened about an half an hour later with a cold sweat. I realised I was paralysed, I couldn’t move from the bed and I had a tingling sensation going down my back. above my head I was aware of two what only could be described as sqiggles of golden light. I suddenly began to panic and that shut down the paralysis and the vision of the lights. I could sense that there were energies surrounding my bed stricken with fear I turned to lie on my stomach, hoping that if I blocked them, they would go away. several minutes later I began to relax and I could feel the presence of my dead grandmother behind me. I confirmed out loud that I knew she was there and the tingly feeling went down my back again. I was literally dripping with sweat from head to toe after the experience and I felt migraine like symtoms. I have spent the morning googling my symptoms and I have arrived at this page. could somebody please shed some light into my situation. I have never went to yoga and I have only properly began to meditate in the last 3 to 4 months. I was not prepared for what happened last night, could someone provide me with the necessary tools to deal with this type of experience. Thanks.

  551. 551
    Angel Says:

    Quoted from above: Pressure in the Third Eye Region (Ajna Chakra).  This is pressure, tingling or other sensation in the center of the forehead.  Can go on for years (14 years and counting so far for me). 

    I have had a constant 24/7 pressure in the center of my forehead for a year now. It started right after I meditated on my third eye. At the time of meditation, I very quickly experienced a tingling and numbness in my third eye. Since that day the pressure is quite intense and never goes away. It is annoying and sometimes becomes painful.

    Is there anything I can do to stop the pressure? This was my first attempt at opening my third eye and the entire meditation was only 5 minutes. Is it even possible to open your third eye so quickly with very little mediation experience?

    Thank you for any comments or suggestions.

  552. 552
    Kweinaqila Says:

    I do not practice any form of yoga. I am a spiritual person. When I experience the need to speak to some mis-truth, and prevent myself from doing so, eventually I MUST speak/release the verbal energy. After I do, I feel a ‘fire’ in the base of my spine that slowly ascends my spine, feeling as though it is disintergrating my vertebra. While it is happening, I cannot move. I must wait until it subsides. Is that Kundalini, or should I see a chiropractor? Seriously. It only happens when I am intensely emotionally upset.

  553. 553
    JOhn Says:

    For me, the Kundalini Awakening happened rather quickly and unexpected, it was like grabbing onto a electrical conduit, my mind was exploding with energy, it got to the point to where I was seeing orbs, ectoplasm, and even had one talk to me, said hi and it scared the crap outta me, haha.

    Once you grab onto that conduit, be warned, it will burn your old self away. Since then it has gone away, I can still seem the alittle but not as much as I could when I first awoke, which is kinda disappointing. I still can feel them when they come around me though, I feel like I’m stuck in a freezer sometimes, lmao.. My personality type is INFJ and I’m highly sensitive, which I think is what jump started it so quickly.

  554. 554
    John Says:

    Forgot to add, finding out your personality type and building from there is what I done.

  555. 555
    John Says:

    Some of the greatest spiritual minds come from India, search LifeBlissFoundation on youtube.

  556. 556
    John Says:

    Another thing I forgot, you have to watch your sleep and diet, I have become more hungry mor eoften, and since I’m always brimming with energy you cannot tell when your tired, yes really, lol…so just be careful. :)

  557. 557
    bliss Says:

    I have been meditating for a while and did not really know what kind of meditation I was doing as I just did what came naturally to me. I have been seeing a tunnel with a white or sometimes light blue circle at the end point and lots of colors and strange images like the caduceus and other symbolism that I need to research. A while back, when I would become extremely relaxed mostly before sleeping or sometimes during meditation, I would follow the tunnel to the light and my head would start to feel like it was going to explode and there was a lot of pressure in the center of my brain. I thought that I was about to have a seizure and would get really scared and make myself come back to “normal awareness”. Recently, I tried to sustain the feeling of the pressure and intense spinning and I got to a point where I was very very fearful of death and thought that I was dying. I cried and cried and wanted comfort but ended up crying myself to sleep. Since then I have been having lots of new insights about life and the universe and afterlife and feel like an explosion of knowledge upon me all the time….I was reading about kundalini meditations and realized that this spinning and tunnel visualization may have something to do with all of this. I feel confident that this is what I am experiencing but some doubt still remains…I would like to know how to get past the fear and let go so that i can go all the way through the tunnel into the light….i am curios as to what is on the other side of that light but not sure if i am ready. Anyone else have a similar experience? I would love to talk to someone about this

  558. 558
    resourceful Says:

    I practice meditation daily and that too at increasing time period.I chose Anapanasati.Today I felt different emotion than I uasually have.My spinal cord is pushing up off the ground in such a way that I lose contact with the ground.I experienced it many times and stopped meditation.I thought it is nothing but excessive blood pressure.But it continued in me for more time and my neck region is also gets pushed during this vibration and recorded video to identify myself.I feel everything common and I found my brain is catching each and every sound in my surroundings and feel excessively activated.I wud feel it commonly after my meditation but today it is combined with vibration in spine.
    I thought I need to speak to someone who can understand it.Thanks to this blog and author for sharing your views.After reading I realised that my kundalini is activated.

  559. 559
    Liz Hempel Says:

    I experienced a rather spontaneous Kundalini awakening which I want to share with others. It happened after I had briefly researched the subject, curious to know what it was. I was lying in bed very much awake with my eyes closed, concentrating on an area in my spine where I envisaged my kundalini to be residing. After a while I started to feel odd. My entire body from the pelvis upwards started to feel like it was having this bizzare hot flash. I opened my eyes in panic but didn’t feel the urge to move. Once I realised what was happening I decided to just go with the flow and allow the experience to continue. So I closed my eyes and allowed the feeling to engulf the upper half of my body. Another thirty seconds or so later I felt lightheaded but very uplifted and optimistic. My head felt as though sparks were flying out the back of it. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. I had not known prior to this that kundalini could manifest itself as ‘hot flashes’, as my research on the subject was quite limited and was surprised to find that many others had experienced something similar to what I had. I didn’t feel anything particularly negative about the whole thing. I guess I was just shocked at how easily this seemed to happen to me, and how rapidly it took hold. I had been trying to awaken my third eye a couple of days ago but stopped because I started feeling the urge to spontaneously vomit, and I was feeling a band of tightening across my forehead which I wasn’t comfortable with.

  560. 560
    linda@colegrave.info Says:

    I had a strange thing happen to me today at around 10am thursday 25th October 2010. I walked into some new premises that was to do with Psychic awareness in Hertford town center. As I entered through the door into the building, I had to stop suddenly, my body was imobolized. I felt this rush come up from my ankles right through my body through my head. I had to tell the person, that had opened the door to me, that I could not move. I just said. “WOO! that was freaky, there must be a lot of spirits in here!!” I had to stay centered for quite a few seconds as I waited for this experince to pass. I have seen through my third eye as well. And have seen Angels when I was at a low ebb. And have seen ghosts as well. And seen my dead uncle speak to me at the end of my bed. Such experiences are a gift I feel. Only his head appeared at the end of my bed .I am going back to that place in Hertford tonight to be in a Circle..Shall have to wait and see what happens! Will keep you posted! Linda Reynolds Colegrave Love to all XXX

  561. 561
    Fior Says:

    I have had a fairly recent experience with kundalini after practicing yoga for 14 years and maybe the last 3 more heavily. Lately, my entire lifestyle has been centered around my meditation experiences and its been a miserable existence. I am trying to break free so I really need insight. Its not easy when most of my friends use me as their inspiration to meditate. What about when Im having a trouble?
    I had heard about Diamond Jade, a psychic in San Diego California who was an accomplished yoga pracitioner. I had heard the name a few times and I would think – hm and then her name would come up again, etc. So this time, she came up and I knew I was going to talk to her this time. I told her the story of me meditating a lot and she was right away saying that I need to de-focus on the symptomatology of the kundalini awakening. She was saying that everyone gets caught up in that and that its like the bling that everyone is getting caught up in…So was that it? So I was asking her some more about the awakening. She gave me a few details and told me some things about my life that no one could have possibly known, this somehow gave me great faith although I did know she was a psychic and of course I know these gifts and more are possible. Ive had them myself. I thought- well if she can know this- that this is some kind of bling and that i should just relax. She had literally told me to trust God and think in a positive way. She actually told me that I might meditate properly and then I might see that I am meditating the wrong way or maybe even too much. I thought that was very good. This was very funny because I knew what she meant! I could just see that she had probably definitely made all these mistakes. and I had compassion. I could see that what my meditation had been missing all along was love and compassion. My meditation was cold and alone and suffering. and I see these people writing here. and I was suffering and I went to this great psychic and she told me. she said DON’T BE ALONE this is the way. But its not even the psychic. She is a channel of the divine you know? even those cave people were with animals.

  562. 562
    Andrei Says:

    I have been through some energetic changes the past week and have encountered a slight problem. There is a lot to talk about what I have experienced but I would prefer to address the problem in question. I am sure that I am experiencing something called kundalini rash. I have noticed that the rashes intensify after I do meditations. I would be grateful for some advise on how to handle them, perhaps i should cut on my meditations a little bit but they are to enjoyable. Is it possible that the rashes are some sort of purification of the Nadis?

  563. 563
    Andrea Says:

    Uau. So I’m not going crazy. I have been feeling most of those symptoms.including the baby arms. Awakening at night. Healing the body and soul. Lower back feels like something wants to move upwards, but still stuck by hip bones and sacrum. Been having spams on lower back for weeks. When drifting off to sleep… I haven’t done yoga for over 10 years and was just on the very basics then. I stated doing rebirthing breathwork in search of myself.for t the last week kundalini word is stuck on my head. Third might had sexual awakening with my partner.

  564. 564
    Starchild101 Says:


  565. 565
    Julia Says:

    Is it possible for kundalini symptoms to happen spontaneously without practicing meditation? I do not meditate, but last spring, I was undergoing a time of extreme spiritual turmoil. Having been raised Christian, I said a prayer to Jesus and immediately experienced a cool, tingling sensation upon my crown, like water dripping. Soon after that, I began to feel the pressure in my third eye chakra and pains in my lower back, shoulders, and neck. Since then, these sensations come and go, sometimes at random, sometimes in correspondence with certain thoughts. In fact, the pressure in the third eye chakra has become more frequent and intense as of late. I’m not sure why a prayer to an Abrahamic prophet/savior would manifest symptoms of an Eastern spiritual practice, but kundalini seems to be the only phenomenon that explains what I’m experiencing. Part of me thinks that it might be all in my head or that they’re the symptoms of some physiological ailment, but it all seems too coincidental. If anyone could offer me some explanation or advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

  566. 566
    jeanette Says:

    I beileve I had a spontanious experience I never meditated I just remember remember sitting very still and just asking myself what is all of this life what is it I reember not eating for days my body felt like it was purifying myself I had to stop and it hit me I did not eat for three days or slept but felt energized next thing I noticed I could ee

  567. 567
    Praveen Says:

    Dear friend julia
    congrats for the gift which you have received . as far as i know your experience has nothing to do with the religion it is a system in every living being and anyone can get to this state. many of us get it by sadhana (meditation) but some time it occurs randomly but do not mistake by the ultimate end point instead it is beginning of a journey you should be grateful to lord Jesus he have thrown you on his path be with it and start meditation.
    best of luck for your journey

  568. 568
    Hoo Says:

    my english is not good, but i get all of the rare ones and beyond…
    was a long time ago and i still search for information…
    what must be my next step? maybe i need search for a teacher in my country?

  569. 569
    Whitney Says:

    The past 6 months I have had all these, I practice daily meditation!…. Recently whenever I meditate my spine starts moving, making me go back and forth side to side, just like a snake. It feels really good, but I’m just so confused…what should I be doing? Sometimes I break out dancing, or doing yoga stretches, everything is changing for me, nothing is what it used to be, in a good way…what is happening?

  570. 570
    Eirene Says:

    I now know why I can’t get rid of my headaches! Haha, I’ve had all of your commons, some of your uncommon, and the divine light which was indeed very beautiful. (: Have a peaceful day, evening, night, etc.

  571. 571
    Matt Says:

    Yeah I keep getting an intense pain in my stomah whenever I do Kalpabhati pranayama… I don’t know if this is because my stomach is not used to being worked out or as one of the common symptoms you mentioned lol.

  572. 572
    dave Says:

    hi can any one help who really knows about kundlini 2 years ago i thought id try visualise my chakras starting from the root chakra then so on up for about 2 weeks very intensely, untill somthink crazy happen to me , i activated somthink inside of my face and head like a strong force of energy which would move round my head and face and was quite painfull it started releasing out of my left ear and could feel the wind leaving my ear i have been battling this for two years when the wind comes out it makes me feel more clearer in my mind more calm more loving more everythink and get loads of premoitions that come true and visions and pictures and can feel spirts around me but when its trapped i go more confused and neagtive and get bit angry untill i can release this energy again very frustrating as i cant keep this out fully does this sound like kundlini and what can help me if its imbalanced ?

  573. 573
    Adelaide Says:

    I have been doing ananda mandala every morning and my symptoms are intensifying as I do it starting the first time this past Saturday . I AM ADDICTED LIKE A DRUG ! I am a yoga instructor for 13 years , I never EVER EVER EXPERIENCED ANYTHING LIKE THIS MY LIFE HAS CHANGED took my practice to a whole mother level .
    Anyway I get very very shaky numb all the way from feet to my lips arms hands need to lie down and stay down I usually give deeksha to my self for 10 minutes cause I can’t get my hands off my head , then I lay down to ground myself from the shaking and knumbness and dizziness

  574. 574
    Winternite Says:

    I used my healing oils on my throat last night along with the past lives oil and then went to bed. When in bed I started working clearing on my root chakra with my dream stone in hand. ( I imagine fairies cleaning them) then all of a first thing that went through my mind was a double circle like the axle then sudden a bright white bolt of light bolted from the top of my head down to my root and busted up in to a million pieces. It scared me; don’t know what to make of it. I have been wearing the following bracelets amethyst and tourmaline (I have been wearing the double terminated every day for at least 30 days.) also been playing with my lapis as well as larimar Smokey and flourinte stones for a while. Beginning to understand I cleared my root chakra.

  575. 575
    akshi jain Says:

    I feel sometimes electric current in my left and right brain, mood swings a lot, I don’t like to talk with anyone. Every time there is a vigorous flow of energy in my brain.

  576. 576
    Dodak Says:

    Can enyone help me!!!
    I think I’ve had the experience of kundalini energy. I felt my whole body is floating. Everything went as it should except that I felt pressure in my head, and with a little research found that my crown chakra is blocked.
    When I woke up, my ears were clogged. By the end of the day the pressure was eased but remained a buzzing in my head. I feel very weak, blocked and depressed. Ringing in my head terribly bothered. I can not perform the essential functions. Fears are always present. I feel physically very weak.
    If you have any advice on what I should do with this please answer my mail. I do not know if it’s just a process that I have to wait to pass or I damage something.
    Thanks in advance!

  577. 577
    Saurabh Mishra Says:

    I have been having the feeling of kundalini awakening since my childhood. Now I want to feel it even more but the more I desire, more it eludes me. I am in need of desperate help. May be I might be able to see the naked truth some day. All I wish is that day must come. Sooner or later but it must come.

  578. 578
    Raghupathi bhat Says:

    Hi Sir,
    I wanted to share my experience. I was meditating in the night after i come from my office. i was doing 45 min to 1 and hours every day. I was feeling pleasant and good. But one day when i was meditating after some time i got up suddenly and my body was shivering. I could feel a numb feeling between my eyes. I got afraid and thought that since i came out of meditative state suddenly it might have happened. but after that i couldn’t go back and that numb feeling remained. From then onwards I was like in a imaginary world of kind. I couldn’t relate myself to the real world and everything around looked like a video game. When i concentrate the energy whats flowing in my body between my eyes then i become somewhat normal but once it moves from there i get depressed, not interested in anything. Afraid to talk to people as i was becoming conscious whenever i was talking to anyone and was getting confused with the purpose of that conversation. I was roaming in my own imaginary world. After 2 days i thought i should consult some meditation teacher to come out of this situation. So i went to Art of living people (not the experts) and they asked me to attend their satsang and do a 10 min meditation with them. I did the same and was feeling little relieved. That day i came to my house and went to bed as normal (I was not getting sleep those days). at around 2 o clock in the night i woke up as full energy started flowing in my body and it was so pleasant and i was like into some happiest ever state. the energy was flowing in my whole body with full volume and i went to some state where i decided to give up everything and will go to Guruji (Sri Sri Ravishankar) and be with him. This is my purpose of life and all. then within some time i started reducing the energy in my body by imagining that whole energy i am directing into the kundalini back using my two hands action. After that day i didn’t get any such feeling but this energy is there in my body and i feel it everyday between my eyes. But some days i face depression and some days full energy. And it took me one year to come back and relate myself to the real world. Now i am 90% normal. Kindly suggest me if you have any tips to me as i want to continue this meditation but now afraid that i might go back to that imaginary world state. Kindly guide me.

  579. 579
    John Says:

    you’re all f*cking really ignorant did you know that? even you anmol mehta. why the f*ck are you teaching people to awaken their kundalini?

    If you all are having pressure on your head area then I am sure it’s because there’s too much chi energy stored in your head area and it needs to be moved down. For the feeling of “bliss” in the brain is all neurotransmitters moving at a fast pace from what I’m sure, and especially your dopamine levels.

    Doing qigong, or tai chi from what I’ve read has practices to ground your chi energy, so you don’t feel the pressure on your head.




  580. 580
    John Says:


  581. 581
    John Says:


  582. 582
    John Says:

    Also the indica from the marijuana may not be a good choice for grounding chi, since THC really increases the head area, increasing brain activity, and this is definitely not what an awakened kundalini person would want.

  583. 583
    John Says:

    Although there is CBD in marijuana. CBD is the opposite of THC. CBD is anti anxiety, anti psychotic. Finding a marijuana strain high in CBD and low in THC is rare in my area, and I’m sure almost any area.


  584. 584
    John Says:


  585. 585
    john Says:

    i’ll have to correct myself when i said marijuana indica could help grounding and I would say because the strains of marijuana that people are growing nowadays even if it’s indica, is still high in THC, and from my opinion is what people with kundalini awakening need to avoid. THC is psychoactive, works too much in the brain area. CBD on the other hand is the opposite of THC.

  586. 586
    om dutt singhal Says:

    I am practising kriya yoga from last 12 yrs. I have gone through the symptoms written above regarding the awakening of the Kundalini. I have experience them all and some of them still experiencing. My problem from last few months is that middle finger of my right hand has a high burning sensation and some times I feel that my fore and upper arm which some time has a typical sensation perhaps because of the finger, may not be lost. This has made me go slow in my meditaion session. I will be very thankful if you can guide me in this respect. THANKS

  587. 587
    victor Says:

    Hi, I had an unexpected kundalini awakening one day. It was during a psychedelic experience combined with loud music, the band “Tool” and intense third eye meditation. I had no idea what Kundalini was. I was desperate to break through. At the time i didnt even know what that meant but i knew that I could somehow do it. After a forceful meditation session, i noticed i had this what i would describe as…

    a softball sized dense ball of energy crawling up my spine. I had the sensation like i wanted to raise it up and vomit it out it was so tangible. It continued to crawl up my spine all the wya to my third eye region where it became stuck. Suddenly I saw a bright flash of white light in my thrid eye region and then I began to experience ego death. I literally fealt I was being deleted from reality. Like it was going to be zap! and all i ever was and knew would simply vanish forever. I fought it with all my might to not fade away and i succeded. Though, now i look back and really wish i would have just let go. Anyways, after that experience i began going through my kundalini transition and have had a myraid of symptoms.

    I pre-maturly raised my kundalini and suffered the concequences. It was managable but it could have been much smoother if i had done it more gradually and knew what i was doing. It was just too much energy for what my body could handle and had a lot of uncomfortable symptoms. This is not to scare anyone because as annoying as it was i always knew it was for the best because i would also get very beautifyl and diivne moments where i would experience true divinity in a profound and tangible way that i knew was rare. Visitation by angels, pure unbounded extacy, contact with spirit guides, contact with Extra terrestials who were benevolent, psychic intuition, seeing, auras, intense feelings of oneness with all, periods where i was completly free of ego, all awesome stuff that was lifechangin. Conversley, i would get really bad blockages in my head for a few years that made me feel really mentally sluggish, very much so, it was difficult. Intense fatigue, i mean intense, i am just now getting over this and it lasted about 3 years to varrying degrees. I have been so completly out of rhythm and routine that i have learned to be comfortable being out of sorts and just follow my moment to moment intuition. I feel i am ascending and heading towards true enlightenment, in fact i know i am. Its wonderful. I am just comming to a place where i can begin to give back and share my experience and use it for my life purpose. Namaste, that is my in a nutshell experience. Thank youto the Anol, I am taking your yoga cert class now and loving it, i cant wait to teach.

  588. 588
    Breakdown or Breakthrough | A Way in the Woods Says:

    [...] See also: http://anmolmehta.com/blog/2008/01/03/kundalini-awakening-symptoms/ [...]

  589. 589
    Luke Says:

    Hi, my name is Luke and I believe I had one of the rare experiences, it started while I was with some friends smoking marijuana and we were talking about astral projection, I had recently started practicing mindful breathing and had been doing mindful meditation for the past 3 or 4 months beforehand, the first symptom I had was an intense eurphoria, it then escalated into and intense vibration throughout my body like I was a god damn live wire, my fingers were contorting in a wave like manner, I was scared at first but had an overwhelming thought to just calm as it’s meant to happen, I then lost control of my tounge and felt like I was not breathing even though I was, slowly it resided and I was overcome with emotion and started crying, this then happened again the next morning but not as intensely, I now sometimes expirience stomach tremors in public and especially when smoking weed.

  590. 590
    Eva Says:

    I’m not sure whether I’m experiencing Kundalini Awakening or not. It’s never caused me the slightest bit of fear except once when I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like a bolt of lightning went through me, and then all my muscles started tremoring and would not stop. But basically I’ve experienced constant warmth and tingling, especially in my feet and hands. I will have surges of energy. Sometimes it almost feels like an orgasm, and it happens to my brain as well. Feels so good. I will sometimes feel like I have been wrapped in a blanket of pure love. I wake up during the night and feeling deep love and connection with the world and certain people. I hear voices in my head, who I talk to. It’s never scared me. I always figured I was talking to various parts of myself or possibly God since I’m a Christian. I get pressure all the time in the middle of my forehead. I used to have trouble meditating but now I get all sorts of visions and images, and I can interact with my subconscious and ask it what they mean. I brought on all of this by accident. I didn’t even know what Kundalini awareness was until today, and now I’m afraid I’m going to cause myself Kundalini syndrome since I don’t know what I’m doing, but I wouldn’t stop it for anything. The only thing I sometimes don’t like is the tingling in my limbs, but I discovered on my own that walking barefoot outdoors helps, exercising helps, and I can usually channel my energy inwardly if I imagine it doing so. I’ve also been extremely teary-eyed lately which is very unlike myself. It’s like anything can bring me to tears. And I go through constant bouts of fatigue and then extreme energy and a need to constantly be doing.

  591. 591
    Transpersonal Tidbits: Kundalini Rising – Links to Testimonies, Symptom lists, Effective Treatment & More | | The Running Father Blog Says:

    [...] Real Life Experiences & Descriptions of Kundalini Rising – from http://anmolmehta.com [...]

  592. 592
    Kassandra Dawson Says:

    Ive experienced something miraculous!! I was diagnosed with ptsd because of childhood sexual and physical/emotional abuse. From the age of 18 to 29, I have had an irrational sadness, anger and hate towards men, an inability to have a relationship, suicidal thoughts, etc. Any man who tried to date me was in for an unpleasant surprise. The beautiful woman they desired was unstable and hateful without reason. I wanted to change but my past hurts and defense mechanisms were controlling me. I thought my life would eventually end in suicide. When I began practicing yoga I would feel temporary relief and feel more mellow. Then one day i went to a kundalini yoga class. I did feel intense feelings of emotional pain come up during the class. When i woke up the next morning, my beliefs had changed. I felt more aware and i realized that I was alone because Id pushed everyone away and that maybe not all men are evil. Maybe I needed to be more tolerant and loving so I could get the same in return. So I called a sweet guy who Id been so mean to and we get on just fine now. I can now accept the good in people instead of painting them as evil and hiding in pain and misery. I guess the abuse had made me view men and most people this way in an effort to protect me, but i was hurting people and living in isolation. I feel like i had an “epiphany” of sorts. My mind has truly been awakened. I just hope this is real and not just a temporary improvement, but as of now I am free anger and pain, i can love again and I will continue with kundalini yoga. I highly recommend it for people with emotional trauma. We dont have to be victims forever!

  593. 593
    Olga Says:

    I had two amazing experiences:
    1. I felt unusual clear vision when all of the sudden things became super clear to me, and I figured out the key to happiness for myself at this particular moment- to live in here and now, not in the past, as i usually do.
    2. While doing one exersise my hands went from hot to cold and back again several times- it almost felt like I had flashes of energy coming and going like waves. It was interesting to actually feel the proof of that energy arizing in me.

  594. 594
    ahahhaha Says:

    aahahhaa really… my experience is a bit different, the onewho wrote this is not sure ahhahahaha…. that is not it ahahahah,…lol ahahah, you will gain very many extra abilities, not that ahahahah

  595. 595
    jessica Says:

    Symptoms ive had for a while are: 1. Sense of heat and cold. 2. Tingling energy feeling in muscles mostly 3. Migraines 4 palpitations … the only symptom that is new is a pinching in the bottom of my head (nape of neck area)… the more i study, the more odd things ive experienced are found to be common to the kundalini awakening

  596. 596
    mayukh chakrabarti Says:

    I’m practicing pranayama and meditation for the last 10 years. In these years I’ve experienced many things. But I’m going to share the experiences that amazed me. Almost 1 year ago in every day after starting mediation, becoming like aggressive I was just starting to shout like a lion or tiger was roaring. It was spontaneous and was continuing almost the whole time of meditation. After some months this symptom had gone, but from the last few months whenever I meditate, my hands shake spontaneously and head rolls in both sides automatically.

  597. 597
    Phil Bluckert Says:

    I have been engaged in Kundalini yoga through Maya Fienne’s DVDs. On the whole, the practice seems to generate lots of benefits – some of which are on your list. However, I have been getting stiffness in the back of the neck for sometime, which causes discomfort, and wonder if there are practices to help correct this. Also, occassionally I feel too much pressure in the third eye region – is there anything I can do to ease the blockage? Also, after camel breath pranayama I felt a zone of pins-and-needles across my face, but only beyond what felt like a dead-circle, radiating around my front top teeth. I had a traumatic impact when I was a child and had nerves removed from these teeth as a consequence. Maybe seeing a teacher in person maybe handy – can you recommend anyone in Sheffield, UK?

  598. 598
    Gowri Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    I have joined your online yoga teachers training course a few days ago. All your articles are very well explained. I was going through the symptoms of kundalini awakening and came to know that I have had all the common symptoms you have mentioned here but never knew that it was this. I was so glad to note that I have experieced this during my practice. Am very happy to have taken up this course and sure will benefit a lot. Thanks ……..

  599. 599
    Aishwarya Says:

    Whenever I go to sleep, before i actually sleep, I hear sound of heavy wind blowing inside my body. Earlier, it sounded like waves in the sea but now a days it is like heavy wind blowing on my face and I cannot move my body at all. When this thing stops, I sleep soundly and wake up fresh. Is this Kundalini awakening? About an year ago, I heard the wind sound first, then it sounded OM as if millions of people are singing om together at a high pitch. I realised then that the Omkar is within us and we dont have to search it outside. I meditate on myself nowadays. It gives me peace as I dont have to concentrate on a particular figure or name. I think everybody evolve spiritually throughout their birth.

  600. 600
    Ada Says:

    On a weekday morning, I proceeded to get dressed to leave for the office after completing my daily meditation practice. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror fully dressed (including high heels, business suit, etc.), I suddenly felt a tingling on the arches of both feet. I stood still just feeling the sensation (by the way, I lived on a 2nd Floor). The tingling grew stronger and continued to rise, extending through every cell of my body until it reached the top of my head, where it felt as if invisible fingers were tickling the Crown Chakra until it dissipated. It lasted only seconds. Afterwards every thing looked brighter, there was an indescribable glow everywhere; I felt as if I was not touching the ground when I walked. I was feeling fine, so, I figured it would pass. However, it stayed with me all day. Work was easy that day…I could anticipate others’ moods; timing was perfect. It was an incredible day! Well, I still clearly remember two decades later! It has happened at sporadic times since then, but never with the same intensity. Little did I know at the time that the Kundalini had suddenly, effortlessly, and unexpectedly risen that morning.

  601. 601
    summer Says:

    I’ve experienced the RARE one!
    I’ve been looking for answers.. I’ve haven’t been the same since! This happened RIGHT before a long series of events in my relationship took place n I believe they were meant to happen to make me stronger.
    I keep having dreams that come true, I can hear Everything.. Its crazy but I need help or guidance!

  602. 602
    summer Says:

    BTW it was the most INTENSE and scary thing I’ve ever experienced! Sounded like a jet plane was in my living room the sound was so intense, my blinds started to shake and the light from outside got SO BRIGHT! and continued to get brighter, i got scared and tried to wake up and i felt like someone was holding my arms down, and i felt a sensation (hard to explain) of my chest (spirit energy?) being pulled towards the light. I panicked. All of a sudden, i was awake..When I fell asleep again, i had 2 dreams back to back that came true THAt night..

  603. 603
    Matt Says:

    I’m surprised wave-like undulations/modulations and pulses of energy isn’t on the list. It feels like the motion of a jelly fish. The energy waves travel through multiple senses or all the senses. Expand and contract movements. In this one instance, a pulse of energy pulsed in a wavy circuit around my chest and face, round and round. Such a unique and vivid sensation. Also cool breeze like sensation across the palms of the hands.

  604. 604
    hiro nakamura Says:

    i m doing kundalini awakening from the last one month…felt things like tingling muscle spasms..altered sleeping and eating patterns heat sensations and vibrations..more importantly i feel like some kinda wheel moving inside the ajna chakra…the heart chakra…throat chakra and buzzing sound in my ears..all the things are pleasurable…but i m confused all the time about it..am i doing this correctly is my kundalini awakening….reply plz

  605. 605
    godsnowhere Says:

    My story is a long one. For the past few years, I have had very bad back pain and I had started doing meditation on my own in my home to help with the pain. One day, my back went into spasm, and my doctor gave me a prescription muscle relaxant. I was also on an anti-biotic. I had started doing my regular meditation, but I had remembered a Youtube video that described astral projection. I thought I would try that technique, ‘just for fun’. Well…that’s when the cray-cray got out of control. So, as I was doing the ‘astral projection’ meditation, my body started rocking back and forth on the mat. Back and forth, back and forth and I was not in control of it. It wasn’t like a seizure, just a rocking. It felt as though my ‘soul’/'spirit’ was trying to get out and I FELT the energy moving up my spine and it felt like bands snapping. It reminded me of the scene in the Matrix when Neo is in the slime-pod and the cables that are attached to him snap off. Looking back now, I think it was my chakrahs opening. I felt the engergy trying to get out my third eye area and out of my head. For a few days before this, I had had the tingling itchy sensations, but I assumed it was the anti-biotic because one of the side-effects was itching. Then, the next three days were crazy. I thought that time went backwards, I had tachycardia, brachycardia, hallucinations, I thought I heard people cheering me on from ‘the other side’ . I also heard loud CRACKING. It sounded like my whole house was going to crack open, it was soooo loud. (maybe my pineal opening???). I thought I could control water and wind. I lived in metaphor and was thinking like GOD. I understood the fractal nature of our universe. I was lost in a sea of red and blue. Everything had MEANING. I hallucinated and saw my own self glow in the dark like Obi-Wan Kenobi. I could SEE the energy coming out of my hands… I kept saying I was a white light healer from S******. I could hear the Tibetan chimes ringing across the globe for me. I felt very cool, all over. I could smell the flowers in my garden, even though it was early Spring and the flowers were not yet blossoming and the windows were closed. I smelled incense though I was not burning any. I could see balls of light floating down the road. Water sparkled like liquid diamonds exploding out of my tap. I could hear everything. Needless to say, I ended up in the hospital where they labelled it acute psychosis, which I believed was due to the prescription medications mixing. It wasn’t until a year later, I went to a psychic just for a ‘fun reading’ and she asked me why I was off work. ALL I told her was that I was having trouble sleeping. Then she said, “last year you had a Kundalini Awakening. The doctors think it is one thing, but really it was a Kundalini Awakening”.

    The doctors were always curious why the hallucinations and strangeness lasted for so long. The meds should have been out of my system in a few days, but I was full on cray-cray for almost 3 weeks.

  606. 606
    Paul Says:

    For the past two years I’ve been meditating full-time, 8-10 hours per day, focusing on shamatha meditation. The two shamatha techniques I’ve been practicing are awareness of the space of the mind and its appearances, and full-body mindfulness of breathing. Early on in retreat, almost two years ago, I began noticing energy being drawn to my forehead, as if pulled there by a magnet. Sometimes it was a bit distracting or mildly uncomfortable, but I figured the issue would pass as I continued with the practice, deepening relaxation and so forth. However, it hasn’t resolved itself, and sometimes it can be quite painful like a tension headache, with soreness often building up in the tissue in areas of my scalp and face. Overall, my body, energy system, and awareness have become much more relaxed, stable, and clear than ever before in my life, and I feel great overall, but when I sit or lie down to meditate, or when I’m engaged in other activities requiring cognitive engagement, the discomfort in and around my forehead becomes quite a nuisance and has become a major obstacle to deepening my practice. The congested energy in the forehead seems to be the underlying issue, and the pain that I feel, which can feel like a headache, a sinus infection, soreness in the jaw, tingling on the top of the head, and a sore neck, all seem to be derivative problems. Even when I’m quite deeply relaxed and comfortable in meditation, I feel the energy being pulled to and congested in the forehead. I’ve tried everything I can think of for over a year, including all kinds of behavioral adjustments and shifts in my approach to practice, but it hasn’t gotten better, and I’m not even sure what the causes and conditions are that have given rise to it. I’ve also seen medical doctors and energy workers. Can anyone offer any advice to help me diagnose this issue and perhaps suggest what I can do about it?

  607. 607
    christine Says:

    Hi I’ve just come across this site. I googled “electrical waves through my body” as I have been experiencing many of the symptoms described on your site as Kundalini. Initially, I put many of these experiences down to the menopause but I wasn’t convinced that this was the sole contributory factor to what I was experiencing and this is why. Approximately 7 to 8 years ago after experiencing several emotional traumas I decided I needed to take up a hobby to take my mind off things and to channel negative energies into position energies. So, in short, I took up guitar lessons. The only way I can explain what happened to me on my first lesson was that I felt connected to the guitar and I felt as though this is what I should have been doing throughout my life as I immediately connected with the sound of the music and learned quickly how to play the guitar. I am now writing my own music and songs and I am working to finish my first CD at the age of 56!! However, during this time I experienced many of the symptoms of Kundalini Rising, which I did not understand and indeed was frightened by. Having read from your website I feel as though through learning music I have awakened my soul and my true self. I’m amazed at what I have accomplished to date and didn’t think I was capable of learning to play an instrument or learning to play and understand music. I would like to become more comfortable within myself and more confident in what I’m doing and to realise my full potential i.e. my true self. Can you offer any advice? Please let me know your thoughts and if indeed I have awakened Kundalini within me.. I’m very self conscious about the fact that I’ve taken up writing music and songs so late in my life but I almost feel reborn. It would be great to have your comments on this perhaps somewhat rare phenomenon. Many Thanks.

  608. 608
    AB Says:

    I have had two such experiences, both were very similar physically but the second time much more pleasurable. They were about 10 years apart.

    The first time occurred during a silent meditation retreat. My mind felt very focused and I was seemingly able to see the space between thoughts. At about that moment I felt suddenly like my body was compressing and moving. Then without warning an incredible bright, white, energy travelled up from my belly/navel region, shot up my spine and up out the top of my head. The light and energy was beyond comprehension, it was so intense. It scared the hell out of me!

    The second time was spontaneous, I was in the shower. Suddenly similar very intense energy shot up my spine and again out the top of the head. (This energy for me is very hard to describe, it is very bright and extremely strong, there is nothing else I have ever seen or experienced to relate it to.) But this time it came with the most intense bliss I have ever felt. For two hours I was essentially non functional, laying on the floor weeping with bliss. Nothing in my day to day experience can hold the minutest fraction of similarity to this experience. It was truly bliss beyond any comprehension.

    These were incredible experiences, but I am in no way enlightened or have special powers. I am grateful to have experienced this in my life.

  609. 609
    Scriptures says Says:

    Dear all I have been hearing all your stories , just like to let u guys know there are ancient scriptures talk about these experiences. Especially hallucination during meditation and waking up the chakras. It tells you not to linger on to those hallucinations , if you become fascinated by it it will occupy you and lead you to the wrong directions (going crazy). That’s why a lot people goes insane when searching for spirit and energy. The scriptures specifically tells practitioners not to see things or hear things. If u had it once its perfectly fine, but you have to tell your mind not to have it again. Or other spirit, not your own, will try to get a control of you, then you become those that lived in a mental house once they have complete control over you. It’s fine to feel physical changes within your body and mind(energy flowing ). And seeing just bright light, that is actually your spirit. But I try not go there not to see things as ancient scripture warns. So I do kudalini with my eyes open. It will let you avoid seeing hallucinations. If u see them ! Do Not Linger On Them! That’s what they warned us. Just let the energy replenish your body and mind it will help retreating your body. And be more aware of things you will become more intelligent and various emotions that are stronger than normal. It’s all part of the process don’t worry it has to do with open up the Charkras , these short emotions come with it, the body soul and mind changing emotions and hormones are also being affected. It’s natural during these processes, for example desire to know all things or feel being enlightened knowing all things, or desire urges, just know that they will come. Don’t think you are above everyone else, that u are better than others , scriptures warns that also. Some people fallen at this stage because they think they can be the guru, they knows it all…this stage is also dangers. So it teaches us to be humble at all times so we don’t fall to the wrong side. Believe or not this stuff is dangers. So there are a lot scriptures on keeping your self intact on track. Being humble is one important way~ not seeing stuff or hallucinations is another. If you see it more than once you should stop meditation and consult a teacher or pray to god for help getting rid of these things. As they might be possessive. Wish everyone good luck and be successful. Just remember not to see things and not to be boastfulness and be humble()

  610. 610
    chidimma Says:

    ive experienced some of all but mostly the rare ones. is this bad?

  611. 611
    Shiva Says:

    My kundalini has awakened 5 days ago. It is incredible. I started yoga last year in some ashram in Trivandrum, India and I felt the benefits of it. Healthier body, clearer mind. But this is beyond words. The final trigger was my desire of some occupied girl. I came to my lonely room in the evening and not knowing what to do with myself I went to my last resort. I closed my eyes, started focusing on my breath and suddenly I did an automatic yoga series of more than an hour and I think I could have continued till now. I have been practicing for hours every day and sometimes it is exhausting but the male seed that has clearly shown me it wants to be directed upwards seems to be divided in my body. After this my body gives myself a full massage and focusses itself on painful spots. In my case, as a “former” drug-and alcohol addict of only 26 years, it works a lot on my liver. I don’t know what the end of this will be, but I completely surrender to this force! Thank you Anmol, you are a hero.

  612. 612
    Marie Says:

    I initially experienced the kundalini when I regularly attended meditation seminars 17 years ago. It was a frightening experience because I could not find anyone to validate what I was going through. I ended up in the ER, had panic attacks and heat sensations, and became fully aware of the validity of chakras in the body. One day I sat down and had a talk with my guiding self: “Yes, I am grateful for this new awareness, however I need to go to work and school, and keep my life together. Let’s go a bit slower.” Eventually it tapered off, and of course, as all things go, I found myself missing it. I went on to finish my degree, acquired a family and a career, and life carried on with all its ups and downs. Now, the kundalini has returned, unbidden, but in a way, welcomed. I have ringing in my ears, and sensations of energy flowing throughout my body. I read spiritual articles and books, but am not involved with any regular yoga or meditation practice. The energy will stop at a particular chakra for several hours, and then move on or dissipate. Right now my heart chakra and midback areas are energized. Other times, the crown or mid forehead is stressed. I have had several interesting dreams. Sometimes I feel like I’ve taken a pain medication, and a sense of well being pervades. It’s as if my body and consciousness is being slowly woven into a spiritual self. However, I keep feeling like I should be using this energy in some sort of way. I am also a bit over emotional – I am trying to keep this in check. But then I say to myself, “Relax, it seems to know what it is doing. Sit back and see what happens.”

  613. 613
    Elizabeth Says:

    Um, I have a question. I haven’t done anything, yet I’m experiencing this, why is that? I’ve felt the tingling, cold in the system, mostly going down my right arm and into my hand, twitching of my muscles, burning, pressure in the Third Eye Region, sudden bursts of energy, rising up and elongating the spine, pain in the lower back, back of the neck and headaches, I keep seeing lights whenever I close my eyes, vibratory energy, and sometimes I arms churn.

    I’ve never learned anything about this, nor had I even known anything about it until I did some research. What should I do?

  614. 614
    Suzanne Says:

    After beginning a regular Yoga practice, I was on my way to the studio and I felt a static electricity buzzing on the top of my head, then I felt a “pop”, a release on the crown of my head, like a lid popped open and I felt all the fear, worry and anxiety just drain out of my heart. I never felt such a peace and relaxing state of being. It was amazing.

  615. 615
    Anonymous Says:

    I have experienced a few of these, the most noticeable however was when I first started meditating and my entire body became paralyzed. I thought I was dying, or being possessed. I freaked out and shook out my arms, and eventually was able to shake out my legs (since that’s where the paralysis started). I flicked on the light and sat there for a few minutes, then decided to try it again. Sure enough, the paralysis started creeping up my legs, and then I felt like my entire body had fallen asleep and then started that numb foot prickling sensation. I have no other way to explain it. I felt like I was getting whiplash but I wasn’t moving. Finally it ebbed away, and I felt just fine. In fact I felt more than fine, I felt in a constant state of stupefied happiness.

  616. 616
    Catc Says:

    I do believe that this is what started happening within me. a year and a half ago. I was going through a big life change and had a sudden emotional crisis (after doing research I believe it must have been the shattering of my ego). I spontaneously decided to meditate ( a practice that I had not done in over 10 years). My memory is foggy about the details but soon after starting to meditate and clear my mind I had experience of being sucked into a void of nothingness, for what felt like an eternity. When I woke up I felt the most intense love and feeling of beautiful interconnectedness with the entire universe!!! This feeling lasted for a few days and it was so incredible. What followed was very scary. I started to have intense nightmares and would wake up at 3am every night with the feeling of some sort of presence near by. I had intense mood swings and physical health symptoms which I believe was my body spontaneously cleansing itself. Friends and family started sending me messages of love and gratitude and commented on the fact that I had a beautiful glow. Since then, when I meditate or excersise I get an intense headache in my third eye region to the point that I feel like it is cracking open. Painful. Thank you for sharing this information. I will go find a guide or teacher who has experience in this to help me. Sometimes I am filled with bliss, other times I am terrified. Peace

  617. 617
    Bob Says:

    My very first Kundalini experience was as a one-off session on a yoga retreat. Being a little self-conscious I positioned myself at the back of the Shala at the back of the group. During the session I became increasingly aware of someone in the empty space next to me and assumed that, having my eyes closed, I had not noticed one of the group coming in late. After a minute or two I felt warmth on that side and was a little surprised that the person was so close to me given that there was so much space so opened my eyes for a second just to see who it was. There indeed appeared to be something next to me but it wasn’t a person in my group. I saw a figure much taller than me that appeared to be moving too. I continued to close my eyes for some time, concentrate harder on the kundalini and hoped that it would be gone the next time I opened my eyes! The next time I opened my eyes it still appeared to be there and I have to admit, I was a bit scared. At the end of the session, it appeared to just lower to the floor and disappear. It took me two days to approach the teacher to discuss the experience and understand what it was and why because I felt a little emotional and fearful, however, she took the time to explain Kundalini to me in more depth and reassured me. Since then, my outlook on life is changing and my priorities are re-ordering themselves. Although not wanting to sound dramatic, my life is changing around me and I am increasingly placing more importance on living. I am questioning the things in life than I used to just accept and learning more from my yoga practice. I am returning to a week long Kundalini themed yoga retreat later this year and hope that my knowledge and practice will be further enhanced.

  618. 618
    Tony Says:

    Body froze after meditation, felt the absence of Karma during this experience and my friend who was talking to me actually said he felt as if he where talking right through me, as he reached for me with his hand to touch me, as if I were a ghost. Seeing an event happen moments before it actually happened. Being able to smell, much like a blood hound, in that I could tell where the smell was originating from,even though it was all the way on the other side of the store, trace both its path and age with out having to walk to the source and see for myself. Recognizing the smell for its chemical make up and not just for it being what my memory identified it as, thus it smelled much like purfume or cologne. Feeling it move up my spine, first as a sort of wiggle, then skip and like a cool river winding and finally heard in the ears like the bongs of a drum. Animal dreams, prophetic dreams, even a dream that gave me the name Ephan, verbally heard. My surrounding slowing down, much like in the martial arts movies. At one time, able to turn of sense of pain, to where touch was just a dull touch. Raja yoga for a brief time. Dhurana, Dhyana and I suppose Samadhi. Saw the circle of Akasha once in deep meditation but did not enter because of lack of instruction and knowledge as to what it was. Dream yoga- Years later after much of this, I tried dream yoga, and it worked the first knight. Entered through a luminous skelleton like head, through the left eye ( akasha ) into a void where I felt only the warmth of myself and sensed the complete lack of life within this space other then my own. A few nights later, entered a similar space but this time I was the circle or inclosed by a sort of circle, in the darkness. Looking inward I saw a luminous body clothed in white linen, lying as if a sacrifice and floating before me as I looked inward towards center of the spherical presence I seemed to be within ( Atman ). It took me years of reading to even understand what I had seen until I read an occult book by Rudolph Steiner. Any how, I abandoned my practices of (deep medtiation ) and currently live like every one else. But back then things were much different. Hightened awareness, The sun feeling as if it were burning my skin. Smell, Taste, Touch, Hearing ( such as drums, wind and a roaring river in my head, all were effected. No fear of death. I made it to the fith chakra above the emotions and feelings and according to text I have read if I had not brought my spirit back down I may have reached the sixth were there is no return to a normal physical life. At this point I was aware of charkas and Rapture “the spiritual energy that passes through the chakras. I did not sleep for two weeks as the sense of sleep is an emotion and I was above emotions so I only observed my body resting and all the spiritual comotion that came to my awareness when the body went to rest. There was something that seemed like roaring fire in the crown of my head and one night when I decided I could not go on living like this, I invisioned cool rain poring down upon this fire like rain falling through my body. I felt the energy move back down through my heart like sparks of fire being ecstinguished and over the next few nights my awareness became more physically and mentally normal. Visualizations can be powerful in both raising awareness and lowering it. Well wishes to anyone who has hightened their awareness. Tony. Ephan – the name given to me in a recent dream.

  619. 619
    Harish Says:

    I was surprised (and happy) to hear about Gurdjieff’s experience on Kundalini. Gurdjieff has often publicly spoken against Kundalini(kinda buffer) and none of his books mention Kundalini.

  620. 620
    Romeo Baron Says:

    My Spiritual Awakening started in September 2011. I started experiencing profound physical symptoms, and it was definitely spontaneous. I started having lots of physical symptoms, and most of them haven’t stopped to this day. The first days I started hearing inner sounds, like a flute, drum, waterfall, beeping, buzzing, humming. Also sounds like roaring, whooshing, or thunderous noises and like ringing in the ears. Feeling tingling/pressure sensation between my eyes(third eye). Within the week I felt this Intense orgasmic energy rushing, like electricity circulating my body. I found out later that this experience is called a Kundalini Awakening. By the end of September 2011 I became disgusted by meat. By the next couple of months, on December 16th I went straight into veganism. That same day I started experiencing extrasensory perception; knowing, seeing other dimensions, seeing future scenarios of family members in dream state. The base of my head started to swell and I started growing two bumps above my eyebrows(photo in my facebook mobile album). In that same time frame I came across an article describing the 12 levels of light body activation, and I discovered I was in my 8th level of light body activation.

  621. 621
    CJ Says:

    Can someone please give me some peaceful and loving kind words regarding this kundalini awakening. It sounds terrifying and I’d like to view it in a different light. I stumbled upon this website after google searching the term. I’m trying to learn more about yoga, meditation, and deepening my spiritual awareness. And because I’m new to all of this, I’ll admit that this sounds like it would utterly terrify me if it were to happen. I hate when I recoil with fear so I’d appreciate if anyone can help. Thanks.

  622. 622
    Egirl Says:

    Please be aware that this is satanic. It’s a sneaky ploy to get you to be demon possessed. I did yoga and started having symptoms. Yes I Hadley’s of energy and bliss, but I’ve finally stopped having psychic connections to satanists and evil, evil people and events. Luckily, it was a chance for the most high God to warm me about new age things and other paranormal events that are also of the devil. Yoga is a Hindu practice and also done by sun worshipers. Please heed my warnings and stop doing yoga, meditation emptying your mind and other occultic things. It might feel good at first, but you’ll get hooked in and it will be too late. Satan and demons will flee if you command them “in the name of Jesus Chrust be gone” and mean it. Get yourself to a good bible-based church and start some other sort of exercise regime. I pray if you read this you will think about what I’ve experienced and written and get away from yoga, new age, occult and Theosophy.

  623. 623
    Deepak Says:

    Hi, I’m practising meditation from past 6 months while doing meditation I feel pain in the space between my eyebrows still my kundalini is not awakened. Can you please tell me the reason why I experience pain in the space between my eye brows.

  624. 624
    Sudie Says:

    I found this information very helpful and really appreciate the chance to share. I have had kundalini awakenings throughout my life, but the most recent one was the most intense and lasted about 30 days. The most terrifying part was the paralyzing decension of light (I experienced all of the rare symptoms in the those 30 days), but once I understood what was happening I relaxed and allowed what was happening to occur. I didn’t do much of anything over those 30 days, except sit in what some might consider meditation, but it was very active and full of visions. Eventually the mudras started and I slept very little, ate very little and was just “dancing” in the light. My path has been through the study of “A Course In Miracles,” and doing the workbook exercises. From a very young age all I was interested in was knowing God and answering life’s big questions like, “why am I here?” That pursuit paid off with many mystical experiences and the process I am undergoing now which I believe is a return to the light and being a vehicle for the Holy Spirit to work on Earth in human form. There is not anything to fear about this process. On the contrary it is ecstatic and wonderful in every way. My life is completely under the control of the Holy Spirit (Ajna Chakra) and miracles occur everyday for myself and those around me. If you are experiencing these symptoms, I recommend you just surrender and allow and don’t be frightened. It will be the most intensely wonderful experience of your life and will continue to unfold as you let go of resistance and allow it to unfold. What I am now experiencing which is just a few weeks since the end of the decension of light is what can be called a Phoenix process (rising from the ashes) where you get to “see” all of the unhealthy patterns in your life, feel the emotions around them (your walls and blocks against love) and then release them. If you have been through a kundalini awakening and are now experiencing intense negative emotions, know that this is part of the effects of the awakening. The light comes in to remove blocks of dark energy from your chakra system. If you surrender to the emotions and allow yourself to feel them and observe them with conscious presence they will move out of you with ease and grace. It takes anywhere from just a few seconds to several hours or days for these blocks to clear. It feels awful and very scary and there is a strong desire by the mind to resist what is happening, but if you can remember that it’s part of the process, and just surrender and allow, it will pass quickly and what is behind it is more love and joy and peace. Blessings to you. I hope my share has helped to ease your fears and move you through this wonderful experience with joy and peace.

  625. 625
    Sephina Says:

    I am enrolled in the teacher certification program and though I have done yoga for 12 years now Kundalini is new to me. I am fascinated by the entirety of it. This morning as i finished a kriya designed for women’s health, I noticed my heart ‘thudding’ in my chest. It wasnt fast or irregular but was so hard and loud to me. After a few minutes it began to subside as I rested in Shav Asana.

  626. 626
    Prince AMu Says:

    Mudras…….involuntary mudra signs, I come up with a lot of them and i never have to think about making one, it just happens.

  627. 627
    Jatindar Singh Says:

    My Experience.
    Complete immobility and rigidity takes place.
    And a string like pull upward from the center crown chakra. (Spritual Cord Pull)

  628. 628
    annaca16 Says:

    So I just meditated for the first time to cleanse my pineal gland. It was something I decided to try on a whim because my sister was telling me about how it works and what it does. She sold me on the fact that it needs to be cleansed because of all the fluoride in the water. So together we sat in her room and just put on some music that we found on YouTube like pineal cleanse or something and my experience freaked e out!

    What I felt in a matter of 30 minutes: Body getting heavy: CHEST, shoulders, arms legs, Breathing xtremly small and limited.

    My eyes started fluttering and the muscles in my face around them started to twitch. I thought I was having a SEIZURE or that maybe I PINCHED a Nerve the way I was sitting or something.
    I wanted it to stop and be relaxed but when I opened my eyes it wouldn’t stop I felt like I was being POSSESSED.

    I also started to rock from side to side, I don’t know why I did, I couldn’t help it. It was a natural thing for my body to slide into.

    A part of me wanted to call out to my sister so she could witness what was goin on but another part of me didnt want it to stop.
    This was during the part of the music that was deep humming going in and out. When this subsided and changed to more soothing, less intense vibration what I experienced changed as well.

    I tsarted to feel desire, like pleasure. Like sexual energy type of pleasure. I wasn’t thinking of anything or trying to masturbate. (Im a girl by the way) trust me, all I wanted was to relax and be stress free.

    When the music ended my sister stood up and stretched. I was aware of what she was doing and since the music stopped my trance like state kind of ended and I opened my eyes

    The after effect that I was feeling: my voice sounded different to me, the back of my neck felt a little sore and between my eyes, like where my eyebrows would meet in a uni brow? there was a slight pressure.

    I was FREAKED out, if you cant tell.

    Is this safe? Should I keep up with it? Any other experiences that can comfort me?

    If anything I just wanted to get this experience out there. I’m drinking lots of water now to try and soothe the pressure on my neck and forehead. Anything else I should know?

    I am extremely new at this.

  629. 629
    AB Says:

    Hello there! I ended up here when I could not find a reason for some of the things I have been experiencing.

    At the age of about 9 – 13, I started feeling a pressure just between and a little above my eyes. It came and went as it pleased and when ever I would have an, let’s say, “episode” , I would feel like I could not concentrate on a single point, visually. I mean I could not handle the sensation because it proved to be, somehow, overwhelming. This feeling would also return when I would conversate with people. It felt like I was receiving some sort of vibration from them which would somehow bring back this pressure right at the same spot. (Imagine the pressure to be circular, always). This caused a problem for me. I could talk to people perfectly, I just couldn’t hold my glance with them because making eye contact gave me a full voltage blast of vibration which would intensify the pressure. This is, fortunately, the only negative aspect I have ever experienced and I consider it negligible.

    The pressure did not bother my lifestyle or make things tough for me, it was just there and I learnt to live with it.
    NOTE: I never went to the doctor because I liked the pressure. It was soothing and a little painful sometimes. Really don’t know how to explain it any other way.

    Now I am 20 years old, and since that time I have learnt control over this feeling. Making eye contact is no problem. I can call upon the mild sensation of focused energy in the same spot and also control the intensity. When I start reaching maximum levels ( that’s what it feels like) , there is a wave that starts somewhere in the centre of my brain and rolls out in intense vibrations to a single point on top of my head and releases upwards. When this ends I feel a slight pressure on the top of my head and sometimes my eyes flutter. I feel extremely blissful and clear after this.

    Sometimes I can project this pressure inwards and just catch a vague glimpses of random objects rushing by. Objects I don’t recognise seeing anywhere.

    I am going to develop this further as it feels natural to do and somehow it feels like it’s only the beginning.

  630. 630
    Anonymous Says:

    Egirl, please contact me. I am very curious about your reply and feel you are close to the truth. Did you experience anything negative from doing kundalini yoga? I was just beginning but have felt so conflicted, and bit scared. Please write more.

  631. 631
    prakruti pathak Says:

    I just want to share my experience with you and hope for any advice you have for me. I am doing meditation for almost 4 yrs. After 2 yrs or so I experience during my meditation that my whole body was swaying side to side and it progressed faster and faster, it did not scare me but I was smiling at it, since I am going for enlightenment for my self. Then when I set in meditation my whole upper body would be like 10 feet tall I would be reaching for sky. this was also very joy full experience. Now I do see different color luminous lights when i go in deep meditation.
    I know I am far from the enlightenment but I do feel extreme peace if i go this deep meditation.
    Please kindly advise me that i am on a right path here, i have no one to ask this kind of things. But my life goal is to have enlightenment and see what it is and hope could teach to my kids some day.


  632. 632
    Prasad Says:

    It is sad that some people use fear to drive others to their ways. If meditation is expansion and love, why label it as Satanic? Isn’t it Chris the embodiment of love. Just because it originated in the east, some narrow minded people want to label it is as Satanic and trash whenever they can. I think any belief system that is not inclusive and fear based is only for control and hence satanic. Christ is love and the foundation of all religions is the same love. If you cut the superficial practices of religions, you see the oneness. Meditation helps to see that oneness.

  633. 633
    Anonymous Says:

    Enlightment is not possible to b achieved by taking classes..yes meditation relaxes us and many are making it a business… A person who moves in deep meditation and gets enlighted shall never ever be towards material world and desires because the only aim of humans is to get pleasure and the pleasure received after Enlightment makes U away from the world…. We b mad for the normal beings….

  634. 634
    Mark Says:

    The rise of the kundalini has been almost a complete annihilation of the outer self for me. I shouldn’t have been so surprised by this, as the Holy Breath/Spirit showed me this in a vision 20 years prior to this present awakening taking place within me. It is more then an awakening, it is a Union with this Divine Love which must infuse into all parts of the soul. This Pure Love is
    far beyond me to even comprehend: It is utterly sublime. It is expelling all that was created in the dark, which is me, the earth. But what IT offered is eternal Life which can never experience death again. I accepted that invitation, as IT asked me prior to the rise and awakening of the Kundalini. I am not even sure that
    the flesh can experience this Pure Love coming out of
    the center of the soul without doing great damage to it, as it is so immense and Pure, that at this moment I am
    not yet readied to receive It.What I have experienced of
    this Love is that it is an ecstasy that is ineffable.

  635. 635
    Hasanth Says:

    Sometimes I can see something which is totally freaky if I see my face in mirror for a long time is can see some changes in it and not only me everyone ……is this bad or good??

  636. 636
    Engineer Says:

    I am doing meditation and yoga from the age of 10……today as i mentioned that i am an engineer…but on my personal side…i have enlighted myself…now i am able to float any thing in air and i am able to read a book of pages 1024 in 10 seconds(recorded with a stop watch)…also i am able to read the thoughts of person in his mind…i know it sounds wierd and unrealistic..but yes i am able to do this…and this just an example analogus to an atom in water drop…i am now far ahead..and now i am capable to see future..yes!it is completely true and i am not saying any bull shit…

  637. 637
    Archana Says:

    While practicing sudarshan kriya yesterday I experienced tingling and numbness in hands and legs followed by muscle spasms , felt a weird sensation run in the spine area upwards as if something was pushing through , and legs and hands were writhing , my head literally got lifted off the floor, it lasted for a few seconds , followed by complete relaxation and extreme cold , it was something I had never experienced before , felt the little scared and went completely blank !!

  638. 638
    rahul Says:

    hello i feel always mucusls twistching, somthings moving in my inner body , headac every time , back and neck and soulder pain what is this can u rply me..

  639. 639
    Lisa Says:

    its like a clean fresh explosion of light building and erupting in and through you! Powerful!

  640. 640
    Kevin Says:

    First I’ll start with what ultimately made me dedicate to meditation, and then move on to my experience thus far.

    I recently went to the doctor after years (due to financial issues) due to a growing issue having to do with my left eye. It exhibited symptoms similar to pink eye or a bacterial infection, but I couldn’t seem to figure out what it was. The doctor ran some tests on my urine and found that I was lacking in vitamin D (not a surprise, as I am inside a lot doing computer programming). Additionally, she concluded that my thyroid gland wasn’t functioning properly and diagnosed me with hypothyroidism.

    I wasn’t surprised at all by this fact at all. I knew how I had been living for some time – eating unhealthily and smoking chronically – it only made sense I had problems, as I did it to myself. Subconsciously, I KNEW I signed that contract. So the doctor proceeded to prescribe me with a synthetic hormone that was supposed to “correct” the problem. I took it for a very short period of time only because my mom urged me to, before deciding I was through with that – I’ve never liked or agreed with unnatural “cures”. At this point I was inconsistent with my meditation practice (I may have stopped altogether), but I needed a solution to this problem of mine. After taking myself off the synthetic drug, I started looking for meditations to practice that would help me get to where I’m going as well as heal the years of damage I’ve inflicted. I bought the book a”The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness” and “Food for Health and Healing” some time before and used those to begin serious practice.

    I’ve only been meditating for 8 days consistently now, taking serious oath and commitment this time around. Within that practice, I do a set for the Eight Body early in the morning as soon as I wake up, and Silent Mind Meditation before bed at 9, going to sleep at 10.

    I feel I’ve experienced both conscious and unconscious awakenings, both in and out of meditation.

    The common conscious experiences include very bright light in my eyes during meditation that continues to brighten until my thought disperses it; slight tingling in various body parts (though mostly in my legs and arms); and occasional twitching. These are common conscious experiences for me.

    I have had one rare experience within the first 4 days I believe of my consistent practice. I was finishing up with the Eight Body meditation and relaxing on my back.This was probably the most relaxed I had ever been. The first thing I remember is a constant pulsing sound that resided primarily in my right ear, but I heard it throughout my whole head. I could not identify the sound as the only thing running at the time was a fan on low, and I knew what that sounded like. As I lightly focused on the sound, it got quieter and quieter, and simultaneously, my vision got darker and darker, to complete darkness. I could feel my hearing fading out and my consciousness by extension, I was just doing my best to observe. The darkness lasted for some time and I was slightly worried, but I didn’t let it interfere with the experience, I just continued to wait.

    After some time, the light was restored very gradually and what I saw was what I perceived to be the light on my ceiling, but it looked more like a ceiling fan, except I don’t have a ceiling fan. The center of the light/ceiling fan (the object I saw) was immensely bright, and it only grew brighter. And then the timer rang and I came out of it.

    After that session, I was very anxious to meditate again, but I haven’t had another experience like that. I hope to in the future though.

    Although I’ve always been very open and free in my mind, I always knew I wasn’t completely there; I still recognized the impurities in my thoughts and sought to correct them. I feel that my practice has unconsciously unlocked parts of my mind that were previously unused, and thus I feel even more free and pure than before.

    To expand on what I mean regarding my unconscious experience, I was a marijuana smoker to the point where I would smoke every day if possible. I began smoking around 15 or 16 for the wrong reasons (emotion-related reasons) and had been smoking ever since then – I’m 21 now. Some time down the line, I got over that emotional problem, but I continued to smoke for various reasons, including how it helped get away from my inner pain (both physical due to hereditary arthritis and radiation poisoning, and mental), how it allowed me to seemingly think more clearly and be more creative, etc. But that all stopped yesterday, on August 31st.

    For a few days prior to August 31st, my mind had been contemplating and going back and forth on whether I should stop smoking or not. I found myself searching for reasons to continue smoking under the veil of the opposite intentions, despite my being aware that it inhibits my inner growth. I’m sure I wanted to justify its use by any means.

    On August 31st though, the contemplation ended and I took action. It became clear that marijuana, however much good it could do for me, was indeed just another vice, akin to the alcoholic’s liquor. My mind made that fact apparent by constantly bringing it up, even though I would attempt to take my mind off of it, it would not allow me – that’s how I knew, from within, the decision I had made. That morning I gathered up all of my devices and tools related to smoking and removed them from my immediate range, and I officially declared I was done smoking for good to myself and to those whom I smoked with on the daily.

    To end, I love and have come to deeply appreciate meditation, and I can truly say I will be meditating for the rest of my time on this earth. Being a man of brown skin and a victim of radiation poisoning at (and before) birth at the ends of my own government, I have very deep ambition and commitment to see the world change for the better, and to be the catalyst that brings about that change. I went through a lengthy period of demotivation and times where I felt like the world could not be helped, where I wondered why I was born into this ugly life, and so on. But I see a light at the end of my path; I realized we are born at only the right time and for a specific purpose. My dedication and commitment to meditation and all that is good and pure represents my inner strength and desire to see my goals through and create a world of enlightened peoples. I am dedicated to creating this reality, and at the same time, making sure to take it one step at a time. With the continued guidance of the universe, the light spirits of the Heavens, and my inner guru, I am sure this reality will be realized in due time.

    I didn’t expect to write this much, but I guess that’s what happens when you are inspired. Thanks for reading and may you all continue to live good, healthy lives.

  641. 641
    Lavonda Says:

    You actually make it seem so easy together with your presentation but I find this topic to be
    really one thing which I feel I would never understand.
    It sort of feels too complicated and very huge for me.
    I’m looking ahead to your next put up, I’ll attempt
    to get the hold of it!

  642. 642
    alok Says:

    I have been practising meditation for 3.5 years. I feel intense pressure at Ajna Chakra (forehead between eyes)and Sahasrara Chakra (top of head) during meditation and even during the day whenever I focus on my breath. I am a bit scared. Can some one guide.

  643. 643
    Oscar Says:

    Since July 29 2015, the Kriyas (unvoluntary movments) have been appearing with intensety and I have never meditated before.

  644. 644
    Rajendra Oza Says:

    I am regular meditating since last 12 years.I have two different experience but I can’t decide that what this means
    ( 1 ).One time I feel my self total weight less like a small grain of rice.and filling I am falling in deep and deep I feel to stay longer in this state but I scared that may be some thing happen wrong and I broke myself my meditative state.
    ( 2 ) In my second experience happen during I was taking shower in my bathroom in standing under shower, at that time for a few seconds may be half minute or minute I forgot my total presence I don’t know where I am ? and than I feel I am taking shower but steel I not make decision that which side I am standing ? some thing feeling
    I am not deciding what these experience means?Can you please guide me?and reply on my email?

  645. 645
    biswajit Says:

    I feel head pressure specifically forehead area, like my brain is churning and moving inside, my spine and neck gets erected like my body will be lifted in the air but stil far from attaining that Samadhi state where minds gets destroyed. Tell me, please reply me via mail what is next and tell me have you achieved Samadhi.

  646. 646
    No Thought Says:

    I had been meditating nightly for about 3 years. Just quiet silent, eyes closed breathing in an upright posture. I think the experience started on my drive home. I witnessed the most beautiful sunset ever. I saw and felt every color, I was in traffic and didn’t care, I could feel the music on the radio and felt at one with every driver in every silver box on the road with me. Later that night I went into meditation. It wasn’t long before I reach a very long gap of no mind, just then I heard a very high pitched tone and the sound of a far away rushing river that was getting closer. I then heard a second tone even higher in pitch and the two harmonized. At that point, I felt swirling energy around me and the rushing river sound was growing louder. Soon the tones were joined by a third super high pitched beautiful tone and my lower back began to ache and burn white hot but not really any significant discomfort. I stayed with the breath and posture and the burning white hot sensation moved all the way up my spine. When it reached my head there was a very loud rushing river sound that overwhelmed everything real and in my mind’s eye I saw beautiful colors, lavender, orange and bright brilliant white light and the tones harmonized so beautifully. The sensation was beautiful. It was so beautiful I was smiling and crying at the same time. I stayed with the sensation for a while and felt this overwhelming sense of peace, of bliss and of compassion and Oneness. It was one of the best experiences of my life. For six months following, the sensation would return at various times and occasionally it still does only now it is subtle. The tones, I still hear but not all 3 like before and no rushing river. My hands and feet run very hot with energy every night and I just release it. I had no training and no trainer. It just spontaneously occurred. It was the very pleasantly punctuated ending to a very tough part of my life. I am grateful, infinitely so. Namaste.

  647. 647
    becky Says:

    HI. Wonderful finding this website. Thank you for taking the care in creating it.
    I can think of three different times I’ve experienced Kundalini rising. I find it interesting that it can rise and go back down again. I used to think that once it rose, that was it; and I didn’t realise as well that it can rise before one is ready.
    The first time was during an ayahuasca ceremony. I had been doing yoga regularly and also during the ceremony…Long story short I just ”shot up” for lack of better words. I suddenly had a complete understanding of life and the ”cosmic joke”. I found it wonderfully hilarious! :D I was singing sounds and vibrations that changed things around me physically. I could see people’s vibrations and their animals or creatures that were apart of them. I saw their state of minds shape and morph their physical appearances. I sensed what others needed and was able to give in the moment. I saw intense white light. I sensed or felt or ”saw” beings like the presence of the Divine Mother, or Mother Mary, or Sophia or Gaya…I married myself, I said ”I do..I do I do”. I said ”Yes” to myself. I married God that day.
    This lasted about a month. Everything was magic. I didn’t need sleep or food. Rainbows made a path for me…choirs sang. I couldn’t stop praying. I was on my knees and the ground a lot. People said I was glowing and sparkling. It was the most magical part of my life thus far in that sense! I found I couldn’t be around others without feeling my energy hugely affected. Oh yeah another thing is that I spontaneously stopped smoking cigs and weed; eating meat; drinking milk. It seemed a piece of lettuce was sufficient! People said I needed to ground myself but I didn’t want to…but I did need to go to the grocery store and it just seemed like the most absurd thing to me! After a month I started to come down.
    At some point I started doing more Kundalini yoga where I begin to experience seeing through snake eyes. They were behind my eyes. It seemed like another presence in me that was not me. Once I became afraid because I felt the energy rising up as I was doing a kria and felt that presence…it was so intense and I didn’t know if it felt sinister. I was seeing through the snake eyes and felt this kind of sinister smile behind my own mouth. (! What is that?) I stopped it from coming all the way up because I questioned if it was dark and I was frightened. It was hard to stop. It was like trying to stop and orgasm. But the next night at a San Pedro ceremony she came all the way up and I felt like I had turned inside out where my Spirit was on the outside. It felt like a complete spiritual orgasm. This is what it looked like: My breath took over; didn’t seem i had control over it. I felt my whole body tingling with energy that was just rising and rising up my whole body, then my body started tickling inside and I started twitching uncontrollably. Once it happened I was in tears and saying, ”Inside is out outside is in” over and over and said I wanted to use my hands for helping or something like that. Again, the light seemed to be following me…even others said it. I became so sensitive though to everything and very emotional. I still had fear.
    And here I am now, beginning Kundalini yoga again, after having stopped while continuing with Vinyassa yoga and gentle practice with meditation. I feel more energized than before the kundalini had risen.
    I’ve had a lot to learn and integrate over the last while. I realised the importance of grounding myself. I think I had the experiences the way I did because I wasn’t grounded. It wasn’t super productive but an amazing experience none the less and I did get to see the absolute bliss that is possible and the unbelievable power of the human spirit…or ego…or potential…or ….? Words…
    I have had some other experiences that were just as amazing but I don’t know if they were kundalini risings. :)
    All the best for us fellow humans.
    Lots of love and peace your and my way.

  648. 648
    Anonymous Says:

    I used binerual beats to activating third eye but it is very bad experienced tingling and numbness in hands and legs followed by muscle spasms , felt a weird sensation run in the spine area upwards as if something was pushing through , and legs and hands were writhing in the bed time

  649. 649
    Priya Khanna Says:

    I would like to share the my experience with you. Please let me know is it kundalni awaken or something else. I started the Durga Saptshati Path as I am hindu so I am firm believer in Lord Shiva and Durga Maa.

    One day i felt like something revolving inside me and its very pleasant and very peaceful. It happened only for few seconds or one minute.

    Then it happened again after 5-6 days when I seated for mediation after durga jaap. But i am not getting what is it? i am searching on evewhere on net and reading all the related articles about kundalini awaken. But did not get teh answer how I can increase this duration how I can get to know about it more deeply.

  650. 650
    James Says:

    I need help. I can push on something behind my eyes. I made up my own exercise because i didnt read it online. I had this idea one day where i would exercise holding my breath but pretending to continue breathing with the willpower of or urg of my breath. Even though, i was holding my breath and not breathing. I would focus on pulling in and pushing out. Now, it feels like a bicep and i hear a ringing, and since i intesified it recently, i hear poping and it feels like a headache sometimes…but only when i pull, it goes away like normal again and no headache when i stop….i think its my third eye…and i can physically feel these dead icky parts, that i never felt before….its enough to make me go vegian and drink water, and change my lifestyle….

  651. 651
    James 2 Says:

    I need help. I can push on something behind my eyes. I made up my own exercise because i didnt read it online. I had this idea one day where i would exercise holding my breath but pretending to continue breathing with the willpower of or urg of my breath. Even though, i was holding my breath and not breathing. I would focus on pulling in and pushing out. Now, it feels like a bicep and i hear a ringing, and since i intesified it recently, i hear poping and it feels like a headache sometimes…but only when i pull, it goes away like normal again and no headache when i stop….i think its my third eye…and i can physically feel these dead icky parts, that i never felt before….its enough to make me go vegian and drink water, and change my lifestyle…. but i also can make this bliss go up from the middle of my back on command everytime i will it…and it goes up to the top of my head and it feels like flowers…as it “physically” really feels like this, not imaginary. Not a made up belief….its a physical sensation…that i know…can be measured because of the way i feel it..for sure. Its on command…like a limb or leg…its crazy. I never thought it was like this…so real…

  652. 652
    Tyanna Says:

    So this happened June 12, 2016. I woke up in the night due to being too hot to sleep which is common for me. I went downstairs where it was cooler and couldn’t fall asleep really. I was asleep but I didn’t know it. I swear I felt my dog jump up onto my lap. I felt her pressure, heard her snuff, and heard her collar shake. I reach out to pet her but she wasn’t there. Before I know it I experience this immensely pleasurable sensation from my brain, down my spine, to my vagina and clit. I almost had an orgasm it was amazing (I hadn’t seen my husband for over a week at this point). It was warm and tingly like nothing I had felt before. I imagined my spine as a bright red full of life giving blood. I can districtly remember a strong pulse in my forehead where I could hear and feel every pulse of my veins and such. And before I know it (no I had not climaxed) it was gone and I had become paralyzed. I tried to call for help and my lips moved but no sound came out. I literally could not move anything. So I layed there and prayed there wasn’t evil doing this to me. Before I knew it I was awake, but it was so strange because I thought I was awake. Then I slept normally with vivid dreams. But I typically always have very vivid dreams where I experience strong emotions and thematic situations. I will say that for a while my dreams have hardly been pleasant as I always deal with a situation or drama.
    Please help as I want to know how I can develop this and what it even was.

  653. 653
    vinod Says:

    i have started close eye meditation from 1 month, am feeling pressure in my hand with in 5-10 min, tingling in my third eye position, pressure in my head and feeling ants moving in my face & head. can any one answer whats happening for me..

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