Kundalini Yoga Exercise for Overcoming Deep Seated Fears

Kundalini Yoga for Overcoming Fears

No Fear of Death & Fearlessness

A great thing about Kundalini Yoga exercises, is that sometimes the same exercise has some nice variations which can help one accomplish a wide range of goals.  Some of these variations come in the form of simply a different breathing pattern, which allows for different effects to be achieved.

Last week I added the sixteenth exercise to the Free Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises E-book, the simple yet wonderful Cat-Cow Kundalini Yoga Exercise for Emotional Health.  This beneficial exercise is in itself worth incorporating into a daily yoga routine, and done with the variation below, it can also be a valuable technique for fighting deep seated fears, including the ultimate fear of death.  It helps build in one no fear and fearlessness.

Yoga for Fighting Fears Video


Kundalini Yoga Cat Pose for Fighting Fear 

Illustration #1: Kundalini Yoga Cat Pose 


Fear Fighting Yoga Cat Technique Practice Details:

a. Step-by-Step Instructions for Fear Fighting Cat Technique:

  • Come onto the floor on all fours.  Make sure your hands are directly under your shoulders, about shoulder width apart and knees are directly under your hips, about hip distance apart.

  • Next bring your head down and your chin towards your chest as you arch your back up like a cat (pressing your stomach up as in illustration #1).

  • After coming into cat pose inhale fully then EXHALE and HOLD YOUR BREATH OUT.  With your breath held out, start to pump your stomach as many times as you can at about 1 pump a second or a little faster.  Pumping your stomach means to pull/suck in your stomach front wall towards your spine and then releasing it.  You can see this aspect of the exercise in the following video as well Infinite Energy & Prosperity Meditation Technique.

  • Do as many pumps as you can with your breath held out and then take a deep inhalation, then exhale completely once more and repeat the cycle.  Do as many cycles as you like.

b. Duration for Fear Fighting Cat Technique:

  • 1 minute – 11 minutes.

c. Benefits of Fear Fighting Cat Technique:

  • Helps fight fears and clears the diaphragm and abdominal region of emotional garbage.
  • Very good for the digestive system.
  • It helps expand and build the nervous system.
  • When the exhale/pump phase is done for longer periods of time, it can help one fight the fear of death and build in one great courage and fearlessness.

d. Practice Tips for Fear Fighting Cat Technique:

  • Initially do not overdo this exercise.  Only hold your breath out for as long as comfortable.
  • Once you feel stronger and confident, hold your breath and try to stay relaxed even as panic comes to the system due to breath deprivation.  Please be intelligent and use common sense here and DO NOT push too much.
  • Incorporate this exercise at the end of doing Cat-Cow.  It is an easy way to build it into your daily practice

Online Kundalini Yoga Kriyas Using Fear Fighting Cat Pose:

  1. Spinal Warm-up Kundalini Yoga Kriya  (uses Cat-Cow).

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20 Responses to “Kundalini Yoga Exercise for Overcoming Deep Seated Fears”

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  1. 10
    Sikaal Vrenssen Says:

    Yoga is so powerful for so many things. I like to work with EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, myself, which also combines the emotional and physical energy bodies, with the mental and spiritual energy bodies. The fear is tapped away by using the fingertips on stress release points of the body.
    Natural Fear Therapy EFT Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

  2. 9
    Tripspelletje? - Pagina 3 - 9lives - Games Forum Says:

    [...] Als je een kick wil, kan je ook, als het eens 30C is, wat koud water in je oor laten druppelen. Of als je wilt CO in je longen wilt voelen -> Yoga for Overcoming Deep Seated Fears | No Fear of Death (maar daar ben ik mee gestopt, ik vertrouwde het niet helemaal) [...]

  3. 8
    Ooma Says:

    Dear Anmolji,

    Since the time I had been to your site I had made it my Home page. And I have started doing many of the yogas. I am a bit confused as for the sequence I should follow. Can You please help. Following are the yogas I do.

    2.cat cow
    3. eagle
    4. Liver detox.
    5. Opening the third eye Om meditation
    6. Practicing Prosperity Meditation Technique:

    Apart from this I do the 5 chakra clearing exercise from another source… “fountain of youth” by Peter kelder.
    I also do the Kapalbahti( 15 to 20 mins) and anulom vilom (10 to 15 mins).

    I do want to focus on clearing my chakras… living a life without fear and insecurities and have good health.
    Want to do continue with Meditations and finding the calmness of mind.

    Please let me know how should I do the above yogas and in what sequence.

  4. 7
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Ricardo,

    1. For pump. Just pull your stomach inwards sharply. So you are just sucking in your stomach and releasing it. The rest of the back/torso does not move.

    2. Yes that sequence is good. I like it.


  5. 6
    Ricardo Says:

    Hi Anmol, I have a doubt here, how exactly should I do that pump movement?
    Also I want to try this following series of excercises, is this a correct order?:
    - cat cow
    - cat technique
    - kapalbhati
    - shouder fly kundalini exercise
    - eagle pose

    I have been facing a lot of worry and inability to love lately.
    Hope this can help.

    Warm regards

  6. 5
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Sabina,

    Please do them in the following order…

    Surya Namaskar
    Archer Pose
    Eagle Pose

    Glad you are enjoying the website and starting your yoga practice.

    All Good Wishes,

  7. 4
    sabina Says:

    hi anmol,

    great site. i have been inspired to start a yoga session every morning. i plan to do the following : the cat cow pose, the eagle pose (along with the breath of fire ), the archer pose and surya namaskar. what would be the best order to do them?

    thanks for a wonderful site.

  8. 3
    Love Mind Body Spirit » Blog Archive » Kundalini Yoga Jesus Pose for Inner Strength & Sacrifice Says:

    [...] Previous in series [...]

  9. 2
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hey Tom,

    I find this exercise is particularly helpful for us meditators, especially as we have to often deal with long lasting spontaneous breath suspension during deep meditation.

    Glad you are finding some useful techniques here.


  10. 1
    Tom Stine | Living from Consciousness Says:

    Very cool, Anmol. I’m going to have to give it a try. I’m an on again, off again, yoga practitioner. I like simple poses and processes like this one, though. Especially ones I can actually do. I’ll let you know how it works.

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