6 Safe & Natural Weight Loss Solutions

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Safe & Natural Weight Loss

Weight Loss Solutions

Yoga for natural weight loss is certainly a proven method now, and is being used extensively in both the East, as well as catching on in the West as well.  The weight loss solutions that come from this profound science are both safe and healthy, and you will find such information in the following program which is quite popular here on Mastery of Meditation & YogaFree Online Healthy Weight Loss Yoga Program, which uses the potent Health Weight Loss Online Yoga Exercises Set

Yoga certainly provides the physical aspect of a natural weight loss program, but adding to that the dietary wisdom of Ayurveda, the metabolic wisdom of Yoga Pranayama and emotional wisdom of Kundalini Yoga Meditations can really help accelerate your progress.  So in this article I will give you some additional safe and natural weight loss solutions that come from these wonderful disciplines.

Previously the article, 5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips from Ayurveda, provided general Ayurvedic guidelines and techniques for weight loss, but in today’s article I will give you 2 very specific dietary tips you can apply to help you achieve these goals.  In addition, I will provide 2 great Yoga Breathing Exercises which are excellent for weight loss, as well as give 2 yoga meditations which will help you stop emotional eating by filling you up with love and joy instead.

I provided some of these tips in the free monthly newsletter previously as well (sign up by entering your email in the top left corner), but thought it would be nice to publish them on the website too, since summer is around the corner and it’s time for all of us to get into beach body shape .

6 Safe & Natural Weight Loss Solutions:

A. Meditations to Help Stop Emotional Eating & Promote Natural Weight Loss:

You need to fill your life with love, so you don’t feel the need to fill your body with food!  Often eating is a substitute for lack of love and happiness in one’s life.  It becomes an escape when one is feeling down and depressed.  The following articles detail some great solutions for loving yourself more and activating your Heart Center to allow more joy to flow through you.  This will help counter issues with emotional eating, which can derail even good weight loss plans.

B. Yoga Breathing Exercises for Healthy & Safe Weight Loss:

The following 2 yoga breathing exercises are great for burning fat, increasing metabolism and helping with weight loss.  Pick 1 or pick them both.  They are great to add to your daily yoga or fitness program.  There are widespread weight loss success stories with the use of these pranayamas.  The key is to do them consistently and make them a part of your daily routine.  In addition to helping solve your weight issues, these breathing exercises bestow a bevy of other great benefits as well.  

3. Kapalbhati Yoga Pranayama  

4. Bhastika Yoga Pranayama

C. Ayurveda Diet Tips to Help Promote Natural Weight Loss:

If you are not familiar with Ayurveda, which is the ancient Indian science of health and longevity, you can read the following article, Introduction to Ayurveda – The Science of Self-Healing.  You can get more Ayurvedic tips for weight loss in the following article – Healthy Ayurvedic Diet to Burn Fat and Lose Weight.

5. Drink Hot Water with Honey:
First thing in the morning drink a glass of hot water with one teaspoon of honey.  In addition, use this drink to counter hunger whenever you need.  This will help your elimination system as well as help you burn fat.

6. Add Hot Spices to Your Food:
Making your food a little spicy will help ignite your digestive fire, improve circulation and generally help counter the accumulation of fat.  Don’t overdo this though if you have issues with heat related gastric issues.

Summary of Safe & Natural Weight Loss Solutions:

The key aspect for safe and successful weight loss is integrating healthy solutions into your daily routine which you can stick with over the long-term.  From the above list I would strongly suggest using all the tips to jump start your weight loss program and then keeping up with the powerful techniques, such as the yoga pranayamas for the long haul.  Natural solutions such as this, produce no ill side affects and as I mentioned above, help you in achieve much more than just weight loss.


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    Main thing is to drink water because a lot of times we can confuse thirst with hunger.

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    Don’t really feel like adding hot spices into my diet. But indeed, yoga is a great way to lose weight, one of my cousin manage to lose about 30kg only with yoga!

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    Regarding honey -my visit to honey farm in Bangkok-best to dissolve honey in warm water and not to use metal spoon-toxic due to chemical reaction etc…Liane

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    All this is interesting and losing weight is much easier when people have daily schedule with their workouts and rituals, also to make all process go faster in following website there are some good tricks to lose weight too.

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