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In this part of our all natural detoxification program, I want to focus on two very important aspects of full body detoxification – liver detox and firing up your digestive system.  In part 1 of this series, Detox Diet Mistakes, I not only provided a list of incompatible foods, but also stressed the importance of building your digestive fire in order to prevent the build up of toxins in the first place.  Today’s article will teach you precisely such a technique, which is excellent for your digestive system and also, has the additional benefit for being a great liver detox technique.  Best of all, it is a completely natural way to cleanse the liver.

Natural Liver Detoxification:

Liver detoxification is an absolute must if you want to live a healthy, disease free and long life.  The liver is the largest organ in the body, and quite possibly the hardest working as well.  Our life style and diet choices often put this organ under immense stress and it is very important to give the liver much deserved love and care from time to time.

The liver is the most important organ for neutralizing toxins in the body and helping the body detox.  And although that is one it’s key functions, the liver has many other important roles as well.  It participates in the metabolic process, plays a role in digestion, stores energy, vitamins and minerals for us, and also plays a role in immune function.  The list goes on.  So, cleansing and taking good care of your liver is a must.  Detox the liver, so it can help you detox your body.  You can find more information on this most generous and hard working organ here: Liver Wiki.

Digestive Power:

According to Ayurveda, a strong digestive fire is your best defense against toxins.  A digestive system that is functioning well, will prevent the buildup of undigested food mass and also prevent the buildup of toxins.  So along with cleansing the liver, improving the digestive system is essential for setting a good foundation for living toxin free.  This particular technique, as mentioned above is great for these two purposes and so can play a very key role in any detoxification program.

This particular detox technique, is called Pavan Sodhung Kriya, and will be part of the following 3 free e-books here on Mastery of Meditation, as it is a Kundalini Yoga exercise, a full Kriya, as well as a Hatha Yoga technique: Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises, Free Online Kundalini Yoga Sets & Hatha Yoga Poses e-book.

Benefits of Liver Detox Technique (Pavan Sodhung Kriya):

  1. Excellent technique to Detox and Cleanse the Liver.
  2. Very good for improving and building the Digestive System.
  3. Expels gas and helps prevent bloating.
  4. Cures constipation and other digestive issues.
  5. Builds the abdominal muscles and tones the stomach (a lot ).
  6. Balances the Navel Chakra.
  7. Bestows Willpower and Strength of Character.
  8. Expands the Pranic Body
  9. Helps fight deep seated fears, including the fear of death.
  10. Builds lung capacity.

If you were debating whether or not to include this kriya in your detox program, that list above should put any indecision to rest .

Natural Liver Detox Illustrations:


Natural Liver Detox Illustration #1


Natural Liver Detox Illustration #2


Natural Liver Detox Illustration #3

Liver Detox Technique Cautions:

Although this is a completely natural way of detoxifying the liver, some caution is required since the technique using breath retention (on inhale and exhale).

  • Do not hold your breath longer than you are comfortable doing.  Build up your capacity slowly over time.  Start with just a few seconds and then go from there.  This applies to any technique which using breath retention.

  • Be careful of your lower back and use the modification I have shown to support it while doing this practice as well (placing the hands underneath the buttocks). 

Liver Detox Technique Practice Details:

  • Lie on your back and close your eyes.  Place your hands, palms facing down, underneath your buttocks to support your lower back as I have demonstration in illustration # 1.

  • Now inhale deeply, hold your breath as you raise your legs to 60 degrees as I have shown in illustration #2.  As I mentioned, start with just a few seconds and build up to 15 seconds if you can.  So hold this position with your breath held in for as long as comfortable (up to 15 seconds).

  • Now exhale as you bring your knees in towards your chest as I have shown in illustration #3.  Hold this position, with breath held out for up to 15 seconds.

  • Now return to the position in illustration #2 as you inhale.  Again hold it for up to 15 seconds with your breath held in.  If it starts to feel tough, remember how happy your liver is that you are doing this, and how much better you will feel after you detox your system.

  • Finally, lower your legs and return to the starting position as you exhale.  Now remain in this position for up to 15 seconds with your breath held out.

  • Next inhale and move back to illustration #2, and hold for 15 seconds, and continue to repeat this cycle for the duration of the time.

Liver Detox Technique Tips:

  • I mentioned in the benefits section that this technique can help you fight fears, and that is essentially the result of the breath retention aspects of this exercise.  Once you start to get more confident, you can elongate those breath retention periods, and try to stay calm as you feel panicky during these periods.  This applies primarily to when you have your breath held out.

Natural Liver Detox Summary:

    Making Pavan Sodhung Kriya a part of your practice from time to time, is really a great way to keep toxins away and cleanse your liver and body.  This sequence is so good that it is considered an entire set all on it’s own.  If you really want to detox your liver, build your digestive system and get six pack abs, you can build up to 31 minutes straight.  I would suggest though to start with about 3 minutes and then go from there.

    Time to show your liver some love, after all the love it has shown you .

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    1. 37
      Mohamed Says:

      Hi Anmol,

      I practiced Sodarshan Chankra Kriya for 2 days and stopped due to constipation.

      I really love to do this practice, unfortunately, due to keeping breath held in, pumping Navel, constipation occurs.

      what would you advice?

    2. 36
      Andres Says:

      Hi Anmol,
      I’ve been having digestive issues and i started doing the golden nugget kriya. Combining this live detox with the golden nugget (beginners version of course ) would be too much ? Or is it great for me?
      Have a great Day.

    3. 35
      saravanan Says:

      dear Anmol …this website is jus awesome & have never seen anything complete as this . am practicing them regularly .

    4. 34
      minoo Says:

      v.informative and terse.

    5. 33
      Marta Says:

      This really works! I have to take medication that affects my liver – when I started to do this Liver Detox exercise my liver enzymes come back low to normal every time – I can’t thank you enough so I’ll thank you once – Thank you!
      Sat Nam

    6. 32
      Abby Says:

      Dear Anmol,
      Thank you very much for posting this very useful Kriya and that too free for everyone.
      My liver function tests are normal; but I still want to do it to maintain good health as there is a risk to the liver from an important medicine that I take.
      When I started this, I held my breath for 11 seconds and did about 6 cycles. After 4-5 days, I started feeling nauseous. If I stop practicing the Kriya, then I dont feel nauseous.
      I follow all the instructions clearly; but I still dont know why the nausea is coming. can you help?

      thank you,

    7. 31
      austine Says:

      dear anmol
      what a wonderful service to humanity !thanks for such priceless info regarding the liver detox ,my liver test reports are quite high i have the same concerns as Sylvia I want it to come to normal so besides Pavan Soudhang Kriya can you suggest any other poses( the upper body twist doesnot help) Also is there something for incontinence and repeated UTI infections

    8. 30
      mantra yoga Says:

      Thanks! detoxifying the liver is needed by the body to prevent liver diseases.

    9. 29
      ramakrishna Says:

      what is the difference between this and Pavanmuktasana?

    10. 28
      Ted L Says:

      There’s a new Maqui Berry super food on the horizon that reportedly is more beneficial than those currently available. It also has powerful antioxidant and detox qualities.

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