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Kundalini Syndrome Symptoms

Grounding Kundalini Energy

Although raising Kundalini Shakti (Energy) is the goal of many practitioners and yogis, sometimes if kundalini has prematurely risen or if the energy is too much to handle, the very opposite is needed.  The energy needs to be grounded and Kundalini needs to be brought back down.  From time to time I am approached to help in such situations and as I mentioned in the article, Kundailni Shakti Help and Advise, I would put together a guide for how to deal with this type of Kundalini Syndrome and how to manage such kundalini problems.  So in this article I would like to offer you some ways to deal with this condition and reduce the affects of kundalini if they are getting unmanageable.

Before I present the tips below I would like to direct you to 2 articles which will go long way in helping you avoid Kundalini Syndrome in the first place, by ensuring that Kundalini awakening takes place is a safe and natural way.  These 2 article are, 10 Guidelines for Kundalini Yoga Practice and Dangers of Kundalini Yoga.  These 2 articles will give you the right way to approach Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini Awakening.

In general, the majority of people suffering from Kundalini Syndrome, who have approached me, have practiced Chakra Meditation exclusively and excessively.  So please we weary of doing that.  Don’t just focus on doing Chakra Meditation and Chakra Striking.  Instead focus on doing a balanced yoga workout and living a balanced spiritual life.  This will help avoid the issue of premature kundalini awakening.  Also, there are other tips in the above articles to help you avoid kundalini problems such as abstaining from drugs, etc, which are definitely worth knowing about. 

Here below are 7 useful ways to help control kundalini energy if indeed she has gotten out of hand and is causing your grief.

Treating Kundalini Syndrome Problems:

1. Be with Nature:

The essential goal with regard to grounding kundalini and alleviating kundalini syndrome symptoms has to do with bringing down the energy and lowering the frequency of it’s vibration.  So some of what is going to be suggested is going to mirror what you would do when trying to heal and balance the Root Chakra, and in that regard, reconnecting with nature and earth is very helpful.

So spend time in nature, especially near trees and the earth, and you will find this very useful in bringing down the energy.  Try to be as close to nature as possible, so sitting up against trees or walking barefoot on the grass is what you should be trying to do. 

Along the same lines, gardening or other landscaping activity which gets your hands dirty are also highly recommended.  Go ahead and do some potting and weeding.  Not only will you get your garden in shape, you will also start to manage kundalini.

2. Do Physical Work:

As indicated above, the objective is to get yourself back into the body and reconnected to the earth and one of the good ways of doing that is with physical labor.  So if you are suffering from too much kundalini, then counter it with such laborious tasks.  Anything that requires physical work will help.  Carpentry, construction, painting, etc are all good to do.  Any interest of yours that also requires physical work is good to do.

3. Do Physical Exercise:

If your condition allows you to exercise, I would certainly recommend doing so.  This has the benefits of making you more body oriented as the method above, but in addition it will also help you fight any anxiety the kundalini syndrome might be causing.  If you are able to exercise, you will feel more confident about your health and so will not be so stressed and fearful about what is happening in the body.

4. Eat Full Meals:

Proper and regular diet is always recommended for good health, and in the case of dealing with excessive kundalini energy, eating bigger heavier meals will help you feel more grounded and settled.  Again, as you can see, the goal is to feel more in your body and more connected to earth and your life, and food is certainly a strong source of this connection. 

5. Avoid Stimulants:

If kundalini energy is out of control then you do not want to stimulate her further.  So it is important to abstain as much as possible from stimulating foods and drugs.  So during this time, alcohol, drugs, coffee, tea, etc should be avoided.

6. Take a Break from Your Spiritual Practice:

As tip number 5 above, you want to stop stimulating the energy and so it is important to take break from your spiritual practice until you feel you can better handle the energy and the situation.  This step here is a very personal decision, but generally speaking, if you are suffering from kundalini syndrome, then your practice might very well be out of balance, and so it needs to be re-evaluated anyway.

Often, the aspirant is doing too much mantra/chakra meditation or perhaps is listing to Binaural Beats, etc and not balancing their practice with physical yoga and simple spiritual activities, so in these cases it is certainly recommended to stop what they are doing and establish a more sound and balanced practice.

7. Rest and Relaxation:

Sometimes kundalini is working within you and you just need to relax and give her a chance to do what needs to be done.  In these cases you need to trust her intelligence and give your body a chance to go through the cleansing and purification taking place.  In general, being relaxed is very important when dealing with kundalini, as getting anxious and worried about kundalini awakening symptoms only makes the situation worse.  This is often why in the past, kundalini yoga was practiced in an ashram or monastery, where you have the time and space for proper kundalini awakening to take place.

Another good way to relax, which also helps to calm kundalini is to take warm baths.

Summary of Treating Kundalini Syndrome:

Kundalini awakening is a very personal journey and the experiences vary considerably form person to person (read Kundalini Awakening Symptoms).  So you have to listen carefully to your own body and heart to see what is the right course for you.  If though the energy has become too much for you and the symptoms are causing you trouble, then the above guidelines can help you get things back under control.  Some of this will be trial and error, but in general the above tips have worked well for others to whom I have recommended them.

If you are suffering from kundalini syndrome, worrying will not help, so try and trust the process that is taking place, while at the same time acting intelligently and taking steps outlined above to ground the energy.  There are even more ways to help bring the energy down and in a future article, I will share those with you as well.

If you are someone who has dealt with Kundalini Syndrome and have overcome the difficulties, please do share with us any tips that worked well for you.

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24 Responses to “Treating Kundalini Syndrome | 7 Effective Tips”

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  1. 24
    Molly Says:

    I recommend Dr. Sha, a remote healer.

  2. 23
    Cate Says:

    This is great advice – particularly steps 1 and 6. I also like to do a grounding exercise if I can’t get out into nature. It’s just a simple visualization that can really keep you connected.

    Basically you visualize your energy moving down through the earth, the rock bed, the volcanic rock, deep until you come to a dark cave of pure untouched water, see yourself in the water cleansing your aura and body. Then go further down into the fiery core and visualize all of the negativity being burned off in molten lava and then come back up into the water cave etc. until you are back up and nicely centered in your body.


  3. 22
    Kiki Says:

    You folks are all referring to the emotional problems, psychoses and such. But I wonder about the physical problems that can happen when practicing rising and going? I have some.

  4. 21
    jeetu Says:

    Pranic psychotherapy is a powerful energy healing technique that is very useful in clearing blockages on a emotional and mental level . Pranic healing in general is a wonderful complement to spiritual practice …it empowers the practitioner to address blockages on physical ..emotional and mental levels that can obstruct kundalini flow…. more importantly according to my teacher grandmaster choa kok sui psychological purifications and character building has to be the basis of any spiritual practice.without the necessary purification kundalini energy can magnify these character flaws or blockages.from personal experience ..this is very true and the lesser the purification the greater the potential fall.god bless you on the path of light and fire.

  5. 20
    Anonymous Says:

    If you ask me with my personal experience fighting kundalini only makes it worse. For me I found that letting the energy flow up the spine is the best way. Find ways to ground yourself. I find going into nature helps. For me kundalini is all about surrender. For me when i surrendered I found the energy to be a nice feeling.

  6. 19
    Abhishek Says:

    My kundalini activated unknowingly by doing laxmi mantras such as shree suktam for six years i din know wts happening energy was rushing upwards jerks vibrations weight loss appetite loss detachment could see rings in front of my eyes unless i stopped doing those mantras the flow turned downwards still dealing wid it wen will it ground back still under deep depression and physical pain….

  7. 18
    Angelique Says:

    Does anyone know of someone authentic, a doctor or psychologist in the Santa Barbara area who is well versed in the Kundalini Syndrome. My friend is suffering with all the symptoms described on this site and is actually in physical pain.

  8. 17
    Transpersonal Tidbits: Kundalini Rising – Links to Testimonies, Symptom lists, Effective Treatment & More | | The Running Father Blog Says:

    [...] 7 Effective Tips for Treatment Kundalini Syndrome – from [...]

  9. 16
    Molly Says:

    I’m going through my own awakening now, after having it active in the background for several decades, and have been doing a lot of reading up on the subject. It’s rare to hear anything about Kundalini that takes grounding into account. Generally, the instruction is to have it all go up. This has struck me intuitively and analytically as quite unhealthy. There are warnings about pushing it down, and I can see that that would not be good. But it just cannot be healthy, I would think, to be totally ungrounded, especially for long periods of time. I’m wondering if part of what might be causing so many people to have these terrrible, terrible symptoms might be a lack of grounding. So you may really be onto something in your article. Many thanks. It has seemed to me that there is a difference between sending THE ENERGY down and sending ONE’S CONSCIOUSNESS down. So I’ve been experimenting with allowing the energy to move where it will but focusing my awareness down in the earth.

    The main difficulty I’ve been having is with insomnia–mainly because of itching, generally right as I’m just about to off to sleep—and energy surges. I’ve still not figured out yet how to deal with that. But I have found that, if I can drop my consciousness deeper into me and find where the energy is stuck, the itching usually subsides. I’m hoping very much I can find a way to ride the energy into sleep. It does seem to soothe me and send me into a gentle state when I can open fully and allow it to move, so I’m hopeful that it will be something I can learn to sleep within. Imagining it moving up (the direction it does seem to want to go) in a wide, diffuse band seems to help a whole lot also. When I’m having difficulty allowing the energy, I almost invariably notice, when I look into it, that I’m clenching my jaw, and/or my chin is jutting out or my chest is collapsed, and releasing that seems to help.

  10. 15
    Ryan Says:

    The experience I had with Kundalini Syndrome was aweful. I had two psychotic breaks, completely anxiety ridden, I couldn’t think, I felt so out of my body, I felt like I was going to die constantly, feelings of absolutely losing my mind were very consistant, depression extraordinarily severe, massive crying spells, etc.

    I had been experimenting with different meditation techniques without much background knowledge in what I was doing. Just days after a very hurtful breakup I was with friends on a roadtrip where months earlier I had a “premonition” that I was going to die on the trip. The anxiety and depression I felt was so extreme on the trip. Then I meditated and within minutes I let go and let the kundalini flow through me.

    Two years after this frightening awakening, I feel so much better with myself and my life. I have a strengthened sense of self and sense of my place in the world. I have a strengthened connection between nature and myself. I have a better sense of humor, and not a day goes by where I don’t laugh or break a joke at least once. I have a greater appreciation for all that is around me. I have a strong desire to learn and educate myself. My creativity is soaring. I have become exceptionally skeptical of information, yet remain very open-minded. I see these things in myself, among many many other things.

    For those who are experiencing the deep end of the Kundalini Syndrome, Know that it will all be alright. Everything will be just fine. What I learned, after grounding myself is that the energy is guiding you to a path that expresses your most absolute true self. Too much of this energy is, for lack of a better phrase, “Freakout craziness, holy shit in a handbasket.” But once that extreme form of energy subsides, a new you will blossom. A better you.

    During the extreme time, the suggestions above will work wonders for you. I also suggest surrounding yourself with friends, family, or other loved ones that will be there to support you through your transition. Therapy helped me so much as well. And lastly, accepting the ebb and flow of life. You have pain now, but will have pleasure later, then more pain, then more pleasure. Enjoy each moment as each moment happens (to the best of your ability — I know how hard right now is for you, where all you want to do is enjoy life, but you feel so terrible that nothing seems like it could be enjoyable), still try anyways. :) And lastly, give it time. It is true that time heals all wounds. You will pull through this, as I have and as many other people have.

    Good luck on your journey, and don’t ever give up.


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