An In-depth Look at Tadasana – Yoga Mountain Pose

Posted on June 10th, 2015 in Yoga,Yoga Illustrations by Anmol Mehta
Tadasana is a basic standing posture that forms the foundation of many other postures – not just standing poses, but also seated postures. A deep understanding of Tadasana will inform your entire practice.  You will find more information and variation of Mountain Pose on the website here.

While it sounds so simple – just stand there – there is a huge difference between an embodied Tadasana and merely an idea of Tadasana.

Here’s how to embody your Tadasana:

Lift up your toes, and spread them wide, feeling all four corners of your feet engaging the ground. Feel your arches naturally lift. 

Let your toes release onto the ground while maintaining the evenly grounded feet.

Line your ankles, knees and hips up so they stack one on top of the other.

Engage your quadriceps and feel them lifting up toward your pelvis.

Release your pelvis down toward the earth – not tucking under, but extending.

Extend your spine toward the sky and broaden your collarbones.
Relax and soften your shoulders, letting the shoulder blades slide down the back of your spine. 

A strong, supple Tadasana is the perfect base posture to explore arm pranayamas. Each of these has a slightly different effect. 

Maintain awareness of your torso and legs in stillness even as the arms are moving in tandem with the breath. Be aware of the grounding action through the pelvis, legs and feet, and the ascending, lifting action of the spine.

Arm Pranayama Variation #1


Arms start at your side. 

Inhale and extend your arms out sideways bringing them all the way up until they meet above your head. 

Keep your arms straight and be aware of a straight line of energy moving from the heart, through the shoulders, elbows and wrists.


As you exhale, press your palms together and  bring your arms down the centre line of the body. Be aware of drawing energy into your body.

As the exhale ends, begin the inhale again, opening the arms wide.

There is a sense of opening to embrace the world and drawing the world’s energy into the body.

Arm Pranayama Variation #2


Arms hang loose by your sides, palms facing up and elbows slightly bent.

On an inhale, lift your hands up towards the sky to about your armpits.

As you exhale, turn your palms over and press them down into the ground as if you were squashing the air.


Focus more attention on the exhale, releasing the exhale and excess energy into the earth.



Surya Namaskar Variation and Video

Posted on March 17th, 2015 in Yoga,Yoga Illustrations,Yoga Videos by Anmol Mehta

Most of us are familiar with a Standard Sun Salutation A or B. However, there are many more creative variations of sun salutations that work the body and nervous system in a holistic manner.  

Complete 30 Minute Yoga Set – Part 2

Posted on March 9th, 2015 in Health and Wellbeing,Kundalini Yoga,Yoga,Yoga Illustrations,Yoga Pranayama by Anmol Mehta

All titles below are links to the yoga poses and techniques used in this set, so click the link to read the full details on the particular exercise.

Excellent 30 Minute Yoga Set – Part 1

Posted on February 26th, 2015 in Health and Wellbeing,Yoga,Yoga Illustrations,Yoga Pranayama by Anmol Mehta

All titles below are links to the yoga techniques article, so click the link to read the full details on the particular exercise.

How to Fly High and Light in Plank Pose

Posted on November 6th, 2013 in Yoga,Yoga Illustrations by Kara-Leah Grant

Our popular contributor Kara-Leah takes some inspiration from a novel she’s been reading to better understand plank pose, proving that we can learn about yoga in all sorts of interesting places.

by Kara-Leah Grant

Author of Forty Days of Yoga – Breaking down the barriers to a home yoga practice.


In the novel I have just finished reading (and highly recommend) - People of the Weeping Eye by W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear, one of the main characters is a “Contrary”.

Yoga Exercise to Burn Calories

Yoga to Lose Fat

There are countless weight loss success stories from those who have taken up a consistent and serious yoga practice. So there is little doubt that yoga is an effective weight loss solution and that yoga helps burn calories and reduce fat. The reason though that yoga is so good for helping you lose weight and keep it off, is not simply because of the physical workout that a yoga practice obviously provides. It is also due to the many other benefits and powers of yoga, such as helping you find positivity, joy, confidence, self-love, peace and emotional balance, while also helping you detox, heal and move towards a more wholesome and healthier way of life.  All this combined really helps with the problem of excess weight and obesity. 

Yoga for a Flat Toned Stomach

Posted on April 2nd, 2013 in Diet & Weight Loss,Kundalini Yoga,Yoga,Yoga Illustrations by Anmol Mehta

If you want to have a nice flat stomach and toned abs, there are a few important things that you must do.  Besides the obvious of watching your diet, you need to develop an exercise routine that combines both, aerobic exercise along with stomach specific resistance exercises.  Although there is evidence that resistance exercises help burn fat, aerobic routines are still the best way to help reduce belly fat and body fat in general.  Along with aerobic exercises though, you need to combine abdominal training, to achieve the final result of a flat and toned stomach.  Luckily yoga can provide you both, an aerobic exercise as well as stomach toning exercises.

Easy Feel Good Yoga Move for Beginners

Posted on February 11th, 2013 in Kundalini Yoga,Yoga,Yoga Illustrations by Anmol Mehta

Simple Yoga Move

Some Kundalini Yoga sets are seriously tough.  They are physically and mentally challenging, requiring both, a sound body and mind, to do well.  But, thankfully, often in such difficult sets are yoga moves that are easy to do and thus offer an opportunity to recover a little.  The exercise I am going to detail in this article, is one such exercise, which is easy to do, makes one feel good and has some very useful benefits as well.

Yoga Routine for Lower Body Flexibility

Posted on January 2nd, 2013 in Meditation,Yoga,Yoga Illustrations by Anmol Mehta

Wishing all of you a very happy, healthy, successful and awakened 2013.  I would like to thank everyone for all their love and support in 2012 which has helped Mastery of Meditation and Yoga become one of the biggest yoga websites on the internet.  I have a some great plans for 2013, which include more online classes, yoga and meditation videos, mantra and music mp3s and even live webcasts and workshops, all for free of course :-).

Yoga Pose to Release Tension and Stress

Posted on December 11th, 2012 in Stress, Anxiety & Depression,Yoga,Yoga Illustrations by Anmol Mehta

Cow Pose for Stress Relief

It is no secret that yoga is great for releasing stress and tension, and is probably one of the best sciences for inducing relaxation and a peaceful state of mind and body.  As the body heals itself best when it is relaxed, this ability of yoga to bring harmony and tranquility is certainly one of the reasons why it is such a wonderful healing modality and why it is prescribed so often for so many ailments.  Now, all yoga is not necessarily relaxing.

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