Free Online Meditation & Yoga Classes

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Free Online Meditation & Kundalini Yoga Classes

Online Meditation & Yoga Instruction

Video Overview of Free Online Meditation & Yoga Classes

Welcome to the Free Online Yoga & Meditation Classes here on Mastery of Meditation & Yoga.  Since the Introduction to Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Class was launched in 2007, many new classes have been added and will continue to be added in the future, and thousands of students have taken and benefited from these classes.  You can read their inspiring testimonials in the comments section below or here on the Testimonials page. 

Below you will find all the details you need in order to participate in these classes. Also, the video above gives you a good overview of the classes as well.

You may also read the FAQ below as it addresses many of the common questions about the online classes (similar information as video above):

Click to Read FAQ For Free Meditation & Yoga Classes

Details for the Free Online Guided Meditation and Kundalini Yoga Classes…

  • Going forward many different classes will be offered, each focusing on a particular dimension of your being.
  • You may JOIN & START any class at any time, as I realize it is best to start when inspiration strikes.
  • To register just leave a comment in the comment section of the “Syllabus and Feedback Post” of that particular class, the comment section of this post or email me at  This is the only way I can gauge interest so please do let me know if you are participating.
  • As before, all questions/issues/feedback will be addressed in the comments section of the “Syllabus and Feedback Post” of a particular class, or you can email me if you prefer.
  • All course material, as before, will be published on the website.
  • Do the best you can, it is more important to start and do something, than try to be perfect and not do anything at all.
  • The purpose of the classes is to help you establish or deepen your daily meditation and yoga practice and help you achieve your highest potential.  I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to learn the wonderful arts or meditation, yoga and pranayama (breath control).
  • If there is a particular aspect of yourself you would like to work on, please let me know and I work towards designing a class for that or point you towards material already available which will help.  I wish you all the best and hope the class is a wonderful experience for each of you.
  • You can read the original and more detailed post announcing the classes here (Free Online Guided Meditation and Kundalini Yoga Class)

Free Online Yoga & Meditation Classes:

(The Class titles below in green are links, select them to start that class.)

1. Beginner’s Yoga Class #99


Click for Beginner’s Yoga Class

This 1 week beginner’s yoga class is designed to help you learn how to practice yoga, and help you get your own personal yoga practice started.  The class includes important, fundamental yoga postures and yoga breathing exercises.  Below are the primary benefits this class provides…

  1. Teaches you how to practice yoga and pranayama (breathing exercises).
  2. Develops strength, flexibility, vitality and health.
  3. Promotes peace, tranquility, emotional balance and mental focus. 

2. Beginner Meditation Class #100


Click for Beginner Meditation | Learn How to Meditate Class

This 2 week meditation class is designed to help you learn how to meditation.  The class includes free meditation and yoga breathing instructional videos to help you learn the techniques used by this course.  Below are the benefits this class provides…

  1. Teaches you step-by-step how to meditate.
  2. Reduces stress and promotes health, peace, joy and wisdom.
  3. Raises your energy and helps you align with your Higher Self. 

3. Free Meditation & Yoga Class #101


Click for Introduction to Guided Meditation & Kundalini Yoga Class

This class, is a 2 week course and is designed to give you a solid introduction to Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and Guided Meditaion Techniques.  In addition it provides the important benefits detailed below…

  1. Pranayama Breathing exercises to build your energy and awareness
  2. Kundalini Yoga Kriyas for an overall workout and building your core abdominal strength.
  3. Guided Meditation Techniques to promote peace, joy and insight.

4. Free Online Meditation & Yoga Class #102

Click for Heart Chakra Meditation, Balancing & Healing Class

This class is a 1 week course and is designed to open the Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra), which governs the region of respiratory and circulatory systems.  It is also the source of love, compassion and forgiveness.  Class objectives and overview are as follows…

  1. Yoga Pranayama Breathing Exercises to activate your energy.
  2. Kundalini Yoga Kriyas to open the lower energy centers and then the heart center to promote flow of energy into this region.  The kriyas benefit the heart, lungs and digestive system.  They also promote kindness and softness in one’s personality.
  3. Guided Meditation Technique to help your Higher Self shine through and help you realize the non-dual nature of Reality.

5. Guided Meditation & Yoga Class #103


Click for 3rd Eye (Ajna Chakra) Opening & Balancing Class

This class is a 1 week course designed to open, activate and balance the Third Eye or Ajna Chakra.  The class incorporates powerful breathing exercises (Pranayama), Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and Ajna Chakra Mantra Meditation Techniques to accomplish its goals.  Below is summary of the class objectives…

  1. Chakra Balancing Breathing Exercises (Nadi Shodhana/Shuddhi Pranayama) to clear the psychic channels of blockages.
  2. Kundalini Rising Raja Yoga Set to move energy to the higher Chakra centers.
  3. Ajna Chakra OM Mantra Meditation to directly activate and open the Third Eye Center.

6. Gentle Yoga for Weight Loss Program #107

Click for Free Yoga at Home for Natural Weight Loss Program

This class is designed for those who are out of shape, elderly or obese and are trying to lose weight and get fit.  The yoga set used in this program, starts off gently and then get progressively more involved as you make your way through the program.  The breathing exercises used are those that have been proven time and again to assist with fat burning and weight loss.

  1. Bhastrika and Kapalbhati Pranayamas to increase metabolism, burn fat and cure diseases.
  2. Best Yoga Exercsies for Weight Loss Set to help you get fit, increase energy, burn fat, lose weight and reshape your body.

7. Free Meditation & Yoga Class #104

Click for Weight Loss Via Yoga, Breathing & Meditation

This class is a 2 week program designed to help you lose weight, burn fat and get fit.  The course uses the power of the BODY, BREATH & MIND to help you achieve your ideal body weight as well as optimum health.  Here is an overview of the program…

  • Bhastrika and Kapalbhati Yoga Pranayamas to increase metabolism, burn fat and cure diseases.
  • Kundalini Kriya for Healthy Weight Loss to promote burning calories and increasing energy.
  • Visualization Meditation with 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing to use the Power of Thought and the Intention Manifestation to reshape the body.

8. Free Online Meditation & Yoga Class #105


Click for Ultimate Health & Wellness Yoga Meditation Program

This class is a 1 week program to familiarize you with the best yoga, prayanamas and meditations which promote living a long, healthy and peaceful life.  Here is an overview of the program…

  1. Kapalbhati & Anuloma Viloma Pranayama to optimize your health and prepare the mind for meditation
  2. The Fountain of Youth Yoga Set to promote health, wellness and longevity.
  3. Zen Meditation Technique, to help you develop the Witnessing Consciousness and Moment to Moment Awareness.

9. Chakra Balancing & Healing Class #106

Click for Seven Chakra Balancing & Healing Program

This class is a 2 week program to help you heal and balance your chakras.  The techniques used in the class are a little advanced, so the beginning yogi should use the modified versions when starting out.  Here is an overview of the program…

  1. Anuloma Viloma Pranayama to balance and refine your energetic body.
  2. The Seven Chakra Yoga Set to awaken and heal each chakra.
  3. Raja Yoga Kundailni Awakening Set to fire up kundalini and draw it up the central channel (shushumna).

10. Tantra Yoga Sexual Mastery Program #201

Free Online Tantra Yoga Sexual Mastery Program

This class is a 2 week program to teach you how to harness and use your sexual energy for personal and spiritual transformation.  Utilizes powerful Tantric Techniques to accomplish this mastery.  It is a 200 level course as it incorporates some potent tantric exercises.  Good for healing and balancing the Sex Chakra and curing Sexual dysfunctions.

  1. Vajroli Tantric Exercise to develop sexual energy and heal sex chakra.
  2. Tantra Yoga set for sexual health.
  3. Tantric Breathing Exercise to prolong sexual intercourse (not required for core program, extra credit only ).

11. Free Online Yoga Class #108

Famous Yoga Workout for a Great Yoga Body

The yoga and pranayama workout in this class is to give you a solid routine for daily yoga practice.  This routine can be done for the rest of your life if you like and is great for getting in shape and staying in shape.

  1. 4 Part Deep Breathing for Energy and Vitality.
  2. Famous Surya Namaskar Yoga Set.
  3. Yogic Breathing Technique for Profound Relaxation and Stress Relief.

12. Free Advanced Meditation Class #402

Free Online Advanced Meditation Class

This advanced meditation class is for those who are ready to work towards stilling their mind of thoughts and ready for Enlightenment.  A more complete free meditation program is of course the Silent Mind Meditation Program, but this class focuses on just the advanced aspects of that class.

  1. Supreme Yogic Breath for Brain Development and Mind Control.
  2. Silent Mind Meditation Technique.

13. Free Comprehensive Meditation Program #403

Silent Mind Meditation Program

The original and most complete meditation and yoga program on the internet.  This is a 12 week program to make you a master meditator.  It is the meditation I practice.

  1. 12 Weeks of Yoga to Supplement Your Meditation Practice.
  2. All Basic Meditation Techniques (Zen Meditation, Sound Awareness Meditation and Third Eye Meditation).
  3. Advanced Meditation – Silent Mind Meditation Technique

14. Free Stress Management Yoga Meditation Program #109:

De Stress Now Online Program

A 2 week program to help you De Stress and achieve profound relaxation, peace and inner tranquility.  Great for your health, healing and longevity.  Helps to reduce anxiety and panic attacks and bestows peace of mind.

  1. Uses the great Anuloma Viloma Pranayama.
  2. The Yoga Set for Stress Relief.
  3. Simple Yogic Breathing with Corpse Pose.

A. Meditation Certification Program:

Meditation Teachers Certification Program

If you are interested in becoming a meditation instructor and teaching this great art to others, I suggest joining the Meditation Teacher’s Training and Certification Program.  It is currently one of the largest Online Meditation Certification programs on the internet and will provide you all the tools and skills you need in order to become a successful Meditation Teacher. 

You can get more information and testimonials on the following page as well: Best Online Meditation Teacher’s Training Program

B. Yoga Certification Program:

Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Program

The Yoga Teacher’s Training and Certification Program is one of the fastest growing yoga instructor certification programs on the internet.  It is a comprehensive 8 week course which will not just teach you the best of hatha and kundalini yoga techniques, but will also teach you the science of meditation, pranayama, mudras and bandhas.  In addition, it will teach you how to teach a yoga class, how to run a yoga center and how to create a high traffic yoga website (like AnmolMehta.Com :-).

For more information on the Yoga Instructor Certification program you can visit the following page as well: Online Yoga Instructor Certification Program.

C. Personal Learn Yoga and Meditation Programs:

More free online yoga and meditation classes coming soon… stay tuned for those.  If you want personally supervised meditation or yoga programs, you can sign up for my Learn How to Meditate Course or my Best Online Learn Yoga Program.

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