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Posted on January 6th, 2007 in by Anmol Mehta

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  1. 242
    Monali Says:

    I regularly meditate . while browsing your site and in pursuit of knowing the different variations to chakra meditation I came acroos the below mentioned lines on your website

    “In this chakra meditation technique the bij mantra above is chanted either out loud or mentally, while awareness is brought to the region of the chakra one is attempting to open. This technique should be used with caution as it is a very direct approach and can lead to imbalances if chakras are prematurely opened, before the body is ready to handle the influx of energy in that region.”

    My questions are:-
    1) how do I predetermine whether any of my chakas are prematurely opened or not.
    2) How to make out which of my 7 seven chakras needs balancing and are blocked.
    3) Should I not meditate which the beej sound meditation for a chakra already opened.

    awaiting a response back

  2. 241

    Dear Guruji,

    Can you please notify me where these techniques will be teach in Bangalore?

    Thanks & regads


    Mob No.+919632033464

  3. 240
    Priyanka Says:

    Hello Anmol,
    Trust you are well. I Have not received any emails from you regarding certain queries about the course I am currently studying. Please reply soon.

  4. 239
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Hi Panos,

    I have sent you the exam. Sorry I didn’t quite realize your email was a request for the exam earlier.

    Let me know if you have any issues.


  5. 238
    Panagiotis Skalkos Says:

    Hi Anmol,
    my name is Panagiotis Skalkos.
    I finished my study about Kundalini Yoga and sent You message in e mail with material . When You will send me final example to finish this course?
    my email is:
    Panagiotis Skalkos

  6. 237
    Hassan Says:

    I like your website, the articles are informative and inspiring although I’m a fan of meditation rather than yoga.

    I wanted to ask about the blog carnival you used to host before, if it’s still going on (maybe somewhere else) or if there’s any other similar carnival I can submit to.


  7. 236
    DAWN Says:

    Namaste Anmol!! I am experienced in meditation and recently signed up for the meditation teacher certification. I have to tell you that you are such an inspiration. I am so glad that I found you and your teacher training, it is wonderful. Thank you!

  8. 235
    vijayabalan Says:

    i happened to see your website by chance. please send me your free lessons about yoga,meditation, mantra in mp3, and your other programmes to my following email please.

    i am fron chennai,india.


  9. 234
    Ruby Ravichandran Says:

    Dear Anmol.
    Please guide me with yoga for high blood pressure with cervical spondlysis.
    thank you

  10. 233
    Anmol Mehta Says:

    Dear Theresa,

    Just to inform you that I have received your exam answers as well and it will be graded with the October batch in a few days.


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