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Mastery of Meditation, Yoga & Zen came into being in January 2007 and the only thing that surprised me about this expression of this fellow Anmol, was that it had not happened earlier.  Spirituality and Meditation has been my passion since childhood and sharing with all of you my knowledge and experience has been a most natural process.  In other words, I love teaching.

Over the years, in parallel with my spiritual life, there has been a full and rich "regular" life as well.  With university, marriage, children (they are awesome :-)), job, etc, etc.   But, as this blog has grown, I see some changes in the horizon and I wanted to share with you this outlook of mine.

Mastery of Meditation, as is common with most blogs, began slowly, but as it matured and developed, it’s growth also began to accelerate.  Recently the blog crossed the 100,000 page views per month threshold and is continuing to grow exponentially from there.  For a relatively new website, from an internet perspective, it is doing very well.  A BIG THANK-YOU TO ALL MY READERS  for making this happen :-D.

As you can imagine a great deal of time and effort now goes into keeping up with the demands of such a large blog.  I love it actually :-D, and cannot think of a better way to be of service to others and true to my passion.   Furthermore, I would like to see Mastery of Meditation grow even more and help more people reach their highest potential.  I would also like to see it continue to develop in terms of features and content.  I would like to add a forum, to help with the discussions, expand certain categories such as kids yoga, add more videos and e-books, and even add free live classes via webcam if possible.  Eventually, I would like this to be one of most comprehensive, free websites for the sciences of Meditation & Yoga (some say it already is :-).

What this does mean in terms of life for me though, is that I have some tough choices to make in terms of how I spend my time.

In that regard, the change I would like to eventually see happen, is Mastery of Meditation becoming my full time job and the source of income I need for myself and my family.  Before I go any further I want to assure everyone here that I am not planning to start charging for any of the content, nor am I planning to create a premium area or anything like that.  All the content, videos, articles, classes, etc, will always be for free.  So what am I thinking :-D…

I am planning to try the following 2 means of generating some income so that I can start to transition to doing this on a full time basis.

  1. I am planning to add some advertisements to the website.  This should at minimum help cover the costs of running the blog, and depending on traffic, it may become a viable source of income.

  2. I am planning to add a Donation box in the near future, so you can contribute to the mission of building this free spiritual resource if you like.

So the reason for this post is that if you see some small income oriented changes to the blog, you know the thinking behind it.  Again, I wanted to thank all of you for helping me realize this dream of teaching what I love, and for helping build the largest, best and free Meditation and Yoga resource on the web.


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