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Life is mysterious.  It’s secrets are vast and many, and she does not share them casually with us.  I think that is good.  Learn to embrace the unknown, learn to just live in the wonder and learn to be open to the infinite possibilities.  To live fully, you do not need to know, just feel, just be. 

Psychic Abilities (yoga siddhis) are a part of life’s laws that are mostly hidden and hard to come by.  For centuries Yogis have been interested in this unusual and seductive phenomenon, and through experimentation and refined awareness, have come upon certain techniques that help develop and unleash such psychic abilities and powers.

The two yoga techniques and meditations to which the development of psychic abilities are often attributed, are the AUM Mantra Meditation Technique, which is used to activate the Third Eye (Ajna Chakra) and from the powerful school of Kundalini Yoga, Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, considered one of the most powerful Yoga Techniques.

I sometimes receive emails from readers about emerging psychic powers and abilities, and to help others interested in this topic I would like to share one such testimonial with you.  It has to do with the development of psychic abilities through the practice of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya.

Here is what he had to say, and I want to thank him for sharing his experiences with us…

Hi Anmol

Something very serious is happening to me since I am doing sodarshan chakra kriya.  You are not going to believe it, but this is real, now I am able to see dead people and spirits. But I am only able to see them when I am very relaxed or in meditative state and I have noticed that they do not do anything to me and nor they say nothing to me, they just remain watching me fixedly.

Few weeks ago I went to my cousin’s house and at night while I was sleeping I perceived that somebody was in the room and when i removed the blanket to see, there was a man with very serious face looking at me like he want say something or he wants something from me.  I was scared and I went to another room to sleep.

The next morning  I was speaking with my cousin about what happened to me at night, I described to my cousin how was that man physical and my cousin said that the police found the dead body of this man in this house several years ago when the house was under construction.

Now I do not understand why all this is happening to me.  After all something good  has happened to me and it is unimaginable gift, now I have acquired the ability of healing.  I have been healing many people with fever, cold, muscular problems and many other diseases.

When I want to heal I just put my hands on the affected area I send the energy with the intention to heal them.

I don’t have words to express my joy, but I feel very happy when I heal other people because I can feel blessed and purified.

Anmol thanks for everything, now I have become a new human being.

Thanks and god bless you.

His is not the first account of the emergence of psychic abilities from the practice of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya that I have received.  I will confess though that psychic powers are not at all common, and their onset I don’t believe is guaranteed.  But if you are interested in acquiring such abilities, then Sodarshan Chakra Kriya is a good technique for you to learn and master.

If you are keen on developing psychic abilities, then you must also remember the following two most important rules with regard to psychic powers.  First, don’t get attached to these powers and second, only use them for your spiritual growth or to help others.  You can also read more about yoga and psychic powers in the article, The Right Way to Acquire Psychic Powers.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Amnol,lam very grateful for the amazing insight you sent to me GOD bless you abundantly.
    Please I need a spiritual training that will enhance my ministry as a minister.
    Iam interested in healings,clairvogance,clairsentient,remote viewing,astral travel.divine vision, protection and etc.
    I need your advise and the line of study I should follow.
    How much is the tuition fees and the duration.
    Thanks for your response.
    Aniekan Akpan

  2. Paula
    Paula says:

    does this apply to just SCK? I practice sat kriya and gan pattee kriya. I myself am not too interested to acquire siddhi as I just want to be happy and successful in life

  3. Deep
    Deep says:

    i am deeply interested on your article.i do yoga every day.but i still want to larn many…!!!!!pls show me the ways!!!

  4. Ankit
    Ankit says:

    I want 2 get dis healing power gift, coz my mom always have pain in her legs..i want 2 heal her pain…pls pls let me knw wat yoga i should do 2 get dis particular healing power..

  5. Ankit
    Ankit says:

    Wen u see them(“DEAD PEOPLE”), u feel fear ?? Wen u c them, do they harm u ?? Can they hurt u??
    -coz i want to knw all dis awarness b4 i do such yoga n get such supernatural powers..

  6. msblue
    msblue says:

    i suggest going to a spiritualist church where your siddhi powers of healing and clairvoyance can be put in a spiritual framework and used to help people

  7. Louis Pettit
    Louis Pettit says:


    I have aquired siddhis using your “Wahay Guru” breathing. I can also see spirits. Also everything seems to be in a kind of blue “static” look, like white fuzz on the television sort of thing.
    I also can perform healing, and have great influence over people around me using my inner balance and suggestion.
    My ego might be too strong to have these abilities. Now I am feeling addicted to the power, and though I am enlightened I am still very deluded.
    And the kundalini is giving me a headache.

    • Abhishek
      Abhishek says:

      If you do SCK for 2.30h a day you can build all 18 siddhi and nao buddhi if you do this kriya for 2.30h regularly sincerely at same timeyou get noa niddhi after 120 days or more . But you can built this for 2.30 every day this is sure siddhi will start appearing after 1000 days …… For more information about siddhi Mail me
      Have you nice day
      Hare Krishna ….

  8. Trupti Mehta
    Trupti Mehta says:


    Doing SCK and Kirtan Kriya. We are starting to like this combo :-)
    Another practitioner had the same positive comment about the combination.

    Keep at it – looks like it’s working!


  9. Barry
    Barry says:

    Hi Anmol
    Is it alright to mix the sck and the kirtan kriya in the one day. I am currently doing 31 mins sck in the morning and 31 kirtan kriya in the evening. It does not appear to be doing me any harm. I cannot believe the power of the kirtan kriya, and it is so easy to do unlike the sck.
    Love and Light

  10. Barry
    Barry says:

    Hi Anmol
    Could you direct me to a website that describes the nine virtues and the 18 occult powers, which are bestowed on those who practice the sck regularly. If i am to obtain them i would like to know what they are. Most websites that i have looked up are full of hindu verbiage that i dont understand, i am looking for a website that explains these in plain ordinary language.
    Love and Light

    • Abhishek
      Abhishek says:

      Siddhi are
      Anima Siddhi: You become able to be smaller than the smallest subatomic energy particle. You can go inside or through objects.
      Mahima Siddhi: You can be as large as the universe.
      Laghima Siddhi: You can become any frequency of light and travel in light.
      Prapti Siddhi: You can call any object forth from emptiness.
      Prakamya Siddhi: You can fulfill any desire you have.
      Ishita Siddhi: You can appear to defy the laws of nature by walking on fire or water, breathing fire etc.
      Vashita Siddhi: You can control other beings actions.
      Kamavasayita Siddhi: You can do anything. This highest of Siddhis contains most of the others.
      Only highly skilled, advanced practitioners attain these primary Siddhis. Those who do have the higher Siddhis very seldom reveal their accomplishment.

      Different writers sometimes include other Siddhis in this list, so expect to find variations.

      The Ten Secondary Siddhis
      You are not bothered by thirst, hunger or other physical appetites.
      You can hear distant sounds and conversations.
      You can see distant events.
      You can travel to any location instantly, just by thinking of the spot.
      You can become any shape or being you want.
      You can enter anyone’s body anytime you want.
      You can choose when you will die.
      You can watch the activities of beings in other realms or dimensions.
      Any event you desire to happen will happen.
      Your spoken words become reality.
      These secondary Siddhis come to many in the natural course of their Spiritual growth.

      The Five Inferior Siddhis
      You can know the future, present and past.
      You are unaffected by dualities like cold and heat.
      You can know the thoughts of others.
      You can stop the effects of water, fire and poison.
      You cannot be conquered by others.
      The inferior Siddhis are relatively common. Many people can use one or more of them.

  11. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Hello Anmol! :-) In the article you say that i must use that abilities to help people, but can i use them for self defence and protect my life? I think that the life must be protected from insulting, and those who seek to do some harm to you.

  12. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Cool,

    For specific siddhis you will want to use the guidelines laid out by Sage Patanjali, but having said that the one technique which I get the most feedback on with regard to acquiring psychic powers is this one.



    • Abhishek
      Abhishek says:

      Hello Anmol
      I also interest in siddhi but I have one dout about so darshan chakra kriya can we chant om namay shivay .without chanting wahe guru..we should see on the tip of nose for all round we can blink eyes..doing this kriya… Please help me… Anmol mehta

    • Abhishek
      Abhishek says:

      Yes sure…you can use ..confirm one thingby doing bad things or misusing these power or you think bad things These abilities will be dissapear at that moment make a sure any way you must not miss use these abilities achieve by so darshan kriya .otherwise you will lose these power at that moment

    • Abhishek
      Abhishek says:

      Yes you can these siddhi after doing so darshan kriya for 2.30 h daily for 1000 days siddhi will start appearing after 1000 days by doing 2.30 h per day without leaving a day


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