Enlightenment via Letting Go Meditation

How to Let Go

Enlightenment Experiences via Insight Meditation

I was originally going to provide a very nice and simple yoga set to help with eye problems, but then my morning meditation session propelled an enlightenment state, sharing which I felt would be of great benefit to all of you.  So the Yoga for Eyes set will have to wait till next week, while I provide you the details behind the meditation which opened my inner eyes instead :-).

There are many different insights which can explode during silent meditation that launch one into an enlightened state, and I have shared many of these in the ongoing series Insights from Advanced Meditation Practice.  I have also explained in some detail how one can set the stage for such insights to occur in Chapter 12 of the Silent Mind Meditation Program, The Silent Mind Meditation Technique.  Today’s meditation caused such as explosion, although it did not quite follow the sequence laid out in the Silent Mind meditation technique.

As I sat and watched the mind and thoughts carefully, as usual, many observations about the nature of the thinking process began taking place.  But the explosion that created the dramatic shift in awareness, was a relatively new insight that occurred this time.


In inquiring into the reality of thoughts and the constant process of becoming, it suddenly began to be clear that although thoughts were taking place, since I was not choosing the thoughts, I was not choosing my “reality”, or what to do/think next.  In fact it became startlingly clear that since thoughts dictated the content of my “reality”, and I did not choose my thoughts, I therefore cannot choose my reality.

There was no way to really determine what my next thoughts were going to be exactly, this led to the realization that things were happening on their own.  In other words, certain thoughts would come up, based on them, certain activity were engaged in by the “me” of the thoughts, and then other thoughts would come up and the cycle would on and on.  It was as if everything was on auto-pilot and I was not really doing anything at all.

Well if this was the case, what is it that I can do?  What is going to be done is going to be determined by the thoughts that arise, so what is it that I can do?  That’s when the insight exploded and I was thrown back onto the Witness Consciousness.

All I can do is let go and watch!  Everything is just happening, I am not really in control of it.  It is determined by the thoughts that arise, I can only watch.

This let to a great freedom, as a profound letting go took place.  A deep, silent, blissful watching emerged and I resided as that.

One thing I would like to mention here, is that seeing clearly, through and through, is the key for insight to take place.  Analysis, reasoning, etc doesn’t bring it about.  You have to learn to look, which is another way of saying, you have to learn the Art of Meditation.

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