Great Articles on Spirituality & Personal Development – Edition #2

1. More Q&A With Nithyananda is a must read article.  The questions tackled superbly by this profound article include such gems as: How can we surrender the ego?  More discussion along the lines of my article, What is a Right Question?  Should we suppress our natural passions?  The difference between skepticism & doubt?

2. Kenton Whitman who authors the thought provoking blog on Zen Inspired Self-Development writes about What We Really Want.  This post will certainly make you stop and examine what you are so busy chasing.

3. How to Discover Your Destiny by Raymond David Salas which is all about the power of surrender and aligning with your higher self.

4. Desika Nadadur shares his kundalini experience in I am Light, I am Bliss.  Which raises some interesting questions and discussions about awakening the latent areas of the brain and the blissful radiation of the Lord.

5. Jeff Lilly from the Druid Journal gives us Hearing the Song of the World, which points out the very important point for living and evolving – The Word is Not the Thing!  Relearning to look at the real thing, without the word, that is the Art of Meditation. 

Great Carnivals on Spirituality & Personal Development:

Check out the The Carnival of Family Life in Dubai which is has really been put together well by Grace who authors the Sandier Pastures blog

Carnival of Personal Power, Carnival of Mindfulness and Brain Blogging Carnival which hosted the article Meditation Types, Techniques and Practice – A Comprehensive Guide.

Find Religion September Carnival and Doing it Differently Blog Carnival which hosted the popular article How to a Baby the Right Way – With Illustrations.

Fitness for Moms Carnivalwhich hosted Online Yoga Exercises for Healthy Weight Loss.

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  1. Divine Intervention
    Divine Intervention says:

    Desika/Tattwabodhananda, I am curious if you have had a chance to research the meditation technique known as “Diamond Alignment”. Their website discusses a 6-minute meditation technique offering Inner Peace. You input on this will certainly help factor my opinion. Namaste.

  2. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:


    I am thrilled to have found your blogs and am sure the readers of Mastery of Meditation feel the same way.

    Tattwabodhananda, I will also certainly check out the video you are referring to.


  3. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Grace,

    Thanks for stopping by. I have made the changes you requested. I have good friends from Dubai who I am sure are going get a real kick out of your great blog :-)


  4. Tattwabodhananda
    Tattwabodhananda says:

    Thanks for the positive comments both here and on my blog, Anmol. I’ve enjoyed browsing through the diverse variety of articles you have written. You may also enjoy watching some of Nithyananda’s videos on YouTube. He has a very fresh approach to spirituality.

    In Bliss,



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