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Yoga Plough Pose for Activating Chakra Points

Plough pose (Hal Asana) is another yoga posture which is slightly more advanced and should therefore be practiced carefully.  As this position puts pressure on the neck, it is important to not force the pose and to gently develop the necessary flexibility to come into the final position.  This yoga pose though, is certainly worth the time and effort to master, as it is capable of bestowing multiple benefits by working to open several key chakras simultaneously.

The following pose is again common to both, hatha yoga and kundalini yoga and thus, is a part of both e-books that are available on Mastery of Meditation.  The Free Online Hatha Yoga Poses Galleries and the Free Illustrated Kundalini Yoga Poses E-Book.


Awakening of Kundalini and Energy Centers

Kundalini Chakras and Energy

In today’s guest post, Richard, who is a meditation teacher and author, shares his insights about Kundalini Awakening and Energizing Chakra Centers with us.  Richard is a meditation teacher and author, and you will find more information on the courses he offers on his website

If you would like to be a guest author on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, please email me at

kundalini energy

Awakening Kundalini Energy


Richard Crown

The Sacred Sound comes, vibrating red Mooladhara chakra (base or root). It spins and expands ecstatically. Kundalini energy, liquid and golden, pours into the spinning, vibrating vortex.


Anger Management Quick Fix Yoga Technique

Anger Management Technique

How to Be Free from Anger

There are some excellent techniques in yoga and ayurveda to help you deal with anger issues and help you free yourself from anger.  Anger, as I have mentioned previously, is simply energy and many of the problems that anger leads to is due to the storm of powerful egocentric and aggressive thoughts that arise as a result of it.  For long term peace and tranquility there is nothing better that meditation for dealing with anger.  Techniques such as Zen Meditation Technique, So Hum Mantra Meditation or Smiling Buddha Meditation for Happiness are great for this.  But, a more active and immediate method for dissipating anger and finding the calm within comes from the school Kundalini Yoga.


Excellent Kundalini Yoga Shoulder Exercise

Yoga Exercise for Toning Shoulder

Simple Shoulder Workout

If you have attended a Kundalini Yoga class, you know there is going to be that phase when it’s time to do shoulder exercises and it’s going to test your pain threshold, at least just a little bit .  Being quite an obsessive personality myself, I remember spending a lot of time out of class simply testing my willpower by seeing how long I could hold my arms up, etc.  This was to better prepare me for completing the shoulder exercises during class.  There are a lot of excellent sets to work on your shoulders in Kundalini Yoga, but today I am going to give you just one simple shoulder exercise which will prepare you nicely for these sets that I plan to upload in the near future.


Best Yoga Poses and Exercises – Free Comprehensive Guide

Top 10 Yoga Poses

Free Poses for Yoga

This is the last part of the best yoga poses and exercises series.  It combines the first two parts for easy bookmarking, and now includes information on how best to sequence and enhance these excellent yoga poses for maximum benefit as well.

[This was part 1 of the Best Yoga Poses and Exercises Series]


Best Yoga Positions and Exercises – Part 2

Top 10 Yoga Positions

Best Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Positions

In part 1 of this series Best Yoga Exercises and Poses, I provided the first 5 yoga exercises and positions of the top 10 list.  Although, I will briefly summarize those 5 poses for you here, I suggest reading that part as well, as it has a lot of yoga tips and guidelines to help you with your practice.  In this part of the series, I will present the next 5 top yoga positions and in the next and final part of this series, I will give you some suggestions on how to sequence these positions and exercises for a complete and effective yoga workout.


Mastery of Meditation & Yoga Testimonials | Customer Reviews of Products & Services


Please find below some of what others have had to say about the Mastery of Meditation & Yoga Website, the free online yoga and meditation classes and the great yoga & meditation products I offer to help you live your life at your maximum potential.

Rebecca says,

WOW, this was an excellent reading and intuitively I knew there was greatness within and that is why I am feeling so eager to reach it.  Thanks again for the tools to help me along my path and I am so blessed to have been presented to you as a guide for me, you will always be in my thoughts as a teacher and coach on my path.


Heart Chakra Balancing Yoga Video for Love & Forgiveness

Free Heart Chakra Balancing Yoga Video

Chakra Balancing Yoga Exercise Video

Continuing with the popular Free Online Yoga Video series is this next chakra yoga exercises video.  It is a powerful and effective set of kundalini yoga exercises to open, heal and balance the all important heart chakra (anahat chakra).

The set demonstrated in this video is explained in detail in chapter 4 of the Online Kundalini Yoga Workouts E-Book, it is called the  Heart Chakra Balancing Yoga Set.  This set is also part of the Free Online Meditation & Yoga Classes offered on Mastery of Meditation, and specifically, it is part of the Heart Chakra Opening, Healing and Balancing Course.


Inspiring Yoga & Pranayama Testimonials from Online Yogis

Heath Benefits of Yoga Pranayama 

Heath Benefits of Kundalini Yoga Practice

In this article I would like to continue with the testimonials of success stories and benefits from the practice of yoga and pranayama.  Many of you are now participating in the free online yoga & meditation classes, and hopefully by sharing the feedback I receive, it will inspire you to Keep Going!

Some of these results are quite remarkable and I don’t want you to compare your progress to theirs.  Yoga is about you and you.  It is not a competition and each of us, being unique, is on our own trajectory to enlightenment.  So, read their testimonials and feel confident that the practice bestows vast benefits and that you are indeed using your time on this planet wisely by practicing these most profound sciences.


Terrific Yoga Cobra Pose for Healthy Back & More

Kundalini Yoga Cobra Pose for Healthy Back

Hatha Yoga Posture for Healthy Back and Digestion 

Kundalini yoga’s terrific cobra pose is the next entry in our Free Online Illustrated Kundalini Yoga Poses and Exercises E-Book.  Here I would like to mention that Kundalini Yoga, as you can see, incorporates the postures and exercises from other types of yoga as well.  Specially hatha yoga.  In this way, Kundalini Yoga is like a superset of yoga poses and exercises and so is sometimes referred to as the Mother of all Yogas.