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How to Use The Wisdom of Yoga to Make Better Diet Choices

Our popular contributor Kara-Leah takes a look at how to eat mindfully using a yogic perspective – combining the wisdom of Ayurveda and the concept of the Gunas.

by Kara-Leah Grant

Author of Forty Days of Yoga – Breaking down the barriers to a home yoga practice.

In an ideal world, everything you ate would be organic and locally grown.

It would be planted, tended, harvested and stored with love and attention. It would be cooked and presented and eaten with love and attention. Nothing would contain additives, or preservatives, nor would much of it be frozen, dried or tinned.


6 Effective Anger Management Techniques

Natural Anger Management Techniques

One of the most popular article on the website, is How to Stop Negative Thinking.  The author of that post is Yachna Tyagi, who is a passionate yogi and terrific spiritual blogger, and today I am happy to present another great article from her – 6 Effective Anger Management Techniques.  If you enjoy Yachna’s articles, I strongly suggest checking out her blog at Yachna Yoga, which is a wonderful resource for Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama.

Yachna is also a graduate of the Mastery of Yoga Instructor Training Program and if you would like more information on that program you can find that on the following website Online Yoga Teacher Training.


8 Step Ayurvedic Treatment for Healing and Addiction

Ayurvedic Treatment and Healing Program

Today’s guest article is really special.  It is an excellent guide on how to use the great power of Ayurveda to heal yourself naturally and nurture yourself back to health.  Although the article is specifically about Ayurvedic treatment for addiction, the principles and methods discussed apply to any ailment or disease.  This article is from Dr. Rajiv Parti, who is a rare combination of both Western medical training and Eastern holistic healing expertise and he shares his knowledge and wisdom on his excellent website and blog  I highly recommend stopping by and checking out his site.


Natural Way to Lower Blood Pressure | Seetkari Yoga Breathing Exercise

Yoga for High Blood Pressure

Natural Technique to Reduce Blood Pressure

Free Online Video of Seetkari Yoga Pranayama

(Coming Soon)

Seetkari Yoga Pranayama to Reduce Blood Pressure and More:

Blood pressure can be influenced a great deal by many natural methods and therapies.  One such natural way to combat high blood pressure is by the practice of certain Yoga Breathing Exercises (Pranayamas).  Of the many yoga breathing exercises the ones that are calming and cooling in nature are good for lowering blood pressure, and of those, Seetkari Pranayama is one of the best.

Yoga for High Blood Pressure


Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Breathing Exercises (Pranayama)

Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Breathing Exercises

How to Practice Yoga Pranayama 

The vast benefits of yoga pranayama, or yoga breathing exercises, are now starting to be discovered by mainstream society.  It is inevitable, to those of us familiar with this profound science, that pranayama will gain equal, if not greater, popularity than the physical yoga exercises (Hatha Yoga Asanas) have done so far.  This is because pranayama is absolutely something everyone can practice, regardless of age or physical prowess.  If you can breathe, you can do pranayama.


Hatha Yoga Sheetali Pranayama Video – The Cooling Breath

Hatha Yoga Breathing Exercise Video

Sheetali Yoga Pranayama Video

Sheetali pranayama is the next video of your Online Yoga Breathing Exercises Video Series.  This is yoga video number 5 and is a demonstration of the calming, cooling breath.

Sheetali breathing exercise is a part of Sage Patanjali’s Hatha Yoga pranayamas, and due to it’s effectiveness it has been incorporated into all the various schools of yoga.  You will find extensive details on this pranayama in the article Sheetali Breathing Exercise for Stress and Anger Mangement, which is precisely what this breathing exercise is very good to treat.


Kundalini Yoga Exercises & Chakra Meditation to Boost Immune System

Summary: Kundalini Yoga Exercises and Kundalini Chakra Meditations to boost your immune system and get your body tuned and ready for the challenges of winter.  Detoxify your system, increase your energy, burn excess fat and optimize your health with these two terrific gems from the profound science of Kundalini Yoga.


5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips from Ayurveda

Excerpt: Ayurveda approaches weight loss and fat reduction by providing guidelines for all dimensions of your being.  This article details Ayurveda’s recommendations for your Physical Dimension in order to fight obesity and get fit.

In the article Healthy Ayurveda Diet to Lose Weight & Burn Fat, we discussed what constitutes a healthy weight loss diet based on Ayurveda’s model of Vata, Pitta & Kapha body types.  In that article we indicated that the Kapha Dosha (humour) is primarily responsible for fat and adipose tissue and by reducing Kapha we reduce fat and excess weight.  To get a quick overview of Ayurveda and the 3 doshas please read the following article: Introducing Ayurveda – Alternative Medicine for Self Healing.


Sheetali Pranayama Breathing Exercise for Stress & Anger Management

Breathing Exercise for Reducing Stress 

Sheetali Pranayama: Hatha Yoga Breathing Exercise #6

Free Online Video of Sheetali Yoga Pranayama

(Video #5 of the Online Yoga Breathing Exercises Video Series)



What is Sheetali Pranayama:

Sheetali Pranayama is Yoga’s answer to heat, stress, anger and irritation.  Sheetal means calmness and peacefulness and those are the results of practicing this cooling breath.  I recently undertook the practice of Sheetali Pranayama when an internal heat imbalance took place within my body and I am happy to report that the energies within have been cooled and equilibrium has been restored.


Healthy Ayurveda Diet To Burn Fat & Lose Weight

Ayurveda and Weight Loss

As Thursday’s topic is Health, today’s article deals with diet and weight loss from an Ayurvedic perspective.  In the article Introducing Ayurveda – Alternative Medicine for Self Healing the great holistic science of Self Healing and Healthy Living, Ayurveda, was introduced.  A key concept in Ayurveda is that of the 3 Doshas (humours): Vata, Pitta & Kapha.  A combination of these 3 bodily humours are responsible for the makeup of our human body.  This article is focused on the Kapha Dosha, which is responsible for fat and is the prevalent dosha in those who are overweight and obese.  Thus, from a Yogic and Ayurvedic point on view, in order to burn fat and lose weight one must reduce Kapha in the body.