Mastery of Meditation Hits 1 Million Views in ’08 – Thank You All

1 Million Views for Mastery of Meditation & Yoga

Mastery of Meditation & Yoga is nearing it’s second birthday, which is still quite young in internet years, but it has been growing rapidly this year and just crossed an important milestone for which I owe my thanks to all of you.  This week the website hit 1,000,000 views for the year 2008, which means that the wisdom and benefits of meditation and yoga found it’s way to hundreds of thousands of you.

  • 1,006,651 Pageviews 
  • Mastery of Meditation & Yoga in now one of the largest websites on yoga and meditation on the internet.  Needless to say it’s popularity is because of you, it’s readers, and today I want to make sure you know that I appreciate each and every one of you and would like to thank you sincerely for helping me share this knowledge and helping others on their way to reaching their highest human potential.  Thank you all very much!

    There are several ways for you to take advantage of all the information that is published on this blog and here are a few suggestions.

    1. Sign Up for the RSS Feed:

    RSS feeds are essentially a few good way to keep up with updates on your favorite blogs and websites.  They allow you to read all the content from a central location, called a " RSS reader".  Essentially when you subscribe to a RSS feed on a blog, you will automatically get the updated articles in you reader of choice, from where you are read the content at your leisure.

    For will find more information on what RSS is and how to enjoy it at the following link:  RSS Help for Newbies.

    To subscribe to the RSS feed for Mastery of Meditation & Yoga just click the following link:  Mastery of Meditation & Yoga RSS Feed.  You can also just directly subscribe to the feed in your favorite reader by clicking that button on the upper right sidebar under the "Feed Subscribe" area.

    2.  Get Every Post by Email:

    If you prefer I also offer the facility to get every single post via email.  It is managed by the industry leading company for mailing lists (Aweber) and you can unsubscribe any time you like.  I have recently figured out how to send the entire post via email now, in the past I was just sending a summary .

    To subscribe via email just enter you email in the top right corner of this page where it says, "Get Post by Email".

    3. Sign up for the Free Meditation Newsletter:

    A great way to keep in touch with all the news and developments on Mastery of Meditation is to sign up for the Free Meditation Newsletter.  It currently goes out once a month and provides a wealth of free information on Meditation, Yoga and other related spiritual sciences, as well as highlighting the best of what the website is offering.

    To sign-up just enter your email in the top left corner of this page, where it says "Free Mastery of Meditation Newsletter".  There are currently over 4,000 subscribers and it is growing rapidly.

    4. Future Projects:

    I wanted to give a quick update of future projects that are in the planning, in addition to all the Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, Personal Development, content that I will continue to provide to you all.

    1. Spiritual Stories E-Book:

      I am currently writing an e-book with all the spiritual stories that you have enjoyed and benefited from on Mastery of Meditation.  The e-book will have all the stories on the website, plus new ones I am writing exclusively for the book.  Not only do I think this e-book will make a great addition to your library, but I feel it will be a great gift for you to give to someone, who can then also benefit from this knowledge and wisdom.

    2. Guided Meditation CDs & Yoga DVDs:

      I will also put together some guided meditation CDs and Yoga DVDs, as many of you have requested this from me for some time now.  These CDs and DVDs will help you deepen and expand your meditation & yoga practices.

    3. More Free Online Meditation & Yoga Classes:

      Yes I know many of you have completed ALL the free online meditation & yoga classes I currently provide on Mastery of Meditation .  Not to worry, many more and in the works and should be coming online in ’08 itself.  Be on the lookout for them.

    4. Yoga & Meditation Workshops:

      For those in the North Eastern, US.  I will be offering Yoga & Meditation workshops in the near future.  More information on that as their time nears.

    5. Yoga Numerological Analysis:

      I am considering offering this service, as Yoga Numerology is a great way to find out about yourself and your true purpose here in life.  If I receive positive feedback regarding this, I will offer this service to you all.

    Again, thank you all for helping make Mastery of Meditation & Yoga a leading website on these profound spiritual sciences.  Please continue to spread the word, so that the website can march ahead on it’s mission to helping all achieve their highest human potential.

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    4 replies
    1. Anmol Mehta
      Anmol Mehta says:

      Alex | Martin | Falguni,

      Thanks so much for your words of encouragement and support. I am grateful to this website for having allowed me the chance to connect with all of you :-D.


    2. Falguni
      Falguni says:

      Congratulation Anmol! Thank you for your continuous dedication to sharing all your knowledge and wisdom. I feel truly lucky to know your website.

      You are truly an “anmol” human being :-)

      Joy and Bliss,

    3. martin
      martin says:


      i’ve given the link to this site to just about anyone i meet interesting in Yoga. I hope they were wise enough to take advantage of this great source of info!


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