Mastery of Meditation November 2007 Newsletter

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Mastery of Meditation November 2007 Newsletter

Today the new and improved Mastery of Meditation November 2007 Edition Newsletter went out to all who had subscribed.  Since it contained a great deal of information about how to better use this website, I wanted to include some of its contents in this post for the readers who have not yet subscribed.

How to Subscribe to the Free Mastery of Meditation Newsletter:

If you had subscribed before and DID NOT receive the newsletter it could be because you did not reconfirm your subscription in the Reconfirm Subscription Email I sent to you all.  All early subscribers had to reconfirm when I switched to Aweber Communications for managing my newsletter as this is the only way to add you all to their service.  No worries though just go ahead and subscribe again by submitting your email in the upper left corner in the Free Mastery of Meditation Newsletter Section and you will be back on the list.  Of course anybody who had not subscribed, but wishes to receive the newsletter should do the same.

Sections From the November 2007 Newsletter:

The 2 sections that I think would be most beneficial to everyone are the following. These sections are directly from the newsletter:

New Website Features
There have been a host of improvements and new features added and I want to quickly outline the most important ones for you here so that you can take advantage of them.
1. Switched to Professional Newsletter Service:
The Mastery of Meditation newsletter delivery and subscriptions are now handled by a professional newsletter service.  This is because the subscription list has grown rapidly and thus requires a more efficient and reliable system.  This means better service for you with regard to receiving this newsletter.
2. Comment Features:
  • For those who enjoy commenting on the articles or who post questions on the blog, they can now "Subscribe to Comments" below each post which allows them to receive my reply as well as other comments for a particular article via email automatically.  You can also unsubscribe with a simple click anytime you wish.
  • Live comments are now displayed in the right sidebar so you can see what other readers are discussing in real time.
  • Top commentators are also shown in the left sidebar.  If you have a website your name is linked to your website as well. 
3. Subscribe by Email/RSS to Posts:
You can now subscribe via email to receive every new article published automatically in your email.  You will find the subscribe box for this feature at the top right sidebar on the website and in the "Resources of You" section at the bottom of this newsletter.  You can also more easily now subscribe to the RSS feed to read any new article in your favorite RSS reader (subscribe widgets are also at the top right sidebar on the website and at the bottom of this newsletter).
4. New Navigations Features: 
The amount of information on the website now is quite significant and given that it is still very young, I can see it growing into a huge repository of spiritual and personal development information.  That’s great, but, I want two things with regard to this information.  First, I don’t want it to be a massive collection of junk articles just to look big, so I try very hard to only provide you with meaningful, relevant and helpful content and second, you need to be able to find exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily.  To help with that I have added all the following features.
  • Categories: Many new categories are now available to help you find topics you are looking for.
  • TAGS: At the bottom of each article are Related Article TAGS.  They will let you find every article tagged by the keyword listed there.  It is more powerful than doing a search, as tagged articles are explicitly tagged to be listed for that particular tag.  This will help you hone in on the information of your interest.
  • Google Search Box & Site Search Tags:  In addition there is a Google search box to search the website, as well as Site Search Tags on top of every article to mine the data to help you extract relevant information.
  • Related Articles & Article Series:  All the content in the website I have tried to put into tight article series and also now have an analytical program that automatically lists related articles.
5. New Spiritual & Personal Development Directory Added:

I have launched a new Spiritual & Personal Development directory to help create a central location for worthwhile sites and improve inter site linking.  Webmasters, if you would like to add you link to this directory you may do so by visiting the following URL: Spiritual & Personal Development Directory.

6. Free Yoga & Meditation Videos & Illustrations Have Arrived

I know this is way overdue :-) and there are been much demand for it, but I have finally brought Mastery of Meditation into the 21 century and gotten around to adding videos and illustrations.  There is much more to come on that, but you can check out the first ever video for this blog here: AUM Mantra Meditation Video.

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